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    BATTLE FOR RADIO’S PROPERTY: Family Now Pinning Balaam For Conniving With Jeff Kiwa To Rob Mozey’s Property



    The war of words between music promoter Balaam Barugahara and the late Mozey Radio’s family members is not about to end today. Radio’s family members led by Mozey’s brothers Frank Sekibogo and Meddie Ssejjemba  have pinned Balaam for conniving with Former Gudlyfe manager Jeff Kiwa to rob Radio’s property.

    Speaking from their mother’s home in Kagga Nakawuka, Frank said, “Let Balaam give us the right accountability for the 10 million from Bryan White. Balaam, we thought you have money, but if you can reach to an extent of eating 10M that belongs to my dead brother, when me his brother cannot even eat his 100,000 condolence money, then it’s a shame.”


    Mozey’s brothers Frank Sekibogo and Meddie Ssejjemba

    “You started plotting with Jeff to steal Mozey’s property when we were still at the mortuary. You were constantly on phone talking to Jeff Kiwa and after, you started putting us on pressure to sell Radio’s property claiming that we buy off Jeff because he owned part of the land where we were going to bury Mozey.

    You even set up fake dads to rob our dead brother! Balam, I thought that you were a very good friend to Mozey but i’ve just seen today that you are a traitor.

    You and Jeff are now threatening our family lawyers putting them on pressure to sell Mozey’s property behind our backs. Balam, you are a mature man, leave Radio’s family alone,” Frank warned.

    Construction of Mozey’s grave is ongoing


    Balam also fired back at Mozey’s brothers saying that he has nothing to do with their family. “There is nothing I need from that family because it is not a family one can be proud of. The president gave us money to bury Mozey and that’s what it did. Sorry if they thought that it was for eating and repairing their broken cars.

    The 10 million they claim that I ate was used to set up a stage at Kololo. I actually even put in my own 3 million shillings because the money wasn’t enough,” Balaam said.

    On the issue of hiring fake dads to dupe the family and steal Radio’s property Balaam says, ““I don’t need to bring a fake dad because when their mom was falling in love with the men I wasn’t there.”

    On dealing with Jeff Kiwa, Balam said it’s true Jeff called him and told him warning that they should be careful not to bury Mozey in his part of the land because the land where they were going to bury Mozey belongs to four people that’s Mozey, Weasel, Allan and Jeff Kiwa. Each of them has his portion on the land, he told him to wait so that they first bury Mozey then they can talk about the issue of the land later.

    “I don’t want anything to do with that family because Since Mozey died you can see how disorganized they are,” Balaam charged.

    The house of Mozey’s mother in Nakawuka is still under renovation


    Through his Facebook wall, Balaam gave a break down of how the money was spent. Below is his post:

    Thank you message to whoever contributed to the burial arrangements morally and financially. Allow me share a summary of accounts received and spent.
    Lastly, I advise all those who wish to convey condolence messages in same respect to reach out to his family representatives Frank on 0703393825 and Fatuma on 0756713324

    Our role was to conclude a dignified sendoff of our super star.

    Case clinic will refund net 29,000,000 paid after deduction of amount used in treating Mozy Radio the money will be given to Radio family before Friday.

    We shall remain supportive of family if approached

    Cash contributions towards burial expenses as personally received by

    (1) Mr President 20m shs
    (2) Elvis sekyanzi 1m shs
    (3) Juliana k. 1m shs
    (4) JB Legrand. 0.5m shs
    (5) KK Advocates 2m shs

    Total. 24, 500,000 ugx

    Expenditure list
    – 5 small tents in Nakawuka 300k x 5= 1.5M .

    – 3000 chairs @ 500 for Nakawuka = 1.5m.

    – funeral directors for Coffin, grave construction and Terrazo finishing
    Wreaths, body treatment and transport= 14.4m

    – Order of service books lubaga cathedral
    1500pcs x 2000ugx ……………………………3m

    – sound deposit Nakawuka …………………4.1 m

    TOTAL = 24.5M
    Balance on Nakawuka sound is = -2.9m


    – Food & water fully Paid for by State House
    Contracted service provider for 3 days

    – Tents and chairs at makindye Free service by switkid

    – Tents and chairs at Kololo by UPRS

    – sound, stage, lights, generators and screens at Kololo paid by Bryn white 10m + Balaam 3m Total 13m. To avoid conflict of interest we contracted vibes production.

