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    30 Things You Didn’t Know About Archbishop Ntagali’s Adultery Scandal With Bummy Married Woman He Snatched From Junior Priest…



    Arch. Stanley Ntagali with his wife (L) right is the Side-dish Judith Tukamuhabwe

    The Church of Uganda was this week hit by a blistering sex scandal after Archbishop Dr. Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu  suspended his predecessor Archbishop Emeritus Stanley Ntagali, for sinning by committing adultery with a married woman.

    Following the scandal, who cast the Church of Uganda and Archbishop Ntagali in bad light, Arch. Kazimba decided to suspend him from all church duties until further notice.

    Arch. Ntagali’s suspension letter from Arch. Kazimba reads in part thus; “It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you that my predecessor, retired Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, has been involved in an extra-marital affair with a married woman, which he has acknowledged. This adultery is a grievous betrayal on many levels.

    Retired Archbishop Ntagali has betrayed his Lord and Saviour, his wife and their marriage vows, as well as the faith of many Ugandans and global Christians who looked to him to live the faith he proclaimed.”

    However, it should be noted that although Ntagali is yet to issue an official statement about this sex scandal which has since gone viral on all media platforms, the Grapevine reveals that there are very many things that Ugandans out there don’t know about the adultery scandal, which we bring you today.

    For starters Ntagali is married to Beatrice Ntagali since 1978, and they are the parents of five children.

    He was born in 1955 in Kigezi District, is a graduate of St. Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya, and holds Masters of Arts in Theology from Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Oxford, United Kingdom.

    Ntagali was ordained in 1981 and consecrated bishop on

    December 19, 2004 by Henry Luke Orombi.

    It is alleged that he was unhappy in marriage and lacked a feel of some warm blood, reason why he reached out to Judith Tukamuhabwe, who welcomed him with open hands.

    Pals reveal that Judith is a very Waterlogged babe who enchanted Ntagali with her ever-flowing River between, which often over-flooded whenever she drank some Nile Special beer.

    Ntagali’s Side-dish Judith is not only very bummy but also overtly bootylicious, to the extent that she is so irresistible, even to an ordained, married man of God.

    We have since established that  although  it is claimed that she is married, Ntagali side-dish Judith actually separated from her husband, identified as Rev. Christopher Tugumehabwe popularly known as Rev. Chris, of the Church of Uganda.

    This means that Ntagali snatched Judith from a junior priest in the Church of Uganda (Rev. Chris.)

    But fresh details indicate that Judith filed for divorce at Kabale Grade One Magistrates Court through her lawyers of M/s New Mark Advocates, citing cruelty and desertion by her husband.

    Although the divorce hasn’t been granted by court yet, that didn’t stop her from dishing out her Sumbie to Arch. Ntagali.

    The Grapevine has also learnt that Judith is some sort of bedroom tigress because before she hooked up with Ntagali, she had been juggling both Rev. Chris and another man.

    Rev. Chris is a lecturer at Bishop Barham University College Kabale.

    Insiders reveal that Rev. Chris, who is a widower, hooked up but later decided to estrange himself from Judith after learning about her infidelity with another man.

    Judith and Tugumehabwe wed at Rugarama Cathedral in Kabale on December 15, 2018, according to papers filed in court, a few months after his wife had passed on.

    However, their wedding was shrouded in scandals after Judith was linked to another man, an employee of a beverage company in Uganda.

    She told court that as a result of being “assaulted on several occasions”, which matter she reported to police, she decided to stay alone in Mbarara City where she pays her house rent.

    However, information indicates that she fell out with Rev. Chris after he realized that she had conceived yet he was very sure he wasn’t the one who had ballooned her.

    It is also alleged that bills at the apartment she rents in Mbarara City are being catered for with support from Ntagali.

    On top of committing adultery, it is also alleged that the Archbishop emeritus Ntagali sired a child with Judith.

    But the court records do not indicate whether the accused husband filed a response or appeared in court in person or through an agent on December 15, 2020 as the Kabale Grade One Magistrate ordered.

    However, putting the adultery momentarily aside, sources within the Church of Uganda intimate that there is also a long-running feud between Archbishops Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu and his predecessor Ntagali.

