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    AUDIO: I Won’t Become Stupid Like Some Greedy Pastors – Bugingo Warns Fellow Pastors, Blasts Fr. Lokodo



    Pastor Bugingo worshiping God


    Pastor Aloysious Bugingo of House of Prayers Ministry International and salt FM and Salt TV has told his congregation that he will not stoop so low and Join Catholics, Muslims, protestants and Anglicans in the inter religious council, like his greedy colleagues are doing, because the Born-again doctrines are different from those of the mainstream religions.

    Bugingo also asked President Museveni to remind Fr. Simon Lokodo of his right job description because it seems he doesn’t know it.

    “The other day, they (Lokodo) sent me a letter asking me to help them draft a document that will guide religious/faith based organisations bill.

    You cannot put a person like Bugingo in such stupid deliberations. Are you asking me to increase on the Muslims prayers (swalah) or reduce on them?

    Why is Lukodo concentrating on Christian believers when he knows that the doctrines of these religions are different.

    Allah (for the Muslims) does not want to enter his place of worship with shoes, Mary (for the Catholics) does not care whether you come with shoes, now you want a religious policy governing what and who?

    I am praying that his excellence the president can guide ministers like Lokodo on what their jobs require.

    Pastor Bugingo preaching

    Lokodo doesn’t know what ethics and integrity means. If he knew what that term meant, he would have closed all discotheques and bars where girls frequent half naked every day. Look at the national television and see the songs that they are playing, see how girls dress during holidays and at the beach. Much as the president is giving skills to the youth, the person/minister who is charged to help him achieve this is focusing on non-issues.

    I have not heard him telling these local stations or these youths that it is not good for a girl to move in public dressed only in a knicker and bra.

    Conmen are very many in the country, just go to CIID Kibuli and see the numerous cases there of people whose land and property has been stolen by these conmen.

    You have failed to pass the bill on marriages, abortion is on the increase, but Lokodo does not see all this,” Bugingo charged.

    Bugingo warned his fellow pastors who are motivated by greed that he will not join their bandwagon. “By the way, those proposals are not from Father Lokodo, they are from those (born again) imposters who went to the inter religious council with nothing.

    You want to copy other religions and join inter religious council but you don’t have Hospitals, you don’t have schools, you don’t have land and the little land that you have you stolen it from orphans.

    All the religions you are trying to join have their headquarters on earth. Catholics originate from Rome to Rubaga, Muslims originate from Mecca to Kibuli or Old Kampala, Anglicans originate from from the Queen of England to Namirembe, Orthodox originate from Greece to Namungoona, now the Born-again also want a place of origin. Our origin is in heaven and that is where our headquarters are.

    The Born-again are also becoming stupid and trying to break away from God because they want to be like the religions/people of the world.  No wonder you are writing useless letters.

    They want a law so that they can have one person heading all born-again Christians the way it is in other religions.

    Christ is the head of his church, no one on earth can claim to be an Archbishop, Cardinal or Mufti of Christ’s church.

    We don’t prepare a place for our God to sit, our God prepares a place for himself, so we should pray for these people,” Bugingo warned.

    Here is the Audio:


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    NRM Urges Farmers To Embrace Parish Development Model



    The National Resistance Movement (NRM), through the NRM deputy Secretary-General Rt. Hon. Rose Nsereko Namayanja, has urged farmers to embrace the Parish Development Model in order to boost their productivity.

    Namayanja told farmers to embrace PDM at a function where she was installed as the new patron of Balandiza Kirose Kasamba Kajansi Association at Kasuku children center in Kajansi, Wakiso.

    “I encourage you to embrace government programs like the Parish Development Model (PDM), Emyooga, and other poverty alleviation projects to boost your productivity and uplift your livelihoods,” she said.

    Namayanja told farmers that the best politics that can unite them is that of development and urged them to educate their children to foster community development.

    “The best politics that can bring us together is the politics of development where we don’t segregate anyone. I urge you to focus on educating your children because education is the biggest investment any parent can give to their children which in turn leads to the development of your community,”Namayanja said.

    Namayanja was appointed patron Balandiza Kirose Kasamba Kajansi Association following the death of Mathia Kasamba the association’s former patron. The association unites farmers from the cells of Nakawuka and Kasuku parishes in Kajansi.

    Namayanja welcomed her new role as the association’s patron and called upon the members to work in unison with her and utilise the available resources to develop themselves.

    “I accept to be your patron and I encourage you to be at the forefront in fighting poverty among the livelihoods in your communities. Let us work together by using the available resources to develop economically,”she said.

    The NRM deputy Secretary-General added that; There is indeed a scarcity of land in this area but you can do a lot with the small piece of land you have. We are privileged to have two rainy seasons and I urge all farmers to take advantage of the rains and plant crops. As we do farming, let’s focus on the quality of our products so that we take advantage of the available market within Kampala.

    Namayanja told farmers to work differently and remain united and pledged that government will continue supporting the farmers’ association by equipping them with new knowledge to enable them acquire new farming skills.



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    I Am Tired Of Borrowing – Finance Minister Matia Kasaija



    Minister in charge of finance Matia Kasaija has expressed his frustration with the the habit of government borrowing funds to finance its budget.

    Kasaija said Tuesday at the launch of the Public Investment Financing Strategy (PIFS) at Sherston Hotel that government should look for alternatives and stop borrowing.

    “I am tired of borrowing…We must look for other ways how we can raise funds to develop Uganda other than borrowing,” he said.

    Kasaija said PIFS will help government raise funds since borrowing and grants are not sufficient enough to fund government programmes.

    “The implementation of this financing strategy is a priority of government. Borrowing and grants are necessary but not sufficient options for funding all government programmes,” he said.

    The minister of finance noted that Uganda has an annual financing gap of about 33 trillion shillings, given approximately 49 trillion that is budgeted for annually.

    According to Kasaija about 411 trillion is needed to finance all government programmes.

    At the end of 2022, Uganda had a debt of about 80 trillion. This was revealed by the Deputy Governor Bank of Uganda, Michael Atingi-Ego.


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    Attorney General, DPP Oppose Anti-Homosexuality Bill



    The Attorney General and the deputy director of Public prosecutions (DPP) have opposed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023.

    While appearing before the parliamentary committee on legal affairs on March 18th, the Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka said the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is a duplication of existing laws.

    “Our criminalisation of homosexuality clause 9 of the new is a duplication since it is catered for in CAP 120 of the penal code,” he said.

    The Attorney General said the penal code is supposed to be the main penal law of the county, adding that it is hard to detect, investigate, prosecute and sentence homosexuals since the act is done in private.

    The deputy director of Public prosecutions James Odumbi was in agreement with the Attorney General.

    However, officials from the Ministry of gender labour and social development supported the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

    Hellen Asamo (state Minister for disability affairs) and Rose Lilly Akello (state Minister for ethics and Intergrity) both agreed that it was important to have the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023.

    These argued that the Bill, if passed, will protect the cherished cultural values of Uganda and protect children against the acts of sexual minority rights activists.

    Abdul Katuntu told the committee that, though homosexuals do the act in private, crimes are not only committed against individuals but society.

    President Museveni said Thursday that he needed a scientific opinion on homosexuality and that the subject would be discussed conclusively another time.

    The parliamentary committee on legal affairs is currently scrutinising the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023 that was spearhead by MP Asuman Basalirwa.


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