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PHOTOS: MP Kipoi Deported On Chains Over Witchcraft, Fraud



Former Bubulo West Member of Parliament Tony Kipoi Nsubuga has been deported to Uganda on chains. Kipoi was airlifted to Entebbe airport from Botswana where he has been detained since his arrest last month by Botswana authorities.

Kopoi who was arrested on 31st January from Botswana for illegally staying in the country and also practicing witchcraft and also obtaining money by false pretence, has been brough back into the country on chains.

He was arrested with his counterpart Robert Kitale after being found with two different passports one for Uganda and the other of south Africa.

On 13th February 2018, he was taken to court on charges on obtaining money by false pretence as he masqueraded as a witch doctor.

According to Tonny Kabaguta the officer from the Uganda External Organization (ESO), Kipoi has been operating with his close friend Robert Kitale and they were arrested together. However, he added that Kipoi has another group he has been coordinating with here in Uganda whose names are withheld at this moment because investigations are still going on.


Kipoi was arrested in Botswana capital Gaborone for allegelly obtaining money by false pretense when he pretended to be a witchdoctor with magical powers consequently defrauding four female victims of more than 290,000 Pula, about (Shs111.6m), between May 2017 and January 20, this year.

Kipoi is also accused of fraudulently obtaining P109, 000 (About Shs42m) from one Silvia Nonofo Mmutlwane, who works as a nurse at Bokaa clinic in September last year and the 20th of January 2018 at Molepolole village in Botswana. Kipoi is said to have promised Nonofo to cleanse her of a spirit that fails her to get married.

The former legislator also faces a charge of selling a magic wallet to a Tswana citizen claiming it would increase chances of getting money and also defrauding a one Tshepo Mogomotsi of Shs2m (7000 pula) with promises of blessing him with luck to get employed quickly.



FIGHTING CRIME: How Guns Can Be Linked To A Crime Scene & How Finger Printing Guns Is Done



President Yoweri Museveni during his address on the state of security in the country yesterday at parliament laid down 10 measures  goverment is going to undertake to fight insecurity in the country.

The first measure was to finger-print all legally held guns. The president said, “All legally held guns will be finger-printed. When this happens, once a cartridge is fired, we shall be able to tell which gun discharged the bullet. If any legally-held gun is used in crime, we shall trace it, this includes guns in private hands but licensed by the police.” Below are some of the ways guns can be linked to a crime scene and what the president meant by finger printing guns:

Guns and bullets are used in the most serious crimes, and they also happen to leave the most damning evidence.

While it’s often obvious when initially walking into a crime scene whether a gun was used – even if the victim survived and is being treated by paramedics – a full examination of the scene is always required to look at all factors that impacted the event. When a gun is involved, however, crime scene investigators will look for specific clues such as bullet casings, bullet holes, spatter patterns, and perhaps even a dropped weapon – either at the scene or nearby, such as in a body of water or a dumpster.

After the scene is photographed, diagrammed and all evidence referenced, the shell casings, bullet fragments, weapons and other evidence can be gathered, preserved and catalogued for further study back at the lab. Bullets suspected to be drilled into soft plaster or furniture will not be pried out. The area around and containing the bullet will be cut out so that the bullet can be removed carefully at the lab, and thereby preserve the channel that the bullet made.

1. Striations on a fired bullet

Once a bullet is recovered, either from an impact point in a soft wall or pulled out of flesh by a medical examiner or a physician, that bullet will become a primary piece of evidence. Every gun barrel is rifled during manufacture, or finished inside the barrel with rotating grooves to impart spin to a bullet in order to improve accuracy during flight. The resulting spiralling grooves and lands (the flat parts between the grooves) leave mirrored markings on the bullet itself.

If you are able to fire another bullet from the same gun, an investigator can match the grooves under a special microscope which displays both bullets side by side, comparing the strata. Since there are several processes involved in rifling a barrel, each barrel is unique. Just like fingerprints, a bullet can be paired to a weapon with nearly perfect accuracy.

Further, even without a weapon, the striations can identify a type and model of firearm, so detectives will know what to look for.

2. Gunpowder residue leaves expected patterns

When a gun is fired, the bullet is not the only thing that comes out of the barrel. Burning powder particles also expectorate and will create a pattern on the object closest to the barrel. This pattern varies by how far the weapon is from the target. By knowing the patterns of a particular firearm, a consensus can be reached about how close or how far away the gun was. If there are no powder marks on the hand holding the gun or the forehead around the bullet hole, it is unlikely that the victim shot himself, so suicide can be ruled out no matter how convincing the pose looks to the untrained eye.

3. Trajectory, ricochet and bullet holes

Sticks carefully inserted in bullet holes can indicate direction of the bullet, and, if many holes are found in a scene, these sticks can help triangulate: where the shooter was standing; how tall he (or she) might have been; and many more details. Bullets that ricochet will collect trace evidence from where they bounce, and add further detail for the investigator.

