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PURE EVIL: Dad Narrates How Nalule’s Heartless Kidnappers Cut Out Her Tongue, Eye And Cut Off One Of Her Breasts Before Killing Her



The Late Nalule


The family of the late Milly Nalule who was kidnapped from the taxi park on Sunday evening while going home have narrated the pain their daughter went through before being killed by her kidnappers.

Speaking at her burial in Bunyumya village, Kayunga district, Nalule’s father, Godfrey Kabuye tearfully narrated to mourners how her daughters last words still ring like a huge church bell in his ears.

Kabuye narrated that the kidnappers put his daughter on phone to speak to him before killing her. A tearful nalule told his dad that her kidnappers were not going to let her go alive, they were going to kill her.

Kabuye told mourners that, “on Sunday at 7:00pm, I received a call from an unknown person who used my daughters phone. I heard the voice of my daughter in the background screening,”dad help me, some men have kidnapped me and they want to kill me.”

Nalule’s body being taken for burial

Kabuye said that the men asked for money if they were to release Nalule. Kabuye told them that he was going to try to look for the money as soon as possible.

They called him again at 10:00pm and put Nalule on phone. Nalule pleaded with her father to give the men what they wanted because they had knives and had tied her hand and legs with ropes. Nalule told her father that they we’re threatening to chop her into pieces

The parents spent the whole of Sunday night negotiating with the kidnappers until one of them asked them how much money they had collected.

At 4:00am on Monday morning, the kidnappers asked Kabuye how much money they had. Kabuye told them that they had so far collected only one million shillings. This angered the kidnappers and the one on phone told the father to leave the money. He further warned Kabuye that for him, he never makes a loss so let them wait for the outcome.

Nalule’s body was discovered on Monday morning dumped in Kabaawo zone, Mutundwe, Rubaga Division, a Kampala suburb with her hand and legs still tied.

Yahaya Bugembe, an uncle to Nalule shocked mourners when he said that when they took Nalule’s body for cleaning, they were shocked to find that one of her eyes was removed, her tongue was cut out and one of her breasts was also cut off.

So far, the key suspect, Leonardo Wambuzu, a local pastor at House of God’s Fire Ministries, a local church in Nalule’s village has been arrested. It is alleged that wambuzu was the first person to call Nalule’s parents that she was kidnapped. There are also allegations that Wambuzu sent some money to Nalule’s phone that night.

Kabuye also blames Wambuzu for destroying his family.  Kabuye said that the pastor first took his wife and after started hitting on their daughter on top of telling her to leave school and enter marriage life.

Pastor Leonardo Wambuzu of House of God’s Fire Ministries

However, Wambuzu said that he never kidnapped and killed Nalule because he looked at her as a future wife.

Wambuzu said that he had known Nalule since their high school days. He said he went to the same school (Nakibizi SS) with the deceased. Wambuzu was leaving S6 while Nalule was a fresher in S1 and the two were very good friends and he hoped that one day they will get married.

On the fateful day that Nalule was kidnapped, she called him saying that she found the taxis going to her place finished. She however told him that she had found a good Samaritan who promised to take her to sleep with his family them she would board home the next morning.

Wambuzu said that he asked Nalule to put the good samaritan on phone so that he can talk to him. The good samaritan told Wambuzu that he is a mature man who works in UTODA (taxi governing body)  and cannot hurt innocent Nalule. The good samaritan told wambuzu that he has a family and he is going to take Nalule to sleep at his home since it was late and there were no taxis.

Wambuzu said that the next call he got was from someone saying that they had kidnapped Nalule and they wanted money.

He quickly rushed to Nalule’s mother to break the bad news.

18-year-old Nalule was a daughter to Godfrey Kabuye and Faridah Nassali who are residents of Nakibizi in Buikwe district. It is alleged that by the time of her death, her mother and father were having family problems after the father blamed Wambuzu for stealing his wife. She was laid to rest yesterday at Bunyumya village in Kayunga district.



Panic In Busoga As Assailants Ask For 120 Young Women, 20 Breasts Of Elderly Women And 400 Married Women



Assailants have stormed Busoga sub-region and dropped threatening letters in five (5) parishes.

The assailants asked residents to handover 120 young women, 20 breasts of elderly women and 400 married women.

When contacted, Jinja police division commander Onesimus Mwesigwa confirmed the reports but asked residents to stay calm because security agencies are working hand in hand to bring the suspects to book.
Onesimus said, “we have been alerted about the assassins in the region who have threatened residents but we have already deployed across the region and in case they try to make a move, they will regret.”
He added that security operatives in the region have held close door meetings to find a lasting solution to the security situation in the area.

This comes on the heels of an assurance from the army to Ugandans to stay calm because very soon they are going to conclusively handle the organized criminal gang that is terrorizing the nation.

However, it should be remembered that earlier this week, Security minister Henry Tumukunde proposed that whoever is caught in armed robbery, kidnap and murder should be shot.


By Hadadi Mubiru


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I Wanted Business Capital: Woman (30) Arrested For Kidnapping Herself And Asking For 4 Million Shillings From Relatives



Kyosiimire Grace at Katwe police station

Katwe Police Station is holding a 30 year old Kyosiimire Grace for faking her own kidnap.

According to the deputy Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango, the station took action against Kyosiimire, a  resident of  Makindye, a Kampala suburb for kidnapping herself and demanding money from her relatives.

Relatives of Kyosiimire started receiving messages from her phone number that she had been kidnapped and her kidnappers were asking for four million shillings before the close of the weekend if she was to escape alive.

Ahimbisiibwe Robert (35), a resident of Rutukye Town, Mitoma district and a brother to Kyosiimire said that he later received a message that her sister had been killed which forced him to run to Katwe police station to record a kidnap case.

This forced Katwe homicide team to set a trap to establish whether Kyosiimire was indeed kidnapped and killed after suspecting that she may have kidnapped herself .

“We agreed with her best friend, a one Tutegyerize Rose who our homicide team had already tracked and arrested after getting conflicting information regarding Kyosiimire’s kidnap. We set her up to meet her best friend at Mega Standard Restaurant for a pork treat, our Police officers who had already taken cover arrested her and took her to Katwe  Police Station. Indeed, she was in possession of her phone meaning she was the one sending messages to her relatives,” Onyango explained.

Kyosiimire confessed that she had kidnapped herself to get money from her relatives to pay off her debts and at least start up a business of mobile money for herself so that she stops begging from relatives and friend. Kyosiimire is currently detained at Katwe police station.


By Mboowa Nathan


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Businessman Slaughtered Like A Goat, Killers Disappear With His Head



Security operatives in Masaka district have started investigating circumstances under which unknown assailants slaughtered an unknown adult male like a goat, tied his body with a huge rope, dumped it body in Lake Victoria and took off with the head.

Security sources revealed to the Grapevine that fishmongers at Ddimo landing site in Kyesiga sub county in Masaka district saw the dead body along the shores of the lake and tipped off operatives who came and took the body to the mortuary for postmortem report as they wait for the relatives of the deceased.

The district Crime Intelligence and Interrogation Department (CIID) officer ASP Juliet Nakawala confirmed this murder and promised told locals to remain calm as they begin the search for the assailants who killed the deceased.

Angry locals later blamed police and other security agencies for failing to protect Ugandans and their property.


By Aslam Kabugu


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