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    Bobi Wine Can Succeed Museveni – Besigye




    Former President of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Dr. Kizza Besigye says that the young generation in Uganda have got what it takes for a youthful leader like Kyadondo East Legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu to take power in this country and succeed president Museveni.

    Bobi Wine talking to opposition flag bearer in Jinja East by-election Paul Mwiru

    Addressing FDC and opposition supporters who thronged Busoga square this evening at the last rally of opposition candidate Paul Mwiru, who is contesting as MP for Jinja East, Besigye told Mwiru’s supporters that he will not get surprised if Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine comes out to contest for presidency in the next election because the young generation is taking over the leadership of this country and Ugandans believe in them.

    Lumumba doing what Tanga Odoi doesn’t like with musician Kusasira

    When asked whether he would support Bobi wine for presidency he is said that he will do what his party tells him to do.

    Today, Besigye and the top leadership of FDC and opposition have spent the whole day in Jinja convincing people to vote for Mwiru, since it is the last day of campaigns. His bush war comrade and Chairman of NRM party president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has also spent the whole afternoon in Jinja campaigning for Nathan Igeme Nabeta at Kilembe-copper LC1.

    In his address, while campaigning for Nabeta, President Museveni warned Jinja East Municipality voters not to vote for someone who will not help them because NRM has the majority in parliament and they will take the day on any debate in parliament or in case a big decision has to be made.

    Bobi Wine in Jinja today

    Elections are set for this Thursday 15th March, 2018 and analysts have described the Jinja East by-selection as a mini referendum on constitutional amendment (Article 102(b).

    Besigye in Jinja today


    By Mboowa Nathan



    Bobi Wine In Talks With M7 Over Presidential Petition Withdraw Costs, Protests Justice Byabakama’s Procedure To Hire Kampala’s KAA Advocates…



    NUP Principal Robert Kyagulanyi and President Yoweri Museveni (R)

    Medard Lubega Sseggona, the lead counsel to National Unity Platform (NUP) former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has revealed that they are in talks with president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s lawyers over Supreme Court presidential petition withdraw costs.

    Ssegona told the nine justices of the Supreme Court led by Chief Justice Alfonse Chigamoy Owiny-Dollo that they kicked off the talks on the matter today (Friday) morning.

    “My lords, today morning, we talked to lawyers of the 1st Respondent about the costs but they were not as positive yet,” Ssegona said.

    He submitted to Court that he knows very well that it’s very clear in the laws and regulations of the presidential petition that whenever the petitioner seeks to withdraw his petition, he or she has to bear the costs of the respondents.

    He further told the Court that its explanatory that the withdrawal of the petition means that the 1st Respondent (Museveni) won the 2021 presidential elections and no one is challenging his victory.

    Sseggona explained that the petition was filed in Court by his client on behalf of many Ugandans for the good of national democracy and good governance and he must not be punished.

    He insisted that the petition was a public interest matter.

    He pleaded with Court that it will be unfair for them to use their powers to slap costs on his client, who is a normal Ugandan, to foot the legal bills of a declared president of the Country.

    On the side of the 2nd Respondent (Electoral Commission), Ssegona protested the prayer for costs made by Commissioner Stephen Tashobya in his affidavit supporting the withdrawal of the petition.

    In his affidavit, Tashobya told the Court that they incurred huge costs to hire Kampala’s top law firm, Kampala Associated Advocates (KAA) that is why the petitioner has to foot the legal bills.

    In his submission, Sseggona told Court that there was no proper procedure followed by the Electoral Commission when hiring KAA as required by law.

    He insisted that the Electoral Commission is a government institution which needs to follow the public procuring procedures.

    In his response, Edwin Karugire, Museveni’s lawyer told Court that due to the scandalous behaviour of the petitioner, he has to pay them costs.

    He told Court that Bobi Wine exhibited an errant behaviour against the judiciary when he said that it is not independent, biased and incompetent yet it has saved him several times when he ran there for justice.

    He cited the Moses Kibalama case and the case where court directed security to leave his home after the elections.

    Karugire told court that with all those successes Bobi Wine continues to attack the Judiciary yet he failed to prosecute his petition which means that he is a bad loser.

