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    Amama Mbabazi Is A Liar, He Betrayed Me And Left Me To Die, Many People Who Funded His Campaigns Lost Their Properties To Money Lenders And Banks – Mbabazi Bodyguard Speaks Out On The 20M bounty Kayihura Put On His Head….



    Christopher Aine, the former head of security in former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s Go Forward political movement has revealed shocking secrets of how his boss lied to him and failed to help him when he needed him most.

    In an exclusive interview with the Grapevine, Aine said that after spending over three months pleading to his boss Mbabazi for help, when the then Police boss Kale Kayihura placed a Shs.20 million bounty on his head, he decided to run out of the country into hiding in Tanzania.

    “For three months, I tried to convince Mbabazi to talk to the big man (Museveni) about my issues, he refused, I decided to run out of the country because some people wanted my head. Mbabazi just kept making empty promises to me that he was talking to his lawyers to find a way of saving me which I think was just a wastage of time,” Aine said.

    Christopher Aine battling police during the 2016 elections

    He revealed that while in Tanzania, he faced very many problems, he was traumatized further after receiving a photo showing that he was dead, his wife, children and other family members lived in fear. His close family members didn’t even have what to eat.

    When his boss Mbabazi kept promising him air, he was forced to talk to Sheila Nduhukire, a journalist working with NTV (currently at NBS TV).

    He said that he made a phone call to Nduhukire because he knew that she was a friend to General Salim Saleh, a brother to president Museveni.

    Aine asked Nduhukire to connect him to Saleh because security organs wanted him dead or alive and his boss Mbabazi had failed to help him.

    Aine said that Nduhukire, asked him to give her time so that she first talks to his boss Morris Mugisha. He narrated that after a few days, he received a phone call from Nduhukire asking for his location because Saleh was ready to send his boys to pick him.

    Aine facing off with NRM supporters in 2016

    He said that he found General Saleh at Kigo Serena hotel. A very bitter Saleh grilled him for hours, after, he told him that he was going to stay with him as his team investigates his matter. He said that after some time, he was paraded before the media with General Saleh. When asked whether he was planted by Museveni’s camp to spy on his competitor Mbabazi, Aine said, “That’s rubbish, I even told General Saleh, a friend to my dead father Lt. Col. Julius Aine that being close to him does not mean that I have crossed from opposition to the NRM.”

    He said that he wanted Saleh’s protection from people who were looking for him after Kayihura branded him an outlaw.

    During the interview, when we kept referring to him as Mbabazi’s bodyguard, Aine fumed and warned us to stop calling him as Mbabazi’s bodyguard.

    “Please, stop degrading me, I am above that level of being Mbabazi’s bodyguard. He had his two police patrols full of policemen who were providing security to him and his son,” a bitter Aine said.

    He explained that in Go Forward camp, he was the head of security with a mandate to secure their presidential candidate, provide security to the whole campaign team and guard their votes.


    Aine further revealed that he is still demanding his former boss Mbabazi 30,000 US Dollars (over Shs.110 million). He said that he was convinced by Mbabazi to contribute money to facility their campaign and get his refund immediately after the general elections.

    Aine said that Mbabazi told them that his money was froze by the government to frustrate his political ambitions of becoming the president of Uganda.

    However, Aine told the Grapevine that he later realized that his boss lied to them.  He revealed that there are many people who facilitated Mbabazi’s campaigns who lost their properties to money lenders and banks after Mbabazi lied to them that government froze his accounts.

    “Mbabazi kept making empty promises to them that he will refund their money which he failed to implement,” Aine said.

    Kayihura put 20 million on Aine’s head


    Aine also talked about the Shs.20 Million bounty that General Kale Kayihura, the former Inspector General of Police (IGP) put on his head. He said that when he first went into hiding, he thought of going to Kayihura but later learnt that he was being put on pressure by some bad people who misled him into putting a price tag on his head.

    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    Inside Deputy Speaker Among, Ministers Otafiire, Muhwezi Meeting Over MPs Ssegirinya, Ssewanyana Bail Conditions…



    Lawyer to embattled Kawempe North and Makindye West legislators have spoken out on the meeting between the Deputy Speaker of parliament Anita Among, Security Minister Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi and senior Internal Affairs Minister Kahinda Otafiire concerning their continued stay in prison despite being granted bail by court.

    Credible sources in parliament intimated to theGrapevine that last week, there was a secret meeting summoned by Among to negotiate a deal to have the two embattled legislators released on bail.

    Sources that attended the meeting added that the opposition leadership ran to Among for help after parliament Speaker Jacob Oulanyah dismissed their prayer for parliament to intervene and save the legislators.

    Last week, Oulanyah told Members of Parliament that parliament was not ready to intervene into Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana troubles.

    The speaker only promised to go and visit these MPs in Kigo prison.

    The speaker also asked parliament to leave the security agencies to investigate the alleged offences slapped on these legislators for the interest of justice and fairness.

    However, sources in parliament held that opposition leaders in parliament were not happy with Oulanyah’s decision and decided to run his deputy who is a very good friend to both legislators, especially Ssegirinya.

    The source said that before meeting both ministers, Among first talked to president Museveni about the issue. The president referred him to Muhwezi and Otafiire since they were the ones closely handling the issue of greater Masaka murders.

    The source further told theGrapevine that Among tried to convince the ministers on the positives in releasing the legislators on bail including creating a good relationship with the opposition especially the radical National Unity Platform (NUP).

    She further told the ministers that releasing legislators on bail does not mean that they will dodge prosecution since they will be coming from their homes.

    However, the source disclosed that both Otafiire and Muhwezi disagreed with Among’s explanation.

