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    Bobi Sent His Brother Mikie Wine To Collect Money From Their Gay Funders In SA – Full Figure…



    Former staunch Bobi Wine supporter and now President Museveni’s Advisor, Jennifer Nakangubi alias Full Figure has intimated that Bobi Wine’s camp is under panic citing limited monetary resources.

    The motormouthed singer cum political mobiliser revealed that her former chief, Bobi Wine, real names Robert Kyagulanyyi Ssentamu who’s also running for presidency on the opposition NUP ticket sent his younger brother Mikie Wine to South Africa to get some money to boost his campaigns.

    Full Figure insinuated that Bobi Wine’s family only joins “the struggle” when it requires picking up millions of dollars unlike in teargas where others are front-lined.

    “So after the shortage of money in Kyagulanyi’s camp, he decided to send his brother to South Africa to meet with the gay funders from Europe to bring more cash for campaigns,” Full Figure said, adding that the person to deliver money to his brother has spent a week in South Africa waiting for their arrival.

    Mikie Wine was seen leaving the airport this week with parliamentary aspirant and chief NUP mobiliser, Mohammad Ssegirinya.

    “This info is from reliable sources just as Muzei (Museveni) told you yesterday we have ears everywhere. We know whatever you and whatever you’re planning to do,” Full Figure bragged.

    This very month, the Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) ordered the freezing of bank accounts of at least four Civil Society Organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) involved in good governance and election observation in the country.

    Sources privy to the investigations indicated that the four had been on surveillance for some time over their alleged links and “friendliness” to the Opposition political parties, Bobi Wine’s NUP not exclusive.

    Mr Sydney Asubo, the executive director of FIA, without providing the specifics confirmed the freeze, but declined to offer further details.

    “These are still active cases and I cannot comment on them. What I can only tell you is that we have held discussions with the concerned entities and we now know the issues from their sides,” Mr Asubo said.

    Through multiple sources, theGrapevine can reliably rereveal that one of the affected NGOs is the Uganda National NGO forum. Another one is said to be one of the funders of the 2016 Women’s situation room. The situation room received funding from the UN Women, Swedish government, Angie Brooks International Centre, Diakonia, GIZ, UNDP, UNFPA, and Urgent Action Fund.


    By Baron Kironde



    Ntagali Has Neglected His Duties As A Father – Side Dish Writes Letter To Council Of Bishops…



    Judith Tukamuhabwa (L) and former Archbishop Stanley Ntagali (R)

    Judith Tukamuhabwa, a Mbarara-based socialite who fathered a child with former Church of Uganda head Archbishop Stanley Ntagali has written to the Council of Bishops.

    In her later dated 27th October, 2021, to the council of bishops, through their head, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu, Tukamuhabwa reported to the bishops that Ntagali has refused to take care of his son.

    “I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ; The above subject matter refers, I am by the names of Judith Tukamuhabwa a mother of two-year-old son whose father is your immediate predecessor former Archbishop Stanley Ntagali,” she says.

    “This complaint I am submitting before you and the house of bishop comes at the time when I and my son are going through a difficult situation because his father (Former Archbishop Stanley Ntagali ) has intentionally neglected his duties as a father and adamantly refused to offer child support to his own son,” she notes.

    She adds, “My lord Archbishop, you recall that on April 23, 2021, Former Archbishop Stanley Ntagali publicly confessed to having fathered our son before the Anglican Bishops, selected priests, and faithfuls who had gathered at Namirembe Cathedral to mark the 60th anniversary of the Church of Uganda’s self-governance.”

    “Your Grace, even though he called it a sin, this does not stop the fact that he is the father of my son whose child rights are enshrined in our constitution and other UN conventions and treaties MUST be strictly respected.”

    She further adds, “Your Grace, allow me inform you that I am not happy with the way former Archbishop Ntagali Stanley has treated me and my child yet the church leadership has failed to assist me since August 2020 when I came to your office your Grace to resolve our matters. Unfortunately, I was labeled a bad person yet my interest was to see how I can raise my child, because am harden up I don’t have any income you know even the little business I had was taken by Rev. Christopher yet I have other responsibilities to look after.”

