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NEWS2 days ago

I Am Now A Celeb, Wherever I Pass People Are Talking About Me – Judge In Stella Nyanzi’s Case Boasts, Heavily Guarded

MY MONEY3 days ago

Battle For Supremacy At Vision Group As Bukedde News Editor Fires His Deputy’s ‘Diehard’ Reporters

NEWS5 days ago

Putting A Ban On Labour Externalisation Is Not The Solution, Control Companies That Are Taking Our People Out Without Registration – Middle East Boss Tells MPs

NEWS6 days ago

Abusing The President Is A Sign Of Poor Upbringing – NRM

NEWS6 days ago

No One Has Arrested Me: Their Plan Was To Spoil Today’s Service – Pastor Bujjingo Speaks out on Arrest Fake News

NATIONAL1 week ago

We Arrested Kabuleta! He Called The President A Gambler, Thief And A Liar – Police Speaks Out On Preacher’s Arrest


American Businessman Splashes 800 Million On Ugandan Babe In luxurious wedding

NEWS1 week ago

Kabuleta Allegedly Arrested For Attacking Museveni And Muhoozi

NEWS1 week ago

VIDEO: Teddy Bujjingo Finally Confesses: I Suffered From Fistula For 10 Years

NATIONAL1 week ago

Don’t Mistake Gen Muhoozi’s Niceness For Weakness, You Will Soon Start Chewing Elephant Grass Thinking It Is Sugarcane – Kabuleta Warned For Attacking Muhoozi

NEWS1 week ago

NO TO TRIBALISM: My Son Was Shot Because He Is A Munyakore – Hickory Bar Boss Mugisha’s Father

NEWS1 week ago

Nambooze Is Dead Politically, She Is Now Trying To Get Back To The Lime Light By Jumping On Every Thing – Musician Full Figure

MY MONEY2 weeks ago

There Is No Justice In Ugandan Courts, Judges Have A Mafia Cell That Plays Syndicate And Diverts Cases: You Have To Turn To Witchcraft – Mirundi Advises Senana Building Owner


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