4. Hidden fingerprints

A gunman will finger bullets as he loads them into a cylinder or magazine, and leave tiny quantities of salty sweat with each touch. When a bullet is fired away from its casing, tremendous heat is instantly transferred to that metal, vaporising the moisture and setting the salts from those prints. The salts become molten and a chemical reaction with the metal etches the fingerprints permanently into the casing.

5. Firing pin impressions

Firing pins leave individual marks on the primer (the explosive cap that ignites the gunpowder when struck by the pin on the tip of the hammer) at the very bottom of each bullet. The alignment, size of impression, and age of the firearm also contribute to individualised marks as the hard metal (the pin) make impressions on the soft metal (the primer).

6. Bullet damage to tissue

Wounds can provide an incredible amount of information about sequence of hits, distance, velocity, bullet type, caliber, and more – whether a bullet fragment is recovered or not. Bevelling around an entrance wound holds clues, fracture lines in dense bone such as skulls can identify distance, velocity and direction of fire. Grazing bullets leave skin tags – little flags of ragged skin that are pulled up and torn as a projectile passes by at high speed. All of these indications help validate the opinions of a medical examiner.


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Kamyuka Sentenced To 3 years In Jail For Stabbing Reveller To Death Over A Woman



The High Court in Kampala has sentenced Club Guvnor murder suspect, Ivan Kamyuka to 5years imprisonment for Manslaughter.

This is after Presiding Judge Wilson Kwesiga found that Kamyuka committed the gruesome act in self defence.

The alleged murder arose out of a bar fight with a reveler, Jonny Ahimbisibwe over a woman on 2nd/August/2015.

While sentencing Kamyuka, a former Human Resource Manager of Lake Bounty Ltd, Justice Kwesiga took into account the one year and four months he spent on remand at Luzira prison before trial, which means that Kamyuka will only serve 3years and 8months in prison.

The Judge noted that the sentence was to enable Kamyuka reform and be able to return to society as a useful citizen. The judge also added that  the deceased (Ahimbisibwe) partly contributed to his death by violently attacking Kamyuka’s lover.

In his Judgement, Justice Kwesiga  relied on Kamyuka’s defence and the evidence of his lover Nima Nyarwaka and noted that the deceased Jonny Ahimbisibwe  was a violent man who had even  been deported from Sweden due to his violent nature .

Kwesiga added that evidence showed that Nima Nyarwaka divorced Ahimbisibwe in 2013.

On the fateful date 2nd/August/2015,

the deceased attacked, assaulted the woman calling her a bitch and prostitute  and smashed a glass in front of her which injured her fore head, lips, teeth and hands.

Justice Kwesiga ruled that any reasonable spouse would use any deadly force to repel attack against his partner.

And in this case Kamyuka acted in self defence having been provoked.

However, the Judge noted that Kamyuka should not have taken the law in his hands by ignoring the role of other mediators such as Security and Bouncers  at the night club.

It is against this background that the Judge reduced the murder charge against Kamyuka, to Manslaughter,  after prosecution failed to  prove that Kamyuka  intentionally killed Ahimbisibwe.

The maximum sentence for someone convicted of Manslaughter is Life Imprisonment.


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‘Kidnapped’ Pastor’s Wife Arrested: Boyfriend Runs Away With 20 million After Enjoying Her And Dumping Her In Lodge



Mariam Kusubira (46), a resident of Masajja (A) Makindye Ssaabagabo, who was allegedly kidnapped last Wednesday has been arrested by police.

Mariam is a wife to Bishop of Noah’s Ark holiness church pastor Shadrak Kusubira.

Police says that Mariam Kidnapped herself and has been enjoying life with her boyfriend in a lodge. It is alleged that it is the boyfriend who has been making calls to pastor Shadrack asking for 50 million shillings ransom.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed that when police tried to track the phone that was being used to ask for ransom, they found out that the people who were using it were in a lodge in Masaka where they spent three days.

Police added that Mariam had eloped to Kirinnya – Masaka with her boyfriend a one Angel Ssemboze and the two have been eating life secretly.

Upon arresting a one Richard Bukenya, who is a brother to Ssemboze, he took them to the home of Kusubira’s daughter in Namasuba – Kikajjo where Mariam was found hiding.

Mariam told them that they were enjoying life with Ssemboze until he took off with her 20 million shillings and left her stranded in Masaka.

“Police in Katwe is holding Kusubila Mariam 46 years of age on charges of giving false information to a public officer. She was arrested from Kikajjo last night at one of her daughters place.
Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire has confirmed the arrest of Mrs Mariam Kusubila . More details to follow
This lady in the recent past was reported dead by some tabloids.
We also looking for the boyfriend whom we suspect was also behind the incident,” a statement from police reads.


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