    Tukamuhabwa reported that recently, their child (her and Ntagali) fell sick and she tried to inform Ntagali but he

    stubbornly refused to respond to her WhatsApp messages even though they showed that they were read by showing blue ticks.

    Tukamuhabwa says, “meaning that he saw and read the message but chose to ignore them yet the child was dying.”

    “Through you my Lord Archbishop, I kindly request you intervene in these matters such that Mr Ntagali can do the following; Provide financial support to assist me in feeding, dressing and medical care of his son, Provide a permanent home where to raise our child, I want him to clear my car the one he bought on credit and refused to pay balance of shs29m because his child will not use public means and to organize and baptize his child as soon as possible. My Lord if the church can’t assist me then I will be left with no other option than being forced to pursue legal means'” she says.

    Before writing to the Council of Bishops, theGrapevine had a long interview with Tukamuhabwa where she told us about her relationship with Ntagali.

    Grapevine: The last time we remember you told the media that Ntagali agreed to take care of you and the child, what happened since then?

    Judith: When we were dating and sleeping together, he agreed to take care of me but he left when I was six months pregnant. I even gave birth without him around and since then I’ve been struggling with his child.

    Surprisingly, I have never received even a diaper from the father of my kid. He recently told me to take the kid for a DNA test to peove that he is the father which I did.

    When the DNA results came out positive from two laboratories, Lancet laboratories and the government analytical laboratory, he still refused.

    Grapevine: When did you last talk to Ntagali and what did he say?

    Judith: It’s a long time now. I’ve tried all means but the man has totally refused I really do not know what to do. He doesn’t want to hear anything concerning my child. I also got tired because it was like a song everyday. Sending messages which he refused to reply.

    Grapevine: Have you tried talking to Ntagali’s friends or have you talked to Church of Uganda (COU) head Rev. Kazimba Mugalu?

    Judith: I’ve tried everything and Rev. Kazimba knows everything but I’m soon giving up.

    Grapevine: What exactly do you want the church to do for you?

    Judith:To put Ntagali on pressure to play his role as a father and we raise our child. I’m a woman who is struggling to raise three kids because I have other two children.

    You know renting, feeding them is a bit tricky for me yet I don’t have any job even the business I had was taken by Reverend (her former husband) because of my relationship with Ntagali.

    Actaully my intention has never been to expose Emeritus Stanley Ntagali, I only wanted the church leaders to talk to their colleague to take full responsibility as a father after he totally cut me off.

    But surprisingly, when I went to Kazimba, he instead used me to expose us to the public and the public judged me as the bad person yet for me I wanted him to solve our issues confidentially.

    Grapevine: What made you run to Kazimba? Why didn’t you solve your issues with the father of your kid?

    Judith: I remember I contacted Ntagali when I was in the hospital about to give birth because I didn’t have money to clear the bills. But my messages were blue ticked meaning that he saw them but he never replied.

    He later decided to block me and I couldn’t get access to him that is why I decided to inform Kazimba. I really have seen days.

    Grapevine: How much was the hospital bills?

    Judith: It was Shs.1million.

    Grapevine: In which hospital?

    Judith: Mulago specialised hospital.

    Grapevine: But it is alleged that your family has money, can’t they help?

    Judith: They have been helping me but sometimes you feel tired of asking each and everything when you know the person responsible is there and has the capacity.

    Grapevine: Have your parents tried to help you talk to Ntagali because as far as we know, your father is also a religious leader?

    Judith: My daddy tried to talk to him and begged him to make sure we raise our child and Ntagali said okay but he didn’t follow his word. My dad also gave up and told me to struggle and raise my child.

    Grapevine: Tell us about how you met with Ntagali?

    Judith: I met him when I was with Rev. and we started with exchanging contacts. We had a relationship for one year and later he told me to give him a child and I agreed.

    Of course, as a prominent man I thought he will never change his mind, I was convinced to have a child with him.

    Grapevine: When you met the first time and he told you that he was in love with you? Didn’t you know that he was a married man?

    Judith: He even told me but as you know love is blind.

    Grapevine: How many times did you sleep together?

    Judith: We had a relationship for one year plus before conceiving but I can’t count how many times.

