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2021 ELECTIONS MAY BREAK RECORD, 20 PEOPLE SO FAR WANT TO OUST M7: We Are Not Going To Block Anyone Because Of Tax Clearance Certificate – EC Boss Byabakama: EC To Display All Registered Voters Across The Country Starting Wednesday…



The Electoral commission (EC) chairperson Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama has said that all aspirants on different elective political positions will be welcomed by EC regardless of whether their tax payment status is poor.

It should be remembered that on 7th February 2020, the URA Commissioner General Doris Akol, while addressing journalists said that all 2021 aspirants will have to first clear with URA if they are to contest for any political position.

Akol added that whoever clears with them will be given a tax clearance certificate which will confirm that he/she is compliant with their tax obligations and hence eligible to stand.

However, according to the EC boss Byabakama, the Electoral Commission is not an agent of Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) but an independent commission specifically for elections.

“We welcome all aspirants who are eyeing to become the next leaders in Uganda at different positions. I would like to make it clear that the EC is not connected to URA. We deal with the elections but not taxes, we cannot block an aspirant from aspiring because he or she did not pay tax, that is not our role our role is to organize a free and fair elections,” Byabakama said.

“If the law is amended then we shall introduce it but as per now we don’t have that element,” he said.

Byabakama made these remarks while launching the commencement of Display of the National Voters’ Register and Registers for Special Interest Groups (SIGs) at the Electoral commission head offices along Jinja road in Kampala.

He revealed that the Electoral Communication in preparation for the 2021 General Elections has appointed a period of 21 days (from 19th February to 10th March) as a period for the display of the National Voters’ register. The exercise is set to be conducted from Monday to Monday (8:00am – 6:00pm) at all polling stations throughout Uganda.

The commission further appointed 19th – 28th February 2020 as a period for display of the voters’ Registers for Special Interest People (SIGs) including the youth, People With Disabilities and the old persons saying that this will enable persons comprising the special Interest Groups to check for the correctness of their particulars on their respective Voters’ Register.

Byabakama added that the Display exercise will cost a total sum of 24.5 billion shillings to be carried out throughout the country at 34,344 polling stations in 135 districts. He further said that the Ministry of Finance has agreed to work together and facilitate the exercise.

He said that over twenty presidential aspirants have approached the commission with interests of becoming the next president.

“2020 presidential nominations may break the records with over twenty presidential aspirants. We have over twenty now and more are coming in day and night,” Byabakama said.

He further urged all political aspirants to submit in their academic Qualification to the electoral commission at least two Months before the nomination day. He noted that the nomination period for various elective positions is indicated in a roadmap at the commission site

He concluded by calling upon all stakeholders in the electoral process to participate in the exercise.


Commencement of Display of the National Voters’ Register and Registers for Special Interest Groups (SIGs), 19th February – 10th March 2020

In preparation for the 2020-2021 General Elections, and in accordance with Section 25 of the Electoral Commission Act (Cap 140), the Electoral Commission has appointed 19th February – 10th March 2020 as the period for the Display of the National Voters’ Register.

The display of the Voters’ Register shall begin at 8:00 am and end at 6:00 pm on each of the appointed dates including weekends, at all polling stations throughout Uganda.

The Commission has further appointed 19th – 28th February 2020 as the period for display of the Voters’ Registers for the following Special Interest Groups (SIGs) at the village level: the Youths, Persons with Disability (PWD) and Older Persons.

The purpose of this display exercise is to enable voters to:

1. Check for the correctness of their particulars on the Voters’ Register;

2. Confirm that their photographs appear against correct particulars on the Register;

3. Raise objections to the inclusion and/or removal of a voter’s particulars from the Register;

4. Report to the Display Officer, the following categories of persons (if they appear on the Register) for removal:

a) Those who have died;

b) Those who are under 18 years of age;

c) Those who reside or originate from a parish other than the one they are registered in; and,

d) Those who appear more than once on the Voters’ Register.

5. In the case of Special Interest Groups, the Display at the village level is scheduled to take place from 19th to 28th February 2020. This will enable persons comprising the Special Interest Groups to check for the correctness of their particulars on their respective Voters’ Register: 

a) In the case of Registers for Youths, the voters will be able to verify that the date of birth is correct. Eligible persons on the Registers for Youths must be aged 18 years and above but less than 30 years as defined by law;

b) In the case of Registers for Persons with Disability (PWDs), the voters will be able to confirm that their particulars (nature of disability) were correctly captured on the Voters’ Register;

c) In the case of Older Persons, voters will be able to verify that the date of birth is correct. Eligible persons on the Registers for Older Persons must be aged 60 years and above at the time of cut-off of registration of voters, that is, 23rd December 2019.

During this exercise, the Electoral Commission will display lists of persons who were recommended for deletion from the National Voters’ Register during the Verification Exercise which was conducted at village level in October 2019.

