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15 Bullets Reportedly Discovered In Kirumira’s Body – Medic, One Of The Assailants was dressed in ‘Kanzu’ – Eye Witness



Our reporter today visited the scene where former Buyende District Police Commander  (DPC) Muhammad Kirumira met his death (after failing to meet wife Mariam who wasn’t home) and discovered shocking information.

One of the eyewitnesses, a metal wielder whose workshop is close to the scene where Kirumira was gunned down told the Grapevine that one of the assailants who killed the maverick police officer was dressed in a white coloured robe also known as ‘Kanzu’ while the other was dressed in a black jacket.

The two were moving on a bodaboda which parked next to Kirumira’s car.

Another eyewitness who was just steps away from the crime scene told this website that when Kirumira’s car parked at a mobile money Kiosk, two men they never suspected to be hit-men approached his car riding on a bodaboda, the one dressed in a ‘kanzu’ moved to the backside of the deceased’s car while the other in the jacket moved straight in front of the car.

He added that they soon heard bullets and they all took cover while some residents ran for dear lives, they did not realize at first that it was Kirumira being gunned down. The assailants who was wearing a ‘kanzu’ jumped back to the bodaboda, kick started it then the one wearing the jacket jumped on it and they sped off.

The eyewitness says that the killers executed their mission in a duration of two Minutes.

15 bullets discovered in his body

Yesterday, Kirumira’s family went to Mulago hospital mortuary to pick the clothing’s of the late but found the mortuary closed.

One of the doctors at Mulago mortuary told the Grapevine that during postmortem, 15 bullets were discovered in Kirumira’s body. The deceased had bullet wounds in his buttocks, throat, back and ribs.

When we asked one of the detectives working on the case, he told us that the shooters used superior arms and were well trained.

Kirumira was gunned down a few meters from his home in Bulenga in Wakiso district after the assailants showered bullets at his car killing him and Resty Nalinya a female friend he was with in the car on spot.

Kirumira’s mother (kneeling) greets Besigye

Besigye visits Kirumira’s Wife Mariam

Opposition kingpin Dr. Kiiza Besigye has today visited Muhammad Kirumira’s wife Mariam.

Besigye didn’t find Mariam and Kirumira’s kids at home. He met Kirumira’s mother who told him that she was still devastated by the loss of her son.


By Adadi Kanyike



UPDF Image Has Been Badly Tainted With Torture Allegations And Redeeming It Will Not Be Easy – Army Admits



Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has accused the UPDF Command of paying deaf ear to complaints brought against UPDF officers who have been accused of torturing Ugandans, revealing she is considering bringing criminal charges against these individual army officers.

Kadaga made the threats today during the launch of the Uganda Law Society quarterly Rule of Law Report at Serena Hotel in Kampala where she tasked the UPDF Officer in charge of Human Rights Brig. Charles Wacha to explain why UPDF is taking long to bring to book individual security officers who tortured, maimed MPs and other civilians during the AruaMunicipality By-elections as well as residents along fishing communities.

“I want you to educate me how I can initiate proceedings against soldiers either in Court Martial or elsewhere for violating human rights of the people of Uganda. I have serious intentions of several cases for flouting human rights not only Arua but in Namayingo,” Kadaga said.

The Speaker noted that despite several efforts of sending reports to the UPDF Command and have the culprits punished, her requested have been met with deaf ears from UPDF.

“The brutality meted against civilians in the fishing industry has gone unabated because they have sent the complaints to UPDF Command and nothing has been done. I want to know how to initiate proceedings,” Kadaga added.

In response, Brig. Charles Wacha, the UPDF director for Human Rights assured the legal fraternity that all UPDF officers who tortured people during the Arua Municipality by-elections fracas will be soon be arraigned before the General Court Martial adding that this will be in the Force’s best interest because UPDF’s image has been tainted badly and redeeming this image will not be easy after several people were beaten tortured and maimed during the fracas.

The Speaker’s remarks follow recent visit in Buvuma, Buyende and Nakasongola where UPDF Marines Forces are accused of torturing the people living on the Islands, reports she received during a fundraising ceremony for women groups in Bukooli Islands over the weekend.

