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Balaam Asks For Shs.1billion From Kabushenga Led Kampala Sun For Portraying Him As A Fraudster And Extortionist…



It seems the troubles of Robert Kabushenga led Vision Group are not about to end.

This is after events promoter and National Resistance Movement (NRM) party diehard Balaam Barugahara threatened to sue them if he is not compensated with Shs.1bn.

Through his lawyers of Isabirye and Company Advocates, Balaam claims that, Vision Group, through its weekly newspaper the Kampala Sun defamed him when they alleged that he was muscling Uganda Cranes players for a share of money allegedly paid to them by President Museveni.

“Needless to say, that the publication was false, baseless and not with any truth but has none the less damaged the reputation of our client in a manner that is irreparable, as when construed and contextualized in its natural, and ordinary meaning, or by innuendo, said article is understood to mean and to suggest that Mr. Balaam Barugahara, our client, is a criminal, an immoral and indefensible man,” Balaam’s lawyers stated in their letters.

They insist that the Kampala Sun article under the headline ‘Balaam harasses Uganda Cranes over Sevo Cash’ negatively impacted on the integrity of their client, demeaned his reputation in his capacity as a businessman and a family man in the eyes of reasonable Ugandans, East Africans, Africans and the world at large to the extent of him being viewed as a fraudster and extortionist.

“In addition to causing him to limit his interaction with his peers, contemporaries, business partners and colleagues in order for him to avoid the contempt and ridicule that he suffers when amongst them, this emotional suffering has caused him to suffer stress and affected his moods and behavior in a depressing manner,” the lawyers added.

They claim that because of such suffering, their client demands a public apology for the claimed false story and compensation of Shs.1bn.

They gave vision group only three days from yesterday to do so.

Last week, Uganda Communications Commissions (UCC) suspended Urban TV’s Scoop on Scoop gossip show after socialite Sheilah Gashumba petitioned the commission over defamatory statements from the show host Tina Fierce against her. Urban TV is another Vision Group product. Sheilah also asked for Shs.400 million compensation.


By Jamil Lutakome



Doing Business In Mbale, Iganga, Tirinyi Made Easy After Road Construction Giants Dott Services Puts Final Touches On 100km Road…



Dott Services Contracts Manager Eng. Jamesone Olonya

Road construction giants Dott services limited has revealed that they are putting final touches on the 100km Iganga-Tirinyi-Mbale road.

During a media tour of the state of the art road, Dott Services Contracts Manager Eng. Jamesone Olonya, thanked Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) for diligently playing a supervisory role during the construction process, he promised that the project is expected to be finished next month (August).

“We are happy that throughout the duration of this whole project, we have been closely supervised by our employer and we think the UNRA team is doing a very good job,” Eng. Olonya said.

Eng. Olonya said that the 100km road that cost UGX 135 billion and was fully funded by the Ugandan government will not only ease transport for people and goods, but will also reduce accidents since they have put special walkways for pedestrians in some busy trading centres.

“Completion of the road was initially set for April 2020 but it was extended by three months by UNRA after heavy rains raised the water levels on the many rivers along the highway,” Eng. Olonya said.

The road starts at Nakalama, a suburb of Iganga District, on the Jinja–Tororo Highway, approximately 44kms and proceeds in a north-easterly direction, through Namutumba, Tirinyi and Kamonkoli before ending at Mbale, a total distance of about 100 kilometers.

Locals in Iganga and Mbale told theGrapevine that they are happy that the new road is going to boost business in their areas by easing the movement of goods in the four eastern districts of Iganga, Namutumba, Tirinyi in Kibuku District, Kamonkoli in Budaka District, and Mbale.

DOTT Services Ltd is a 25 years’ old Ugandan Company, incorporated in 1994.

The construction company is ranked in Class A1 tier and also has operations spread out in countries like Zambia, South Sudan, Tanzania and India among others.

By Sengooba Alirabaki


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I Don’t Own All Those Building, I Work For Someone Else: Tycoon Drake Lubega Discloses Why He Has Refused To Forgive His Tenants Rent On ‘His’ 17 Arcades….



Tycoon Drake Lubega

After yesterday’s battles with his tenants, tycoon Drake Lubega has now revealed why he has refused to forgive his tenants rent arrears for the lockdown period.