    – sound at Makindye was provided free by Mesach Semakula

    – Kololo venue given free to us by Government of Uganda through ministry of Defence

    The chairs lost and broken in Nakawuka, Makindye and any other pending expanses will be cleared by me together with Julius Kyazze chairman UMA committe

    Note: Other artists paid and registered with their association. That list will be availed by the response members and other condolences messages went direct to the family. Like NRM paid 6m in church I asked SG to hand it to the Mother of the deceased in church at Rubaga.
    What I put on wall is the truth known and received by Me in person

    May his soul REST in peace

    — Balaam Barugahara



    War On Kyabazinga’s Queen Intensifies After Gabula’s London Based Woman Blasts Mutesi For Snatching Father Of Her Kids…



    Inebantu (Queen of Busoga) Jovia Mutesi (R) and King William Gabula Nadiope IV, the Kyabazinga of Busoga Kingdom

    A Ugandan medic based in London has blasted the newly unveiled Inebantu (Queen of Busoga) Jovia Mutesi for snatching the father of her kids King William Gabula Nadiope IV, the Kyabazinga of Busoga Kingdom.

    According to the video posted by TikToker Sky Soljah Uganda that is making rounds on social media, a woman claims that she has been in a love relationship with Nadiope since 2015 and they have children.

    She claimed that she has been sending money to Kyabazinga and taking care of him.

    She alleged that it is a pity that Gabula used part of her money to enjoy life with Mutesi in Dubai and other cities.

    She added that Kyabazinga told him that elders and other leaders in Busoga Kingdom are pressuring him to get married to Mutesi and she gave him the green light because as an African woman, she knows very well that the King always marries many wives.

    She said that she has been silent for a longtime even though she knew everything that was going on.

    However, she disclosed she was provoked by Mutesi who sent her people to insult and abuse her.

    She revealed that Gabula has a number of wives including the one in Canada but all of them respect her because they know what she means in his life.

    She challenged Gabula’s close relatives to come out and give light on her love relationship with their king since they have also been receiving expensive items and money from her.

    She boasted that Mutesi is going to be a housewife because their husband will always to fly to London to enjoy life with her and their children.

    She insisted that Mutesi and Busoga Kingdom cannot maintain Gabula’s life given that every week he uses Shs500k for saloon, Shs600k for massage, Shs600k for special medical treatment and she has been giving him this money since 2015.

    She advised Mutesi to respect her and recognise her as Gabula’s first wife.

    She warned her and other people who are threatening her life that they cannot scare her because she is a British citizen and has already reported the threatening messages they are sending to her.

    She also threatened to spoil the coming wedding between the two which is expected to take place in November 2023.

    She blasted Nadiope for being a smart wire who uses women.

    When contacted over the matter, Andrew Ntange the spokesperson of Obwakyabazinga told theGrapevine that a decision was taken not to comment on the matter to preserve the institution.

    “We don’t want to appear to be on the defensive. It’s negative energy!” Ntange stated.

    Last week, a delegation from Busoga Kingdom led by Princes Arnold Nadiope and Joseph Muvawala the Katukiiro (Prime Minister) of Busoga officially received Mutesi from her parents Stanley Bayole, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Bulambuli and Rebecca Nakisita Bayole at the function which took place at Mutesi’s home in St. Mulumba Village, Kyebando parish in Mayuge district.

    Mutesi is an Old girl of Mt. St. Mary’s College Namagunga before joining Makerere University where she pursued a Bachelors of Arts degree in Economics.

    At Makerere, she slept in Olympia hostel in Makerere Kikoni.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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    I Want To Test Nampeera Before Junior: Mirundi, Son Fight Over Nampeera’s Phone Number…



    Christine Nampeera (C) who Mirundi (L) wants to test before his son Junior (R)

    Senior presidential advisor on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi who is also the MK Movement spokesperson for Buganda has pleaded with Beat FM radio presenter Mark Omukunja and celebrated entertainment journalist Isaac Katende alias Kasuku not to give his son Joseph Tamale Mirundi Junior the phone number of Christine Nampeera.

