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American Businessman Splashes 800 Million On Ugandan Babe In luxurious wedding



American businessman Stephen Fredrick Dutton has splashed over Shs800 million on Ugandan born Rita Namanda Dutton in a lavish wedding at Speke Resort Munyonyo.

Dutton who hails from the Islands of Bermuda met Namanda at Barmuda where she was working as a watress in one of the luxurious hotels there.

Dutton was accompanied by his relatives Ben Miller, Rosemary Miller  and Adam Dutton all the way from England.

CBS presenters Patrico Majjuka and Abbey Mukiibi were the MCs at the wedding.

“We did not hold any meetings we came loaded and just got service providers. It all went well with the breeze of  Lake Victoria,” Namanda told the Grapevine.

Former Buganda Kingdom minister in-charge of protocol Owek. Kabuuza Mukasa was among the guests.

By Doreen Menezer



MONEY TALKS: NRM MP Ssekitoleko Buys Shs230m Ride During COVID19 Lockdown…



Not everyone has been affected by the Covid19 lockdown.

As ordinary Ugandans fight to survive, Nakifuma County legislator Eng. Robert Kafeero  Ssekitoleko has purchased with cash a new land cruiser worth shs230m in the COVID19 lockdown.

Last week, Ssekitoleko paid Shs230m including government taxes to star Auto bond opposite game along Jinja road Kampala.

According to the person who cut the deal, the legislator purchased a Toyota land cruiser model 2012 registration number UBG 980X. Sources at Nakawa based URA head office intimated to the Grapevine that the honorable member paid Shs42m in taxes.

Ssekitoleko’s car details

Staff at URA and at star Auto bond revealed that Kafeero, being a member of the National Resistance Movement, Ssekitoleko used part of the alleged Shs40m given to them by the president to top up with his savings to purchase the said monster ride.

Efforts to speak to Ssekitoleko were futile since he was not picking our phone calls.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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Balaam Kicked Kusasira And Bebe Cool Out Of State House – King Michael Exposes Balaam, Warns Ashburg Kato…



Musician king Michael (L) and events promoter Balaam Barugahara (R)

Musician king Michael has warned events promoter Balaam Barugahara to stop fighting musicians who want to meet the president.

Michael, who was warning former People Power Facebooker Ashburg Kato called Balaam an evil man who has fueled fights and divisions within artistes who support President Museveni and the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).

“I am warning Ashburg that in NRM Where he has come there are a lot of betrayals. He must know that some of us who have spent a lot of time in this party would have welcomed him joyfully but we cannot because of the person he is dealing with. We are not happy with his coming,” Michael said.

He added, “I was fought by the person who is now pretending to recruit people when I got an appointment to meet the president. What Balaam did was he first created divisions among us. Bebe Cool is now Kusasira’s enemy, Kusasira does not work with Michael, Michael is also an enemy to Full Figure, Big Eye locked himself in his house and he is dying of hunger. Balaam is creating divisions among the artists that originally supported the president. He is recruiting his own team to render us useless.”

He said, “Kusasira and Bebe Cool no longer talk to the president. We don’t know what Balaam did or said to spoil our names before the president but I want to warn him that we also know his dirty dealings. We no longer see the president as artistes. Kusasira was supposed to take me to the president but she was bashed.”

Michael said that they were a team of 31 artistes who used to meet the president but Balaam made sure he divides them, “now we are enemies of each other, because of Balaam.”

He said, “Balaam told the President not to give me money, that I was going to use it in gambling. He claimed the president gave me cows but he took 50% of what I was given.  Everything the president gave me; Balaam took half as a broker. ”

“That is why when we had a trek with the president, Balaam supplied everything, we were drinking his water, eating his food, the chairs were his, even the brooms, people asked why he was controlling everything. We are not happy with that man,” he said.

We called Balaam to clarify on Michael’s allegations but he did not pick our calls.


By Sandra Mukisa


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If Bobi Wine Gave Food To M7, Why Is It A Crime For Me To Ask For It From The Same Government? –  Ashburg Kato On Why He Left People Power…



Ashburg with Bobi Wine (top), below is him with President Museveni

People Power Blogger Ashburg Kato has officially crossed over to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

While announcing his crossover, Ashburg apologised to the President for using his social media pages to abuse him.

“My name is Ashburg Kato, a former People Power member who has crossed over to NRM. As of now, I subscribe to the NRM and I apologise to the President who I’ve been abusing using my Facebook page,” Ashburg confessed.

“I got an idea of helping the people in the Ghetto areas, I later thought of selling this idea to the sitting government since the future of People Power was uncertain. I took the idea to President Museveni who read it and told me that he is going to help me implement my idea as soon as we are through this Covid crisis,” Ashburg said.

Ashburg added that he defected to NRM because he is tired of being abused by People Power supporters for trying to solicit for food for his fellow bloggers from Muhoozi through Balaam.

“I’m tired of working for people who do not appreciate my efforts,” Ashburg said.

“If Bobi Wine donated food to Museveni, why is it a crime for me to ask for food from the same government that he donated food to?” Ashburg asked.

“For the 12 years I’ve abused President Museveni, the only precious thing I have ever received is a watch from Don Bahati and some clothes.”

Ashburg blasted People Power leadership for sending him to the disciplinary committee when he told the leadership that he can never vote Full Figure.

Ashburg said that he is now going to start using his social media platforms to drum up support for the President.

Ashburg has worked with Bobi Wine for over 10 years and even has a People Power tatoo on his right hand.


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