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    Bobi Wine In Running Battles With Police Again, Narrates How Teargas Canister Missed Him And Hit Nubian Li…



    Nubial Li receiving treatment after being hit by a teargas canister

    National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine says the Police has today beat up and handcuffed some of the members on his team without reason.

    He says that in the process, Nubian Li was shot at with a tear gas canister and sustained a deep cut on the head.

    “In what I believe was yet another target on me, my  brother Nubian Li has been shot at with a tear gas canister and sustained a deep cut on the head. We were ultimately unable to make it to our next campaign meeting in Jinja. I know that the Electoral commission is watching all this criminality but conspicuously silent,” Bobi Wine reported.

    Nubian Li, real names Buken Ali has been a close friend of Bobi Wine for several years and he has enjoyed the benefits as well as enduring the pain that has come his way for being the Ghetto Gladiator’s right-hand man.

    “On our way from Kamuli, just a few minutes from our next venue in Budondo, we found the road heavily blocked by police and the military,” Bobi Wine added.

    Some of the supporters who were arrested

    Bobi Wine says they were diverted into a remote road which they found also blocked by police patrol cars. There, his team were then immediately attacked by a group of counter terrorism police men commanded by Frank Mwesigwa, Odokchen, Hiriga and a one Mugarura.

    Bobi Wine was in Luuka on the 18th of November and his rally was violently stopped by the police and Military under the command of Mwesigwa Frank.

    Today, when his supporters heard that he was coming back, most of them stood by the roadside to wave at him while others gathered at his meeting venue to listen to him.

    Upon his grand return to Luuka, Bobi Wine said, “To the people of Luuka, I’m well aware of the low sugar cane prices, the bad roads, the poverty, and all that oppresses my people of Luuka. I can authoritatively assure that Luuka will not be left out in the new Uganda.” He added that he has a very strong attachment to Luuka as his forefathers have traces of origin there thus his other name Ngobi.


    By Baron Kironde



    INSIDE STORY: How Bobi Wine Threatened To Demote Defiant Elder Brother Nyanzi As Fight To Money, Power Deepens In NUP…



    Bobi Wine (R) with his elder brother Fred Nyanzi (L)

    Tempers flared as Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) the Principal of the National Unity Platform (NUP) threatened to demote his elder brother and also the party Chief Mobilizer Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu (Chairman Nyanzi) as fight for money and power deepened.

    On Wednesday morning, a furious Bobi Wine abruptly summoned a high level meeting at his office at the party headquarters in Makerere Kavule.

    The meeting was attended by Joel Ssenyonyi the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Chairman Nyanzi, David Lewis Rubongoya the party Secretary General and other NUP select officials.

    Immediately when Bobi Wine entered the party headquarters, security was beefed up commanded by the foot soldiers who were joined by Habib Buwembo a celebrated political activist who recently crossed from Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) to NUP.

    Sources disclosed that Bobi Wine summoned the meeting after being briefed that Nyanzi had summoned a meeting of all NUP councilors in Kampala at all levels including those who lost in the 2021 local council elections in Kampala city.

    According to sources, the meeting was supposed to take place at the party headquarters and the main agenda was to strategise on how to win Kampala Lord Mayor Seat come 2026.

    Like we reported few days back, Nyanzi has started meeting city tycoons asking them to financially support his coming Lord Mayor bid.

    Bobi Wine was also given the entire report attached with evidence of tycoons his brother was meeting some of who are known NRM supporters and have been in Lukwago’s bad book.

    “What I can assure you is that the meeting took almost 5 hours and it seems Chairman Nyanzi stormed out of it after disagreeing with some of the decisions,” a highly placed source inside Bobi Wine’s office told theGrapevine.

    Sources claim that Bobi Wine directed Nyanzi with immediate effect to stop his clandestine mobilization for Lord Mayor slot explaining that his actions are putting the party in bad light and some party members have started early campaigns.

    Nyanzi first denied the accusations that he is campaigning. He argued that he is streamlining KUNGA and other party grassroots mobilization drives.

    He told his brother that he’s not ready to stop because their competitors like President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s NRM are already in the field.

    “I heard the Principal telling him that they can even remove him from that office of the Chief Mobilizer. Then after a few minutes, I saw Nyanzi storming out of the meeting,” a source said.

    While talking to his people, Nyanzi assured them that even if NUP denied him the Lord Mayor ticket, he will contest on an independent and win the slot because he has enough experience.

    He boasted that he is the one who nurtured and modeled Bobi Wine the politician.

    However Nyanzi is very sure that with his contacts in the NRM where he was once a member before 2021, will give him an upper hand to defeat Lukwago.

    Even though Nyanzi stormed out of the meeting, Bobi Wine, Rubongoya, Ssenyonyi remained in the meeting and they came out very late in the evening.

    When the meeting ended, they drove to Lungujja to comfort the family members of the late Daniel Bbosa Lwamwo, the Endiga clan head who was assassinated on Sunday.

