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Kasirye Ggwanga Speaks Out: I did Not Refuse To Salute Muhoozi, I’m Sick




Major General Kasirye Ggwanga has blasted and distanced himself from media reports that he refused to go to the army pipping ceremony yesterday because he had previously vowed never to salute a junior officer.

Speaking to Makindye Division Mayor Ali Nganda Mulyanyama, Gwanga clarified thus, “Those distributing those rumours lack what to do. I’m a senior officer in the army and I know that in the army they don’t salute individuals but they salute ranks. So even if an officer is younger than you, you are supposed to salute the rank not the person.”

Kasirye Gwanga (middle) during his prime days in the army. Right is the CDF Gen. David Muhoozi

Gwanga added that the reason why he didn’t go for the pipping was that he was sick. “I was sick that is why I didn’t go and UPDF are the ones who are treating me.”

Media reports quoted Gwanga in one of the interviews he did sometime back saying that he cannot salute juniors who entered the army after him. It should be noted that according to Gwanga’s statement, Gen David Muhoozi the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) is a junior officer to Gwanga.

On March 4th, President Museveni promoted the no nonsense now Major General Kasirye Gwanga and also retired him. Among those promoted include two major generals, five brigadiers and 55 colonels.


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