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You Are A Disgrace To The People Of Tooro – King Oyo’s Uncle Blasts Best Kemigisa



Gilbert Atwooki Mujogye (70), the uncle to King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru, the Omukama of Tooro kingdom has blasted Best Kemigisha the Queen Mother of Tooro, over grabbing their family heritage land.

While testifying before the commission of inquiry into land matters, Atwooki said that Kemigisha fraudulently grabbed land which was under her late husband, king Patrick Kabooyo’s custody. He said that when their father king David Rukidi Kamulaasi died in 1965, he left a will dividing his land and property among his 27 children,15 boys and 12 girls.

The guardian left decided to give the titles to all children who were above 18 years.

Atwooki testifying before the commission

“My Lord, when Milton Obote, who was the president by then attacked Mengo palace and chased king Muteesa, all kingships were in panic because Obote was threatening to abolish them. All the kingdom properties were registered in the names of the king to keep them as a trustee. My Lord, all our land titles who were below 18 years were registered in the names of king Kaboyo,” Atwooki said.

Atwooki said that many of the kingdom officials and princes went into exile including Atwooki. When president Yoweri Museveni captured power in 1986, some the princes came back to Uganda and others stayed in abroad. Atwooki was one of those who remained abroad, in Zambia.

Atwooki told the commission that by the time he came back, he found king Kaboyo appointed as the Uganda’s ambassador to Tanzania and later to Russia, so he didn’t get time to sign transfer forms for the remaining children.

“My brother died under suspicious circumstances with all the knowledge of our properties which he had in his custody,” Atwooki said.

After the death king Kabooyo in 1995, in 1996, the Queen Mother Best Kemigisha applied for powers of attorney in Kabarole High Court as the recognised widow to the late king. The powers of attorney were grated to her.

“Our elder Meble Komuntale tried to block the application to give the Queen Mother the powers of attorney because she had smelt a rotten rat regarding the Queen mother’s intentions. Unfortunately, her case was dismissed in favour of the Queen Mother and the powers of attorney were granted to the queen mother,” Atwooki said.

In 2003, they asked to see the Queen Mother to explain to her that some of the titles she got were not for her husband. But for almost a year, the Queen mother refused to meet them. They then tried to seek for assistance from the kingdom elders. Jimmy Mugyenyi, a brother to king Kamuraasi together with her sister Brazious Mirembe wrote to Queen Mother informing her that part of the land which she got when she was given powers of attorney was not for her late husband but he was just keeping it in trust of his young siblings.

Kemigisha then accepted to meet Atwooki, Damalie Kaakya Kamukyaaya and other elders in Tooro. They showed her all the documents including the will of their father Kamuraasi indicating that king Kabooyo was just a trustee on some of the land. She ignored them and from then, she never talked to them again.

“My Lord, what we heard next about our land was that that woman was negotiating with the government and some Asians to whom she sold our land. We put a caveat on the land title but the land registry in Kabalore refused to register our caveat on the title and she sold the land,” Atwooki said.

Atwooki says that in 2015, they reported their complaints to president Yoweri Museveni who establish a committee of Bishops from Tooro kingdom to investigate the matter. Later, they met the president when the Bishops were submitting their report. The president promised to meet them in February this year but first met the Bishops alone.

“My Lord, we need your assistance, this lady violated our culture, she thought that when she married our brother, he didn’t have any relatives. She is a disgrace to people of Tooro, all of them are tired of her actions. She sold the land to government and after went and collected taxes from tenantes, ashaming the kingdom,”Atwooki said.

He added that they want compensation of 4.5b from the government. This is because before government bought this land in Rukami, Kitogyo, Ruzima, Rutebwa all located in Kabalore and Kyenjojo district.

Catherine Bamugemereire promised the Tooro princes the Queen mother will appear before the commission to defend herself.



By Jamil Lutakome




My Father Is The Most successful Revolutionary – Muhoozi Sings Museveni Praise



A picture montage of Muhoozi and his father Museveni


President Museveni’s son Major General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, who also doubles as the Senior Presidential Adviser for Special Operations, has applauded his father as the most successful Africcn revolutionary after Amilcar Cabral and Samora Machel, in a tweet on his official twitter page.



Amilcar Cabral was a Bissau-Guinean and Cape Verdean agricultural engineer, intellectual, poet, theoretician, revolutionary, political organizer, nationalist and diplomat. He was one of Africa’s foremost anti-colonial leaders.

