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    Before He Died, Muzaata Disgracefully Dumped Nabunya To The Extent Of Calling Her His Daughter Not Wife – Brother Tells Court, Protests Kulthum’s Marriage Certificates…



    The late Muzaata (R) and Kulthum

    Brother to fallen Kibuli based Muslim faction Sheikh Nooh Muzaata Batte has protested the second wife’s marriage certificates.

    Kulthum Nabunya and her son Anwar Ssessanga filed an application at Nabweru Chief Magistrate’s Court seeking a Court order restraining Sheikh Muzaata’s family from trespassing and evicting them from their home at Kate Falawo zone, Kawempe Division, a Kampala suburb.

    In their response to the application, Faluku Batte, Musa Kakembo, Bashir Galabuzi, Sharif Nabitalo, Fatuma Nassanga, Hadijah Nakate and Hawa Nanteza told Court that the application is unconstitutional and illegal.

    Through their lawyers of C/O M/S Nalukoola Kakeeto Advocates and Solicitors, the respondents told Court that before the hearing of the application, they are ready to first raise a preliminary objection that the application is grossly misconceived, bad in law and barred by law.

    In an affidavit sworn by Faluku Batte, the brother to Sheikh Muzaata, the respondents claim that the application is frivolous and vexatious, an abuse of Court process and supported by affidavits which are full of falsehoods.

    Batte insists in his affidavit that by the time of Muzaata’s death, Nabunya herself voluntarily wrote a letter terminating her purported marriage with the deceased and the late clearly stated it in his will that he did not leave any widow.

    “There are two marriage certificates purportedly between Nabunya and sheikh Muzaata with conflicting dates of solemnization issued by the same authority that is the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council and our lawyers of M/S Nalukoola, Kakeeto Advocates and Solicitors have communicated to the Secretary General of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council to ascertain the authenticity and or clarification of the two certificates of the marriage.”

    This website has seen the two marriage certificates on the said file. One took place on 27th/09 1998 where Muzaata paid dowry of SHS 20,000 and the other took place on 28/08/1998 and Muzaata paid a dowry of SHS. 500,000 buy surprisingly they all took place at Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

    Batte insists that there is no proof that both certificates are registered with Uganda Registration Service Bureau.

    He adds that they have also written to the Bureau to ascertain the registration status of the purported marriages.

    He reveals that sheikh Muzaata left with him a birth certificate showing that Nabunya was a daughter to him not wife as she claims.

    He insists that by the time Muzaata died, he had invited his sister Fatuma Nassanga to take care of him till he was admitted and isolated at International Hospital Kampala (IHK) where he breathed his last.

    He adds that Nabunya had been dumped by Muzaata that is why he invited his sister.

    He told Court that on 12/02/2021, Nabunya accompanied by Ibrahim Sebunya and several others using motor vehicle Reg No. UAZ 397H forcefully accessed the said property thereby vandalizing several possessions including but not limited to surveillance cameras and the matter was reported to Kawempe police station by Swaib Kasozi.

    He denied throwing Nabunya and her son out of the house. He said that sheikh Muzaata was the heir to their father late Hajji Adam Muzaata Sebaale and they always converged at his home in Kawempe to remember their father and hold family activities including family reunion.

    He denied Nabunya’s allegations that they threw her and her son Ssessanga out of the house adding that Muzaata left them with the responsibility of nurturing all the children he left including Ssessanga.

    He put the entire burden to gender junior minister in charge of children affairs Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi who intervened in the matter and forcefully brought Nabunya back in the house.

    He also told Court that Nabunya reported her matter to a wrong Court because Muzaata’s house is approximately valued at Shs. 400,000,000 million.

    He also says that Nabweru Chief Magistrate Court lacks jurisdiction to hear the case.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    Singer Maurice Kirya Reaping Big From His Coffee Bussiness…



    Maurice Kirya founded the Sound Cup Coffee in 2013 with a mission to use good coffee and great service to bring people, arts, and cultures together

    Ugandan singer/songwriter and actor Maurice Kirya has not been actively releasing music of late. It seems however that Kirya, with over a decade-long wealth of experience in music has chosen to widely concentrate on other bussiness adventures.

    The singer, a coffee enthusiast himself founded the Sound Cup Coffee in 2013 with a mission to use good coffee and great service to bring people, arts, and cultures together.