During his 17th Covid19 address, President Museveni cleared the reopening of 110 arcades that had met the set Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), by Ministry of Health.

However, Drake Lubega, who owns over 17 buildings refused to comply saying that some of his tenants had not paid their rent arears.

Even though most of his colleagues who own buildings forgave their tenants rent for two months, Drake insisted that every tenant must pay all his money including the months of lockdown.

It is alleged that he even confiscated their property for failing to pay rent arrears.

While speaking to NBS, Drake said he owns only two building, “I think I own around two buildings but I have bosses who have trusted me and I run their buildings and businesses on their behalf. I’m a dedicated worker.”

Most Ugandans who work in arcades in town allege that the real owners of these arcades are government officials who hide their loot in these buildings and the people we call tycoons are mere managers or brokers.

Drake Lubega allegedly owns the following buildings; Majestic Plaza, Jesco Plaza (located at formerly DV8), Astoria Plaza (next to former Barclays Luwum Street), Titanic Building at Johnson street, Energy Center, Jesco (near Ham grounds), Eco Plaza, Totale City Plaza, Qualicell Bus Terminal, Jamboli, Pentagon, Atalanta, Mini Price(bought from John Sebalamu), ESCO Plastics (Katonga), City Complex in Kiyembe, Qualicell on William street, and Jesco in Nabugabo among others.

Drake Lubega also owns other properties like factories in Ntebetebe, Bweyogerere, Elite School in Bwebajja, numerous warehouses, vast land among other properties.

Abagaga be Kampala are commission Agents for govt officials

Posted by Harunah Kiyemba on Wednesday, July 22, 2020

By Grapevine Reporters


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City Businessman Runs To Court After Being Arrested And Detained For Being Kagame’s Spy…



Businessman Mugisha and Prossy Boonabana (inset)

City businessman has run to the High Court Civil Division Kampala seeking a court declaration that he is not a Kagame agent or spy.

Henry Mugisha of Lloyd FX Limited through his lawyers of C/M M/S Kigenyi-Opira and Company Advocates has dragged fellow directors in the said company, Prossy Boonabana, Sulah Nuwamanya and police officer Godfrey Chebet in court for deformation.

In his suit, Mugisha claims that on 27th March 2020, he was arrested unlawfully and imprisoned for several hours at his office by different security operatives who accused him of being a Rwandan operative spying for Rwanda in Uganda.

He revealed that after security operatives searched his office and home, two of his flash discs, his passport, two smart phones and laptop were taken.

He noted that the entire search was done when he was handcuffed. After, he was driven to Special Investigation Unit in Kireka for further interrogations.

In his affidavit, he stated that for the nine days he spent in cells, he was told that the defendants told security agencies that he was in possession of a gun and spying gadgets which was not true.

“The investigations were done and the security personnel were fully satisfied that all the allegations against me were false, malicious and I was unconditionally released and all my properties were returned to me,” he stated.

He noted that the defendants misled the security agencies by informing police and Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) that he had a gun which was false.

He said that the defendants wanted to cause pain, psychological torture and defame him before the general public.

He narrated that as a business partner to the defendants, his troubles started when he demanded accountability from the defendants for money amounting to USD35,000 in one of the company meetings which they failed to produce.

He noted that this sparked disagreement among them that is why they decided to fabricate criminal charges against him.

He explained that on 27th March 2020, Godfrey Chebet, a police officer number 38541 broke into his office and illegally took the company’s books of account and even stole money amounting to USD 2500.

He said that he reported a criminal case at Central Police Station in Kampala vide SD REF 23/27/03/20 and the case is still ongoing before Buganda road chief magistrate’s court.

He stated that when the defendants learnt that he had opened up a criminal case against them, they started threatening to report him to security agencies that he is engaging in espionage.

He said that because of the torture he went through, he wants the defendants to compensate him with one hundred million Uganda shillings (Shs.100,000,000) as income he lost for the days he was illegally deprived of his properties and detained for 36 days he spend without his trade tool (laptop).

He also wants a public apology in all media platforms where the story was published or broadcast.

He also wants general and exemplary damages for libel, special damages of Shs.200m.

The defendants have 14 days to file their defense.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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