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After 35 Years In Power, M7 Is Completely Insensitized To The Suffering Of His People, His Decrees Affect Everybody Else Not Him And His Ruling Class, When Will The Citizens Ever Get A Helping Hand From Their Government – Kabuleta Weighs In On President’s Coronavirus Directives….



Veteran Jounalist Joseph Kabuleta has decried the rude way in which president Museveni is handing out decrees to the citizens without giving them a helping hand.

In a post on his Facebook page, Kabuleta says that other countries, much as they have put their country on lock down have moved to revise tax regimes to mitigate the financial grief of their most vulnerable citizens, Central Banks have massively slashed interest rates and freed commercial banks to lend at more friendly rates, banks have eased loan repayment schedules and big tech companies have cut fees.

But in Uganda, the president continues to act like Queen Bee; issuing orders for the toiling ants while he remains in his regal comfort.

“When will such people ever get a helping hand from their government, if not at such a time when their fragile livelihood has been shattered?” Kabuleta says.

Kabuleta says that all the President has done thus far is give decrees that will affect everybody else but him and his ruling class.

Below is Kabuleta’s message:

Edward Bernays (1891-1995) is widely acknowledged as the “Father of Public Relations” or, as he was later called, “The Father of Spin” and was named among the 100 most influential Americans in history.

He did extensive research on human behavior and popularized such phrases as ‘the group think’ and ‘the herd instinct’ which have come to define Public Relations. When a herd of animals is moving together and one of them takes a specific direction, the rest of them are likely to follow instinctively. Bernays contended that human beings, as sophisticated as we think we are, are no different from animals in that regard.

The Austrian-born American described masses as irrational and subject to the herd instinct and outlined how skilled practitioners could use crowd psychology and psychoanalysis to control the masses whichever way they desired. His books ‘Crystallizing Public Opinion’ (1926) and ‘Propaganda’ (1929) are the bedrock on which modern PR is built.

In 1929, Bernays was hired by the American Tobacco company which wanted to increase its sales. He realized that the best way to achieve that was to tear down a deeply-ingrained social taboo against women smoking. He knew that human beings have very few basic social needs; security, freedom, acceptance, purpose… and the best way to market a product is by attaching it to one of those needs.

Consequently, he hired a group of skimpily-dressed models to walk the streets of New York smoking cigarettes, which he ingeniously called “Torches of Freedom”. His campaign came at a time when women were pushing for more rights in what was called the First Wave of Feminism. Bernays cunningly linked smoking to the innate desire for freedom and in a few short months lighting a cigarette in public, previously an anathema, became a symbol of women self-determination. Needless to say, the tobacco company became the wealthier for it.

It’s interesting to note that the women who joined the cigarette bandwagon didn’t know that they had been tricked. They truly saw it as a mark of their liberation rather than as the sales gimmick that it was.

Our core desire is for security. When it is threatened, even the most critical or democratic societies gladly surrender their freedoms to anyone who promises to give it back. It’s a tactic that has been used over and over.

For instance, in September 2001, a week after the terrorist attacks on New York, two US Democrat Senators received mail laced with deadly anthrax. Overall, 23 people suffered anthrax poisoning and five died. Amidst all the fear that resulted, the Republican administration of George Bush requested for extra billions in defense spending and it was quickly and quietly passed. At any other time, it might have been hotly contested and even rejected, but when people’s security is threatened, anything passes.

I am not suggesting that the administration engineered the attacks for that purpose (neither am I saying they didn’t), but they definitely took swift advantage of the moment.

This week in America, Democratic Congressman from South Carolina James Clyburn said the coronavirus is a “tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our (Democrat Party) vision”. He is not the only one thinking like that. Former Barack Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, currently Mayor of Chicago, said: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

So while this pandemic is a real crisis for the majority, it is an opportunity for the minority in power.

