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    Besigye, Ingrid Charged, released



    Rukungiri court chief Magistrate Julius Kyakabale has charged Besigye and six others who include FDC presidential candidate, Patrick Amuriat, mobilisation secretary, Ingrid Turinawe, Rukungiri municipality speaker, Innocent Tashobya, and three others with four counts of inciting violence, malicious damage of property and disobedience of statutory duty and released on bail.

    They allegedly committed the crimes last week during a scuffle with police in Rukungiri town at a rally organised by Amuriat. Besigye and his colleagues were arrested last week in Rukungiri and detained at Naggalama police station. Police had earlier said that they were going to face murder charges in relation to the death of Edson Nasasira but the charges had to be dropped after a post-mortem report showed that the youth died of bullet wounds.

    They were driven out on Tuesday and detained at Mbarara Police station from where they were relocated to Rukungiri on Wednesday morning.


    Our reporter on the ground had earlier told us, “ I am already at Rukungiri court of the judicature, I arrived here at 6:20am but was only allowed to access court at 7;00am. Only Kristeen Behimbisa and myself are inside court premises, we forcefully entered with a group of kifeesi in civilian clothes. The rest are still blocked. The officers at the gate say they are waiting for their boss before they let people in. Meanwhile serious general cleaning is going on, in and around court.”  He also told us that, Joseph, the son of CoU Canon Bamushanjire of Rukungiri, who was arrested along with Dr. Kiiza Besigye and is charged on the same file with Besigye came to court with fresh wounds showing how he was tortured.  Joseph told the grapevine that the wounds were inflicted on him while in police custody.



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    PHOTOS: Dazzling, Curvy And Hot Looking Banyarwanda, Bafumbira And Burundi Babes Bombard Hill Top Naguru For “Iwacu Heza” Fete…



    Dazzling, curvy and hot looking Banyarwanda, Bafumbira and Burundi babes bombarded Hill Top Naguru for the “Iwacu Heza” fete.

    “Iwacu Heza,” which is the 4th edition happened on 31st, August and attracted women who stormed the place in celebration of their culture.

    Tickets for the event went for Shs.500,000, a table of six with a whiskey bottle, early bird, Shs.10,000 and ordinary pay was Shs.15000.

    The event whose theme was dubbed “Celebrating the Bafumbira, Barundi and Banyarwanda contemporary culture,” attracted a number of artists.

    The artists included, King Derio, Slenda MC, Laika among others who are Ugandan based and Bwiza the Rwandan song bird who recently released her hit song “Ready” featuring John Blaq.

    The event attracted a number of DJs who included, DJ Emmat, DJ Slugface, DJ Yela and DJ Lenzo.

    Since it was a traditional event, the traditional performances were by the Ingyenzi troupe, a traditional troupe from Rwanda.

    The event also had activities like riddles in their local dialect , ‘Kwivuga’, ‘Inanga’ and a saxophonist.

    “Iwacu Heza” always happens twice in one year and the next edition with happen on 27th, November, 2022.

    It should also be noted that the proceeds from the event went towards supporting the rotary club of Mgahinga in empowering young girls in Kisoro with reusable sanitary pads.


    By Kalamira Hope


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    Kwegonza Avenue: How It Brought Out Bunyoro And Tooro’s Finest Culture, Hottest Babes And Coolest Dudes…



    Kwegonza Avenue Boss, Empaako Yange Organisation brought  Bunyoro and Tooro together with thousands attending the 5th edition.

    The theme of the edition which happened took place on 10th July was; “For The Culture.”

    Thousands of revellers from other cultures gathered to see the beauties from the Tooro land, it’s culture, food, men and women.

    The Batooro from Fort Portal celebrated and showcased their culture through dances like Orunyege and Amakondere (a royals dance) with friends from other regions and cultures.

    Artists like Draei from Tooro, Renita from Bunyoro, Princess Jalia from Bunyoro, Muzamil and Cindy Sanyu and a Masindi child called Akiiki entertained revellers.

    The sponsors of the event included; Pilsner Lager, Coca-Cola, Jumia Uganda, Roke Telkom,  FlexiPay, Stanbic Bank and Silk Events.