Please note that any eligible voter who applied for registration but whose particulars are missing on the Voters’ Register, will be able to present his/her case and seek to be included on the Register.

After the display exercise, the lists of all persons recommended for deletion from the National Voters’ Register, shall also be displayed for a period of ten (10) days, that is, from 11th to 20th March 2020 at the respective Parish/Ward Headquarters.

The purpose of this supplementary display exercise is to enable any person who may have been wrongly recommended for deletion to raise an objection to the Parish/Ward Tribunal.

The Parish/Ward Tribunal shall consider and make the final decision concerning recommendations for inclusion, deletion, or correction made by the public.

For avoidance of doubt, the Parish/Ward Tribunal is appointed by the Magistrate of the area, and is comprised of two elders (of 60 years and above) one male and one female, and three other members appointed in consultation with political parties and organisations participating in the elections in the area.

At the end of the entire exercise, all returns will be retrieved from the field and recommendations effected by the Electoral Commission. A final National Voters’ Register for the 2020/2021 General Elections will then be produced.

The general public should carefully note the following:

1. This is a very important exercise, which could determine whether you vote on polling day or not;

2. Fresh application for registration as a voter or application for transfer to another voting location shall not be accepted during this Display exercise;

3. Persons who have applied and changed their particulars on the National Identification Register, for example, the names and/or date of birth, are required to notify the Electoral Commission in writing about the changes. Such persons will be required to provide relevant supporting documents to our Display Officers so that the changes are effected on the Voters’ Register.

4. The display officers shall be physically stationed at the respective polling station, throughout the entire display period. This is to enable voters conveniently locate their polling station, especially those which might have been affected by the exercise of re-organisation of polling stations.

5. In the case of display of SIGs Registers, Display Officers shall be physically stationed at a display centre in each Village, throughout the entire display period, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on each of the appointed dates, including weekends.

6. The Registers for Special Interest Groups will be displayed for a shorter period because the elections for Older Persons, Youth and PWDs Committees will be conducted earlier than the others.

7. The Display of Voters’ Registers shall be conducted with utmost impartiality and officials should allow any interested member of the public, including agents of political parties, to witness the exercise.

8. As part of our awareness and mobilisation campaign, the Electoral Commission conducted stakeholder workshops in each of the twelve electoral regions of Uganda and met with respective district leaders to underscore the importance of participating in this exercise.

The Commission is further conducting an extensive public awareness and mobilization campaign through print, electronic and digital media, as well as other public engagement initiatives to achieve high stakeholder participation in the cleaning of the National Voters’ Register and Registers for Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

9. All complaints arising from the Display Exercise of the National Voters Register shall be addressed to the Returning Officers of the respective Electoral Districts and shall be handled in accordance with Article 61(1)(f) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and Section 15 of the Electoral Commission Act, Cap 140.

As at the commencement of the Display exercise, the electoral statistics stand as follows:

1. Number of Districts in Uganda: 135

2. Number of Counties: 257

3. Number of Constituencies: 296

4. No. of Sub Counties/Towns/Municipal Divisions: 2,062

5. Number of Parishes: 10,029

6. Number of Villages: 68,733

7. Number of Polling Stations: 34,344

8. Number of Registered Voters: 17,782,594

A clean Voters’ Register is a cornerstone for conducting peaceful, free, fair and credible elections. The Display exercise gives the electorate an opportunity to particiapte in the cleaning of the National Voters’ Register.

The Commission, therefore, calls on all stakeholders in the electoral process to participate in this exercise. Voters are particularly urged to go to their respective polling stations during this period and check for the correctness of voter particulars on the Register.

Justice Byabakama Mugenyi Simon

Chairperson, Electoral Commission

18th February 2020

By Josephine Kauma



You Can Quarrel But You Should Never Fight – Muhoozi Advises His Father Museveni And Kagame…



President Museveni’s son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba who also doubles as his senior adviser on Special Operations has given him advice never to fight with his former bush war colleague, Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

In a post on his twitter page, Muhoozi told his boss that, “Brothers/Comrades and Revolutionaries can quarrel but they should never fight. We have come from very far. I wish His Excellency General Kagame and the people of Rwanda a solemn and respectful kwibuka.”

Muhoozi was wishing Rwandan president Paul Kagame and the people of Rwanda a respectful Kwibuka. Kwibuka means ‘to remember’ and describes the annual commemoration of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda.

This year marks the 26th commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Kwibuka26 provides an important opportunity to Remember and honour the over one million victims of the genocide, preserve its evidence and educate Rwandans about its history as well as the lessons that Rwanda has learned.


By Temuseewo Mpoza


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Govt’ Cannot Poison Its Own People – UPDF Mouthpiece Warns Those Spreading Fake Info On Free Posho And Beans: M7’s Blue Eyed Girl Nakalema Arrests Security Personnel Who Beat Up, Undressed, Forced Women To Roll In Mud…



President Yoweri Museveni’s blue-eyed girl Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema who doubles as the head of State House anti-corruption unit has started reigning on errant military officers who misinterpreted  President Museveni’s directives.