    The bussiness is seemingly doing well as the Sound Cup Coffee is now not only available in Uganda, but to the world, based in The Netherlands & Uganda.

    “It has been an incredible journey, and I am very happy to have the world enjoying our coffee, It is wonderful to see how it impacts everyone all the way from the farmers to our happy coffee drinkers,” Kirya said.

    “I’d like to thank my team of coffee experts, roasters, specialists, Piz & Pots Agency, and all my friends and people that have walked this journey with me to bring this premium brand to life,” he added.

    As a teenager Maurice Kirya, grew up in a humble family that was passionate about music and food, and as a family, they cooked and catered to their community in the streets of Kampala, Uganda.

    It was during this time that Maurice fell in love with coffee, and vowed to not only dig deeper into it’s taste and science, but also to use coffee to impact the lives of his community, farmers, and those in the arts industry.

    Since 2013, The Sound Cup has used it’s platform to fundraise for various community outreaches, health awareness and research programmes, create employment for the youth, and support music and arts initiatives.

    By Baron Kironde


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    It Has Started In Tears For Kabako – He Broke Down And Cried On His Introduction…



    Kabako was introduced by her longtime girlfriend Jazira Namuddu to her parents in Mpigi

    TNS singer Yusuf Ssenabulya, aka Roden Y Kabako has finally been introduced by his long-time girlfriend Jazira Namuddu to her parents in Mpigi.

    Kabako couldn’t literally believe his long awaited day had finally come, he got so emotional he broke down and cried helplessly. Unlike the now very common adage that goes “it will end in tears” directed at lovers, for Kabako, it started in tears-tears of joy for that case. It will perhaps make a good ending.

    Kabako was very overjoyed to have achieved his dream of legalizing his relationship with the love of his life.

    Kabako was so happy and appreciative of her girlfriend for having not disappointed him.

    “I’m too happy and overjoyed. Even my brother here knows how happy I am. And all my other relatives and close colleagues. I’m indeed so happy. We come from very far. We come from Butambala. My brother thank you. Am grateful and too happy,” Kabako said.

    For the past few days, Kabako has not been having enough sleep as most of time, his mind has been thinking and planning for his marital ceremony. He has been up and down distributing invitation cards himself.


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    Gen Katumba Wamala Excited To Meet His Senegalese “Brother” Akon For The First Time…



    The Minister of Works and Transport, Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala has expressed excitement upon meeting his long lost Senegalese “brother” from another mother Akon.

    Literally born two worlds apart, the two have a striking facial resemblance right from the skin color complexion, and even tone of their smile.

    Akon is in the country on a 4-day trip to explore bussiness opportunities, but over the weekend, he spared some time to meet up with Uganda’s former Inspector General of Police, Gen Katumba at Latitude O degrees in Makindye courtesy of Pablo Bashir, the Next Media chief of protocol.

    “Another toast to humanity. Finally met my ‘brother’ and a friend to Uganda Akon,” the Army General posted.

    It was the first time the two were meeting since both of them were born; two regions apart, one in Senegal-West Africa, and another in Uganda-East Africa.

    Gen Katumba’s resemblance with Akon is however logically only God’s manifestation that all humans were born in his image.

    Ugandan “Netizens” were nevertheless thrilled by the resemblance of the two and had started insinuating that they could possibly be brothers, others suggested that Gen Katumba who’s older of the two could turn out to be Akon’s real father. When they met, they had a chance to laugh off such claims and had some light moments together.

    The vastly differing backgrounds of the two give them no chance at all, or very slight if any to be related by blood.

    Akon was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on April 16, 1973, to African parents. Akon’s mother, Kine Thiam, is a dancer,and his father, Mor Thiam, is a well-known jazz percussionist. His family returned to Dakar, Senegal, in West Africa, when Akon was young and lived there until he was 7 years old, when they moved back to the United States.

    Gen Katumba on the other hand is the last born of the nine children of the late Henry Wamala and Marjorie Wamala (rip) of Bweeza, Kalangala-Ssese Kalangala. He however only spent the early years as a child with his parents, Katumba quickly fell into the hands of a disciplinarian sister and fatherly brother who took him through school.

    By Baron Kironde


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