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    AUDIO: Remembering Oliver Mtukudzi, The Musician From Zimbabwe Who Sang Todii & Neria. He Had Over 200 songs & 67 Albums Before His Death At 66.



    It’s now exactly two years apart from Oliver Mtukudzi’s death. The legendary music maestro, also simply known as Tuku remarkably dominated the Zimbabwean Arts charts for over 4 Decades.

    Before his death on the 23rd of January in 2019, Tuku at 66 had 67 albums to his name. Perhaps one for each year he lived, and an extra one for the next year he seemingly knew he wouldn’t be around.

    He always introduced himself as “a Musician from Zimbabwe”. “My name is Oliver Dairai Mtukudzi, or simply call me Tuku. And Dairai means believe” Tuku used to repeatedly say.

    Tuku, the brain behind famous songs Todii and Neria presented an everlasting art in his timeless efforts. His intention to leave a notable mark on the global music industry has been successful.

    “The purpose of a song is to give life, and hope to the people. To heal broken hearts. If you educate, inform and sensitize or heal a broken heart, you’re giving life. And that’s how I want me and my music to be remembered,” Tuku said.

    The legendary musician made so many notable songs, but his major hit ‘Todii’ is by far his best of all. Todii is considerably Tuku’s masterpiece.

    Driven by the irony that the same special woman or man of your dreams could actually be your own dream killer, Tuku had with him a very heavy burden of story worthy to be told. In his trademark sound and soothing voice, Tuku mastered Todii, his most famous song about the HIV/AIDs epidemic in Africa.

    The song intro in Tuku’s native language that goes, “Hooo todiii (S’enzeni?) What shall we do? (Tingadii) S’enzenjani?(What shall we do?)” expressed in a very calm deep voice and smooth vocal impression, with the well stringed and yet sad guitar notes already suggests that it’s perhaps a very sad song.

    And you clearly don’t even have to understand Tuku’s spoken language but can emotionally well feel what he’s trying to say when he sings.

    Chronologically narrating in his introductory verse in Todii, Tuku wonders how painful it is to look after someone you know is going to die since they have AIDS.

    He further goes on to ask how heartless and meditates how painful it is for someone you live with to literally murder you yet they even paid your bride price in the name of love.

    Todii Review Audio;


    Besides Todii, Neria is another of those life changing hits from the legendary Tuku. Neria was the official sound track of the 1983 movie which went by the same title “Neria”. Neria was a female character in the movie that depicted the typical average life of a widow in an African setting.

    The song composed by “Jethro”, Neria’s brother seeks to console and comfort his widowed and troubled sister who is facing a very challenging moment after the tragic death of her loving husband at a very disastrous, trying time.

    The single off the album of the same name (Neria) became and still is so synonymous with the challenges Zimbabwean and African widows face at large; such as social ostracism and inheritance disputes.

    Neria Review Audio;


    The other songs that defined Tuku’s legendary musical journey that spanned over a period of four decades;

    Mtukudzi released over 60 albums, each one proving better than the one that preceded it. His genre of Afro-jazz, with the characteristic of a teacher told numerous stories and valuable lessons through the richly metaphorical Shona language.

    There is at least a Tuku song for every stage in one’s life and for every grievous and joyous moment.

    Mtukudzi worked with numerous other musical giants including his dear friend High Masekela, Ringo Madlingozi, The Black Spirits, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Joss Stone.

    The world mourns the passing of a true music connoisseur and creator, but there’s alot to celebrate. His legacy.

    Here are among others some of Tuku’s life changing songs;

    Mutserendende, Hasaati Aziva, Ndagarwa Nhaka, Kunze Kwadoka, Wasakara, Ndakuvara, Raki Pindurai Mambo, Ndima Ndapedza, Tozeza Baba, Tsika Dzedu.

    By Baron Kironde



    PHOTOS: Dazzling, Curvy And Hot Looking Banyarwanda, Bafumbira And Burundi Babes Bombard Hill Top Naguru For “Iwacu Heza” Fete…



    Dazzling, curvy and hot looking Banyarwanda, Bafumbira and Burundi babes bombarded Hill Top Naguru for the “Iwacu Heza” fete.

    “Iwacu Heza,” which is the 4th edition happened on 31st, August and attracted women who stormed the place in celebration of their culture.

    Tickets for the event went for Shs.500,000, a table of six with a whiskey bottle, early bird, Shs.10,000 and ordinary pay was Shs.15000.

