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As We Move Into Another Three Weeks (21 Days) Lockdown: Former ISO Spy Says The Forces That Are Moving M7 To Close The Economy Are Very Big, Wonders How A State Starts Begging From Tax Payers, Says The Country Is In Auto Pilot…



Like we predicted earlier, we are going to have another 21 days in lock down according to President Museveni’s address today.

Museveni said that all measures announced at the start of the lock down will still stand up to 5th April 2020 as more people are being tested and as the Ministry of Health team battles to totally eliminate the sick inside the country.

However, the president said that the money that has so far been collected by the Covid-19 Response Team led by the Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda will be diverted to support other sensitive sectors like agriculture, building roads, support Uganda Development Bank so that it can be able to give loans to businessmen to do business. He said that only a little will be used on food for the vulnerable poor.

Meanwhile, former Internal Security Officer (ISO) operative Charles Rwomushana has weighed in on the coronavirus lockdown.

Rwomushana noted in his long Facebook post that the forces that are moving President Museveni to close the economy far exceed the interior dynamics and go beyond his appreciation of the sanctity and value for life.

“You have a country in auto pilot. You have a leadership whose thinking is in a lock down. The strategy of containing the spread of Covid-19 isn’t the NRA Occupation own discovery. Not at all,” he said.

He added, “The NRA simply did copy and paste. And I have had time to congratulate the NRA for doing the right thing without a fight from activists.

At a 100,000 Covid deaths world wide, if all were from Uganda, with 50,000 villages would translate into two deaths per village. I can bet you two deaths per village wouldn’t move Museveni to lock down his occupation economy.

The forces that move Museveni close the economy far exceed the interior dynamics and go beyond his appreciation of the sanctity and value for life.

I have asked on various media outlets, what emergencies did Museveni prepare for?”

He said, “Were these the emergencies relating to Covid-19 infections and sickness and emergencies relating to the measures aimed at containing the spread of Covid-19 such as the Lock down?

Let me explain ka little.

If you had Rushere ravaged by covid 19, you would probably have to isolate the sick, the infected, the the rest of the population to contain the spread.

The sick and their families would emergency intervention, food, hospitalisation etc.”

He added, “This is not what Museveni is dealing with.

Museveni is dealing with prevention which purely primary health care.

I will come to this later.

The emergency of prevention, since public transport is locked down, then take me to hospital on other health emergencies other than Covid 19.

In this lock down I have had first class experience so I know what it means

It’s so bad to the extent that doctors who do surgery wouldn’t move during curfew.

We had to contend with the worst case scenario.

We at least had vehicles to facilitate management of pain.”

“A Museveni who can’t handle light emergencies arising out of the strategy of containment, would not manage large scale covid 19 assault.

What are the prevention measures? Wash hands. Don’t cough in the face of your neighbour.

If you have touched your an** or the hands of another idiot who didn’t wash hands after touching his ass and didn’t wash hands, don’t touch in your mouth before washing your hands etc.”

“Okweheha, okwekuruza, brushing teeth, bathing etc are primary health care tactics.

Covid 19 prevention falls within primary health care.

We have and have always had a minister of state for primary health care.

A minister to deal with bathing, Okweheha, okwekuruza etc.

If the NRA Occupation #alnakba leadership wasn’t dead, you wouldn’t be enforcing Primary Health care through military means. Apaana

You are dealing with a dead system and a dense dense population that is spiritually paralysed,” he noted.

“A small comment on the fiscal policy and I leave you.

A state in charge of the fiscal policy and monitory policy can put akatemere or akabo to beg own population to handle health emergencies.

That state is silly.

If you need vehicles for emergencies, you compulsorily acquire those vehicles and other facilities and compensate before or after.

How can a head of state put up a committee including cabinet ministers to beg from taxi payers.

The State can even do deficit financing. That is spend more than you collected in tax revenue.

That is if you are dealing with health emergencies.

Museveni isn’t dealing with any health emergencies

He is indulging in some Public relations and that is why his satisfied Bazukulu like Rwakakamba etc wanted to indulge the hungry on rotten posho on the Museveni rigged press ups challenge and the PR collapsed.

The Museveni satisfied people corruptly procured Covid 19 Stickers and are not locked down.