    It is because of this feud that Kaziimba rushed to the media to expose Ntagali’s dirty linen in public, yet under normal circumstances he would have handled the matter quietly, like an elder, well-knowing that if it went public it would turn into a full-blown Church of Uganda sex scandal.

    As if to shed more light on the beef between the two church leaders, our insiders reveal that Arch. Kaziimba on Thursday held a secret meeting with the cuckolded husband Rev. Chris, although matters that were discussed between them remain a top secret to date.

    What has raised eyebrows however is why Kaziimba secretly med Rev. Chris and why he doesn’t want to make public what they both discussed, yet he was quick to publicly suspend Ntagali from performing all the duties of the Church of Uganda, well knowing that the matter is purely a private, domestic issue.

    It should be noted that by committing adultery, Archbishop Ntagali broke One of the Ten Commandments, because the Book of Exodus in 20:14 teaches that: You shall not commit adultery.

    According to Hebrews 13:4: “Marriage should be honoured by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral,”

    Ntagali and Judith’s adulterous acts have brought to light the fact that there is a lot of adultery happening among prelates of the Church of Uganda.

    For instance, in January 2020, Namirembe Diocese, the first Church of Uganda diocese founded in 1890, suspended Rev. Ronald Kalende of St Stephen’s Church Mwererwe in Gombe sub-county, Wakiso District, a week to his wedding after he admitted fathering a child with a church choir pianist.

    In December 2019, Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba revoked the consecration and enthronement of Rev. Charles Okunya Oode as the second Bishop of Kumi Diocese, following accusations that the latter had fathered a child in an extra-marital affair.

    In May 2018, Luweero Diocese was rocked by allegations of aggravated defilement by high-ranking priests of Church of Uganda and two other lay church leaders.


    By Grapevine Reporter



    It Took Me Four Years To Heal From Death Of My Son; Juliana Kanyomozi Narrates Her 8 Year Journey To Recovery After Losing Keron And Giving Birth Again…



    Musician Juliana Kanyomozi

    Renowned musician Juliana Kanyomozi has disclosed that it took her four years to heal from the loss of her son, Keron Raphael Kabugo.

    Juliana is set to host a mega event dubbed ‘Boundless concert’ on 15th August, 2022, at Serena Hotel, Kampala, after eight years without stepping on stage.

    Juliana revealed that Keron grew up with asthma. However, they were used to it and even knew how to handle it whenever he was attacked.

    “We knew how to treat it and I even had a nebulizer at home. During school days, we dressed him in a certain way when it was warm or cold,” she said.

    Juliana further noted that part of the challenge was that Keron was very active in sports at school.

    “The day he got an attack, he was in the field playing soccer and it was cold. They called me at school and told me he had gotten an attack and so I went and picked him up and put him on a nebulizer as usual. However, this time round I would easily tell that the attack was terrible than usual.”

    She furthermore narrated that at night, she realised he was not breathing well and she decided to call a doctor who told her to take him to hospital, first thing in the morning.

    “So, I took him and they treated him. Later, we went back home, but then he got another attack and this time it didn’t stop. When I told his pediatrician, he told me he knows the best pediatrician in East Africa who is in Nairobi and so he asked me if we could take him there.”

    “We then made arrangements and got to Aga Khan hospital in Nairobi. But one week in, he continued to get worse and he passed on just like that.”

    Juliana contended that as a mother, she felt like she had done everything right and was wondering why God decided to take away her only child.

    She added that in the state of blaming herself for what had happened, someone made a statement to her that, “I would not be able to control everything.”

    Juliana emphasized that as small as the statement seemed, it made a lot of sense to her adding that as a mother, she thought she was in control of everything.

    “And so for me, it was such a lesson that in life, you can’t control everything. You can do the best as you can as a human being, but you can’t control everything and to me, that was like a lesson because it helped me come to terms with my son’s loss.”

    She however revealed that for her to start the healing process, it took a lot of time.

    Juliana asserted, “For me to start the healing process, it took me four years. Yes, I was singing but it is like I was like a robot because I was on and off.

    “I remember for four years I kept his room as it was from the time of his death and I would not touch his things. And they used to tell me that the healing process comes at a time when you don’t expect it. I remember waking up one day and I felt like I was ready and so I went and packed his things and took them for charity. That was the first moment I knew that the healing process had started.”

