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Security And Media Are Complementary, They Both Exist On The Frontline- Rugunda



Security Minister Gen.Elly Tumwine, Internal affairs Minister Gen. Jeje Odong, Prime minister Rt.Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda and The minister of State for Defence in charge of Veteran Affairs Hon Dr. Lt Col Bright Rwamirama during the dinner

The Prime Minister Rt Hon Dr Ruhakana Rugunda urged both security forces and media to know their roles in Uganda’s development process. He noted that Security forces and media can either save the country or destroy it if the two don’t mature in the way they serve the nation. “Security forces and the media are complementary since both can exist on the frontline with guns and pens,” Dr Rugunda said. The PM was presiding over the Senior Security Leaders and Media Executives End of Year Dinner 2018 held at the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs General Headquarters(MODVA HQ) in Mbuya On Thursday evening.

Rt Hon Dr Rugunda urged the media to avoid confrontation publications and focus on issues that can transform Uganda, Africa and the world. He also urged both the media and security forces to work together by creating more interactions to galvanize a common understanding between where the country came from, where it is and where it is supposed to be. “Having a common ideological base will make us move the country forward because we are at the take-off stage that requires all of us to play our roles,” Dr Rugunda noted, adding that security remains a cornerstone in providing an environment for the work of the media and vice-versa.

The Security Minister Hon Gen Elly Tumwine who hosted the dinner noted that security starts with oneself and spreads out and that no government can eliminate all negativity thus necessitating the presence of security forces. He observed that choosing to go with negativity or positivity is one’s choice because the world moves with quality and value rather than numbers.

Gen Tumwine further said that the media nowadays is the biggest threat in the world and implored the military to understand the relationship between the two for national development to take root. “You cannot ignore media these days, most especially social media,” he notDiner LP

Security minister Gen. Elly Tumwine addressing senior security officers and media executives during the Dinner


The Minister of State for Defence in charge of Veteran Affairs Hon Dr. Lt Col Bright Rwamirama on behalf of the Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs Hon Adolf Mwesigye, applauded the joint partnership between the security forces and the media fraternity, most especially when dealing with issues that address national development and prosperity. He said Uganda is currently more peaceful, respects media freedoms and more stable because of the close partnership between security forces and the media. Hon Rwamirama called upon media to stop doing it alone and rather interact with Ministries, Departments and Agencies to improve the performance of the country.

The chairman of National Broadcasters Association Dr. Kin Kaliisa commended security forces for stabilizing the country. He requested the media to appreciate the role of security forces whenever success is achieved and often provide room for interaction in case of discrepancies.
“As media we should not feel ashamed to appreciate what security forces have achieved and we should aim at working together to achieve the general objective of transforming the country,” Dr Kaliisa said.

The chairman of the Uganda Media Council Mr Paul Oketcho lauded both security and media for being disciplined in performance of their roles; which has led to the stability of the count photo

Senior security officers and media executives pose for a group photo

The first senior security leaders and media executives end of year dinner 2018 was attended by Cabinet Ministers, Senior Security Chiefs and Members representing media houses, among others.

By Remmy Atugonza



MP Kato Lubwama Rallies Musicians: We Will Only Support New Regulations If Some Rules Are Removed




Rubaga South legislator Kato Lubwama, who also doubles as the shadow minister for culture and performing arts has warned that musicians and artists will only support the new proposed regulations by the Ministry of Gender if they remove a section of rules that will squeeze artistes.
“For the past two days, I’ve been reached by several media & people is seeking for my comment on the intended regulation of artists. To say this loud and clear, I don’t support it in its current form.
Artistes in Uganda have single-handedly managed to grow art in the country without any help from government. It is thus disturbing to learn that the only time government has come out, it is with such regulations which threaten the future of art in the country,” the comedian turned MP said.
He added, “Much as there are a few positive rules in it that I agree with, majority are against the future of art in Uganda. The good thing is it is still just a draft which can be changed subject to our contributions.
I urge all of my colleagues in the art industry to come out and contribute towards this law because it will be us who will be affected once it is enacted into law.”


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We Must Act Against This Foolery, Soon They Will Force Us To Sing Songs In Praise Of The Regime Or Throw Us In Jail: Bobi Wine Condemns New Regulations On Artistes



Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, known by his stage name as Bobi Wine has hit out at the new regulations on artistes.

Bobi Wine, who is currently in Kingston, Jamaica warned that, “music is under fresh attack. The cowardly regime is bringing up new laws and regulations to gag artistes in the hope that they can kill and stop the music. They are so scared of arts. They don’t know what else to do, except try to silence the hundreds of singers, producers, poets, comedians, cartoonists and other entertainers who are raising voices against the oppression, suppression and exploitation of the Ugandan, by a small clique of individuals who rule over us. I have said to them before and say this to them again- you cannot kill the music. Just address the injustices we are singing about. If you do not, you should expect another song of the same kind, from another artiste of the same mind.”

