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Senior 4 Results Out: Here Are The Top 100 Schools



UNEB has released results for Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) today. Boys performed better than girls in the 2017 UCE examination although girls performed better than boys in English subject.

A total of 326,212 candidates sat 2017 UCE examination of these 151848 (46.5%) were Universal Secondary School beneficiaries. Non-USE candidates performed better that their USE counterparts. UNEB said that it registered a reduction in failure rate from 13% in 2016 to 8.9% 2017, absenteeism of candidates dropped to below 2% . Overall performance by subject showed that physics remained the worst performed subject as it has been for some good years.

However, there was some improvement in performance of most of the subjects except English. More girls who registered for the examinations actually sat for them compared to the boys.

Schools whose results were withheld by UNEB

The education board withheld results of 4,525 candidates from various examination centers because of examination malpractice.

UNEB established a center at Luzira prison and of the 55 prisoners who registered, 3 passed in Div 1, 10 Div 2, 13 Div 3 and 26 Div 4, one failed and 2 were absent.

UNEB observed that the percentage pass levels for science subjects still remains low, over 40% of the candidates were unable to exhibit minimum results to be graded.

The following districts recorded the hishest failure rate: Bukwo: 28.6%, Butaleja: 28.3%, Bundobugyo: 28.7%, Kween: 22.3%, Kapchorwa: 22.2%, Buliisa: 21.9%, Pallisa: 20.2%, Sironko: 19.6%, Busia: 18.8%, Kasese: 18.0%, Bududa: 18.0%

357 special needs candidates sat for UCE 2017: 31 (blind), 82 (low vision), 61 (deaf), 79 (psychically handicapped), 61(dyslexics)

Kasanda South MP Simeo Nsubuga’s son Nsubuga J. Fredrick Kenedy, was one of the top performers from Uganda Martyrs Namugongo, he bagged aggregate 15 (ENG:3, CRE:2, HIS:2, GEO:2, MAT:2, PHY:2, CHE:1, BIO:4, COM:2, CST:2)


List of TOP schools in no particular order

  1. St Mary’s SS Kitende
  2. Uganda Matyrs Namugongo
  3. Ntare School
  4. Kings College Buddo
  5. Mt St Mary’s Namagunga
  6. Seeta High School, Mukono
  7. Mbarara High School
  8. Immaculate Heart Girls School
  9. Kisubi Seminary
  10. Buddo SS
  11. St Mary’s College Kisubi
  12. Naalya SS
  13. Naalya SS Bweyogerere
  14. St Mark’s College
  15. Namilyango College
  16. Namirembe Hillside HS
  17. Seeta High School
  18. Our Lady of Africa SS
  19. St Peters SS Nsambya
  20. Kawempe Muslim School
  21. Makerere College School
  22. St Henry’s College Kitovu
  23. Bweranyangi Girls SS
  24. Gombe SS
  25. St Mary’s Voc. Kyamuhunga
  26. Maryhill High School
  27. St Andrea Kahwa’s College, Hoima
  28. Citizens SS, Ibanda
  29. Iganga SS
  30. Kiira College Butiki
  31. St Mary’s College, Rushoroza
  32. St Thereza’s Girls’ SS Bwanda
  33. Kanjuki SS
  34. Kitgum Matidi Seed School
  35. Ndejje SS
  36. Gayaza High School
  37. St Kizito Katikamu Kisule SS
  38. Standard College Ntungamo
  39. Christ the King SS Kalisizo
  40. Tororo Girls School
  41. Namiryango SS
  42. Kibuli SS
  43. Bishop Cyprian Kihangire SS
  44. St Catherine Bujuuko
  45. St Joseph’s Voc. School Mbarara
  46. Luweero SS
  47. St Joseph’s Girls Nsambya
  48. Seeta HSl Green Campus, Mukono
  49. Kitabi Seminary Bushenyi
  50. Masaja SS
  51. Sacred Heart SS Mushanga
  52. St Jude’s SS Katende
  53. London College of St Lawrence
  54. Rubaga Girls
  55. Turkish Light Academy
  56. Kisozi H/S
  57. Trinity College Nabbingo
  58. Kajjansi Progressive SS
  59. Cornerstone Leadership Academy
  60. Nsambya Hillside H/S
  61. Mita College, Kawempe
  62. Kyambogo College School
  63. St Peter’s Naalya
  64. Mbogo Mixed SS
  65. Teso College
  66. Busoga College Mwiri
  67. Aga Khan High school
  68. Makerere High School, Migadde
  69. Hilton H/S Mukono
  70. Nganwa H/S
  71. Nsambya SS
  72. Luzira SS
  73. Kyadondo SS
  74. Kitante Hill SS
  75. St Leo’s College Kyegobe
  76. Old Kampala SS
  77. Kigezi High School
  78. Lubiri SS
  79. Mityana SS
  80. St Jude’s SS, Katende
  81. Crested SS
  82. Kabowa HS
  83. Bukala Minor Seminary
  84. Our Lady of Good Counsel
  85. Katikamu SS
  86. Masaka SS
  87. Mandela SS, Hoima
  88. Kakungulu Mem. School
  89. Mvara SS
  90. Namagabi SS
  91. Central College, Mityana
  92. Citizens SS Ibanda
  93. Wagwa H/S
  94. St Joseph’s SS, Nagalama
  95. St Bernard’s S, Mannya
  96. Bukandula SS
  97. Mbuya College School
  98. Faiha H/s, Kawempe
  99. Kawaala College School
  100. Mackay Memorial