    Sources said that after the meeting, Nyanzi briefed some of his people about what took place but assured them that come what may, he is going to be on the ballot for Kampala Lord Mayor come 2026.

    NUP insiders disclosed that Bobi Wine is under pressure from a section of the party leaders especially those from DP Block including the former Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga who are provoking him by making statements that he has turned their party into a family affair and his close family members are the ones making critical decisions for the party.

    “They are provoking Bobi Wine to order for disciplinary action against them by making public attacks on his personality. Unfortunately Nyanzi is only after money and power without understanding the situation his brother is going through,” a NUP source said.

    Bobi Wine was also briefed that early this week, Nyanzi held a private meeting with Florence Namayanja Mukasa the city mayor of Masaka city who is fighting to make sure that Mpuuga is defeated come 2026.

    Bobi Wine was told that Nyanzi and Namayanja are the ones behind Alice Nannungi who is already in the field de-campaigning Mpuuga.

    Sources divulged that because of the Namayanja/ Nyanzi meeting that took place at Kyebando a Kampala suburb, Mpuuga’s henchman Abed Bwanika was forced to come out publicly accusing Bobi Wine of building family rule in NUP like President Museveni is doing in NRM and in government.

    Mpuuga’s camp is very sure that the ongoing Uganda Parliament Exhibition on social media is targeting him as a person and his people in parliament and it is clandestinely facilitated by Bobi Wine himself and Ssenyonyi his henchman.

    In the same development, NUP announced that because of corruption in parliament, Mpuuga was dismissed from the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner after accepting that he pocketed over Shs500m which was given to him by the parliamentary leadership.

    The money was given to Mpuuga thanking him for being a good Leader of Opposition but Bobi Wine insists that the money was a bribe.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    OPINION: Uganda’s Political Transition Is Secure: Things Of “Who Comes Next In The Political Queue” Do Not Put Money In Anyone’s Pocket Or Bring Food On Any One’s Table…



    President Museveni after meeting DP boss Nobert Mao (L). Inset is the writer Faruk Kirunda

    I admire and respect the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Mr. Nobert Mao, whom I first knew as a firebrand Guild President at Makerere University and later Member of Parliament for Gulu Municipality, LC 5 Chairman and DP President General.

    Joining Cabinet as a Minister despite being a DP leader speaks of his willingness to mend fences for the sake of peaceful co-existence and harnessing President Yoweri Museveni’s policy of working with all regardless of political and other differences.

    Minister Mao’s DP is a key player in Inter-Party Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD), a body uniting political parties with representation in Parliament, boycotted by some other parties powered by radical isolationism. His advocacy for a transition can be understood from his “outsider” background but he is now best placed to work from within to cause the change he pushes.

    However, I belong in the category of those who believe that there is no controversy around transition, and duly conclude that there is no need to lose sleep over it. Our Constitution provides for transitional procedures which align well with the democratic dispensation we enjoy.

    Most times when someone talks about transition-or succession-the focus is on the Presidency. Reason being that Uganda has had President Museveni in power since 1986. To me, every five years there is a transition, except that the same person is reelected President.

    Each successive term of the President is unique from the preceding one since the mandate is different. Besides, every five years, we have a new cabinet, a new Parliament, new Local Councils and so on. This is a constructive transition!

    About transition at Presidential level, if an incumbent loses elections, the winning candidate takes over, simple! All one needs is a 50% plus 1 (one) to win. If there has been no transition (at all), the challenge is on opponents of President Museveni for failing to defeat him. It’s not his challenge. Every leader seeks to maintain advantage over competitors. That’s the nature of politics. Ugandans reserve the power to cause a power shift and the legal regime provides for that.

    There is no need to panic or be anxious for change; it cannot be forced. It’s okay to talk about it but sometimes such discussions divert us from things that should really interest us.

    We should work more for “economic transition” than discussing political transition which is guaranteed under the Constitution. Ugandans are grappling with great need to take the next step economically while the Government is all out to devise methods to enable the people to join the money economy.

    Economic transformation is the main challenge of our times which we should address with all our might, mind and will. Things of “who comes next in the political queue” do not put money in anyone’s pocket or bring food on any one’s table. Instead, they mislead Uganda’s to think that a new Government would put free money in their pockets or put food on their table as if by magic.

    Transition and succession talk gives confidence and relevance to the President’s opponents but nobody knows who may win the next general elections. There could be surprises, including people that currently have less say in politics.

    Those obsessed with the two ideas may feel a sense of entitlement to benefit from the transition directly, looking at positions and roles, but that is not in the interest of the Ugandan that needs support to grow his or her agricultural enterprise or small shop. Let’s prioritise economic transformation and service delivery. The politics will sort itself within the democratic allowance in place.

    We can discuss the process and how to improve it but transition as a subject matter is, in my view, redundant and over pressed. The transition fanatics have a chance to mobilise for the change they want, that’s opponents of the President have always come up to challenge him, because they are aware that the transitional infrastructure is in place, expect that they fall short on defeating the incumbent.