During the ceremony, George Ouma, (Bukolli Islands) MP complained of the commercialisation of the operation of the marines where it alleged that UPDF grab mature fish from the fishermen and eventually sale it for personal gain.

The report also comes at a time when Kadaga asked President Yoweri Museveni to bring to book all officers accused of torturing MPs and Ugandans during the Arua fracas, where she noted that it would be hard for Parliament to conduct any business from the Executive before these officers are brought to book.


By Stella Mugoya


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Kaweesi Girlfriend Drags ISO Boss Kaka, Attorney General To Court



Col. Kaka Bagyenda the Director General of Internal Security Organization (ISO) and Attorney General have been dragged in the court by fallen AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi’s girlfriend. Christen Mbabazi the alleged girlfriend to Kaweesi has dragged the duo to court over her unlawful incarceration.

According to her Affidavit through her lawyers of Rwakafuzi and company Advocates, Mbabazi stated that she is a female Ugandan with a sound mind staying in Kosovo Lugujja Kampala. “I have been in detention at my house since 15th September 2017. I’m not allowed to move out of my house, I’m not allowed visitors and I’m not allowed to communicate outside my house on phone, internet or anything. I am incarcerated in my house with my children. The arrest is under the order of Col. Kaka the Director General Internal Security Organization,” Mbabazi stated.

Mbabazi added that Kaka ordered her detention after claiming that she is a potential witness in the death of Kaweesi who was killed in March 2017. She said that her incarceration has even affected her children because they are no longer allowed to go to school.

She noted that she expressed her grievances including the illegal detention to President Yoweri Museveni and other concerned people like Kaka and police officers when she met them. She said that she told them that Kaweesi was her friend and she didn’t know how he met his death. She wondered why she is kept in detention while she is not on remand or being accused of any offence.

She cautioned that her detention is illegal and unconstitutional and asked court to issue a Habeas Corpus.

It should be remembered that Mbabazi was in the media recently over the death of the former police mouthpiece with many media reports claiming that Mbabazi exposed Kaweesi’s killers before president Museveni. There are also reports that Mbabazi is being protected by SFC commandos.

By Jamil Lutakome


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PICTURES: Five Notorious Car Thieves Arrested: They Steal Your Car And Dismantle It Like This To Avoid Being Detected, Tracked and Arrested



Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) has arrested five notorious car thieves.

The suspects identified as Joseph Magoba, Willy Kizza, Gregory Luyinda, Henry Matovu and Mustafah Kayondo, after stealing the cars dismatle them and sell the spares, the useless parts are sold as scrap.

They were arrested from a rented parking yard located at the premises of Daliya Bembe. Police says, “Acting on information provided to police by the area lookout teams about the suspicious activities taking place in the neighbourhood, Nansana Police led by SP. Benard Katwalo conducted a raid on the premises.

Four of the suspects were arrested while dismantling an Toyota Noah car registration number UAR 157N. Police also found another car in the same premises a Toyota Premio UAK 982B, already dismantled. This vehicle was reported missing on Wednesday 29th August 2018 by the owner Mr. Joshua Lubega Babulira.

It’s said to have been stolen from his home at 2 am and a case was opened up at CPS Kampala vide SD REF. 12/29/08/2018.

A number of car accessories like brand new tyres, Mark II windscreens engraved with a registration number (UAF 325K), radio systems were recovered during the search. Police also discovered an isolated burning ground where the non profitable vehicle parts like spinges,wires were suspectedly wasted into ashes to avoid any possible evidence.”

When questioned, the suspects told police that a vehicle weighing between 1,000 and 1500 kg is usually dismantled in less than four hours and sold at an amount between Ushs 2million and Ushs 3million.

In their statement, the suspects revealed that they dismantled vehicles instead of re-selling them in order to avoid being detected, tracked and arrested by the police. The suspects are currently detained at Nansana Police Station pending charges on various cases ranging from stealing of motor vehicles and aggravated robbery.


By Edward Mutebi


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