Extend and or lift the lock down, I don’t care,” he said.


By Grapevine Reporter




What You Missed During Age Limit Case: Gov’t Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo Reported For Leaking State Secrets, East African Court Directs MP Nambooze And Others To Pay Billions To Gov’t…



Government spokesperson who also doubles as the Executive Director of the media center is in trouble after being accused of giving vital government secrets to non-government officials.

During the proceedings of the Age limit in the East African courts of Justice, Attorney General William Byaruhanga was shocked to learn that much of the evidence the applicant, city lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi based on was given to him by Ofwono Opondo.

“My Lords Mr. Mabirizi based on baseless evidences which he claims was given to him by a one Ofwono Opondo,  it’s not true, he is  just targeting our officials who are holding sensitive offices on behalf of the Ugandans,” Byaruhanga submitted.

In his submission, Mabirizi told Honorable Lady Justice Monica Mugenyi, Honorable Justice Dr. Charles Nyawello and Honorable Justice Charles Nyachae of the East African Court of Justice that when he was hosted on NBS TV to discuss the Supreme Court judgment on the Age limit Appeal, he met Ofwono who boasted that there was no way he was going to defeat the ruling NRM party when most of the justices on the panel were their cadres.

The flamboyant lawyer revealed that Ofwono also told him that Justice Jotham Tumwesigye, one of the justices who ruled in the favor of the Attorney General was his boss at the NRM secretariat when he was the Director legal.

Mabirizi further told court that Tumwesigye’s judgment was biased given his closeness to the beneficiary of the lifting of the age limit from the Constitution since they went in the same school and he worked in his government.

He added that it was unethical for retired Chief Justice Bart Katureebe to preside over the age limit case well knowing that he is a close friend to president Museveni having worked in his government as the Attorney General and a Minister who at one time traveled in the same vehicle with Museveni to Tanzania.

He also told court that Justice Arach Amoko was also compromised since her husband was appointed by Museveni as an ambassador.

Lawyers Ssemakadde (L) and Mabirizi

“In the instant case, none of the Justices made an affidavit to rebut the evidence and I have not seen any averment by any other person to controvert my evidence,” Mabirizi insisted.

He further accused the Constitutional court of treating him like an alien before them, he gave an example of statements from the acting Chief Justice who bragged during the hearing of the age limit case that his court was not going to be the first to breach the rules of procedure.

Mabirizi said that in the same court, he was prevented from asking Gen. David Muhoozi, the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) Chief of Defence Forces questions especially on who commanded the historical attack on Parliament during the age limit debate.

He also pined the Constitutional court for allowing defective affidavits on the court record.

He said that the Supreme Court also extended time for filling submissions without his application and input.

Mabirizi also told court that he was humiliated when he was told to sit in the dock as if he was attending a criminal trial and when the matter went to the Supreme Court, they assigned him an isolation desk contrary to article 21(1) of the constitution which guarantees equality before and under the law.

He added that the Supreme Court even denied him Shs.20m awarded to each petitioner yet article 126(2) of the constitution requires compensation to be done irrespective of whether a party is represented or not.

He told court that during the delivering of the judgement, the then Chief Justice was suffering from infirmity of the body after losing his sight and was on his way to surgery.

He insisted that there was judicial fraud where after obtaining a majority of 4-3 stating that the constitutional court erred in law in applying the substantiality test, thereby winning the appeal, the Chief Justice announced the opposite declaring him the loser.

“My lords, this is the gravest injustice I have ever seen and heard of. Although a party can agonize over an unfair decision, it is beyond agony for the same court to refuse to declare a party’s win. I have demonstrated how the entire appeal rested on substantiality test and winning it meant winning the appeal but the Chief Justice chose to swindle my win,” Mabirizi stated.

Mabirizi asked the regional court to declare that the decision made by the Ugandan courts violated the East African treaty and declare it false.

However, the Attorney General who represented Ugandan Government insisted that Mabirizi only lacks experience on how court proceedings are handled that’s why he accuses judicial officers of being biased.

He said that the reason why he was evicted from siting in places where Advocates sit is because he didn’t go to Law Development Center for a certificate of legal practice.