    Grapevine: Where did you meet for your outings and how often?

    Judith: We met many times because he rented for me a house along Entebbe Road  at Shs. 500,000 per month. We could meet there twice in a week when he is free. He could come and spend 4 to 5hours and then go back. We didn’t go to hotels.

    Grapevine: How did you break the news to him that you were pregnant?

    Judith: I told him via phone and he sounded very happy about it.

    Grapevine: If he was happy, why then did he change his mind?

    Judith: I don’t know because out of the blue he changed and blocked me.

    Grapevine: But did you really love him? Because some people blame you for being after money and putting him in a trap.

    Judith: Oh no that was not my intention because my marriage with Reverend was also no longer there, I was in love with him not his money.


    When theGrapevine contacted the head of Church of Uganda (COU) Archbishop Rev. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu on why they are not helping Judith, he said, “those are now family matters and I don’t want to interfere.”

    Kazimba told theGrapevine that all he is doing is to pray for her.

    When we asked him about the alleged letter written to the Council of Bishops, he said that he has not yet received it.


    By Hope Kalamira


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    How Many Of You Throwing Tantrums And Jealousy Came To Visit Me When I Was Down? – Chameleone Blasts Haters Attacking Him For Receiving Car From M7’s Brother…



    Musician Joseph Mayanja alias Chameleone

    Musician Joseph Mayanja alias Chameleone has blasted people castigating him for receiving a car gift from President Museveni’s brother Nuwagira Michael alias Toyota.

    Before receiving the car, Chameleon having declared that he is a true member of the NRM and has never belonged to any other party.

    Since the viral video of the musician receiving the car, many Ugandans took to social media to rebuke Chameleone.

    However, in a post today evening on his Facebook page, Chameleone has warned that he will not be intimidated.

    “I was born free like any of us, I see many building and customizing others by their expectations. That’s not a free way to live together in harmony. God manifests himself in people today. The devil too!!

    We can’t all live in your opinion, that is a prison,” he said.

    “How many of you throwing tantrums and jealousy came to visit me when I was down? Waste your data on relevancy. This is just a car. What if a plane?” he asked.

    “Mbu this, That – Don’t force or intimidate anyone. Just be the example of the freedom and free society promised for us one day,” he said.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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    Chameleon Will Be Judged By His Own Actions – Bobi Wine…



    NUP party boss Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (L) and Joseph Mayanja (R) alias Bobi Wine

    National Unity Platform (NUP) party boss Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has cautioned fellow artiste Joseph Maayanja alias Chameleone on leaving the cause for the oppressed.

    “Mr. Chameleon’s decision to abandon the oppressed and joined a dictator was his own and I cannot stop him,” Kyagulanyi said in a televised interview on Tuesday.

    “Chameleon like other oppression figures, will be judged by his own actions,” Kyagulanyi added.

    Chameleon having declared over the weekend that he is a true member of the NRM, also revealed that he has never belonged to Kyagulanyi’s NUP.

    After distancing himself from NUP party, Chameleon received a brand new Range Rover from President Museveni’s young brother Nuwagira Michael alias Toyota.

    “My friend Toyota, I am still your family. I have never left NRM, if you doubt that put up your cameras and record me,” Chameleon said.

    During 2021 election campaigns, Chameleon worked closely with NUP having hopes of receiving the party card for the position of Kampala Lord Mayor which he was later denied.

    “Chameleon’s jumping ship not only placed him in bad light as a person who loves riches but also spoke volumes about his self-worth,” Kyagulanyi said.

    “My brother Chameleon should know that when I talked to him and we introduced our beliefs to the people, we said these were not beliefs of Kyagulanyi but Ugandans,” he added.

    Kyagulanyi confirmed that Chameleon came out like others and professed that he was abandoning a dictator and joining the oppressed.

    “So if he wakes up one morning and decides to abandon the oppressed to re-join the dictator to get some money or a car, for me as a person I can’t decide for him, but we will be judged by our actions.”

    Kyagulanyi cautioned that he is not only looking at a person who is hungry for riches but also a person whose sense of self-worth and self dignity is questionable.


    By Hope Kalamira


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