    They told her that the Masaka murders put government in bad light given that they caused a lot of insecurity yet Ugandans want peace.

    Gen. Muhwezi told Among that security agencies especially UPDF is very serious in fighting the ongoing criminality in the country especially after these criminals targeted Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala, their very own and killed his daughter Brendah Nantongo Katumba and driver Sgt. Haruna Kayondo.

    He further told her that if these legislators are released, it will weaken the morale of the security operatives investigating these murders.

    The source added that Gen. Otafiire even wondered why the speaker did not plead to have all the suspects in this matter granted bail and instead concentrated on only the two legislators.

    The matter was not resolved and a decision was taken to refer it to the president for a final decision.

    On Wednesday, president Museveni blasted judges for granting bail to murder suspects and promised to meet with NRM Members of Parliament to resolve the matter even if it will need a referendum.

    When contacted, Abubaker Ssekanjako, one of the lawyers representing Ssewanyana and Ssegirinya neither confirmed nor denied knowledge of any meeting between opposition leadership in parliament seeking assistance from the deputy speaker of parliament.

    “I don’t know whether any of our members went to the speaker for assistance. What I know, a number of plans were made to save our brothers but we decided to concentrate on legal matters and that’s why we applied for bail which was successfully granted,” Ssekanjako said.

    He added that they have fulfilled all the requirements put in place by Masaka High Court Judge Victoria Nakintu Nkwanga to make sure that their people are granted bail, including paying a cash bail of Shs. 20m and depositing the passports of the accused at the High Court Crimes Division Kampala.

    On Monday both legislators were granted bail but up to Friday evening they were not released from prison as directed by the Judge.

    They are battling with murder, attempted murder, terrorism and abetting terrorism charges.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    NUP Speaks Out On Bobi Wine’s ‘Fraudulent’ Academic Papers…



    Bobi Wine (L) with lawyer Male Mabirizi (R)

    National Unity Platform Party (NUP) has spoken out on the fraudulent academic papers of their president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

    Earlier this week, Law Development Centre grade one magistrate Augustine Alule issued summons directing Kyagulanyi to appear in Court on 7th of October 2021 and answer charges against him.

    Controversial city lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi opened up a private criminal prosecution against Kyagulanyi over his academic papers.

    In his case, Mabirizi accuses Bobi Wine of fraudulently being admitted to Makerere university on government mature entry in October 2000 when he was not qualified.

    The maverick lawyer insisted that by the time Kyagulanyi  was admitted to study a Diploma in Music, Dance and Drama at Makerere University, he was 20 years old yet the requirement for somebody to qualify for mature entry is 25 years and above.

    Mabirizi based on the evidence of Alfred Namaoh Masikye the academic registrar Makerere University who gave him certified copies which he tendered in to Court as evidence.

    The admission form which Mabirizi filed in Court indicates that Bobi Wine was born on 12th of February 1980 and studied from Kololo Senior Secondary School, Kitante Hill School and was admitted to the University when he was 20 years old.

    This is not the first time Mabirizi is challenging Kyagulanyi’s academic papers, in 2020, he filed private criminal prosecution charges against him at Buganda Road Court, Wakiso Chief Magistrate Court and all the files were taken by the Directorate of Public Prosecution but up to now the case has not yet kicked off.

    However, when contacted, Geofrey Turyamusiima one of Bobi Wine’s lawyers said that his client has not yet been served with Court summons.

    He also boasted that Mabirizi was wasting his time because Bobi Wine was travelling to America.

    But on Wednesday evening, Bobi Wine was blocked from entering US and was deported back to Uganda.

    Bobi Wine explained that his deportation was related to the new COVID-19 restriction in the US.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Who Are You Trying To Please? M7 Blasts Judges For Granting Bail To Murders, Ssegirinya, Ssewanyana Still Detained Even After Being Granted Bail….



    Ssegirinya Muhammad and Allan Sewanyana in Masaka court recently over Masaka region murders

    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has tasked the judiciary to explain to the nation the person they are trying to please by granting bail to murder suspects.

    The president said this while presiding over the swearing-in ceremony of the six new judges and Justices of the Court of Appeal, Justice Christopher Gashirabaki and Judges of the High Court include Justice Tom Chemutai, Justice Lawrence Tweyanze, Justice Vincent Wagona, Justice Alice Komuhangi and Justice Florence Nakachwa wife to Chief Justice Owiny Dollo.

    At the same ceremony, the newly appointed Inspector General of Government (IGG) Betty Kamya and her Deputies Dr. Patricia Okiria Achan and Ann Twinomugisha Muhairwe also took their oath.

    Museveni protested the continued granting of bail to murderers in the presence of the deputy chief justice Richard Butera.

    ” For somebody to kill a person and you give them bail is provocation. It is abominable. This bail, what is the hurry? Who are you trying to please? Who said bail is a right? It is not in the Constitution. We are going to work on this,” a furious Museveni said.

    He added that in the few weeks to come, he is going to summon his NRM party Members of Parliament to a meeting to discuss the bail matter.

    Museveni insisted that even if it needs a referendum, he is ready for it because he is tired of the judiciary granting bails to murderers.

    Museveni made the statements after two National Unity Platform (NUP) Members of Parliament Ssegirinya Muhammad and Allan Sewanyana were still detained at Kigo prison even though they were granted bail by Masaka High Court Judge Victoria Nakintu Nkwanga on Monday.

    Both legislators were charged with offences of murder, attempted murder, terrorism and abetting to terrorism.

    State alleges that the legislators together with others still at large have a hand in the recent deadly murders in Masaka.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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