I know these are anxious times and fear has burrowed into the marrow of most people. Typically, in times like these, rational arguments are dismissed as selfish, callous or insensitive because the herd (or the group think) demands that we switch off our critical minds and put on the mantle of panic. But I have never been one for the herd.

The measures put in place by President Museveni are commendable only in as far as they might help curb the spread of the disease. But the citizenry should demand a lot more. The first step the government took was to request parliament for permission to take a US$190m (sh700bn) loan (which we or our children must pay). Is it too much to ask that government, at the very least, provides free and safe sanitizers for all public places? That would cost less than 5 percent of those billions, but they cannot even spare that. Taxis (before they were also banned) were using cheap and diluted liquid soap to ‘sanitize’ their passengers, and it looked really ugly. When will such people ever get a helping hand from their government, if not at such a time when their fragile livelihood has been shattered?

Other countries have moved to revise tax regimes to mitigate the financial grief of their most vulnerable citizens. Elsewhere, Central Banks have massively slashed interest rates and freed commercial banks to lend at more friendly rates, banks have eased loan repayment schedules and big tech companies have cut fees.

In Kenya, Presidential addresses have mostly been about what the government is doing to help the most (financially and medically) affected. President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy are giving up 80% of their pay and demanding that cabinet ministers give up 30% of theirs to support the cause. The cynical mind will say that’s just tokenism, which it probably is, but at least they are sending a message that the leaders are ready to suffer along with the led.

But in Uganda the president continues to act like Queen Bee; issuing orders for the toiling ants while he remains in his regal comfort. All he has done thus far is give decrees that will affect everybody else but him and his ruling class.

“URA must stay and collect taxes,” he declared yesterday. That’s where his heart is.

The message is clear. “Avoid paper money, use mobile money (but you must still pay our tax). At least Airtel Uganda showed good spirit by removing fees for a month. That’s laudable, and the Ugandan market will remember that when the storm is over.

I am waiting for one step the president will take that directly affects his or government’s coffers — JUST ONE — but none is forthcoming. After 35 years in power, he is completely insensitized to the suffering of his people.

Even after taking billions in loans, all samples of suspected CODIV-19 patients must be ferried by Post Bus to Entebbe for testing. What would it cost to have testing equipment in the five regions of the country? I would say far less than sh700bn.

And yet, in spite of all that, most people seem to be happy just receiving decrees. The Ugandan population is a dictator’s dream. We have been conditioned to expect very little and settle for even less. Those who demand for more are seen as rabble-rousers; not by the politicians but by the herd.

So even though I appreciate the president’s directions and his caution, I believe Ugandans deserve more. Many people have found my cynical comments on his several addresses to be distasteful and even crass, and I totally understand that. Others are angry that I dare to be an Oliver Twist and ask for more at such a time as this. I guess at the end of the day, every society gets the leaders it deserves. If Ugandans see Museveni’s pronouncements that do not even pretend to address the massive financial chasm that will be created hereafter as sufficient, then we don’t deserve a better leader than him.

But I am sorry, I am not going to be a part of the herd. I am not about to switch off my critical mind because of a looming threat. I need it now more than ever. Kenyans have more, Rwandans have more, Tanzanians have more… we deserve more than just decrees banning one thing or the other.



Demolishing A Church Is A Curse – Museveni Vows To Help Ndeeba Church Retain Their Land….



On his way to work today, His Excellency, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the president of Uganda for the very first time visited the site of the recently demolished St Peter’s Church in Ndeeba.
The President expressed his sorrow triggered by the ugly incident, and gave the church assurances that whoever is responsible will pay a hefty price.
Museveni stressed that the resolution to order the demolition of a church was extreme, he suggested that dialogue amongst the stakeholders would have been most appropriate to resolve the matter, however much the church could have been caught on the wrong side of the law.
“Judges should have limits and understand public interest. Demolishing a church is a curse,” the president said, warning the general public against believing any false reports that the government is responsible for demolishing the said church.
Museveni revealed that he will very soon invite the Namirembe Diocese Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira, and engage with all parties involved in this conflict to find a lasting solution.
He gave assurance that the Church will retain the disputed land at all costs, and an even better church shall be erected in the same place, publicly declaring that he has now personally involved himself in the bitter land wrangle.