    Kwegonza Avenue is also a platform where young upcoming musicians from Bunyoro & Tooro also showcase their talent to a bigger stage and wider audience.

    Kwegonza Avenue has 2 annual editions held in July and November.

    Here is how it went down in pictures.


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    PICTURES: You Are The Reason Why Coronavirus Is In Uganda, Why Promote ‘Kimansulo’ On National TV –  Zahara Toto’s Dress, Erotic Dancing On TV Sends Mixed Reactions….



    TV Viewers across the country have condemned the dress and actions of NBS TV’s Zahara Toto.

    While presenting the Saturday Night Live show on Saturday night, Toto wore a dress that almost revealed all and on top of that danced erotically sometimes revealing her under garment.

    Below are some of the comments from viewers:

    Kisakye John Paul: I thought NBS had some degree of self respect and model character, but if this dresscord is what you show the whole country time after time, without caring about children who are all locked down at their different homes watching a person in the ages of their mothers, then you are starting to loose it. Do TV stations in Uganda still have Standard Operating Procedures?

    Empler Miiro Rogers: I didn’t know that nbs is a night club now … mind you if the situation can make u stay awake by 10pm why do u think children should be aslip !!!?? My brother let’s embrace reality the dressing code of zahara was disgusting.

    Fifieey Damalieey Fionah: Some people are condemning nbs tv but are throwing something at Zahara Toto.. u can be so transparent.. if it was someone else.. doing wat she did.. the whole nation wide be oky with it. That’s how they dress in night clubs.. are you forgetting or I shud remind you.. that wasn’t praise and worship.. that was a night club.. there were very many stations that had praise and worship at that time.. u shud have tuned in.. simple.. wen u know something isnt ryt for you.. please u can always move away from it.. it’s simple.. never the less nbs is providing people with wat they are missing to keep them happy.. it’s working hand in hand with the govt to keep people at home..

    Moses Earthe: Let’s be honest, how many can welcome Tooto or any other woman who dresses like this as daughter in law ? We only enjoy seeing the half naked body and shout. But we don’t wish to be part of that family.

    Eve Akudo: Dear NBS,we appreciate your efforts to entertain us during this lockdown but surely That dress is appropriate for a club or parties or an outing but surely not for National Television. Much as the show is late in the night, surely indēcency is a breach of the minimum broadcasting standards..She can be descent and still look hot.

    Kusiima Racheal Nimwesiga: The show wd still be nice, but Totoz dress code ngaha. We are in a period of corona repentence and seeking God but you choose to go naked. What do we want from God? Haven’t we tested him enough?

    Alioni Rackon: Me I differ , That’s is a public place which deserves respect. The dressing code should be checked. If am not mistaken, soon UCC will swing in to action. I see some decency in such programs across stations regionally. But this NBS dancer dresses badly. Let’s respect ones view.

    Ashaba Zam Zam: Imagine zahara in this holy month, but nbs why allow such malaya on tv, karisa ofuna emisango ewa katonda wo if u dint know.

    Byansi Philex: One of the reason Corona is in Uganda now,this kind of dressing “the Bible says in the last days many plagues will be sent to ensure we repent but mankind will not repent.

    Theodoros Kombe: I’m lucky not to have watched it. How can you appear before the country and world almost naked?

    Smk Mordecai Elijah: Check this so called Zahara with her pot belly. Her fellow Zahara’s are fasting, she is here thigh vending.

    Çyber Kals: This woman oba yaani,but tell her those who know her that she’s among those making our country get cursed by the Almighty ,check how she’s dressed.very fake

    Benny Ben: Rev. Fr. Sam Lokodo should see this photos. NBS what are you promoting? Is that the way ladies should dress while on national TV? Don’t be rude in response coz I’m Just asking.

    David Sidialo: It’s embarrassing to have this on such national broadcaster, UCC and Father Lokodo should pick interest in such abuse Media regulations

    Kanye Tonny: Zahara Toto is busy advertising her SHOP indirectly u wait soon u will see a Window shopper

    Tatyamisa John: NBS TV, aren’t just promoting “Ekimansulo” in this country? How do you feel when you watch your half-naked presenter.

    By Sandra Mukisa


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