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    ANOTHER SHOCKING SEX PARTY VIDEO: Girls Arrested In Kireka Sex Party Reveal Shocking Details …



    Some of the girls in the Kireka Video

    More details have emerged concerning the girls who were arrested yesterday in Kireka sex party.

    According to a source at Kira Municipality GISO’s office, the girls testified that they were brought by a pimp called Kays (who is currently on the run) to a private house Next to Tower Guest house in Kireka.

    The source further told this website that Kays is in the business of holding these private sex parties in good houses that he rents.

    “Men pay an entrance fee of USHS. 50,000 (VIP) and USHs. 30.000 (ordinary). Once inside, the girls are paraded and the man chooses the girl of his choice. Once the man chooses a girl, he is asked whether he wants to go to the VIP room or ordinary room,” the source said.

    He added that the VIP room cost USHS. 20,000 and it has a 6×6 bed while the ordinary room goes for USHS. 10,000 and it has a 4×6 bed. You are given only 30 minutes to enjoy yourself and if you want more time, you pay extra.

    The girls also confessed that the money they make from sleeping with the men is what their boss Kays pays them as their cut, the money paid as entrance fee goes to their boss Kays.

    The girls further disclosed that the more men you sleep with a night, the more money you make.

    theGrapevine also established that some of the girls arrested include: Prossy Nabukenya (20) from Kyebando, Namatovu Remmy (23) from Kanyanya, Susan Akwi (23) from Kyebando, Sabula Aceng (23) from Kyebando, Namuleme Remmy (18) from Kyebando, Mariam Nakalembe (20) from Kyebando, Nanfuza Shamira (28) from Namasuba, Christine Nansereko (21) from Kirinnya -Bweyogerere, Nalubega Phiona (27) from Luzira, Nambugwe Edith (22) from Jinja, Apoo Esther (26) from Kyebando and Rachael Agatha (21) from Kireka.

    Of these, Christine Nansereko ne Remmy Namuleme are students.

    Shockingly, after bursting a sex party den in Kireka a Kampala Suburb yesterday, another video has surfaced on social media of girls having a ‘Kimansulo’ party in Fort Portal.

    According to the captions in the video, the party took place at Mountains of the Moon hotel in Fort Portal.

    Below is the video:


    By Timothy Nyanzi



    Pastor Bugingo, Wife Makula Trash Breakup Allegations



    Pastor Aloysious Bugingo of House of prayer Ministries and wife Suzan Makula have trashed allegations that they broke up.

    Social media has been awash with news alleging that Pastor Bugingo and spouse Suzan Makula were at bad terms because the Pastor had committed adultery. The news also indicated that Makula had abandoned church over the same reason.

    However, the two have come out to deny the breakup allegations and said nothing but only death will separate them.

    In a YouTube interview with Kasuku, Suzan Makula and Pastor Bugingo trashed the rumours. Makula said she has been away from church because she had to attend to her mother who had been bedridden.

    Makula further said that she is at times busy ministering at Sunday school and that aside, she goes to church to pray not to exhibit her presence.

    Makula blamed the rumours on citizen journalists who circulate information before verifying its authenticity.

    Pastor Bugingo on the other hand said the rumors making rounds are not true. Bugingo said he has stopped his wife Makula from taking the matter to court and urged her to remain silent.

    “I told her to be silent on the matter and not go to court. Never step so low to take a stupid person in the courts of law,” Bugingo said.

    The two also revealed that they have been together since 2017 as opposed to media reports that they started their affair in 2019.

    In 2019,Pastor Bugingo filed for divorce with then wife Teddy Bugingo. Shortly after he paraded Suzan Makula as his official lover.


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    Kasuku Graduates With A Degree In Community Psychology



    Entertainment analyst, radio and television presenter Kasuku ( real name Katende Daniel Isaac) has graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in community psychology from Makerere University.

    Kasuku is among the graduands that were conferred various degrees as Makerere University closed its 73rd graduation ceremony on Friday February 17th, 2023.

    The ceremony was closed with graduation of graduands from the college of humanities and social science where Kasuku has been a student for the last three academic years and the college of engineering, design, art and technology. The graduation began on February 13th and ended on Friday February 17th.

    A total of 13,221 students have graduated during Makerere University’s 73rd graduation ceremony. 6,809 (52%) of these are female while 6,412 (48%) are male. 102 of these got doctorate degrees (PhD), 1378 were masters’ graduates, 108 got post graduate diplomas and 35 got undergraduate diplomas.


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    VIDEO: Chameleone Runs To Pastor Bujjingo To Break Gwanga Mujje Curse, Musician Uses Full Bottle Of Anointing Oil To Drive Away ‘Demons’…



    Legendary Musician Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone has run to House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI) Pastor Aloysious Bujjingo to break Gwanga Mujje curse.

    Of late, Chameleone has been shrouded in problems after his highly advertised concert was cancelled due to heavy rains that destroyed the stage on which he was set to perform that evening.


    Sources at Wakaliga based Salt Media, where Pastor Bujjingo sits as CEO told theGrapevine that Chameleone stormed them at around 5:00pm in the evening in his black range Rover sport with GWANGA MUJJE number plate to be anointed and be prayed for so that the blessing of the Lord Jesus Christ fight for him on 24th February when he steps again on stage.

    Chameleone was warmly welcomed by Pastor Bujjingo and some of his assistants led by Pastor Denis Mukulu.

    He was taken to Bujjingo’s office where the prayerful youthful pastor prayed for him and even anointed him with oil.


    “They almost used a full bottle of anointing oil on him,” a source who attended the prayer meeting told theGrapevine.

    It should be remembered that on Friday 10th February, Chameleone was set to step on stage again for his one-man concert dubbed Gwanga Mujje.

    However, in the afternoon, heavy rains hit the magnificent stage and the section of the VIP. Some of the stage organisers were left hurt and Fenon Events equipment destroyed.


    What happened with Jose Chameleon was the first ever of its kind. According to music critic and events’ organizer Eddy Ssendi, a similar event had happened in Nabugabo when promoter Abitex musinguzi aka Abitex promotions organized a stage on the shores of Nabugabo sand beach.

    According to Top Secrets, a local English tabloid, Biggie Events, the official organizer of Ggwanga Mujje had already paid  Chameleone Shs.150m and she was only waiting for her returns on investment.


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