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Bobi Wine Can Succeed Museveni – Besigye




Former President of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Dr. Kizza Besigye says that the young generation in Uganda have got what it takes for a youthful leader like Kyadondo East Legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu to take power in this country and succeed president Museveni.

Bobi Wine talking to opposition flag bearer in Jinja East by-election Paul Mwiru

Addressing FDC and opposition supporters who thronged Busoga square this evening at the last rally of opposition candidate Paul Mwiru, who is contesting as MP for Jinja East, Besigye told Mwiru’s supporters that he will not get surprised if Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine comes out to contest for presidency in the next election because the young generation is taking over the leadership of this country and Ugandans believe in them.

Lumumba doing what Tanga Odoi doesn’t like with musician Kusasira

When asked whether he would support Bobi wine for presidency he is said that he will do what his party tells him to do.

Today, Besigye and the top leadership of FDC and opposition have spent the whole day in Jinja convincing people to vote for Mwiru, since it is the last day of campaigns. His bush war comrade and Chairman of NRM party president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has also spent the whole afternoon in Jinja campaigning for Nathan Igeme Nabeta at Kilembe-copper LC1.

In his address, while campaigning for Nabeta, President Museveni warned Jinja East Municipality voters not to vote for someone who will not help them because NRM has the majority in parliament and they will take the day on any debate in parliament or in case a big decision has to be made.

Bobi Wine in Jinja today

Elections are set for this Thursday 15th March, 2018 and analysts have described the Jinja East by-selection as a mini referendum on constitutional amendment (Article 102(b).

Besigye in Jinja today


By Mboowa Nathan



SHOCKING: Kayihura Betrayed His Boss Because Of His Greed For Power – Mirundi Sends Tough Warning, Cautions Ugandans, Kale Is More Deadly Than Besigye



President Museveni’s adviser on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi has warned Ugandans not to celebrate Kale’s arrest and detention because there are two groups of people in government who are fighting against each other to succeed president Museveni.

While giving his analysis on the current incarceration of Kayihura and the succession wars in state house on NBS TV, the motormouthed adviser to the president revealed that there are two groups of government officials in government who are fighting each other to succeed Museveni.

Mirundi noted that the two groups think that Museveni is too old and will very soon hand over power to another person. Mirundi said that these groups consist of very rich people who have stolen a lot of money from government. Mirundi said that these groups think that they will use some of their stolen money to facilitate their political ambitions.

Mirundi said that these two groups even use the media to character assassinate their opponents by dragging them in scandalous situations all the time. He added that these groups also have people in security who they facilitate to drive their political propaganda while maligning their opponents.

He said that Kenya witnessed such a situation during Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s reign. Mirundi said that during Kenyatta’s reign, many government officials started fighting to succeed the old man and many started killing themselves. “You are in a bad situation and I’m thinking of first going back to my village, I will come back when this wave has settled because you are going to kill yourselves, I’m telling you,” Mirundi sent a message to the two warring factions while warning Ugandans.

Mirundi also revealed that there is only one officer in Museveni’s government who has remained clean while others soiled themselves in front of Museveni because of their greed. Without mentioning his name, Mirundi said that this officer is always doing his undercover politics to succeed Museveni and planning deadly missions to scandalize his opponents in this succession battle.

Mirundi said that this officer has high chances now to succeed Museveni who is very angry that many people he has trusted have betrayed him.

Mirundi gave an example of former premier Amama Mbabazi who he said is among those who betrayed Museveni’s trust. Mirundi said that Museveni gave Amama a lot of power in his government but he ended up being a Judas. Mirundi added that the president then trusted Kayihura so much but he also betrayed him because of his greed for power.

“I can’t stand surety to Kayihura, how can you establish your own criminals in your friend’s force. Is he the one who formed that force, the man has struggled to form his force? Let him carry his cross,” a tough talking Mirundi said.

Mirundi said that Kayihura is deadlier than opposition’s strong man Kizza Besigye.

Mirundi said that Besigye succeeded in escaping from his home and out of the country many times but Kayihura failed.

“Besigye is not a murderer that’s why he was not arrested but how can a General fail to escape? If Kayihura is not a criminal, why was escaping? You people, stop playing in other people’s government. The president appointed you to assist him in his government not to fight him, he will arrest you,” Mirundi said.

The president’s barking dog wondered why they killed the Andrew Felix Kaweesi in the way he was killed by spraying him with bullets.

Mirundi told Kaweesi’s killers that they wanted to kill him, they would have used poison because bullets always attract Museveni’s attention.

Mirundi said that it’s the reason why Museveni is following them seriously and he will crush them.

