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BAMUGEMEREIRE STEPS ON THE WRONG TOES! State House Girls Nakalema, Kiconco Swear To Show Her The Real People Who Control State Affairs Of Uganda



L-R: Edith Nakalema and Catherine Bamugemereire

Justice Catherine Bamugemereire’s enemies started the week in jubilation after landing on a credible briefing that the State House blue eyed girls Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema and State House legal officer Flora Kiconco decisively defeated land probe boss justice Catherine Bamugemereire before President Yoweri Museveni.

The Grapevine can authoritatively confirm that the cold war between Bamugemereire and two strong women from State House started in the beginning of May this year when Bamugemereire defiantly unleashed her deadly investigators to investigate the grabbing of land for the three forest reserves in Kayunga district.

Residents of Bbale and Galiraaya sub counties in Kayunga district told Bamugemereire’s commission that Bajjo, Wamale and Kiula forest reserves were grabbed by top government officers. Alfred Semyalo, a leader in Bbale Sub County even gave the land probe phone numbers used by state house officials to threaten them. The officials warned locals that they will lose their lives if they insist on following up on the grabbed forest reserves or even reporting them to the commission of inquiry into land matters.

After Bamugemereire had toured the grabbed land, she ordered her investigators to summon the said land grabbers from State House. Surprisingly, when the investigators dialed one of the telephone numbers 0313300xxx, which the Kayuga locals had given to Bamugemereire, it directly went through to State House anti-corruption unit which is headed by Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema.

Sources from the commission exclusively told the Grapevine that the investigators consulted Bamugemereire on the way forward. The nonsense constitutional judge, like a news room editor, just raised a green flag to her investigators and asked them to summon Nakalema.

A credible source revealed to this website that the investigators wrote to Nakalema about the alleged involvement of her officers in the Kayunga land wrangles. Sources further revealed that the combatant Nakalema, who was in the middle of a meeting with her staff  at Okello house in Kampala made a phone call to Bamugemereire asking her what she meant in the letter her investigators wrote.

Multiple sources revealed that Nakalema put Bamugemereire’s call on the loudspeaker for everyone in the meeting to hear their conversation.

During the phone conversation, Nakalema allegedly asked Bamugemereire to first leave the matter of Kayunga land because of its sensitivity. However, a furious Bamugemereire told Nakalema to leave her do her work because she was not the one who assigned her the land probe job, Bamugemereire hang up her phone.

Multiple sources that attended Nakalema’s meeting told the Grapevine that she was very furious to the extent that she bang her table and swore before her staff in the State house anti-corruption unit that this time Bamugemereire was going to see the real people who control state affairs of Uganda.

Nakalema assured her staff that she was going to talk to the president about Bamugemereire’s behaviour.

On the other side, Bamugemereire was swearing before her staff that she was ready to expose Nakalema and other State House officers if it’s true that they were involved in land grabbing.

She instructed the Commission’s secretary Dr. Douglas Singiza to summon all the people who are using the forest reserve to appear before her Commission. Unfortunately, the summoned witnesses refused to appear before the Commission. We were told that Bamugemereire is currently still pondering on her next move. The war between Bamugemereire and some State House ladies has been silent until this latest confrontation.


Like Nakalema, State House legal officer Flora Kiconco was also a very close friend to Bamugemereire until she started to investigate the scandalous Mubende land. Kiconco was very influential in briefing Bamugemereire on how tycoon Abid Alam has been terrorizing the residents of Bukoba in the newly created Kasanda district from Mubende district. However, in the processes of the Commission’s investigations, Bamugemereire’s team landed on another invisible hand which was influencing Mubende land conflict.

The Commission establish that Kiconco, was actually among the beneficiaries of the Mubende land Bonanza. The Commission established that Kiconco allegedly used a one Hussein Kavuma, an NRM party officer in Kasanda district as her henchman to grab land in Mubende. Bamugemereire decided to summon Kavuma to appear before her Commission but for almost three times he refused to appear until a warrant of arrest was issued against him.