S.5 selections to take place on 14th and 15th February 2018 at UMA show grounds.



Huawei Exposes Ugandan Students To High End Technology



Ugandan ICT students currently undergoing training at Huawei’s Technologies Co. Ltd Headquarters in Shenzhen China, have appreciated the one-week hands on training that has exposed them to the latest technology trends and what the future of the ICT Industry will be.

The students who include eight in their final year, one in second year and one in her first year were the successful ones picked from four public Universities in Uganda to benefit from the Huawei Seeds for the Future Programme 2018. This is after their proposals about using ICT to improve certain issues in the health, education, agriculture and transport sectors were the best among the 35 presented by University students.

During their time at the Huawei headquarters, which is built on an area covering 2.2 km², the Ugandan students were exposed to the different networks like the 3G, 4G and also made to understand more about the cutting-edge technologies trends such as 5G, Internet of Things (IOT) and Cloud computing. They had a hands-on practice in Huawei Technologies’ most advanced labs and were also taken on a guided tour of Huawei’s Exhibition hall of digital technology.

The students described their training at Huawei as a great eye opener into the emerging and dominating technologies in the world today. They were particularly ardent about the cloud computing which enables data to be stored in the clouds so that one can easily access it from any place on a monitor without a computer.

Kasumba Robert a final year student of Software Engineering from Makerere University said he liked the future potential of Huawei 5G network which will open doors to an all connected world. “With an all connected world, my proposal on helping farmers get information about the common crop and animal diseases as well as pests will easily come to life and many homes shall be able to share the much-needed information easily and cheaply or at no cost at all”, Kasumba said.

Oola Gerald a finalist of Information Technology at Muni University said the training has shown him that implementing the technologies and embracing them is not as hard as he earlier thought. “I have learnt that in order to leverage on the emerging 4.5G and 5G technologies which will dominate the world in the not so far future, I should incorporate remote sensors such as thermometers and blood pressure sensors in my health care proposal in order to have the data processed quickly”.

The students were also passionate about the Internet of Things (IoT) which is the connection between objects, humans and other things using sensors. Karasira Cosmas a year four Computer Engineering student at Busitema University said the Seeds for the Future training has opened up his world to the evolving technology. ”IoT technology can surely be used in the project of installing closed-circuit television camera in our city and towns to curb the rampant crime, safe driving, improved health care and smart homes to mention but a few”, he said.

Mangeni Ajambo Cleopatra a Makerere University finalist of Computer Science said she enjoyed the networking lessons and was looking at the challenge ahead to improve her skills. She also noted that with a 5G network capable of transmitting data at up to 20 gigabits per second (Gbps), IoT and Cloud computing, the health of a patient with chronic disease can be closely monitored in real time because there will be immediate communication between the wearable gadgets and smartphone.

“With this training I can now say that I am ready to make my contribution to the digital community. I am going to teach my colleagues about the 5G technology and how to build a 4G base station” said Kirembwe Andrew an Information Technology student finalist from Muni University.