    Mirundi says that he wants to test Nampeera’s sweetness before his son.

    Mirundi declared that Nampeera exhibited high skills of satisfying and serving a man sex and every serious man should look for her number.

    “I saw the video. She is a class above the wives we have. If she can dance like a caterpillar in a small place like that toilet, what if she is on the bed. My son Junior has been boasting that she has her number but a realised that he doesn’t have it. Mukunja and Kasuku please don’t give him her number because I’m also interested in her,” Mirundi pleaded.

    He wondered where Nampeera got those skills of shaking her waist like a caterpillar. She assured her that if she keeps on practicing, she is going to become rich because rich men will flood her in box pleading to have a test of her sweetness.

    He added that people have problems in their marriages and want young skilled girls like Nampeera who make the bedroom game more interesting something that their wives have failed to do.

    He further narrated that he even received phone calls from his female friends asking for Nampeera’s boyfriend Barasha’s phone number because he also exhibited wonderful skills when playing the game.

    “I’m told that Barasha got those skills from China, that he spent a lot of time there and that Chinese are very skilled in playing sex. Women also want skilled younger boys who can make sex more interesting,” Mirundi added.

    Last month, Nampeera’s video leaked on social media when she was having sex with Barasha in the toilet at Kenji’s bar in Kamwokya, a Kampala suburb.

    Since the beginning of this year, several videos have leaked of younger girls having unprotected sex in toilets with sex predators and preliminary investigations show that most of the culprits first get drunk with alcohol or drugs.


    By Grapevine reporter


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    Chief Justice Dollo Drops Justice Kisakye From List Of Supreme Court Justices Who Are Set To Preside Over Cases…



    Chief Justice Alfonse Chigamoy Owiny-Dollo the head of the Supreme Court has dropped troubled Justices Dr. Esther Kisakye Kitimbo from the list of Supreme Court Justices who are set to preside over cases.

    In the Internal Memo signed by Harriet Ssali Nalukwago, the Supreme Court Registrar released the names of Supreme Court Justices who are set to preside over the coming Civil Appeals and Applications hearing sessions scheduled for 4th to 8th September 2023.

    The listed Justices include: Justice Faith Mwondha, Professor Lilian Tibatemwa, Justice Percy Night Tuhaise, Justice Elizabeth Musoke, Justice Christopher Madrama, Justice Stephen Musota, Justice Mike Chibiita and Chief Justice Dollo.

    Sources at the Supreme Court told theGrapevine that Chief Justice Dollo, being the head of the Supreme Court always has the influence when it comes to allocation of files that is why he previously appointed late Justice Stella Arach Amoko to allocate files in his absence as the administrator at the Supreme Court.

    However, other sources revealed that Justice Kisakye was left out because she is out of the country receiving medication abroad.

    Last month, 63-years-old Justice Kisakye wrote to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni seeking early retirement as a Supreme Court Justice.

    Justice Kisakye tendered in her prayer months after Justice Benjamin Kabiito’s Judicial Service Commission (JSC) recommended to the president to institute a tribunal to investigate her on the allegations of indiscipline which she protested in the Constitutional Court.

    According to Section 27 of the Administration of Judiciary Act 2020, judicial officers get early retirement after receiving consent from the president.

    Peter Walubiri, Justice Kisakye’s lead lawyer says that one of the reasons why her client decided to pray for early retirement is because the Chief Justice has denied her cases to preside over since 2021 when they got misunderstanding over the presidential election petition filed by National Unity Platform (NUP) party presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) against President Museveni.

    Justice Kisakye accused Chief Justice Dollo of confiscating her files containing her descenting rulings in favour of Bobi Wine.

    Walubiri explains that Justice Kisakye always writes all judgements and rulings by herself.

    When asked whether her client can accept president Museveni’s advice if he advises her to cancel her resignation and return to the bench, he says that it will be her personal decision.

    He insists that even though his client asked for early retirement, her constitutional court petition against the Attorney General, Justice Dollo will proceed at the Constitutional Court.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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