During the hearing, Kavuma was grilled to reveal the invisible hand behind him. Bamugemereire told Kavuma that the Commission has enough evidence implicating him for working with a strong woman in State House. She revealed that this State Hose woman even gave Kavuma double cabin car with state house number plates. Kavuma finally accepted that he moves in a car with State House number plates because of his status as a strong NRM mobilizer in Kasanda district. Bamugemereire told him that the Commission has enough information that he works for Kiconco’s interests in Kasanda and she is the owner of the 240 acres of land where hundreds of locals were violently evicted, their houses demolished and properties destroyed. Kavuma accepted before Bamugemereire that he is a close friend to Kiconco but denied working for her.

He said that he sold 180 acres of land to her and she established a goat farm. Kavuma was tasked by the Commission to produce the sales agreement used by Kiconco to purshase the said land from him. The confused Kavuma told the Commission that he misplaced the sales agreement and he needed time to look for it. Sources both in State House and in the Commission have told this website that when Kiconco landed on information that the Commission is investigating her, she decided to join Nakalema so that they show Bamugemereire what State House ladies are made of..


Since the Mubende controversial land scandal is in his political territory, Kasanda South legislator Simeo Nsubuga has been cited as a strong factor in the war. Kiconco is says that Nsubuga is using Bamugemereire Commission to take away her land for his political gains. Nsubuga pushed Reverand father Paul Muggaga and Charles Bukenya to file a complaint in the Commission pinning Kavuma that he mistreated and harassed them. Kavuma also defended himself in the Commission that Nsubuga is the one who embarrassed him before the public and branded him as a land grabber to tarnish his name because of their political differences. Kavuma said that her daughter Nawira Nalubowa defeated Nsubuga’s candidate and she was given a NRM ticket for Kasanda woman MP.


President Yoweri Museveni’s adviser on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi has joined the war and warned Kiconco on siding with Nakalema to fight Bamugemereire. Mirundi says that the public knows the mafias who have stolen  everything in the government and are hiding behind the president’s back and Nakalema is among them.

“I’m telling you my sister don’t be dragged in this war, you will  be lynched for nothing when Ugandans turn against mafias. That Nakalema is already rotten,” Mirundi noted while appearing on Pearl FM radio.

He predicted that even if Nakalema uses her influence, she will not defeat Bamugemereire because she has people’s will.

By Jamil Lutakome



INTERVIEW: If Museveni Was A Student Today, He Would Not Get A Degree, Most Heads Of Security Institutions Are Related Or From The Same Village – Besigye



Four-time presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has warned that the political and cultural injustice in the country will soon breed violence.

While appearing on NBS TV’S Morning Breeze today, Besigye who was hosted by Simon Kagwa Njala gave an example of the education system saying that it is in a very bad shape that if the president (Museveni) was a student today, he would not get a degree.

Besigye said, “I normally tell people that if Museveni had gone to school today, I mean if Museveni is a student today when he is President, he would not get a degree.

Because his father would never get 6M to pay at University to get a degree. I am sure Museveni would agree with me that the wealth of his late Father Kaguta would not afford him University education.”

The former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president also decried the high level of nepotism in the security system of the country.

Besigye said, “the security Institutions themselves are a problem. Most of the security challenges we have today are a problem of security Institutions themselves. There is a problem of nepotism where you find most heads of security Institutions are related or from the same village. That creates a security challenge to those in service, because, some will say, “let’s leave them with their thing.”

Below is an extract from the conversation between Njala and Besigye:

NJALA: What is the political barometer currently?

BESIGYE: There is one constant; the ever-mounting discontent in the country. Wherever you go, it’s pulpable, because everywhere, people’s lives are becoming more difficult. Those who used to say we sleep, no longer sleep.

NJALA: What does that spell for the opposition?

BESIGYE: There is nothing like Government and then opposition that you think contests for power, one wins and forms Government and the losers form opposition. What we have is a small group of people that dominates the rest.

The artificial categorization of our politics is deliberate to confuse those who are far and inside Uganda.

You are talking about 2021 elections, I was a candidate in 2016, and after elections, I was charged with treason for declaring myself winner. We are going into 2021 and that case has not been heard.

NJALA: Your views are not matching the sentiments where others like Gen. Muntu, Bobi Wine want elections.