    When asked if social media worsened the condition she was going through, Juliana noted that sometimes it would and so she used to avoid it.

    Juliana maintained that some of the challenges she faced at that time was people asking her to get another child which was not as easy as they thought because a child is not like a phone that when you lose it, one would easily replace it with another.

    “I want people out there to know that when someone has lost their child, stop telling them to get another, it is insensitive because it is not what they want first of all at that moment and secondly a child is not going to be replaced just like that,” she cautioned.

    She added that it all happened after six years despite the pressure because the clock was ticking and so she was expected to give birth so first.

    Juliana went on to emphasize that in that moment of healing, she would be angry with God but at the same time was thankful.

    “I was so thankful for the eleven years God gave me with this boy, I was thankful He gave me an opportunity to be his mother. So, one minute I was angry and the other I was thankful.”

    When she was asked how she handled social media pressure after that moment and how bad being a public figure is, the legendary musician asserted that over time, she has learnt to be in control of what she puts on social media, what to share and not to share.

    She propounded, “That was not negotiable. There are certain aspects of my life that I decided are not for the public like my family, relationship and my child.”

    Juliana further re-echoed that she met so many judgemental people who kept asking her why she was not giving birth.

    “I wish people knew how insensitive and bad it is to ask a woman such a question because you don’t know what she is going through.”

    Speaking about her concert, Juliana noted that she is doing a lot of rehearsals to give her fans the best.

    “Everything I am planning for (my fans) that night will be a surprise so I just want you to come and see.”

    She also noted that the concert is for special guests, so everyone who is invited is a special guest.


    By Kalamira Hope


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    Musician Angella Katatumba Reveals Why She Vowed Never To Cook For A Man, Narrates How She Dumped Daddy Andre And Another Man…



    Renowned musician Angella Katatumba

    Renowned musician Angella Katatumba has vowed to forever stand on her word of never cooking for a man insisting that it is a backward mentality.

    Katatumba, who recently bought a new USD 85,700 Land cruiser that she paraded a few days back in remembrance of her father, Ambassador Boney Mwebesa Katatumba, told theGrapevine that she will forever stand by the motto of ‘no cooking’.

    “I will forever be on the motto of no cooking because to me its not just about cooking, you know for the longest time African women have not been properly educated claiming it is better to educate a son. And a lot of African girls haven’t been given property because the majority of families believe it is better to give the son heirship,” she emphasized.

    Katatumba divulged that there is a backward mentality that Africans do not invest in their girls which makes them (girls) think that they are just supposed to pray for a man to marry them so that they can be domesticated.

    “Me, I am lucky that my parents invested in me. If the boys are going to meet, Angella is going to be there, so my parents raised me on the same standard they raised the boys and that is why I am like this,” she told theGrapevine.

    She added, “The whole message is girls/women need to be on the same level as boys/men. If men are going to look for money in banks, if they are hustling, do the same. If your lucky to have a partner and be married, be partners but be of value. Don’t just think you were meant to clean, cook and be kept in the house.”

    Katatumba contended that all that is summarised in ‘I don’t cook’ but mainly it is about empowering women and telling them that yes, they can have their marriages, love life and children but also should be independent and make money.

    When we asked her if she is in a relationship, Katatumba stressed that she is currently single and contented but open for a serious person.

    “As of now I am single and contented, but open (to a serious person) but it is not like I depend on anyone. You know, a lot of girls here are raised to think that without a man you are nothing. It is amazing how backward our culture is,” she maintained.

    When asked about ex-lover, Ojambo Andrew alias Daddy Andre, Katatumba stressed that, that chapter was 100% closed.

    “I moved on from him, I even dated after him and also the relationship didn’t work so now, I am just single and so it is a negative.”

    When we asked her the kind of man she would like, Katatumba revealed that she would love someone who is more developmental than she is.

    “Somebody who is liberal, open-minded, someone who can support me, as we support each other and we build each other.”

    She propounded that she wouldn’t want someone to come with rules and regulations, because such a person is exposed to the local mentality.