As for Annet Mary Nakate a third year Information Systems student from Muni University, she has learnt the basics of networking especially when it comes to modern technology and was also exposed to smart farming.

Mugisha Samuel a second-year student from Muni University said what he found most interesting was the Phone tracking and Quick Response (QR) technology that can help improve the standards in Uganda. He added that the infrared technology he was exposed to can contribute much to his automated solar powered incubator proposal.

Obbo Peter said when he returns to Uganda he will enlighten his friends about the 5G network and encourage them to embrace it since only a few know about the 4G and cannot even tell the difference.

Nanyonga Berinda a Software Engineering finalist from Makerere University described the training as very educational and a mind questioning experience. “Every second I spent in this training is so memorable to me and I would wish to pass on the skills I have learnt from the Chinese people to my colleagues,” she said.

The youngest on the team Abigaba Hilda a First-Year student from Lira University said the training hadn’t been so compatible with what she was learning, but she was however happy to get exposed to the future potential of the 5G network.

According to Huawei’s Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Holy Ranaivozanany, the Seeds for the Future programme was initiated by Huawei Technologies to nurture the talent for tomorrow that will contribute to building the Information and Communication Technology Industry. “We create a pool of talent that will probably be working for Huawei in the future, or with our competitors and customers but really contributing to the industry. It is important that we give the students a hands-on experience and chance to try and build the networks themselves”, she said.

She added that 108 countries are so far benefitting from the seeds for the Future programme and a total of 3,660 people have benefitted from the 2 weeks study tour to China since it was initiated in 2008. She also pointed out that many of those who come to Huawei headquarters for the training are inspired by Huawei’s story to believe in what they would like to do in the future and how technology can make a difference in their respective countries. “We hope that in the future these students can apply these technologies in their countries”, she said.

Huawei’s Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility said the programme will continue for the next coming years and she hoped it will continue giving the young talents an open mind and enable them to make a difference by being innovative and bringing in new technologies so as to effectively contribute to the development of the ICT Industry.

The Huawei Seeds for the future programme has been running in Uganda since 2016 and a total of 30 students have benefitted.  In China the Ugandan group was twinned with ten students from Myanmar.


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MUST READ: MAK Sex Scandal: Former Guild Speaks Out: Morality In Kenya Is Deceased, That Kenyan Girl Is A Prostitute, A Devil Hired To Kill University



Former Makerere Guild president (in 1992) who is also a former Museveni spy and now a media activist Charles Rwomushana has blasted Kenyan student, Njeri Njoroge for being hired by state haters to Soil Makerere university image.

Njoroge Racheal Njeri Reg No:13/k/2347/eve, claims she had gone to the university to certify her transcript and get a recommendation letter, on reaching room 507 at the senate building, Kisuze grabbed her and threw her on the file cabinets before kissing her thighs, breasts forcefully and feasting on her ‘pussy’.

Njoroge who alleges that she was sexually harassed by Kisuze

Here is Rwomushana’s submission, but we must warn you, it’s rated PG (Parental Guidance advised):

This vicious and stupid criminal attack on Makerere University must be thoroughly interrogated by the Ugandan patriots. ..

Ofcourse all our National facilities are under severe attack. ..

Foreigners perish in hotels. .

Our lions in the National Parks are getting decimated. ..

The list is long. ..

Now our treasure, the Makerere University is under attack from the savage neighbouring intelligence agencies and our gullible populace and #alNakba occupation fall for it. ..

If you have been to Kenya you will appreciate that it’s an uphill task to land on a lady who isn’t a prostitute. ..

Morality in Kenya is deceased. ..

Former MAK Guild President and state house spy Charles Rwomushana

Now the silly moralists in Uganda and indeed our unpatriotic media houses fall for the trap to malign and destroy Makerere University.

I’m sure Museveni wouldn’t lose sleep over the collapse of Makerere University. ..

He has worked hard to destroy it. ..

I was a student in Makerere University. ..

I was elected a Guild President Makerere University. .

I was a member of the University Council Makerere University. ..

I don’t see how such trash in a woman would have accessed Makerere University. .do such a stupid thing and attract sympathy. ..

This can only happen under Museveni

Tell me. ..

Which sane woman would calmly take a photo and or video of rape and would enjoy publicity around it. ..more so when nude. ..?