He warned security agencies to be very careful with Kayihura’s men who are still at large because they may be planning something big.

He said that those alleged criminals may want to cover their steps by killing evidence including those people who they think might pin them in future.

“You expect more dead bodies on the street, those people are still at large, they will look for everybody who has evidence against them and they have the capacity to do so,” Mirundi said.

He denied allegations that he was getting fuel from Kayihura because he was his close friend. Mirundi said that he went to Kayihura only for security reasons.

Kayihura was arrested by the army and is under detention at Makindye officers’ mess in Makindye a Kampala suburb.


By Jamil Lutakome



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Disqualifying FDC Candidate In Paliisa Is A Shame To Democracy – FDC President Amuriat



We received very disturbing news about the disqualification of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate for Pallisa Woman MP, Ms. Catherine Achola Osupelem on grounds that she used an additional name to what appears on her academic certificates.

We consider this unfair to the candidate and the FDC as well as a threat to Uganda’s democracy and the growth of political parties. This has also resulted in the people of Pallisa being deprived of their democratic right to choose their leader.

It is so unfortunate that the NRM under the chairmanship of Mr. Museveni has decided to use the back door with false claims to cause the disqualification of a candidate just because she subscribes to a successful opposition political party.

It is public knowledge that it is lawful for any citizen to add a name to his/hers and swear an affidavit to that effect, after which the name preferred by that person is gazetted and can qualify to be included as his or her official reference. The example of Gen. David Ssejusa who was formerly known as Gen. David Tinyefuza is one such case that gained prominence. As far as we know, Ms Catherine Achola Osupelem went through all those processes to adopt the name Osupelem, her late father’s name. All must be shocked to hear that it was an inclusion of this name in her nomination papers that caused her disqualification. Interestingly, Ms. Achola was nominated a candidate in the 2016 Parliamentary elections using the same documents she presented this time. It’s also true that many serving members of parliament sit in the house having sworn for a change of names and there have been judgements passed by courts of law in favour of a few whose victories were contested.

By disqualifying Ms. Achola, the EC under the leadership of Justice Byabakama acted in a partisan manner hence paving way for the NRM candidate to become an MP unopposed, just like that!

The Justice Byabakama Commission methods of work have reminded me of the EC under chairman Eng. Dr. Badru Kigundu who acted with a high level of impunity to deny Ugandans a chance to have a peaceful transfer of power by declaring Mr. Museveni winner of the general elections not once but thrice. Any benefit of the doubt that could have been given to the new commissioners can now be safely withdrawn given the conduct of recent elections under their watch.

What has just happened in Pallisa is a build up of mischief from the last two parliamentary bye-elections. In Jinja Municipality East the use of forged ballot papers produced from the EC template and bravery in announcing falsified results at the tally centre in Rukungiri, are an indictment on the EC. We are aware that due to our recent two victories there was a determination by the NRM to urgently stop this trend and Pallisa with the aid of the EC presented such opportunity for this to happen. What the EC has done in Pallisa is to inadvertently politically destroy the NRM candidate who in the eyes of the Pallisa electorate will be an EC MP if she is allowed by the court.

The FDC national leadership will stand with the people of Pallisa and our flag bearer in particular at all times. We want to assure them that one day this level of impunity will be history, we urge them to stand bold and demand for justice for their candidate and stand together in defiance of what has befallen them.

We are not just folding our hands watching what was meant to be our sure victory being taken away by NRM that is now terrified to compete in a fair contest, aided by their partisan Electoral Commission. We have proceeded to courts of law to seek justice and urge the judiciary to exercise prudence in this very important matter that affects the lives of many.

We are not intimidated by these manoeuvres and we are determined to fight back. It is this kind of unfair treatment which gives us more reason to fight on until our country is liberated.

Despite what has happened in Pallisa, I request all our members in other electoral areas to stay focused and even more energized than ever before during their campaigns. I am sure we will continue in our winning spree of more political positions and totally expose the electoral commission.

One Uganda, One People!
For God and My Country

Patrick Oboi Amuriat
Party President
Issued at Najjanankumbi,
21 June 2018


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Nambooze In More Trouble: Court Issues Tough Order To Have Her Mobile Phones And Computers Confiscated



Nakawa chief Magistrate Karemani Jamson has ordered that Mukono municipality legislator Betty Nambooze’s Computers, mobile phones and tablets be retrieved and used investigations. Below is the order:

Nambooze is currently hospitalised at Kiruddu hospital receiving treatment after developing complications while in detention at Naggalama police over the weekend. Nambooze is charged with computer misuse after her post on fallen Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga.


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