On Friday evening, president Museveni told Ugandans to report all errant military officers especially Local Defense Unit (LDU) personnel who are abusing their human rights to the extent of entering their houses and beating them up to Lt. Col. Nakalema.

Museveni warned such arrant officers who he branded as pigs to stop exposing their ignorance because his National Resistance Movement (NRM) government will not look on.

On 2nd April 2020, the anti-corruption unit received a call from Beatrice Auma of Lorokwa village Alegu town council in Amuru district reporting military officers who clobbered, undressed and broke people’s bones under the premise of implementing the presidential directives on curfew.

Auma told Nakalema’s detectives that the officers undressed women, beat them and forced them to roll in the mud naked, some were allegedly raped.

Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson said that the victims were found in the bar drinking in the wee hours of night.

“Using a heavy handed approach, to disperse occupants, the patrollers kicked open doors and dragged the occupants and some fell on the muddy surfaces, several vulnerable women and a few men were injured in the process,” Enanga said in a statement.

Charles Kuma Adingoli  one of the victims who suffered major injuries including a broken hand was admitted to 4th Division Hospital in Gulu for further medical attention.

He revealed that the affected people were 38 in number, 31 women and 7 men. He revealed that ten police officers were arrested and these include, ASP Richard Bulenzi, Sgt Charles Musaasiizi, captain Joseph Odong, PC Moses Opado, PC Augustine Opio, PC Bosco Okello, PC Jimmy Okello, PC Richard Sentamu, PC G Byabakama, PC Johnson Fanga, PC Ronald Busingye have been charged. The military officers who were on the patrol included; L/Cpt Constatine Awanyi Abori, PTE Muhammad Makanga, PTE John Ebuku, PTE Robert Mutenge, PTE Silvester Ayo and PTE Eria Ahimbisibwe who were charged in the Court Martial.

In the same development, UPDF spokesman Brig. Richard Karemire warned a section of the public from spreading harmful information that the government is distributing poisoned food to the vulnerable poor to kill them so that they can reduce on the population. He further advised the general public to disregard such fake information on social media because government cannot kill its people.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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Security Forces Impounded Two Ambulances Ferrying Passengers After Charging Them Shs.100,000, Man Arrested Selling COVID-19 Cure, Army Warns Rogue Elements Who Are Breaking Into People’s Homes Masquerading As Security Officers…



LDU officers keeping law and order

Security has impounded two ambulances that were being used to ferry passengers to Kanungu instead of patients.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police mouthpiece SP Patrick Onyango, the ambulances were impounded at Wandegeya check point after a tip off by intelligence.

“The driver of one ambulance was arrested and detained at Wandegeya Police Station. He is identified as Sserukenya David. The second driver ran away. The ambulances are registration number UAB 355Z and UAH 832W all land cruisers. They belong to Revival Fire Ministries based United Kingdom,” he noted.

He added, “One of the two ambulances had four passengers. On interrogation, the passengers alleged that they had paid the drivers Shs 100,000 each so that they could be transported to Kanungu. The Ambulances had set off for their journey from Katanga, Wandegeya in Kampala. They were yet to agree on the dues for the luggage. On searching the ambulances, bags of rice, sugar, matooke and other items were got inside. Security forces have been directed to keenly monitor the movement of ambulances in their Areas of Responsibility.”


Meanwhile, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces Spokesperson Brig. Gen Richard Karemire has warned Ugandans that there are rogue elements are breaking into people’s homes and beating them up while masquerading as security personnel enforcing the curfew.

“This is not to inform the public that the role of enforcing the curfew lies with the Uganda Police Force (UPF) supported by the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) and Local Defence Unit (LDUs) in Kampala Metropolitan area covering Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso district,” Karemire said.

He added, “Those being tempted to do so MUST stop forthwith before they are arrested. Security forces on duty have been briefed not to enter people’s homes and compounds purporting to be enforcing the curfew.”

Karemire also warned the public to stop attacking security forces on duty by throwing stones at patrols.

The COVID-19 herbal cure that Lazarus was selling


Central Police Station in Soroti is also holding a one Kungu Lazarus, aged 24, a self-proclaimed mobile Herbalist, resident of Angopet Village, Amen Parish, Soroti Sub-county, Soroti District.

According to East Kyoga Police spokesperson ASP Ongom David Mudong, Mr. Kungu yesterday 2/4/2020 while at Soroti Regional Referral Hospital with intent to extort money from Patients gave false propaganda that he had discovered local herb for curing COVID-19 by presenting a red liquid in a white container.

However, the police was tipped and he was arrested and charged with spreading false propaganda vide SD Ref. 64/2/4/2020.

Upon conclusion of investigations by our detectives, Mr. kungu wil ll be prosecuted in courts of law should his case file be sanctioned.


By Temuseewo Mpoza


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