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A Child Of Three Years Can’t Be Taught Sex– Pastor Sserwadda Warns On New Education Framework



Born Again pastor Dr. Joseph Sserwadda

The leader of Born Again Faith in Uganda (BAFU) Apostle Dr. Joseph Sserwadda has said that they will not allow sex to be taught in schools.

Sserwadda said that the government through the ministry of Education has been misusing the words in the framework and lying to Ugandans that they are planning to teach sexuality yet they want to teach sex to the young children .

Sserwadda says that they have disagreed with the officials from the ministry of Education and unless they change the wording of some of the topics. He said that a child should be taught discipline but not sex and the parents should be directly involved because they spend much time with their children.

Speaking after a meeting held at the Born Again Faith headquarters at Najjanankumbi with officials from the ministry of Education, Sserwadda lashed out at the education system in Uganda for trying  to take over the culture and religious norms of Ugandans, he warned that they will not allow this to happen and called for a review of the frame work .

Members of Born Again Faith in Uganda with Ministry of Education officials

“The ministries of Ethics and integrity, gender and health should be so much concerned with the child, a child at three years can’t be taught sex ,we are not allowing this and we shall fight tooth and nail to make a change, I used to have showers with my sisters and nothing could happen, now tell a child of this generation to do so, we shall not allow this to be taught in our schools ,” Sserwadda said.

The man of God assured the acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education Aggrey Andrew Kibenge that they will use the thirty days given to them to draft a document after today’s discussion about the National Sexuality Education framework 2018 and see what they remove and leave in the frame work before it starts to be used in schools.

However, Kibenge said that no one has the capacity to change the curriculum without consulting and that’s why they have done so. He added that because of the situation of the program, they have to consult all the stake holders to see what they think about the curriculum.

Aggrey said that they found out that the number of girls dropping out of schools has increased that is why they think that the program will help curb down the number of dropouts.

“Look at the situation in the country, children are always on television and social media which has spoilt them, we need to tell our children the truth before it’s too late,” Kibenge added.


By Mboowa Nathan



STEALING FROM THE DEAD: Namirembe Cathedral To Take 75% Of Condolence Money Collected, To Give Deceased’s Family Only 25%



The Church of Uganda has issued new guidelines in which they will take 75% of the money collected as condolences during funeral services.

A communication from Rev. Canon Nelson Kaweesa, the Namirembe Cathedral Secretary, to the Cathedral Dean, Archdeacon, canons, lay leaders and believers, states that the move was agreed upon by a meeting that sat on Friday May 24 2019.

“The council agreed that during memorial services at the Cathedral, there will be collection of condolences and 75% of that money will remain at the Cathedral to cater for items used during the service. Only 25% of the money collected will go to the family of the deceased,” the communication reads in part.

Rev. Canon Kaweesa further states that the condolences will always be collected before the sermon to allow ushers count and declare the amount collected as condolences. The communication further reads that the new guidelines will also be applied on services held at the home of the deceased. In the past, all money collected as condolences was given back to the family of the deceased.

By Doreen Menezer


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Pope Francis Changes Lord’s Prayer: Pontiff Changes ‘Lead Us Not Into Temptation’ In Jesus’ Prayer



Pope Francis has changed the Lord’s Prayer after criticising the English translation for implying that God – not Satan – leads people into temptation.

Francis approved an alteration the line ‘lead us not into temptation’ which now reads ‘do not let us fall into temptation’, which is closer to the French translation.

Speaking about the change back in 2017, Francis said: ‘It’s Satan who leads us into temptation, that’s his department.’

The pontiff continued: ‘I am the one who falls. It’s not him pushing me into temptation to then see how I have fallen.

‘A father doesn’t do that, a father helps you to get up immediately.’  The change comes after 16 years of research by Biblical scholars, and corrects what they believe was an error when the prayer was translated.

It is thought that Jesus originally spoke the prayer in Aramaic, before it was translated into Greek and other languages. The English version of the prayer is derived from the Greek translation.

The Greek word in question, eisenenkes, is found in the original New Testament in Matthew 6:13.

Francis also approved changes to The Gloria from ‘Peace on earth to people of good will’ to ‘Peace on Earth to people beloved by God.’

During the General Assembly of the Episcopal Conference of Italy, President Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti announced the approval of a third edition of the Messale Romano in May, ‘in the wake of the liturgical reform.’ The Bible has been edited many times over the years as errors were discovered with translating the ancient work.

Perhaps the most infamous version, Robert Barker’s King James Bible, published in 1611, omitted a key word from the seventh commandment. In that edition the commandment read ‘thou shalt commit adultery’. The correct version is, of course, ‘thou shalt not commit adultery’.

Source: Daily Mail


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I’m Going To Start A Bank Where We Lend People Without Asking For Land Titles Or Security – Pr. Bujjingo



House of Prayers Ministries International (HPMI) senior Pastor Aloysious Bujjingo has told his congregation that he is soon going to start a bank where people can borrow freely without collateral.

During his ‘chapter 2’ sermon on Thursday, Bujjingo said that after the construction of 38,000 Pentagon seater church, he is going to start the battle to fight poverty by empowering Ugandans financially.

“I strongly believe that after the construction of Pentagon a 38,000-seater church, there is no reason why anyone among us should be poor,” Pr. Bujjingo Said.

Pr. Bujjingo declared that despite facing many detractors, who are trying hard to soil his name, he is ready to bless others because God has also blessed him. He said that he doesn’t want much from the world apart from fulfilling his calling of making sure that people are delivered both spiritually and physically.

He said that there are many educated people who are suffering because they lack opportunities to exercise their expertise.

“God has blessed us and many are educated among us, that’s why I have plans to establish a financial institution like a bank. Because so many here are accountants and you are teaching your children to be. I do not need to be an accountant but I need you who are accountants. I have declared it, those who want to fight against it, you can go head but God will establish it. We need to have a system of lending money to people without requiring land titles or any sort of security,” said Pr. Bujjingo who already employs hundreds of journalist, engineers, marketers and accountants under his Salt Media company.

He emphasized to the believers to avoid relying on gossip but work hard and listen to God if they want to triumph.

Bujjingo also dismissed social media allegations that he owns Canaan soda.

He Commended all the people who have stood with the ministry amidst the storm it has faced recently and the Salt Media audience who have persistently followed the message of the good news of the word of God.

By Doreen Menezer


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