He asked court to punish Mabirizi for insulting Uganda’s judicial officers and also dismiss his case with costs.

Earlier, the court dismissed with costs a case where Ugandan lawyers led by Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze the spokesperson of the people’s government, Kira Municipality legislator Ibrahim Semujju Nganda and others were also challenging the lifting of the age limit in the East African court of Justice.

Donald Omondi Deya, a celebrated Tanzanian lawyer who was representing the petitioners, told court that he was withdrawing his petition because his clients lost interests in it. He prayed to court to withdraw his case without costs but Attorney General Byaruhanga insisted that the government lost a lot of money because of the case and wanted to be compensated.

Mabirizi tried to plead to court not to slap costs on Members of Parliament because they brought the matter as a public interest litigation but not commercial. However, court agreed with the Attorney General and the matter was dismissed with costs.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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Speaker Kadaga Directs Mandatory Covid19 Testing Of All MPs After Legislator Allegedly Tests Positive…



Speaker Kadaga

The Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga has revealed that all Members of Parliament (MPs) and staff of Parliament will undergo mandatory testing for COVID-19.

While addressing plenary today, the Speaker said that the exercise will be conducted by the Ministry of Health starting on Thursday, 16 July 2020.

The Speaker disclosed that to avoid congestion, Ministry of Health will start with the MPs and the staff will also be screened later.

This comes after unconfirmed reports indicated that a Member of Parliament on Parliament’s COVID-19 Taskforce tested positive for the deadly disease.

Uganda currently has 1,043 confirmed COVID-19 cases. 198 are active cases while 1004 Recoveries (both Ugandans and non-Ugandans) have been registered with no death so far registered.

Uganda is yet to directly record deaths from COVID-19.


By Sandra Mukisa


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ANOTHER VIDEO OF MINISTER ACENG’S SUPPORTERS: Bobi Wine Brands Health Minister A Liar After Sharing Another Video Of Her Supporters In Procession…



Another video of Uganda’s Health Minister, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng has surfaced on social media showing her supporters in a procession.

Yesterday morning, pictures were circulating on social media showing the minister appearing to be addressing people without social distancing while some were not wearing masks, drawing criticism.

This attracted a lot of criticism from the masses with many Ugandans attacking the Minister for failing to practice what she is preaching.

In response to the criticism, the Minister said that she neither abandoned the social distancing rules put in place to stop the spread of coronavirus, nor was she campaigning as alleged.

“My attention is drawn to social media posts of pictures of me meeting crowds with no social distancing and no masks and even alleging that I was holding a political rally.I would like to reiterate that I was not holding a political rally. I was launching the distribution of face masks in Aromo Sub county and training people on how to properly use the masks on Friday 10 July 2020,” Aceng, who declared that she would be contesting for the Lira Municipality MP seat said.

Today morning, Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine shared a video of another procession by the minister’s supporters.

“This video shows a procession organised by Ms. Jane Ruth Aceng, Uganda’s minister for health, who is running for Woman Member of Parliament, Lira District on NRM ticket. Some of the people in the video are not wearing face masks. There is no social distance whatsoever. This is just one of the other gatherings she has convened from the time she announced her candidature. This is the same person who has signed regulations banning boda boda operations, religious gatherings, arcades’ operations, schools, etc,” Bobi Wine said.

He added, “While this was going on in Lira, Ugandans who gathered around a radio station in Jinja to merely wave at me were tear gassed, and others brutalised for ‘violating COVID regulations’! As the regime pushes for what they call a scientific election, NRM politicians across the country are organising public rallies and other gatherings. The same way they brutalised Hon. Zaake for giving food assistance to starving residents, while NRM politicians held rallies to distribute food.”

“There has never been a more shameless, more hypocritical, and more crass regime than the NRM regime. They are pathetic liars, always doing the opposite of what they preach.

I call upon all Ugandans to reject the nonsense of a scientific election. We must also stand in solidarity and reject the continued violation rights of citizens to earn a living in the name of enforcing COVID regulations!” he said.

This video shows a procession organised by Ms. Jane Ruth Aceng, Uganda’s minister for health, who is running for Woman…

Posted by Bobi Wine on Sunday, July 12, 2020

By Sandra Mukisa


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