He added, “I have been speaking to my fellow artistes to speak up against the injustices before it is too late. I have told them to defend the entertainment industry before it is too weakened to defend them. I have told them time and again that an attack on Bobi Wine’s music is an attack on all of us because injustice again one is injustice against all! I have not tired to explain to them that when injustice is not fought when it is a seed, it will be harder to fight when it is a tree. Today, the injustice is growing and growing. They started by banning songs which they were uncomfortable with from playing on radios and TVs. Most artistes kept quiet! Then they bought off artists to sing for them, while intimidating those who did not. Most artistes kept quiet! Then they banned our shows and concerts because we sang songs of freedom. Most artistes kept quiet! Now they have brought stupid regulations which among others give powers to the government to decide what an artiste sings where and when. If artistes do not speak out with one voice now, it won’t take long before they are forced to sing only songs in praise of the regime or be jailed like it was under Mobutu in Zaire!”

He rallied his fellow artistes to, “act now.” Adding that, “even when I am away, I must commend all artistes who are already raising voices against the foolery. I am very proud of the artistes who are taking leadership and mobilizing others to resist this attack.

Seeing the freedom artistes have in Jamaica makes me long for that day when our country will be free from the shackles of oppression. On that day, music will be free. Ugandan artistes will be free to imagine, dream and create. On that day, when the struggle is over, Ugandan artistes will wear the victors’ crown in new Uganda. Instead of being fought by the government, they will be supported to create and perform. And for this reason, we do not give up the struggle.”



In a 14 Page Document, Government of Uganda under the ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development are in the process of forming laws that are going to govern the Entertainment Industry. The regulations are aimed at guiding Uganda’s Entertainment Industry including how Artistes, Promoters and Venue owners do their Buisness. Among the proposed regulations include:

1- Every Artist shall need a License to operate in Uganda.

2-Its Illegal to Practice Public Entertainment when you have no License from the Ministry

3- No Artist shall shoot a Music Video without Permission from the ministry of Labor

4- An artist will not perform in more than one venue unless the next performance is 4hours after.

5- Artist performance time shall not be less than 60minutes and not more than 120minutes.

6-No Artist will perform abroad unless you have permission from the ministry.

7-No Indecently dressed Artist will be allowed on stage.

8-Every Event promoter must provide a hygiene kit to each performing Artist at an Event.

9- Any artist who uses Vulgar language on stage will have their license cancelled

10- An artist who takes drugs ( Marijuana cocain etc) before his performance commits an offense and will be punished

11- An artist found in un hygienic condition will not be allowed to perform on stage.

12- Any artist who performs abroad without a license shall be disqualified as an artist for a year.

13-There shall be a censorship board to filter Entertainment content and ensure discipline among the artists.( This shall have a disciplinary committee)

14- Every Artist will have to register their works with Ministry of Gender.


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Police Stops Today’s Kololo Juma Prayers



Police has stopped today’s Juma prayers that were to be held at Kololo Airstrip.

In a letter signed by police public relations officer CP Fred Enanga, the organisers have been warned that the prayers will not take place because it was not cleared by the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC), the supreme Muslim body legally mandated to oversee all activities of the Muslim faith.

In the letter, Enanga advises the organisers to secure another date upon harmonising their request with UMSC.

Kawempe North legislator, Hajji Latif Ssebaggala, the Imam of Parliament organised the national religious activity to show the Muslim community’s displeasure over what they call mistreatment from police and security organs.

“Our Muslim brothers and sisters are arrested, detained, incarcerated and remanded in the police custody, military prisons and safe houses even after being proved innocent by the courts of Law,” Ssebaggala said.

Concerning the cancellation, Latif said that, “Our continued efforts to hold a National Jummah Day have been frustrated by the Uganda police as well as a few enemies of Unity amongst Ugandan Muslims.

In a letter dated 17th, January 2019, Uganda Police raises concern that the body which is Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (OLD KAMPALA) legally mandated to oversee the activities in relation to the Islamic Faith in Uganda IS NOT aware of this event despite the fact that we wrote several letters to them and they acknowledged having received all the letters informing them about this Prayer event.

So, in accordance to the above reason, there will be no National Jummah Day on Friday 18th Jan 2019 as we have been denied access again for the second time to access Kololo airstrip.

We being peace loving Ugandans decided to accept the decision by the security forces and abide by their resolution.

The struggle to fight for equality for Muslims is far from over. I have presented these issues on the floor of parliament and to various stakeholders…. We shall overcome one day!

The journey of uniting Ugandan Muslims won’t stop here! we shall continue pushing for Unity because it’s the wisest way towards major achievements among Ugandan Muslims.”


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