BESIGYE: I myself have not said that people should not warm up for elections. I have said that if that election is not going to be of a type we want (free and fair), then we should warm up to it differently. We have an experience that since Uganda’s Independence, we have never conducted free and fair elections.

We celebrated 57yrs of Independence but we know every leader has come into office by force.

For the period under Museveni, courts have concluded that elections under Museveni have not been free and fair. This is the experience of elections in Uganda. We then need to ask ourselves whether elections should be the way they have been or we need new type of elections.

Then there is a question of legitimacy?

One, we have an illegitimate person who violated the Constitution by detaining his opponent to declare himself.

Two, this person who is in office illegitimately, has already illegitimately appointed the new Electoral Commission headed by Simon Byabakama. By the way, Byabakama was my prosecutor on very many funny cases.

Thirdly, this illegitimate president violently destroyed the Constitution and invaded Parliament with his troops in order to procure an amendment to allow him contest beyond 75yrs. Of all the people who have so far shown interest to contest for the presidency, only Museveni is already 75yrs.

Museveni would not have been a candidate if he had not destroyed the Constitution. Now he has already taken 30bn from the Treasury to go around the country looking for endorsement as a sole candidate for 2021.

That said, I cannot go to a Radio Station and talk on space I have hired.

I went to the bush to have free and fair elections, how can I not want elections, but we must declare what type of elections we must have. That is within our power.

We are not going to allow someone who rigged himself into office, violated the Constitution to contest again. That is within our power.

Ending ruling by the gun is not going to happen merely by throwing the ballot paper in a ballot box. This must be well understood.

The first tool people holding power use to subdue people is instilling fear in the public and terrorizing them.

The second tool they use is bribes and favours. Most people are impoverished and when they want to say something or appear critical, they are bribed into silence. Some members of the media too, who are critical in dissemination of information are impoverished and are used to distort information.

The third tool is divide and rule so that we cannot unite.

I am aware that even within the liberation forces, there is lack of clarity on the type of struggle we want. There are some who believe Uganda is democratic; that we have elections where people contest and win and others lose.

This position has been formed by many years of narrative that we need an election to choose a good leader to replace a bad leader. That is not the struggle I am in.

The struggle I know and understand is that we are looking for a better country and the first mission should be to recapture the country and then once we reclaim the country and have power over it, then we can choose and leaders and create the rules.

You asked about 2019 Year Of Action. I wish to report to you that we have been to all the regions of Uganda in the year. In one region, there were attempts to fail us but we managed to get over it.

We are only left with Kampala Metropolitan. We shall come here too. So, we have been out there taking actions geared towards freeing us. Now we are left with taking real actions to end this Junta.


NJALA: Col. share your insights with us on security.

BESIGYE: There is absolutely no doubt that security has been mounting. Sometimes I marvel when the NRM Junta keeps it’s mantra “peace that was ushered in by NRM”.

Peace is not the absence of war. In Uganda, you cannot have peace without justice. The level of injustice in Uganda is way too much; social-economic injustice is unimaginable.

ON EDUCATION: Look at the state and quality of our education. Education is an equaliser. I normally tell people that if Museveni had gone to school today, I mean if Museveni is a student today when he is President, he would not get a degree.

Because his father would never get 6M to pay at University to get a degree. I am sure Museveni would agree with me that the wealth of his late Father Kaguta would not afford him University education.

We have also political and cultural injustice. Anywhere in the world, where there is political injustice, it breeds violence.

Secondly, the security Institutions themselves are a problem. Most of the security challenges we have today are a problem of security Institutions themselves. There is a problem of nepotism where you find most heads of security Institutions are related or from the same village.

That creates a security challenge to those in service, because, some will say, “let’s leave them with their thing.” So, you have problems in recruitment, training and deployment.

The guns that are used to commit murders are all from security agencies.

Then there is a regional security challenge because of Uganda’s aggression and military adventurism.

By Aine Cohen


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We Have Evidence, Museveni Is Using NIRA To Rig 2021 Elections – Mao



Democratic Party (DP) president Norbert Mao has accused president Museveni of trying to use the National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) to rig the 2021 elections.

