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Top Journalist Arrested Over Human Trafficking




Dean Lubowa Saava a former journalist with major media houses which include NTV Uganda, NBS and DELTA TV has been arrested on allegations of human trafficking. Lubowa is accused of conning his unsuspecting clients sums of money to a tune of 126 million Uganda Shillings through a fake company that he used to promise foreign jobs to Ugandans.

“We have arrested one suspect identified as  Dean Lubowa Sava a propreiator to one of the fake unregistered companies known as Global Skills International Limited located in Kibuye Opposite MK Biulding claiming to be an employment recruitment agency taking people for work abroad. This comes after we got over 37 reports of obtaining money by false pretense at Katwe Police Station under SD REF. 47/05/03/2018,” an officer from Katwe police told this website.

Most youthful Ugandans are silently facing challenges during the process of acquiring jobs overseas and have fallen prey to crafty individuals who use unlicensed recruitment agencies that are only interested in taking advantage of the desperate and jobless Ugandans.

Sava will be charged with human trafficking and obtaining money by false pretense.

“We implore Ugandans seeking to work abroad to verify each company that promises them jobs  through the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development so as to get connected with companies and individuals licensed to export labour. This will help avoid risks of getting exploited,” the officer told us.


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PICTURE: Nambooze’s Shocking Back – Mulago Doctors Finally Give Her ‘Permit’ To Travel To India



Mulago hospital has finally cleared Mukono municipality MP, Betty Nambooze Bakireke to fly out to India for treatment.

Addressing the media today, Dr. Baterana Byaruhanga, the executive director of Mulago hospital said that Nambooze has been cleared to receive treatment abroad.

“It is true, she (Nambooze) is really sick. She needs to travel abroad for further checkup. We have made the report to the honourable health minister and the papers for Nambooze to move are now with Parliament,” Dr. Byaruhanga said.

The metals (circled) in Nambooze’s back

Nambooze was arrested on 13th June over allegations of computer misuse after her comments on her social media platforms following the assassination of former member of parliament for Arua Municipality Ibrahim Abiriga and released that evening. She was re-arrested on June 14th and taken to Naggalama police station where her condition detoriarated. She was rushed to Kiruddu hospital. Mulago hospital assured the police that Nambooze’s situation could be handled by the Mulago orthopaedic department and there was no need for her to flown out of the country.

Nambooze told the media recently that she urgently needs to fly to India after scanners showed that one of the nails holding her implants dislodged and it is sitting on the central nerve which makes her lower body helpless.

Dr. Kiiza Besigye today took time off his busy schedule to visit Nambooze at Kiruddu hospital (Detainment Centre). Accompanied by the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and Hon. Nanyondo Veronica, they were startled by the in plants in her spine which is evidently worse than how she was before the first surgery! The scan and x-ray results show that the in plants protruded after the accident as seen in the first photograph.

Dr. Besigye also expressed concern that the police has failed to open up any charge against her; warranting the inhuman treatment and all the horrifying moments that she has gone through.

Mulago hospital’s seven member board confirmed Nambooze’s bad situation and confirmed that she needs urgent specialized medication abroad.



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NRM Cadres Warn Museveni On Kayihura



Some NRM Cadres have warned their party chairman president Yoweri Museveni against charging former Inspector General of Police (IGP) General Kale Kayihura with big offences.

A top official in National Resistance Movement (NRM) leadership intimated to this website that the president met NRM secretary General Kasule Lumumba and other top officials before he addressed parliament on Wednesday. Museveni informed Lumumba and others that he was not going to mention Kayihura’s matter in parliament even though the MPs insisted.

He said that the president was also advised that if he okays the serious charges against Kayihura, other junior officers will fear to implement his orders referring to what happened to Kayihura since he always defended him as a good cadre in public and Kale always bragged that he was helping the president in most of his actions.

However, Ahmed Katerega Musaazi, a prominent NRM cadre who also works at the NRM secretariat, while speaking on ‘Gasimbagane ne bannamawulire’, a radio talk show on radio Simba, said, “Mr. president, many people lost their dear ones under unclear circumstances, now we have got some of the criminals, if you want to let them go because of their status, we are not going to allow such impunity, let Kale come to court with his officers and answer their charges, you will pardon them after.”

Musaazi pinned Kayihura for being in the know of whatever his boys were doing but he kept quiet because of his personal political interest.

Musaazi was supported by Aisha Kabanda the former Kampala Resident District Commissioner (RDC) who said that the president must leave the law to take its course: “if Kale has charges, let him answer, don’t just pardon him like it has been allegedly said.” Kabanda added that in Kale’s tenure as the IGP, many Ugandans were killed especially Muslims while others were imprisoned on staged managed charges.

Joseph Tamale Mirundi, another NRM cadre, who fought with a hammer to make sure that Article 102(b) of the constitution is amended told the Grapevine that president Museveni can’t just allow Kale to be charged with those capital offences of murder and treason as alleged. Mirundi said that it’s the reason why human right organizations are seriously fighting for Kale’s rights.

“Have you seen my brother Medi Kaggwa fighting for Kittatta or other police officers? This is a very interesting matter, yes Kayihura might be charged but not those charges you are telling me,” Mirundi said. Security sources have told the Grapevine that Kale is expected in court next week.


