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ANOTHER SHOCKING SEX PARTY VIDEO: Girls Arrested In Kireka Sex Party Reveal Shocking Details …



Some of the girls in the Kireka Video

More details have emerged concerning the girls who were arrested yesterday in Kireka sex party.

According to a source at Kira Municipality GISO’s office, the girls testified that they were brought by a pimp called Kays (who is currently on the run) to a private house Next to Tower Guest house in Kireka.

The source further told this website that Kays is in the business of holding these private sex parties in good houses that he rents.

“Men pay an entrance fee of USHS. 50,000 (VIP) and USHs. 30.000 (ordinary). Once inside, the girls are paraded and the man chooses the girl of his choice. Once the man chooses a girl, he is asked whether he wants to go to the VIP room or ordinary room,” the source said.

He added that the VIP room cost USHS. 20,000 and it has a 6×6 bed while the ordinary room goes for USHS. 10,000 and it has a 4×6 bed. You are given only 30 minutes to enjoy yourself and if you want more time, you pay extra.

The girls also confessed that the money they make from sleeping with the men is what their boss Kays pays them as their cut, the money paid as entrance fee goes to their boss Kays.

The girls further disclosed that the more men you sleep with a night, the more money you make.

theGrapevine also established that some of the girls arrested include: Prossy Nabukenya (20) from Kyebando, Namatovu Remmy (23) from Kanyanya, Susan Akwi (23) from Kyebando, Sabula Aceng (23) from Kyebando, Namuleme Remmy (18) from Kyebando, Mariam Nakalembe (20) from Kyebando, Nanfuza Shamira (28) from Namasuba, Christine Nansereko (21) from Kirinnya -Bweyogerere, Nalubega Phiona (27) from Luzira, Nambugwe Edith (22) from Jinja, Apoo Esther (26) from Kyebando and Rachael Agatha (21) from Kireka.

Of these, Christine Nansereko ne Remmy Namuleme are students.

Shockingly, after bursting a sex party den in Kireka a Kampala Suburb yesterday, another video has surfaced on social media of girls having a ‘Kimansulo’ party in Fort Portal.

According to the captions in the video, the party took place at Mountains of the Moon hotel in Fort Portal.

Below is the video:


By Timothy Nyanzi



M7 Chief Campaigners Fight Over Bread – Balaam, Bebe Cool, And Ashburg Katto have Formed Rival Cliques Within The NRM…



L-R: Ashburg Kato, Balaam Barugahara and Bebe Cool

As the 2021 general elections draw closer, pressure is visibly mounting amongst the various parties, mostly for the presidential position.

Within the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), there’s a silent but very intense battle raging on.

Museveni’s chief ground campaigners have initiated petty infighting over non clear issues, but highly attributed to uneven distribution of monetary resources, and craving for attention from the chief general himself.

Singers, Bebe Cool, Big Eye and Catherine Kusasira have their own clique, these have taken to the upcountry regions to convince people on why they should vote Tibuhaburwa as the president. theGrapevine clearly understands that Bebe Cool’s camp was initially installed to counter National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine’s huge crowds, to prove that Museveni’s NRM can also attract huge crowds.

However, due to public outcry after Bobi Wine’s arrest, the strategy was disbanded. They are now famously doing their boss’ job by moving house to house distributing yellow masks and T-shirts, as they ask the voters to vote for the incumbent president.

Museveni’s social media warmonger, Ashburg Katto also seems to be commanding his own troop comprising of motormouthed Wisdom Kaye, talkative Kafeero Innocent alias Dr. T Amale, and blogger Isma Olaxess. Ashburg Katto has initiated a program where he has printed Yellow-shirts and inscribed messages of Peace and reconciliation. This group is clearly a strategy to counter Bobi Wine’s huge presence on social media. Ashburg however, has gone as far as provocatively stating that his Museveni T-shirts are more expensive than Bebe Cool’s. This clearly looks like a desperate move to prove more allegiance to their boss.

There is also a camp for events promoter and self styled NRM fisherman, Balaam Barugahara who has taken upon himself the responsibility of recruiting new supporters into the party, alongside top executive officials like the Presidential Press Secretary, Don Wanyama and SG Kasule Lumumba among other top officials in the NRM party.

It’s not clear to ascertain which side Full Figure falls. The motormouthed singer cum presidential advisor, real names Jennifer Nakanguubi is all over the place most of the times, attacking any and everyone there’s to attack. She has however gone quite silent since she was bounced by security from attending Museveni’s manifesto launch shortly after his nomination earlier on this month citing no invitation to the occassion.

Unlike all the others, only Balaam has been so physically seen close to the president since the campaigns officially kicked off.

In a related development, Don Wanyama and Balaam have also lately rebutted claims that the events promoter was together with Parliamentary backbench commissioner, who is also Bukooli Central MP Solomon Silwany thrown out of the State Lodge in Soroti by President Museveni’s Special Forces Command (SFC) guards earlier in the week.