    Katatumba furthermore emphasized that those who are scared of managing her should indeed stay away from her and not come to frustrate her.

    “The men who are scared of me can scatter. God has the right person for me. So, with that in mind I don’t stress. Most importantly, I am not desperate for a man so I don’t even have to put myself in a desperate corner to be belittled by a man,” she told theGrapevine.

    When we asked her about the Ministry of Education directive banning musicians from performing in schools because of their dress code, Angella said that anything to do with children has to be appropriate.

    “On that, we have to learn to deal with different audiences in different ways,” she stressed.


    By Kalamira Hope


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    How Bebe Cool Saved Me From Taking Alcohol And Sleeping In Bars – Pastor Bujjingo’s Makula Speaks Out…



    Susan Makula (L) with Bebe Cool (R)

    Suzan Makula Bujjingo, the wife to House of Prayers Ministries International (HPMI) pastor Aloysious Bujjingo has thanked musician Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool for saving her from from alcohol and sleeping in bars.

    In an interview on Salt TV, ahead of a mentorship camp dubbed ‘Church girl,’ which is due to take place on 25th August, Makula narrated how she was saved by Bebe Cool at a time when she was emotionally and psychologically lost.

    “One time someone asked me, why do you love Bebe Cool?” she said.

    Makula disclosed, “It is not just music, it is beyond music, one time I was lost after giving birth, and I said to myself let me just go to the bar and join Gagamel.

    “So as I was drinking that day, at a place called Stakeout bar, I went with my son who was three years old because I didn’t have anyone to leave him with, my sister wasn’t home and my mother was away.”

    Makula narrated that, one day, she went with her son to the bar at 6 pm but because security did not allow children, she told the security guards that she was going to meet someone (inside the bar) and she would be out in few minutes.

    “When I entered the bar, I hid my son somewhere in the corner and because my son used to over listen to me, I told him not to talk neither cry because they would chase us away from there. So I gave him a soda.”

    The Church girl founder divulged that as Bebe Cool went about greeting his fans during the Gagamel meeting, he noticed she (Makula) was drinking and had a baby beside her, which impression did not make him happy.

    “As he came to meet his fans, I realised he had drunk alcohol although he was not high, but when he saw me with a bottle of alcohol, he asked me who I was and whose baby I was having and what the baby was doing in a bar?”

    Makula responded to Bebe Cool, “I told him he is my son,” adding that she was disappointed in how he questioned her since she was his fan.

    Makula maintained that she was later told by Bebe Cool that her child was not supposed to be in a bar and secondly, he advised her to stop drinking because she is a girl.

    “Bebe Cool advised me that if I wanted to be successful, I should never drink, take drugs and I should avoid men. He told me that men would use me in the bar and dump me. He said men don’t respect women who drink and so asked me to get my son and take him back home.”

    Makula contended, “So as Bebe Cool was talking to me, my son called his name, he then carried him but later realised I loved him (Bebe Cool) so much and then asked me to take my child home immediately if I really loved him.

    “Bebe Cool insisted that the next time we meet, he wants to find when I no longer drink, and when I am not with my child. And so I got my child and spent more five minutes at the bar greeting other people but later told them I had to leave.”

    Makula propounded that those words that Bebe Cool said to her could not leave her mind and when she went back home they kept ringing in her mind even when she was tempted to get a bottle of alcohol.

    “Whenever I would get a bottle of alcohol, I would remember that a girl is not supposed to drink and no man will marry me when I’m drunk,” she added.

    She asserted that God used Bebe Cool to mentor her in a bar and give her advice she never heard from a sister or a brother.

    “Those days it is the community that used to raise children but now these children have people they admire yet they are bad influence. When a child starts saying so and so is my role model, as a parent begin to find out who that person is,” Makula advised parents towards Church girl camp.

    She emphasized, “Your child could start drinking because of the role model because the one she or he calls role model is the mentor. Your child’s dress code is going to come from the musician she adores.”


    Makula Bujjingo is the founder of Church Girl foundation, an organisation which was launched in 2020, aimed at guiding young girls and women on good practices of marriage.

    The foundation also helps in instilling good morals among the girl child.

    Church girl camp is due to take place on 25th, August 2022.


    By Kalamira Hope


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