    The event whose theme was dubbed “Celebrating the Bafumbira, Barundi and Banyarwanda contemporary culture,” attracted a number of artists.

    The artists included, King Derio, Slenda MC, Laika among others who are Ugandan based and Bwiza the Rwandan song bird who recently released her hit song “Ready” featuring John Blaq.

    The event attracted a number of DJs who included, DJ Emmat, DJ Slugface, DJ Yela and DJ Lenzo.

    Since it was a traditional event, the traditional performances were by the Ingyenzi troupe, a traditional troupe from Rwanda.

    The event also had activities like riddles in their local dialect , ‘Kwivuga’, ‘Inanga’ and a saxophonist.

    “Iwacu Heza” always happens twice in one year and the next edition with happen on 27th, November, 2022.

    It should also be noted that the proceeds from the event went towards supporting the rotary club of Mgahinga in empowering young girls in Kisoro with reusable sanitary pads.


    By Kalamira Hope


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    Spice Diana Saga Takes New Twist; Family Of Murdered Boy In Bitter Row With LC3 After Leaked Audio To Musician’s Manager…



    The family of the late Henry Nsamba (27), who was allegedly murdered at renowned musician Hajara Namukwaya alias Spice Diana’s home in Makindye, Salaama road, Kyamula zone is now in a bitter war with the area LC3 boss, Jacob Akuguzibwe alias Jacob Omutuuze after allegedly leaking his (Jacob) audio to Spice’s manager, Roger Lubega.

    In the audio that leaked, Jacob Omutuuze was advising the deceased’s father and sister on what to perfectly execute their case.

    Speaking to journalists on 26th July, Jacob noted that after he heard about the incident, he immediately contacted Spice Diana’s manager since he has known the musician for over 17years and her manager for over 12 years.

    Jacob said that he is also a friend to the deceased’s family and so it was easy to get clear information from all parties.

    “By the time the incident happened, I was in Fort Portal when the deceased’s father Johnson Matovu contacted me and told me that my friend Spice had murdered his son,” he narrated.

    He noted that when he came back to Kampala, he requested to meet Matovu but it was not possible at that point because he was handling the case of his son’s killing with police.

    He added, “So, I decided to call manager Roger and asked to meet him so that we can talk about the allegation which he accepted. When I met him, he narrated to me their side of the story and on that same day I met Matovu and his daughter to also tell me what they knew.”

    “When I met them, I told them what Roger had told me. After, they narrated to me their side of the story, I sided with them and advised them even though Spice and her manager have been my good friends for a long time.”

    He divulged, “But what really annoyed me, after we had talked with the deceased’s family, Kukiriza Ketra, the deceased’s sister recorded my words and sent them to manager Roger. What is really disturbing my mind now is how do you tell me that Roger killed your brother but go ahead to send him whatever I talked with you.”

    Jacob asserted that when Roger got the audio, he called many people who called him (Jacob) blaming him for what he had done.

    He added, “Kenzo, being among the people who called me asked me why I did that to Spice Diana and I explained to him that I did it for the good of my area. When it comes to my people who voted for me, I put friendship aside.

    “But from that time, I gave up on Ketra’s family. However, what really disappointed me more is Ketra coming up and claiming that I have not done enough to help them with the case.”

    However, when contacted by theGrapevine, Ketra denied the allegations claiming that she has never met manager Roger or even set an eye on him.

    “I just hear about manager Roger; I don’t even know him. I have never even sent him any audio. The only person I sent Jacob’s audio was the police person who was handling our case,” she told theGrapevine.

    Jacob has however vowed never to involve himself in the case and asked the deceased’s family to put him out of their case.


    By Kalamira Hope


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    PICTURES: What You Missed; Hottest, Coolest, Best And Worst Dressed Revelers At Blankets And Wine…



    Nigerian singer Ayra Starr excited revelers at the 27th Edition of Blankets & Wine fest held at Lugogo Cricket Oval on Sunday, 24th, July.

    Ayra excited revelers when she asked them who could sing along to her recent song Afro soul.

    Besides Ayra Starr, South African duo Blaq Diamond, who came on stage following a surprise fireworks display, entertained the crowd with hits like Ibhanoyi and Summer yo Muthi.

    Other performers throughout the day included; Kamanzi, Zulitums, Brian Aliddeki, Melodic Inversions, Joshua Baraka and DJs Ssesse, FEM DJ and others.

    Women dressed their best during the fest and left men pocketing.

    theGrapevine brings you the hottest, coolest, best and worst dressed Kampala babes and dudes who attended.

    By Hope Kalamira


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