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Landlord Offers A Young Woman A Rent-Free Apartment In Return For Sex



A sleazy landlord in Wales was caught on hidden camera offering a woman rent for free in return for sexual favours.

‘Rent for sex’ is a new phenomenon that is sweeping areas such as Wales where landlords will offer reduced or free rent in return for another form of payment.

These lone landlords will list their properties on Craigslist and advertise them under the guise that they are ‘rent free’ for an ‘alternative payment’.

This trend comes as 250,000 women in the UK say they have been offered free rent in exchange for sexual favours in the past five years.

And 190,000 female tenants say they have been propositioned by prospective landlords in the last year, according to a YouGov poll.

One man was caught on hidden camera offering an undercover reporter free rent if she had sex with him once a week. The interaction was aired on S4C, ITV Wales’ programme Ein Byd.

The landlord met undercover investigator Siân Thomas who was posing as a female interested in the arrangement.

She caught on hidden camera how he thought the arrangement would work if she chose to move into his property.

During the meeting, he offered a one-bedroom annex for the payment of sex once a week.

In the video the landlord said: ‘I don’t want to suggest anything that makes you run a mile but I want to help you out.

‘I don’t know if you have heard of a sort of a friends with benefits sort of arrangement.’


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Woman Arrested After ‘Cutting Off Her Boyfriend’s Penis



A woman has been arrested after allegedly cutting off her boyfriend’s penis in a fit of jealousy because he complimented another woman’s looks.

Zhanna Nurzhanova, 36, was furious that her boyfriend had sent his sister pictures of another woman on his smartphone .

The man, who has not been named, had made a complimentary comment about the appearance of the woman, who is described as an acquaintance.

Nurzhanova is accused of secretly giving her boyfriend a sleeping pill and waiting for him to pass out at their home in the city of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.
The accused woman, who works at a beauty salon, then allegedly injected him with a local anaesthetic and cut off his penis.

Nurzhanova is said to have driven him to a local hospital for treatment, where doctors called police and she was arrested.
Surgeons tried to reattach the severed organ but the damage was too severe to repair.

Nurzhanova faces charges unspecified in local reports and a reported sentence of three to six years in jail if she is convicted.

The incident has sparked debate on local internet forums, where one person said: “It looks like she made this decision with a cool head. She planned it all before committing the crime.”


Source: the mirror


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World’s Smallest Woman Meets The World’s Tallest Man



The world’s tallest man and the world’s shortest woman have met in Egypt. Sultan Kosen, from Turkey, is the tallest man on earth according to the Guinness World Records, towering at a height of 8 feet 1 inch.

Jyoti Amge, from India, by contrast holds the title for world’s shortest woman at just over 2 ft tall. The two Guinness World Records holders will be touring Cairo’s most famous touristic sites, in addition to taking part in a conference in the Fairmont Nile City hotel, Cairo.

Both record-holders won their records in 2011. Kosen, 35, was first measured in Ankara, Turkey in 2011 and was the first to be measured by Guinness in over 20 years, according to the Guinness World Records official website.

Guinness World Records only has 10 confirmed people in history to reach 8 ft or more.

Kosen took the title from Chinese Xi Shun, who measured 7ft 8.95 inches in 2005. He is also the proud owner of the world’s biggest hands.

Amge was born in Nagpur, Maharashtra in 1993 and took the record after her 18th birthday in 2011.

She currently works as an actress, in addition to co-hosting a show called Lo Show Dei Record in 2012, according to the Guinness World Records official website.

Source: thesun UK


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Boy, 14, Who Raped His Younger Cousin 10 Times In Their Grandma’s Home Avoids Jail



A 14-year-old boy who raped his younger cousin 10 times in their grandma’s home has avoided jail.

The youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was said to be ‘bullying’ and ‘manipulative’.

He began abusing her when she was just 10 years old.

At a previous hearing he pleaded guilty to four charges including raping a girl under 13, assaulting a girl under 13, assaulting a girl under 13 by touching and causing or inciting a girl under 13 to engage in sexual activity, reported Lincolnshire Live.

James Keeley, prosecuting at Lincoln Magistrates’ Court, said: “What he has done is he has manipulatively forced himself on his cousin.

“He anally raped her about 10 times, completely without her consent.
“She is an innocent victim and was very young at the time. He took advantage of her in his grandmother’s home. From the age of 10 he had been anally raping her.

“It started when the defendant was 11 and the victim was just aged 10 and continued until the start of last year.

“He was 17 months older than his cousin and it was in no way consensual, he was coercive, bullying and manipulative and the prosecution stand by those words.”

Daven Naghen, mitigating said: “He has openly said ‘I know that this was wrong’. He has also shown genuine remorse.

“He has recently returned to school and has turned 14 during this case. He had a difficult start to his life which has also affected him long-term.”


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