While addressing the press at the DP headquarters in Kampala, Mao said president Museveni is using different committees like the NIRA to register voters before the recommended time.

“Let me assure you, Museveni started rigging the elections long time ago. Our office has relevant confidential information about NIRA and he is using it to recruit carders who he will use to practice unfair electioneering in 2021,” Mao said.

He added, “the voters registration list was supposed to be presented by the electoral commission but Museveni decided to give all the responsibility to a committee he controls, so that he can do whatever he wants at any time.”

Mao wondered whether NIRA will be able to separate voters list from the normal registration list for all citizens.

“I wonder whether NIRA will separate the voters list from the normal citizen list that registers even children under 18yrs of age,” Mao wondered.

Mao advised Ugandans to wake up and defend their voice and votes come 2021 for a better Uganda.

“We don’t know whether the electoral commission is an independent institution but we need to defend our country and our vote,” he said.

Mao also introduced the new DP bloc plan where he emphasized that one opposition leader has to contest with the NRM party for president.

When he was asked their next plan if the ‘one on one strategy’ fails, Mao said, “if other parties refuse to cooperate with us, we shall continue moving on as DP but I call upon our fellow comrades to follow the one on one framework if we are to dislodge Museveni.”

By Josephine Kauma


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Those People Tried To Bewitch Us: Police Publicists Enanga Grilled For Grabbing Clan Land



Soft spoken Uganda Police publicist CP Fred Enanga (46) has today told the commission of inquiry into land matters how his own Okabo clan members forcefully refused him to visit his ancestral home in Akokoro sub county, Apac district with a mission to grab their family land.

Smartly dressed in a blue suit, Enanga told Justice Catherine Bamugemereire’s led land probe that his family has been victimized and psychologically tortured by other clan members led by his uncle Naphtali Enanga.

“My Lord, since 2015 I have never stepped foot at my ancestral home even though my wish is to see my family members on a monthly basis. My grandfather the late Enoci Okabo settled at Alia village where he was even buried in 1940’s after getting into a misunderstanding with his fellow family members over different grievances including witchcraft,” Enanga testified.

He said that his grandfather stayed on the land for a limited period of time and left it for wild animals. He later invited other clan members who had problems to come and stay with him.  He said that when his grandfather died, his father, retired superintendent of police George Echonga decided to implement his father’s dream of establishing a farmland on his 4 square miles of land.  He testified that in 1977, George Echonga used his two brothers Benjamin Enanga and Johnson Angala who were staying in Alia to help him submit his land title applications to Lango land commission to process for him a land title so that he could officially own the land because he was busy.

Enanga’s father (R) with his lawyer

However, Enanga faced a hard time when the commission’s lead counsel Ebert Byenkya tasked him to explain how his father could have applied for a land title in 1977 when it’s well known that by that time there was a land decree issued by the late Idi Amin, the former president of Uganda. Byenkya further quizzed Enanga to explain how Echonga applied for a land title in 1977 yet documents show that he only got it in 2018. He cited a lot of illegalities in the processing of the land title. The flamboyant lawyer tasked Enanga to explain properly how his father obtained the land because the commission had information that he only encroached on other people’s land and later declared it has his. 

He explained that its well known that most of the land in Lango is owned communally and Enanga used his office to influence and turn the land from communal ownership to mailo and later evicted other family members from their land.

Byenkya also blamed Enanga for using his office in police the embarrass his clan members including the clan head Mike Awitongo who was ordered by police officers to leave the clan meeting which he had summoned to mediate Enanga and his family members. 

Enanga denied all the accusations saying that when the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martin Okoth Ochola summoned to the commission last year, the commission reported him to his boss as a land grabber. Ochola later summoned the Uganda Police Profession Standards Unit to investigate Enanga.

Enanga also submitted to the commission a report from the Police Profession Standards Unit exonerating him on all the accusations. He said that one of their auntie’s children have been stealing his father’s cows and goats and they were convicted by court and others settled the matter out of court. He added that some family members are using the matter to malign and spread baseless propaganda against him. Commissioner Robert Sebunya asked Enanga to negotiate with other family members because he is more educated than his colleagues.

By Jamil Lutakome


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