    KAA’s Elison Karuhanga rubbished Ssegona’s submissions that the Electoral Commission didnt follow the public procurement procedures when hiring them.

    He branded Bobi Wine’s lawyer Ushaka Ssekajja as ignorant about the public procurement thus he cannot give advice to the Court.

    He also supported Karugire’s submission that Bobi Wine has been a scandalous litigant who must be punished with costs due to his intentional public attack on judiciary without following the necessary procedures stipulated in Court rules.

    William Byaruhanga, the Attorney General who represented the 3rd Respondent asked court to find ways of handing reckless petitioners of the presidential petition since this is a very serious matter. He agreed with fellow petitioners not to object to the withdrawal of the petition which Court allows.

    On the issue of Costs, Justices Stella Arach Amoko who read the ruling stated that it will be noticed in the detailed ruling. Bobi Wine withdrew his petition citing unfairness of the judiciary after they declined to accept his additional evidence and amendment of his petition.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Panic As Chief Justice Dollo’s Supreme Court Agree To Petition Law Council Over Conduct And Insults From Bobi Wine’s Lawyers Towards Top Justices….



    National  Unity Platform (NUP) Principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu

    There is panic among lawyers representing National  Unity Platform (NUP) former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

    This is after they received information that a decision was taken by the Supreme Court Justices led by Chief Justice Alfonse Chigamoy Owiny-Dollo to drag them to the Law Council over their frequent insults and verbal attacks on judges.

    Multiple credible sources at the Supreme Court disclosed that the nine Justices of the Supreme Court who are handling Bobi Wine’s petition have agreed to petition the disciplinary body to take action against Bobi Wine’s lawyers.

    “The decision was taken even though the Law Council has not yet received the petition. It was unprofessional for a senior lawyer to go to CBS radio and insult a senior Justice that he is incompetent and that he left a lot of dirty work at his former stations, it was embarrassing” a judiciary source said.

    He added that before the decision was taken, one of the Justices told friends that he listened to one of Kyagulanyi’s Advocates live on CBS radio attacking him during a political talk show.

    The judge added that this lawyer thought that he does not understand Luganda language since he is not a Muganda. After the show, the judge rang him and asked him why he was attacking him.

    The source said that the Advocate apologised to the Justice who insisted and was supported by his colleagues that the law council should be petitioned.

    The source added that the Justices also cited a number of insults from NUP lawyers especially via social media and in main media stream towards them.

    It should be remembered that Chief Justice Dollo was unhappy with the lies made by Bobi Wine’s lawyer Anthony Wameli on oath in his affidavit that he was blocked from filling the additional evidence against Museveni on the particular day given to them by Court.

    Justice Dollo insisted that he was present on that particular date (14th/02/2021) and in the evening, he saw Wameli jumping on the boda boda running away from court without any Court official stopping him.

    The Judge asked the Attorney General William Byaruhanga to look for an avenue where such lawyers who lie under oath like Wameli are punished by the Law Council to avoid putting the legal profession in the Country into disrepute.

    Recently, the Law Society through their president Phiona Wall Nabasa threatened to take action against Bobi Wine’s lawyers who are insulting and putting the judiciary in bad light.

    Last week, a concerned Ugandan Job Richard Mutua petitioned the Law Council over the unprofessional behaviour of Bobi Wine’s lawyers.

    City Lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi also advised Bobi Wine to drag his lawyers to the law council for being incompetent and failing to prosecute their case.

    The accusations against Bobi Wine’s lawyers comes at a time when their practicing licenses have not yet been renewed by the law council and other concerned bodies.

    Because Bobi Wine’s petition is of public interest, Chief Justice Dollo directed the Chief Registrar to give Bobi Wine’s lawyers led by Busiro East member of parliament Medard Lubega Ssegona a temporary practicing license that will expire on the 18th of March 2021, the day allocated by Court to deliver its decision on the matter.

    Bobi Wine applied to withdraw his petition on several grounds.


    However, when reached for comment on the matter, Wameli told theGrapevine that he never put the judiciary in bad. He said that whatever they said was in good faith not in bad faith as many are trying to portray it. He asserted that he is ready to defend himself when summoned by the law council.


