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I Told Kayihura To Call Prisons Boss And Book A Cell For Himself – Mirundi Meets Kayihura




Presidential adviser on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi, one of Kayihura’s longtime friends has revealed that he advised Kayihura to call Prisons boss Johnson Byabashaija and ask him to reserve a cell for him because his haters are going to fight until they put him down.

Mirundi said that he visited his friend at his home in Muyenga Kampala after  being fired by his boss. He said that he found Kayihura in deep thoughts and in shock still not believing that he was fired by Museveni.

“You know it’s hard to accept that the person you have worked for and rendered your loyalty to fires you in such a humiliating manner. He told me that he still doesn’t believe that the Museveni he knows and he has worked for fired him. I consoled him and told him that that is the way Museveni and his people pay those who work for them,” Mirundi said.

Mirundi said that he advised Kayihura to give them back their vehicles. A few minutes later, members of the police leadership came to Muyenga and picked the vehicles which Kayihura was using as the IGP so that his successor IGP Okoth Ochola might use them.

“I advised him to use his Premio vehicle which he used to drive when he was a common man,” Mirundi said.

Mirundi told Kayihura that Museveni’s government is full of mafias who are good at tarnishing the names of those who worked for him.

He gave an example of when he was fired as Presidential Press Secretary on a fake recorded tape which had his voice abusing president Museveni and his wife Janet Museveni.

“You will be humiliated in the public, I know the effects after Museveni fires you. They called me all sorts of names, they branded me a drunkard and a mad person. I called my mum when Kayihura was fired and asked her whether General Kale was also a drunkard and a mad man. I told her that it’s the Mafia who are spoiling the names of those who worked for Museveni with a mission of falling his government,” Mirundi said.

Mirundi also revealed that during their small meeting, they made a draft of a small speech Kayihura will deliver on the day he will hand over the office to the new IGP. He advised Kayihura not to attack Museveni in his speech because he is not the one who fired him but mafias in his government. He also told him that the new IGP is going to attack him with excuses that he didn’t have powers as the deputy IGP to clean police.

Mirundi said he also told Kayihura to call Johnson Byabashaija the Uganda prisons chief and tell him to reserve a room for him because he might visit that place very soon.

Mirundi said that Kayihura called Byabasaijja and they had a chat but Byabashaijja informed Kayihura that he is also seated on a hot plate because very soon Museveni may fire him also because of the suspected panga wielding goons who escaped in from Masaka court.

Mirundi said he told Kayihura to stand firm because he will not be taken to International Criminal Court (ICC) as its alleged because he never committed any deadly crime.



By Jamil Lutakome



Nalufenya Criminals Transferred To SIU Kireka



Some of the victims who allege that they were tortured from Nalufenya


In a bid to shut down the dreaded Nalufenya detention centre, police have transferred all criminals who have been detained in Nalufenya to Special Investigations Unit (SIU) in Kirek,a a Kampala suburb.

The Grapevine took a tour of SIU Kireka and found the place that houses the prison fenced with brand new iron sheets (sorry we didn’t take pictures). When we asked why the whole place was fenced off, sources there told us that all the prisoners from Nalufenya had been transferred to SIU.

When we asked why, we were told that Nalufenya is going to be closed by the above(s) in police. It should be remembered that last week, the new Inspector General of Police (IGP), Martin Okoth Ochola, while appearing before the parliamentary committee on Defence and Internal Affairs, confirmed that Nalufenya police facility will soon be closed, arguing that it had tainted the image of the police force.

Ochola told legislators that the order to close the detention centre is being drafted by the director of Legal Services of the force.

Suspects have come out with wounds pinning police for torturing them from the detention centre with the most recent ones being the suspects in Kaweesi murder and Geoffrey Byamukama the mayor of Kamwenge whose ordeal at Nalufenya captivated the public.

When this website talked to Patrick Onyango, the deputy police spokesperson about the recent development, he denied saying nothing like transfer of prisoners has been done. Onyango promised to get back to us in case there is such development.


We will keep you posted…


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Parliament Reallocates Shs11bn Meant To Compensate Basajjabalaba To Revamp UBC



Parliament through the Committee of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Chaired by Tororo Woman MP, Annet Nyakecho has recommended for a reallocation of Shs11bn that was meant to compensate a business tycoon Hassan Basajjabalaba to Uganda Broadcasting Cooperation (UBC).

This came to light after the committee found out while perusing through the Ministry policy statement that money had not been allocated to revamp UBC in the next financial year as earlier recommended by Parliament.

Parliament had approved a total of Shs20bn in the financial year 2017/2018 to help facilitate the revamping process and so far Shs6bn had been received pending more allocations in the subsequent year.

The committee chair thus called for a stake holders meeting including the Permanent Secretary and Secretary to Treasury (PSST) Keith Muhakanizi, the ICT State Minister, Aidah Nantaba and UBC PS Winston Agaba to have the issues ironed out.

Appearing before the committee, the PSST informed members Shs11bn had been provided in the Ministry of ICT budget met to cater for domestic arrears which would be used by UBC to pay off Bassajjabalaba.

The ICT State Minister, Aidah Nantaba contested the move wondering why the PSST had not channeled the money meant for debt payment through the Attorney General’s Office noting that this was not an excuse not to provide money for UBC.

Muhakanizi however informed members that it is upon the committee to recommend for either a reallocation of the said funds to UBC noting that before he could clear the compensation of Basajjabalaba, he was reminded of the Supreme Court ruling of 2014 in the case which recommended that Basajjabalaba should not be compensated.

Lawyers representing UBC and those representing Basajjabalaba entered into an out of court settlement and wanted the Supreme Court to sanction the deal where UBC would pay Basajjabalaba Shs36bn as compensation for the botched-up sale of Bugolobi land measuring close to 25 acres.

“I have thus written to the Attorney General seeking for an interpretation of the Supreme Court ruling before any compensation can be made but in the meantime, the committee can choose to reallocate the money,” Muhakanizi said.

The committee chairperson thus ruled that the committee will reallocated the Shs11bn that has been provided in the ICT budget to UBC to help in the revamp process.

“We have done our work and have reallocated the money, we have told the PSST to look for money elsewhere in case they have to compensate Bassajabalaba,” Nyakecho said.


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WANTED: Court Compels Luzira Prison Officers To Produce Bishop Luwalira attacker




Mwanga 11 Magistrate court has issued a Production Warrant directing Luzira Prison Authorities, to produce the man who attempted to attack the Namirembe Diocese Bishop, Rt. Rev Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira during  Easter celebration Service on 1st this month.

Grade one Magistrate Julius Mwesigye issued the Warrant requiring prison authorities to produce Hebert Solomon Kaddu on 14th/May by 9am which is the time Court begins.

Kaddu’s case file was called this morning but he was not in court and the presiding Magistrate adjourned the matter.

He was produced late to court.

On 4th/April/2018 Kaddu faced three counts, two of threatening violence against Bishop Luwalira  and Rev. Canon Benon Kityo the dean of Namirembe Diocese, then another count of disturbing religious assemblies.

Prosecution alleges that Kaddu, a Tour and Travel driver, and a  resident of Mackay Zone in Mengo, had intentions to annoy and injure the said men of God.

Its alleged that on 1st /April 2017 during the Easter Service at Namirembe Cathedral,  Kaddu. while armed with a stick and back cloth, attempted to attack Bishop Luwalira amidst the congregation.

The Bishop was only saved by a bar at the Alter which tripped Kaddu and he fell, attracting worshippers who swing into action and arrest him.

Charges were then preferred against him after a medical report declared him sane and fit to stand trial.


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