By Baron Kironde


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I Swear Upon God It Wasn’t Me: Saleh Distances Himself From Ndeeba Church Demolition Before Kazimba…



Gen. Salim Saleh, the coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) has distanced himself from the demolition of St Peters Church Ndeeba in Kampala.

There were media reports that had started linking Saleh as the invisible hand funding Dodoviko Mwanje, the man who facilitated the demolition of the church.

While addressing the House of Bishops led by Archbishop Stephen Kazimba at Kawanda Research Institute, Saleh said that he was saddened by allegations that he was behind the extinction of the church.

“I’m (always) here in Kapeeka, I haven’t got time to respond, I’m hearing Saleh you are grabbing land, am I a mad person to grab a church? So for that matter, I want to swear before you the Bishops and Archbishop that in the name of God I’m not involved in that church demolition issues,” Saleh assured the House of Bishops from the Anglican faith on Wednesday.


By Grapevine Reporters


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I Want To Look At Bobi’s Academic Papers, Someone Born In  1982 Cannot Join Primary One At Two Years Of Age! – Mabirizi Questions EC Over Kyagulanyi Nomination…



Contentious city lawyer, Male Mabirizi has petitioned the Electoral Commission to avail him with the academic documents of Kyadondo East Member of Parliament (MP) and National Unity Platform (NUP) leader, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

On Tuesday, The EC announced that Kyagulanyi was among 8 other candidates picked nomination forms to stand for presidency, taking the total number of applicants to 19, after 10 others collected theirs on Monday.

In a petition dated 10th/August/2020, Mabirizi wrote to the Electoral Commission secretary requesting for certified copies of Kyagulanyi’s nomination academic papers for the Kyadondo East by-election, in which the latter eventually emerged victorious.

The introductory part of the petition read; “I address you in my capacity as a civically active Uganda well aware of your constitutional duty as elaborated under Article 61(1)(d) of the Constitution to organize, conduct and supervise elections and referenda in Uganda and you indeed held a bye-election in Kyadondo East bye-election where Robert Kyagulanyi participated as a candidate and declared winner and now a sitting Member of Parliament.”

The lawyer noted that section 4(3)( C) of the Parliamentary Elections Act ,2005 provides that a person is only qualified to be an MP if that person has completed a minimum formal education of at least Advanced level standard or its equivalent of the Ugandan Education system, a fact he says he wants to prove.

Mabirizi persisted that the EC must have therefore have been availed with his academic documents to prove Kyagulanyi completed the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education or its equivalent before nominating him. Mabirizi now demands to have a look at the NUP leader’s papers.

“The required documents are required to satisfy my doubts that the said Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu possesses the said qualifications given that as per his details via the parliamentary website, he was born in 1982 and sat A- level in 1998. Implying that if the birth year is true, he sat A-level at 16 years, O-level at 13 years PLE at nine years and joined primary one at two years,” Mabirizi insinuated.

The lawyer insisted that his doubts can only be satisfied by looking at the academic documents tendered to the Electoral Commission in 2017 at nomination prior to the Kyadondo East by-election.

Robert Kyagulanyi is currently legally battling allegations of illegally obtaining, taking over and changing the National Unity, Reconciliation and Development Party (NURP) into the National Unity Platform and later assuming it’s presidency.

The provocative lawyer has in the past been notably known to contentiously dare the head of state, the state itself and various state officials to legal battles in the courts of law. And for a traditional Muganda man who has petitioned his cultural leader before, Mabirizi’s latest move is significantly so typical of him. For many however, mostly Kyagulanyi’s fanatics have deemed his action as an attempt to seek relevance to shelter his ambitious political career, on a hint that he could vie for the upcoming 2021 general election.


By Baron Kironde


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