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Suzan Was Strangled To Death After Cutting Off Her Two Fingers – Father Recounts




John Magara, the father of the late Suzan Magara has told mourners during a requiem mass at Our lady of Africa catholic church Mbuya that her daughters kidnapers sent him 2 of her daughter’s fingers with a video showing how they cut them off.

Suzan’s Parents during the requiem mass

“They delivered two of her fingers in an envelope. They asked me to go and pick them with a must-see video.

I gave the video and the fingers to police. The video showed her kidnappers cutting off her fingers while she was crying in pain.

When the found the body, indeed it didn’t have the two fingers,” Magara said.

Magara told mourners that her daughter might have been killed on Monday night because when they went to check the body where it was dropped, the body was still fresh. He also said that doctors have confirmed that Suzan was strangled to death.

Magara also said that while her daughter was with the kidnappers, the president called him and they met, he however asked him to allow they to fulfill the demands of the kidnappers and give them what they wanted.

He says they gave the kidnappers what they asked for and kept on waiting for their daughter to be released.

Media reports claim that Suzan’s captors first asked for a ransom of $1m, the dad negotiated and finally settled for $200000 which is over Shs 700 million.

On Thursday, the body of Magara, 28, an administrator for the family business and a cashier at Bwendero dairy farm in Hoima district was recovered dumped 100 metres from the Kampala- Entebbe Express highway at Kitiko which is between Kigo and Kajjansi in Wakiso district.

Lenny Muganwa, the grandfather to the deceased, told the media that Suzan was kidnapped as she left the gym.

The grandfather said that Suzan was in office up to 8:30pm and left to go to the gym where she was kidnapped. After kidnapping her, the kidnappers drover her car and parked it near her home. They left the ignition on. The kidnappers left all her property including phones intact.

According to Muganwa, it seems the kidnappers knew the ins and outs of the deceased’s family.
He said the act of driving her vehicle near the deceased’s home and also asking for a big ransom pointed out that they knew the Muganwa family in Hoima.


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Wafula Oguttu, Mirundi, Rwomushana Warn On Cheeye Death



Former State House spy and security operative Charles Rwomushana warned that former Director of Economic monitoring ISO and editor of The Confidential, Teddy Seezi Cheeye was murdered by state operatives.

Speaking on ‘Gasimbagane ne Bannamawulire’ talk show on radio Simba, Rwomushana said that he believes Cheeye was put out of action by certain serious operatives from security organs, who have been trailing him for a long time due to his security experience.

“Take away your things that the Cheeye I know was knocked by a boda boda, no way, how can a boda boda kill that man. He thought that after prison and exposing the untouchables he was free. He was murdered I’m telling you,” Rwomushana said.

Other senior journalists also asked government to deeply investigate the circumstances under which Cheeye was knocked by a speeding bodaboda at Nakawa trading centre and killed. Wafula Oguttu, a friend and former workmate with Cheeye said that he was not satisfied with the way his friend was knocked by a boda boda “The government must explain more how my bestman was knocked in broad day light by a boda boda, I’m not satisfied with Cheeye’s death,” Oguttu said.

Presidential adviser on Media Joseph Tamale Mirundi, who was a close associate to Cheeye said that, his friend died because of stress and frustustions.

“Cheeye worked for these people in government, they paid him by imprisoning him. I met him few days before his death but he was very poor and told me how Salim Saleh and others government officials refused to help him during the time he needed them most. He worked for this government. But I told him to work for himself because that’s the way Museveni’s government pays people who work for them,” Mirundi said.

He noted that it might be true that Cheeye was knocked by a speeding boda boda because he was not used to that life of crossing roads but also noted that his death might have been caused by a huge number of enemies within the security circles he created through his confidential magazine.

Other senior journalists like John Nagenda and Joachim Buwembo praised the fallen investigative journalist. Cheeye will be buried in Luwero district.


By Jamil Lutakome


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PHOTOS: MP Kipoi Deported On Chains Over Witchcraft, Fraud



Former Bubulo West Member of Parliament Tony Kipoi Nsubuga has been deported to Uganda on chains. Kipoi was airlifted to Entebbe airport from Botswana where he has been detained since his arrest last month by Botswana authorities.

Kopoi who was arrested on 31st January from Botswana for illegally staying in the country and also practicing witchcraft and also obtaining money by false pretence, has been brough back into the country on chains.

He was arrested with his counterpart Robert Kitale after being found with two different passports one for Uganda and the other of south Africa.

On 13th February 2018, he was taken to court on charges on obtaining money by false pretence as he masqueraded as a witch doctor.

According to Tonny Kabaguta the officer from the Uganda External Organization (ESO), Kipoi has been operating with his close friend Robert Kitale and they were arrested together. However, he added that Kipoi has another group he has been coordinating with here in Uganda whose names are withheld at this moment because investigations are still going on.


Kipoi was arrested in Botswana capital Gaborone for allegelly obtaining money by false pretense when he pretended to be a witchdoctor with magical powers consequently defrauding four female victims of more than 290,000 Pula, about (Shs111.6m), between May 2017 and January 20, this year.

Kipoi is also accused of fraudulently obtaining P109, 000 (About Shs42m) from one Silvia Nonofo Mmutlwane, who works as a nurse at Bokaa clinic in September last year and the 20th of January 2018 at Molepolole village in Botswana. Kipoi is said to have promised Nonofo to cleanse her of a spirit that fails her to get married.

The former legislator also faces a charge of selling a magic wallet to a Tswana citizen claiming it would increase chances of getting money and also defrauding a one Tshepo Mogomotsi of Shs2m (7000 pula) with promises of blessing him with luck to get employed quickly.


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Police shoot two dead after kidnapping and cutting woman’s neck



Police has this afternoon shot two un identified men dead in Bweyogerere Wakiso district at around 2:30pm. The dead were trying to kidnapped with intentions to murder a lady only identified as Agaba.

The Kampala Metropolitan police spokes person Luke Owoyesigire has confirmed this, there was an exchange of bullets between the criminals and police and managed to kill them on spot, they were found with a gun (AK47), phones and Money.

“This lady only known as Agaba was attacked from Namanve where they tried to cut her neck but the Bweyogerere police was alert and started trailling these criminals up to a place called Kileku where there was much exchange of bullets, police finally killed them on spot, we are still investigating the matter and we are yet to confirm whether the lady died or not.

We are still following all the information gathered and yet to know who were these people, what was their intentions and so on, but we think these are some of the people who have been kidnapping Ugandans in exchange for money.” Owoyesigire said.


By Mboowa Nathan


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