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    After Fighting Bank Of Uganda, Sudhir Now Cited In MP Sanjay Tana’s Financial Woes



    It seems the supporters of Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia will stop at nothing in their maneuvers to target and bring down whoever stands in his way for anything.

    The latest victim to suffer the wrath of the Sudhir network is none other than ex-Tororo Municipality MP Sanjay Tana who is being demonized with reports that his Bunga residence is being confiscated by Bank of Baroda on grounds of loan-defaulting. Sources which are involved in these battles between Indian business community guys with big egos say Sanjay’s trouble began when preparations began for Indian Prime Minister Modi to visit Uganda.

    The members of Modi’s security detail and advance team preferred Sanjay Tana saying he was the one the Prime Minister was more comfortable with leading preparations. Sales reps from Sudhir’s Speke Resort Munyonyo started pitching for business this being a big opportunity to cash in on the hospitality money. They started going to the members of the Modi organizing committee who were headed by Sanjay Tana and others like Singh Katongole. They fronted a proposal and indicated benefits in case Sanjay used his influence to ensure Modi addresses a big business delegation at Munyonyo. But this proposal was flatly rejected after some people approached Tana and told him the Sudhir Empire was looking for an opportunity to use the Modi visit to blackmail Museveni to become more sympathetic and side with Sudhir the Indian tycoon in his battles with the incorruptible men at Bank of Uganda. Tana declined the offer and in the end Modi addressed the Indian community at Kololo as opposed to Munyonyo.

    Sudhir became so furious and didn’t participate in many of the activities to welcome Modi in Uganda. His people considered this a lost opportunity to use Modi to neutralize Museveni’s indifference in the BoU saga. Those who know how vindictive the Sudhir network can be say it was now a matter of time before Sanjay Tana paid for his sins. There is no pretending that Sanjay Tana, having lost his MP seat, is financially not doing very well because he was even kicked out of Petrol Jinja road but this is a situation the Sudhir squads are taking advantage of to finish off Sanjay Tana on social media. It’s said even Modi wasn’t interested in Munyonyo because that would make his visit look like its partisan and private yet he wanted all Indians to benefit having enough audience with him regardless of their feuds and misunderstandings over petty differences. Whatever Sudhir lost in the Modi refusal to go to Munyonyo, he recovered in the way the idea to host the Ghandi Conventional Center in Entebbe was rejected. Instead the Center was taken to Jinja source of the Nile where Gandhi’s remains are buried after cremation. The location of the same in Entebbe would be bad news for Sudhir as his Munyonyo would be rendered weakened in terms of the business to host international conferences now that the Entebbe Express way has increased access by overcoming the jam on Entebbe road.

    It’s said Sudhir’s people were bitter with officials like Ephraim Kamuntu and Godfrey Kiwanda because their tourism ministry wanted the Center in Entebbe and yet this would have destroyed Sudhir’s business in Munyonyo. Sudhir’s powerful supporters haven’t forgiven the bosses of tourism ministry and don’t be surprised if Kiwanda and Kamuntu face strong competitors and lose their MP Seats in 2021. This is very possible because Sudhir’s network members don’t forgive. They can keep quiet planning to strike at a right time in future. PPS Molly Kamukama is another powerful official who Sudhir’s people don’t like. They see her as someone who hasn’t helped their man to access Museveni to plead for his bank to be restored to total humiliation of Mutebile and other bosses at BoU. Sudhir supporters are always waiting for the day Molly will be fired and they slaughter their goats and chicken to celebrate because they see her as a very bad woman who is too strong for their machinations.



    What Killed Simbamanyo Tycoon Kamya? How Top Lawyer Tried To Use Justice Byabakama’s Electoral Commission Deal To Save His Empire…



    In one of the meetings where the agenda was to strategise on how to save the business empire of the late Peter Kamya, the proprietor of Simbamanyo Estate limited, one of his friends, who is also a seasoned commercial lawyer proposed a multibillion Electoral Commission deal which he was very sure would save the fallen tycoon’s empire.

    Multiple credible sources have revealed to the mighty Grapevine that this happened in 2018 when Equity bank had started threatening to auction Kamya’s properties which he used as security when securing a loan.

    The buildings were Ssimbamanyo House behind Central Police Station in Kampala city and Afrique Suites situated in Mutungo.

    Kamya, who is a brother-in-law to former deputy Prime Minister Muganwa Kajura allowed one of his senior lawyers to negotiate the deal which involved looking for a new home for the Electoral Commission.

    “The lawyer’s idea was for Kamya to rent the entire building to the Electoral Commission and the money collected as rent be used to service the loan which the bank was very comfortable with but out of the blue, when the deal was almost concluded, the old man changed his mind claiming that his friend was working with the bank to impoverish him and that’s how the deal flopped,” a source said.

    He added that the deal was waiting for the greenlight from president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who was a good friend to Kamya.

    The source added that even the Ministry of Gender was ready to shift to another building.

    Another source said that the Electoral Commission was giving Kamya a big deal compared to what he was receiving from the Ministry of Gender and within 3 to 4 years, the bank’s loan would be fully paid.