The Uganda Human Rights Commission came out yesterday with a statement saying that they are in negotiations with UPDF officials to charge Kale or release him because he has been detained for over 48 hours which is against the constitution.

Aida Nakiganda, the assistant chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission told the Grapevine that after the negotiations, the commission will come out with a statement on Kale. “The chairman will address you at the appointed time, be patient but what you must know is that we are negotiating with the top army leadership,” Nakiganda said.


By Jamil Lutakome




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THE HIDDEN TRUTH: Why Gen Kayihura’s Wife Angela Fired Alaka And Hired KAA, Negotiations In High Gear To Drop Murder Charges Against Kale



The Grapevine has dug deep to reveal details why incarcerated UPDF General and former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kale Kayihura’s wife Angela Kayihura  fired the first two lawyers who her husband had given instructions to represent him.


Kayihura first hired Alaka and company advocates owned by famous city criminal lawyer Caleb Alaka and Ocheng and company advocates owned by another celebrated criminal lawyer Evans Ocheng. Last weekend, both counsels told the media that they had instructions to represent Kayihura. Both Alaka and Ocheng confirmed that they visited Kayihura at Makindye military barracks where he is currently detained.

However, on Monday, Kayihura’s family led by her wife Angela released a statement to the press disowning Alaka and Ocheng and revealing that all legal matters concerning Kayihura will be handled by another prominent city law firm of Kampala Associate Advocate (KAA).  Since then, both Alaka and Ocheng went mute.


A source in the military, who was one of the top officers involved in the deadly operation to arrest Kayihura exclusively told this website that before Kayihura was driven to Makindye barracks from Mbuya military headquarters on orders of the commander in chief Gen Yoweri Museveni, Kayihura was very cooperative with the operatives from CMI and ISO who were interrogating him even though he hadn’t made a statement due to the absence of his lawyers.

Kayihura was later allowed to meet his lawyers, Kayihura sent for Alaka and Ocheng who immediately stormed Makindye military barracks to save their client. These two lawyers, who are also representing Kayihura’s right hand man Joel Aguma advised Kayihura to stop giving information to the military detectives in their absence.

“When the officers went to clarify on certain information he had first given them, he refused to talk to them and asked them to call his lawyers. The detectives then smelt a rat. As soon as they left him, they called another General (we can’t reveal the name for security reasons) who by the way commanded the search at Kale’s home in Muyenga. This general talked to Angela,” the source revealed.

The source told this website that the General engaged Angela on phone for 30 minutes. He told her tell Kale to work with the detectives and stop being defiant because the president was furious with him and he was closely monitoring the proceedings. The General advised Angela to even change the lawyers who Kale had chosen to represent him because it seemed his current lawyers were misleading him.

The source revealed to this website that the General told Angela to use the lawyers from KAA. Most of the partners in KAA are personal friends to the commander in chief, two are his lawyers have represented him and saved him from many deadly cases including presidential elections cases, three of them are very competent people who know how to handle scandalous cases and are not after money like some lawyers in town because they are already filthy rich.

The source reaveled that Angela, who looked confused quickly made calls to other close family members summoning them for a meeting at their posh home in Muyenga that night.

In the meeting, she disclosed to them what the prominent General had proposed to her. Most of them agreed with General’s proposal.

The next morning, Angela went to the law chambers of KAA and gave them instructions to represent her husband and on that same day, they drove together with counsel Jet Tumwebaze, Peter Kabaste and Edison Karuhanga all partners in KAA to Makindye military barracks. They met Kayihura in his detention room, Angela introduced KAA lawyers as their new lawyers and explained to Kale why she had changed his lawyers and also her discussion with the top General. She also pleaded with him to oblige to the orders from the detectives.

One of the top lawyers in KAA who attended the meeting told the Grapevine that Kale looked puzzled, frustrated and troubled. He later shook his head and told Angela to handle everything.

“You know the respect Kayihura gives such guys, do you think that Kayihura can doubt what senior counsel Kabaste tells him. He convinced him that they were going to handle the matter sensitively and even promised him positive results,” the source from KAA added.

The source added that in the evening of the same day, after meeting Kayihura, KAA received a call from Angela telling them that some detectives wanted to search their home. Counsel Jet Tumwebaze of KAA drove to Muyenga to oversee the matter. The search was commanded by the UPDF General who advised Kayihura to oblige with the detectives. According to KAA source, after the search, search reports were made and whatever the detectives recovered was recorded in front of Tumwebaze and the General. “They took some things which they thought were very important in their investigations,” the source added.


A source in KAA has authoritatively told the Grapevine that there are ongoing negotiations between KAA, Kayihura family members, some elders from Kisoro, top UPDF officials, security minister and the president to give Kayihura a safe passage out of jail by dropping some of the big charges against him.

The source revealed to this website that in one of the negotiation meeting, KAA and some of Kayihura’s family members pleaded with the president not to charge Kayihura with capital criminal offences of murder, espionage and treason.

“Some security officials even advised the president not to charge Kayihura with those cases which you are reporting in the media. It’s our wish and we are sure that the General will be charged with simple charges of neglect of duty,” the source said.


By Jamil Lutakome


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