Mr. Barugahara, in a Facebook post described the reported events of him being barred from seeing the President as untrue, saying that he understood the procedure of meeting the No.1 citizen and cannot simply show up without clearance of the Principal Private Secretary.

“Its not true at all. I spent my day in Kumi mobilising for President Museveni. I even attended the last meeting of our Party Chairman,” Mr. Barugahara wrote.

The position was also confirmed by Presidential Press Secretary Don Wanyama, who said Mr. Barugahara was never bounced as earlier reported.

“Claims that Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi was kicked out of Soroti State lodge are false. Treat them as such. The immunised mutabani is busy in Eastern Uganda combing every nook and crevice for votes for Mzee wa Kazi YK Museveni,” Don Wanyama tweeted.

State lodges are used by the President as residential places whenever he visits the countryside and they are manned by SFC, an elite unit responsible for the security of the President of Uganda and other special operations.

Both State House and Balaam have disputed the reports, after reports had earlier on indicated that MP Silwany was moving in his official Parliamentary car Reg No. UG 0344H along Balaam who is the Managing Director of Balaam Marketing and Promotions Agency in Uganda.


By Baron Kironde


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Pay Us Or We Drag You To Court – Pastor Yiga’s Girlfriend Nabbi Omukazi, Kojja Kimbowa Threaten To Sue Yiga’s Heir…



Kojja Kimbowa (L) Jengo and Nabbi omukazi (R)

Controversial girlfriend to the fallen pastor Augustine Yiga alias Abizaayo, of Kawala Revival Church has threatened to drag ABS TV to court if she is not paid Shs.750 Million.

Maggie Kayima alias Nabbi omukazi, through her lawyers Erias Nalukoola and Co. Advocates, sent a notice of intention to sue to ABS TV management accusing them of using her voice in their television tagline, “owuliriza television ABS ekuwumuza ebirowoozo”.
In the notice seen by this website, Maggie Kayima claims that she didn’t give ABS TV management consent to use her voice which has made a lot of money for the management of the television.

She admitted that its true she was among the people behind the establishment of ABS but she didn’t allow them to use her voice.

She directed them to pay her Shs.600m as damages, Shs. 100m as fees to her lawyers and to refund her Shs. 50m which she used to instruct her lawyers to write the intention to sue.

Pastor Yiga died last month but at the time of his death, he had bitterly separated with Maggie Kayima who was at one time his girlfriend.

However, after his death, Kayima was brought back to manage Yiga’s Revival band.

Kayima is currently under investigation by Uganda police and the State House Anti corruption Unit commanded by Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema, on fraud charges connected to embattled Bombo Revival church lead pastor Siraje Ssemanda.

Ssemanda, singer Catherine Kusasira, pastor Frankline Mugisha Mondo and others still at large are accused of fraudulently obtaining over Shs.4bn from fellow pastors and unsuspecting Ugandans.

However, this website learnt that there is a serious fight among the administrators of Yiga’s estate especially between the heir, pastor Andrew Jengo and city herbalist Richard Kimbowa commonly known as Kojja Kimbowa stemming from the money Kimbowa loaned Yiga during their business dealings.

Credible sources in Yiga’s church told theGrapevine that Kimbowa is also planning to sue pastor Jengo over his money which his father left un paid.
Efforts to reach pastor Jengo were futile because he did not pick our calls.


By Baron Kironde


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Obote Son Beats Up MP Akena Before Their Old Mum Miria Obote At Their Kololo Home…



Jimmy Akena (L) and Miria Obote (R)

The children of Milton Obote are unhappy with Jimmy Akena for dominating everything in the family including the billions they get annually as benefits because their late father was both Prime minister and President of Uganda.

The other two Obote’s sons Eddie Engena Maitum and Tony Akaki are unhappy that Akena and his wife Betty Among are monopolizing all the money without giving them anything. Akena is also politically enjoying all the benefits got from the Obote name in Lango without allowing his brothers to benefit also by shining politically.

When Apac municipality was created, Engena, who is also a pastor in Kenya came home and demanded to stand there on the UPC ticket but Akena blocked him and gave the UPC flag to someone else. Engena went ahead and stood as an independent against Akena’s candidate but lost.

He has been grassing since that time and one afternoon recently, he stormed his mother’s house in Kololo where he demanded to know why he should live in poverty when his father was a very rich man and former President of Uganda. Akena was there, he confronted him and the two exchanged blows until Miria their mother separated them.

Engena accused Miria of favoring Akena even when he mistreats them by denying them benefits of being Obote’s sons. A tearful Engena cursed Akena and assured Miria he will never come back again. Bishop Engena became so much annoyed that even when his Kenyan wife died recently, he grieved alone without involving Akena and other family members.

The miserable Bishop buried his wife in Luwero where he bought land and says he isn’t interested in the Oyima clan things anymore because Akena has monopolized everything back home in Akokoro.        


By Sandra Mukisa


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