    The source said that Kamya changed his mind after getting another opinion from another shrewd young city lawyer who convinced him that the loan he got from Equity bank was not favourable and it can be challenged in Court.

    Sources said that when the bank learnt about Kamya’s plan to challenge them in court, they hastily auctioned both securities to controversial city businessman Sudhir Ruperelia’s Meera Investments Limited and Ronald Luwangula’s Luwaluwa Investments Limited, a move that frustrated Kamya’s entire plan to save his empire.

    He tried to save his empire through courts of law by filing an application seeking a temporary injuction stopping the selling of the said property but he lost the application with costs.

    He further petitioned president Museveni to save his empire arguing that it was illegally sold.

    Unfortunately, after making wide consultations, especially from the Attorney General and Bank of Uganda, the big man advised Kamya to challenge the sale of his properties in courts of law.

    He explained to him that he has no alternative to save him since he was advised that his properties were legally sold.

    Without losing hope, Kamya instructed his new lawyers led by Fred Muwema to institute a suit in the High Court Commercial Division against Crane Bank, Meera Investment Limited, Luwaluwa Investment, and lawyers of Katende Ssempebwa Company Advocates were also joined in the suit.

    The matter was allocated to Justice Stephen Mubiru, the head of the Division.

    Kamya hired Kihika Byenkya and Company Advocates to join his legal team which successfully secured an order for discovery against the respondents.

    Justice Mubiru ordered the respondents to allow the petitioner to inspect their email exchange, bank accounts and phone call logs which were made in the period when his properties were sold, an order which raised dust at the commercial court.

    Lawyers from Katende Ssempebwa Advocates petitioned Justice Rubby Opio Aweri, the Chief Inspector of Courts claiming that justice Mubiru was biased and he has to be investigated over the matter.

    He was ordered to refer the entire Ssimbamanyo file to justice Opio which Mubiru refused to do.

    Mubiru insisted that Justice Opio didn’t have powers to ask for the said file from him and guided that the matter has to proceed but lawyers challenged his action at the Court of Appeal.

    In October 2022, Justice Cheborion Barishaki of the Court of Appeal issued an order stopping Justice Mubiru from proceeding with the matter until three justices of the Court of Appeal determine the respondent’s grievances.

    Sources who have been close to Kamya revealed that Justice Cheborion’s ruling shocked Kamya and from that time, his life changed and it worsened last month and was rushed to Nairobi where he died on Friday morning.

    Sources said that other Simbamanyo Directors are set to continue with the legal fight to rescue their empire.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Minister Betty Among Successfully Kicks Byarugaba Out Of NSSF; Patrick Ayota Eats Big, Replaces Former Boss…



    Minister Amongi (L) and former NSSF boss Richard Byarugaba (inset L) and his successor Patrick Ayota (inset R)

    Minister for Gender, Labour and Social Development, Betty Among has succeeded in kicking out National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Managing Director Richard Byarugaba.

    According to a July 22 letter, Betty Amongi, the co-political overseer of the Fund with Finance Minister, Matia Kasaija, noted that under the Public Service Standing Order and NSSF Human Resource Policy, Mr. Byarugaba should have automatically retired on clocking 60 years.

    “You have, however, not officially retired although, by law, your retirement is mandatory and automatic upon attainment of the retirement age of 60 years,” Amongi wrote to Byarugaba.

    She further warned that all actions he takes now, on behalf of the Fund are not protected by any law and can be challenged.

    “This is dangerous for the operations of the Fund and I cannot continue to put the Fund at risk without addressing the matter.”

    The Chairman NSSF Board of Directors, Patrick Ocailap also released a letter appointing Patrick Ayota as Deputy Managing Director.

    “In accordance with Section 39 and 40 of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Act (Cap222), as amended, the Board of Directors submitted its recommendations to the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development (the Minister) for the appointment of a Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director,” the letter read.

    “This is to inform NSSF members, stakeholders and the public as follows; Patrick Ayota has been appointed Deputy Managing Director for five-year period with effect from 30th November 2022.”

    Ocailap added that the processes leading to the appointment of the Managing Director have taken longer.

    “In the interim, the Deputy Managing Director will caretake this office until these processes are concluded.”


    By Kalamira Hope


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    Be Forward Company Directors On Run Over Fraud; Clients Cry Foul After Losing Billions…



    Be Forward company Managing Director in hot soup over fraud.

    Police in Jinja has in custody the managing director, Caroline Nampeera and her accountant, Annet Nagawa of Be Forward company, a Japanese car importer over fraud.

    This comes after a number of customers decided to ambush the company after losing billions of money to the company.

    Steve Manyire, a client who reported the issue that he has lost over Shs.250 million.

    Manyire noted that he paid money for two trucks and a Range Rover that he says have not been delivered by the company.

    “They have received almost a million US Dollars but none of the people who are complaining has received their cars,” he revealed.

    Manyire insisted that this is an organised fraud and advised would be customers not to pay their money.

    Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango however confirmed the arrest of the two people adding that the directors are currently on the run.

    “The three directors are currently on the run, we are looking for them. We are currently investigating a case of obtaining money by false pretence,” Onyango said.

    He revealed that Mr.Nkeera, one of the directors is said to hiding in the United States while others are on a run.


    By Kalamira Hope


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