    The Judiciary Senior Communications Officer Solomon Muyita revealed that no decision has been made to drag Bobi Wine’s lawyers to law council.

    He explained that there was just one concerned Ugandan who petitioned the law council.


    Meanwhile, Lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi is still staged at the office of the Supreme Court Registrar seeking for a date to hear his application where he wants the Supreme Court to stay the hearing of the application filed by Bobi Wine to withdrawal his presidential petition until the  East African Court makes a decision in his suit.

    Mabirizi is challenging Justice Dollo’s refusal to recuse himself from Bobi Wine’s petition.

    Mabirizi told theGrapevine that it’s clear in the East African Community regulations that established the East African Court that if a petition is filed in Court concerning a certain matter in a local Court, it has to stay until the decision of the regional Court is made.

    He added that if Bobi Wine’s application for withdrawal is heard before his application, the matter will turn academic.

    However, through a letter, Supreme Court Deputy Registrar Harriet Ssali Nalukwago informed Mabirizi that they have received his application and Court will consider it at the appropriate date which will be communicated to him.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    FDC And All The Other Political Parties Are In IPOD For Museveni’s Money – NUP’s Nambooze…



    MP Betty Nambooze (L) and MP Ssemujju Nganda

    Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament (MP), Betty Nambooze has accused other opposition members for “associating” with President Yoweri Museveni in the Inter-Party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD) financial gains.

    Nambooze said this on NBS TV’s Barometer show, asserting that those who subscribe to the IPOD have a special financial interest in the cause and not necessarily finding solutions to the problems faced by Ugandans.

    Nambooze, who defected to the National Unity Platform (NUP) party, insinuated that all the parties associating with the ruling party for any given cause are Museveni allies.

    The IPOD summit meeting is slated for this Friday at Kololo Independence Grounds and it will be hosted by President Museveni.

    The summit is the apex body of IPOD and it is composed of the heads of the political parties that constitute IPOD. These include FDC, DP, UPC, JEEMA and NRM.

    Friday’s summit, according to its organisers, will among other things review the previous elections and what needs to be done going forward.

    However, Nambooze opined that it’s a very inappropriate move for the opposition.

    “You can’t take your case to Museveni when he’s the offender. That’s why people no longer go with their cases to police because they know nothing will be done,” Nambooze said.

    Nambooze added that FDC, which she claims has maintained its support based on hatred for Museveni, is showing cowardice by shying away from meeting Museveni now.

    She was referring to FDC’s decision to excuse themselves from the IPOD summit.

    FDC party spokesperson, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, said their party president Amuriat Oboi, who was a victim of state security brutality in the past election, is still so traumatised to meet his “tormentor”, referring to president Museveni.

    Democratic Party (DP) president, Norbert Mao however believes in the cause. He’s advocating for dialogue because he believes it might help to at least address some grievances if not all.

    “Our biggest problem as the Ugandan opposition is that we’re divided by a common enemy. Opposition parties are being led by individuals who ride on their emotions to reach vital decisions for the very many diverse people they lead,” Mao said.

    On the other hand, the NRM National Treasurer, Rosemary Namayanja, said some of the IPOD members don’t have good will. She explained that some members of the opposition wrongly think that it’s their assignment to oppose everything involving the ruling party.

    “It is important for the IPOD to sit even if what is discussed is not implemented. It is important for putting the issues on record,” Minister Kiwanda Ssuubi, another senior cadre of the NRM, submitted.

    IPOD has been active in Uganda for several years, offering parliamentary parties a common forum for discussions, training, and collaboration. It oversees an inter-party dialogue process which aims to provide a safe space for every parliamentary party – no matter its size – to participate in dialogue as equals. Following this principle of equality, the Chair position of IPOD rotates alphabetically between its members on a 6-monthly basis, ensuring each party gets a chance to shape the IPOD agenda.

    This pattern of shared responsibility has allowed IPOD member parties to build trust and take action on issues of the day.

    For example, discussions between party leaders in 2019 led to united action on the Public Order Management Act (POMA), a controversial piece of legislation that was seen by opposition parties as a hindrance to their rallies and other legitimate political activities.


    By Baron Kironde


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