Cabral led the nationalist movement of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde Islands and the ensuing war of independence in Guinea-Bissau. He was assassinated on 20 January 1973, about eight months before Guinea-Bissau’s unilateral declaration of independence. Cabral became an inspiration to revolutionary socialists and national independence movements worldwide.





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NRM Elites Are Thieves, They Are Keeping Money In Stores In Their Homes – Maama Fiina



Maama Fiina

The leader of witch doctors in Uganda, Sophia Namutebi alias maama Fina, who is also a mobiliser of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) has revealed that some party elites have stolen a lot of money meant to help Ugandans and are keeping it in their homes.

Speaking to the media recently, Namutebi said that the NRM elites put their chairman and also the president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni under captivity which has enabled them to steal every coin that crosses their way.

“They don’t love the party, they only put on nice ties and suites. When they hear that there is a by election, they start giving themselves roles with an intention of stealing money. They use the bags of money that the president gives them to mobilize for the party support to give surprises to their girlfriends and boyfriends and others build mega houses,” Maama Fiina said.

On the two by-elections that the ruling NRM party has lost, Maama Fiina said that, “In the Kyadondo East by-election, we had a weak candidate. I told them that our candidate (Mike Ssebalu) cannot win against a very strong Bobi Wine. In Jinja East by-election, we had a very strong candidate, but the people who went there to help him look for votes just wanted to make money. We had so many NRM leaders going to Jinja but they didn’t go to campaign for Nabeta, they went to eat Museveni’s money.”

She revealed that after the by election in Kyadondo east, where Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi wine defeated them, she was called by one of the top NRM leaders to his home. When she reached there, he took her in a room which was full of money in dollars and shillings and told her to bless it. Maama Fiina refused to bless the money and told this NRM top honcho that he was very rich and didn’t need any more blessings.

“People are very hostile these days against NRM candidates, you know those educated people think that they are the only ones who have to be with money because they speak a lot of English. We have decided to leave them with their party until the president will wake up, but I don’t know whether he will be still the president,” Namutebi said.

She added that because of the NRM’s thieving leaders, she has also stopped helping people who come crying to her for.

She warned president Museveni to wake up and arrest all those who steal public money.



By Jamil Lutakome


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Wandegeya And Makerere Bean Weevils Reported For Working With Criminals



Residents in a security meeting. Inset is Jude Masingane


Kawempe division councilors in a meeting with residents from Nakulabye, Makerere Kikoni, Bwaise and Kakungulu zones have pinned Wandegeya police commanders, or let us call them Wandegeya police bean weevils, for promoting crime in these areas instead of fighting it.

In a security meeting held at Makerere Yellow Primary school, the angry residents led by Badru Lubwama, who doubles as Makerere councilor, pinned Wandegeya Division police commander Charles Nsabimana for failing to deal with his officers whom they accuse of working with criminals.

Lubwama reported that many criminals directly deal with the bean weevils at Makerere university police post, something that has increased cases of robbery, rape and murder in these areas.

“I’m not surprised that these cases are on a high within Makerere especially around university hostels. This is fueled by failure by Wandegeya police chiefs to take action against officers who work with criminals and laziness,” Lukwago said.

He added that Makerere University has over 20 police officers but the crime rate is too high because the commander of these post, Jude Masingane, spends most of his time in bars romancing the bottle.

Wandegeya Division police commander Charles Nsabimana

The locals reported that they tried to lodge their complaints to Nsibimana who told them that the commanders of these posts were deployed by his superiors so taking a move against them would be risking his job.

While addressing journalists, Councilor Matovu Marysmart alias VJ Junior who represents Bwaise attacked Kakungulu police post for dealing with young bean weevils in the name of crime preventers to torture residents.

He said, “I wonder where the crime preventers get that authority to the extent of staging road blocks asking for money from people.

We have always addressed this matter to the commanders but all of them are saying they can’t risk fighting or complaining on Mwesigwa’s men.

When contacted, Kampala police spokesman Luke Oweyesigire said he wasn’t yet aware but promised that he was going to investigate the matter and see how the force can handle.

“It is not professional for a police officer to enter a bar, drink and fight people moreover with a gun, like Jude does. But I’m going to speak to the bosses and we see what to do,”Oweyesigire added.

In his Women’s day address in Mityana, president Museveni warned that police were infiltrated with bean weevils (Kawuukuumi) and these weevils had failed efforts to fight crime.



By Adadi Mubiru


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