Look at her devilish face. ..and she wants to suggest that an African rapist would have the time to sexualy stimulate the target. ..

I observed in amusement of the nbs tv undercover operation of filming a lecturer going for Sex with a student in a lodge. ..

Very few of us didn’t get wives from Makerere University. ..

We love to attend weddings but we forget weddings and marriage are out of a process of engagement including pre wedding sex. ..okuroza. ..testing the soup. ..

So how would a man who erects. ..okuhinisa. ..arrange and spend resources to trap another money on a sex mission. ..

This whole set up and or phitoshop is not cleverly done.

This Kenyan intelligence operative knew in time the occupants of the neighbouring offices. rooms.

The targeted lecturer office room mates are conviniently not in office. ..

A woman facing rape has time and space to check presence of cc tv cameras

This woman is fairly tall…There is no way you would leak her vagina when her legs are closed. ,.

If she opened up then she consented. .

She opines the man leaked her breasts. ..

That dress wouldn’t allow. ..

In our village setting, such a girl would have been given sufficient canes. ..Kiboko to tell the truth. ..

I reject her attempted rape story. ..

She should be deported in shame. ..

I have also seen some opine he shouldn’t have done sex in the office. ..

Why not. .?

President Bill Clinton did sex in the Oval office of the White House. ..

Did you see rituals performed to cleanse the white house. .?

Was Clinton lynched. .?

These bu women shouting around, who among them was not intercoursed in a forest and or banana plantation. .?

Most of you are as a result of intercourse from toilets, forests etc. ..

Why do we set standards above human. .?

And as patriots should alert each other that hollow women of today are usables ready to do anything for money. ..

You have a woman Kiiza Besigye helped agree with the mother and Museveni to frame Besigye in rape episode. ..

You have Draru accepting to be used as a cover for executing Major General Kazini and to accept she killed Kazini well knowing she didn’t. ..and the star witness in the Besigye treason case who accepted to be wired to incriminate Besigye. ..

Yes. ..

Women drop own babies into the pit latrines. ..

I’m always reluctant to believe their story. ..

Anyway. ..

Why are the African spirits oversleeping. .

Send lightening to sort out this woman who brings shame to Africa. ..

I now appreciate why Kenyan men would be reluctant to marry their own women. ..

#Mpaawo atalikaaba bus service. ..You board as it moves.

No stopping on the stage.


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MAK SEX SCANDAL: Hunt For Horny Lecturers On, Police Unleashes 10 Detectives To Search For Evidence




Police detectives Unit has unleashed ten (10) detectives to search for evidence on horny lecturers who move with their zips ready to feed on any ‘yoyo’ that passes their way.

The Grapevine has been exclusively told that the ten investigators have been assigned to search for evidence and also look for new offenders that may currently be ‘eating things’ in hiding.

“The team was divided into two, one will investigate all varsity lectures, administrators and professors and is tasked with questioning some of the university administrators then the other will move door to door in several halls of residence and hostels outside the university. They have been tasked to talk to female students face to face and also take confessions where possible,” a source told this website.

“Any lecturer who will be found guilty will automatically face the long arm of law. The goal is to make sure that we clean the university of sex offenders,” the source added.

When the Grapevine contacted Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, he told us that two investigators have been dispatched from the police investigators unit in Kibuli and they are going to be assisted by their colleagues from Wandegeya police and Makerere police station.

On Tuesday, Njoroge Racheal Njeri Reg No:13/k/2347/eve, pinned Edward Kisuze, an administrative assistant in the academic registrar’s office for kissing her thighs and breasts forcefully when she had gone to certify her transcript and get a recommendation letter. Njeri adduced a picture to support her allegations.

However, Kisuze’s brother Mugerwa Enoch told this website that his brother told him that he has been having an affair with Njeri and trouble arose when he went into another affair with Njeri’s friend, a one Nalunga Christine.

This is the second case of sexual harassment this year at Uganda’s oldest university.

In March 2018, Dr Swizen Kyomuhendo, a senior lecturer in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration (SWASA) was arrested allegations of Sexual Harassment.

Dr Kyomuhendo was accused of sexually exploiting female students in exchange for marks. Kyomuhendo enticed one of his female students to a lodge to have “some fun”. The victim claimed that the lecturer had promised to adjust her marks if she ‘cooperated.’

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