    President Museveni has created a platform for people to grow their potential unlike in the past when potential successors were eliminated. If anybody is meant to be the one to take over, he or she will not fail to find a foothold. If there is anyone to thank for the “transitional space” in place, it is President Museveni, as opposed to being a stumbling block to the same.

    Or maybe they want him to hand power to another person who is not elected by Ugandans, just for the formality of seeing power change hands. The President has never said he cannot hand over to someone else if defeated or if he chooses not to contest elections again, but who is that person for whom a red carpet must be laid when it costs blood and sweat to put us back on course?

    Our Constitution does not leave room for speculation and at the appointed time, there will be a transition on all fronts as and when Ugandans are satisfied with the conditions and contenders in place.

    For now, can “alternative leaders” justify themselves by promoting Government’s transformation programmes and fighting corruption, crime; promoting unity and harmonious co-existence, etc? The question that should attract our attention is: “Transition to do what?” Transition for the sake of it did not help Uganda at its hour of greatest need in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

    We had leaders lasting only months, what did that benefit us? On the contrary, we were greatly stabilized until a stable Government took over, steering us through turbulent seas until now when we have regular free and fair elections.

    Let’s consolidate that without losing sight of the most pressing objectives and needs of the people-they need jobs, they need capital, they need industries to add value to their produce and earn higher profits, they need better health care, roads, schools and so on.

    I wish to allay the fears of all Ugandans that the question of transition is already answered within our Constitutional framework as well as in our democratic practice. Let’s play our part within the democratic calendar in place!


    Faruk Kirunda is the Deputy Presidential Press Secretary




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    We Can’t Deal With People Who Have No Address Or Agenda: Has Bobi Wine’s NUP Canceled 2026 Political Marriage With Besigye? Ssemujju, Birigwa Disagree…



    Dr. Kizza Besigye (L), NUP D/Spokesperson Waiswa Mufumbiro and Bobi Wine (R)

    The National Unity Platform (NUP) deputy spokesperson Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro has confirmed that there is no plan for a political marriage come 2026 general elections between their party and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Katonga group.

    Exclusively speaking to theGrapevine, Mufumbiro said that NUP is a serious political party and they cannot just enter deals with anybody or a group of people who have no political address or agenda.

    Mufumbiro’s statement comes on the heels of theGrapevine investigation where we established that Bobi Wine’s political handlers and advisors protested and declined to support the political deal which he wanted to sell to them to form a political alliance with Dr. Besigye’s Katonga group.

    Sources claim that Bobi Wine was even told by one of his handlers that Besigye is planning to use him to secure support for his wife Winnie Byanyima who harbored plans to contest for presidency come 2026.

    Some FDC insiders allege that the sharp misunderstanding between Besigye and Mafabi partly sprung from the Byanyima factor.

    Mafabi claimed that Besigye wanted Byanyima to stand for presidency on FDC ticket in 2026 yet he was also eyeing the same ticket.

    Sources disclosed that in one of the meetings that Bobi Wine and Besigye held in Kasangati, the four time presidential candidate assured the NUP boss that Byanyima is not going to contest for presidency but she is ready to support him.

    Bobi Wine was very happy with the idea of Byanyima’s support because he knows very well that she is financially stable.

    However his colleagues warned him that Besigye will turn against him at the last hour.

    Robert Mayanja one of the political activists in FDC Katonga told theGrapevine that since 2021, Bobi Wine has been holding political talks with Dr. Besigye at his Kasangati home and it is the reason why Dr. Besigye accepted to attend recent NUP functions.

    To return the favour, Bobi Wine has also been attending key functions organized by Dr. Besigye’s Katonga function.

    “Those are just supporters, what I can tell you is that Bobi Wine and many leaders in NUP are still in talks because all of us are fighting one enemy. Its true we have people who think about themselves and they are the ones telling you that the talks have collapsed,” Mayanja said.

    Bobi Wine’s elder brother Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu the NUP Chief mobilizer is accused of influencing Bobi Wine to change his mind on operating with Besigye come 2026 and Mayanja claims that he did so because of Lord Mayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago’s factor.

    Nyanzi declared interest to contest against Lukwago come 2026 even though there other NUP leaders like; David Lewis Rubongoya, the party Secretary General; Ali Kasirye Mulyanyama, the Makindye Division mayor and Emmanuel Sserunjogi, the Kawempe Division mayor who have all declared interest in the seat.

    Mayanja braggingly warned all NUP members who think that they can use Bobi Wine’s factor to defeat Lukwago come 2026 not to waste their energy because he has been contesting with opposition candidates and defeating them.

    He gave the example of Nabillah Nagayi Ssempala who was fronted by Bobi Wine against Lukwago in 2021 elections.

    “The people of Kampala know what they want from their Lord Mayor. Nyanzi might be having friends in the NRM including Gen. Salim Saleh and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni but he will not win Lukwago, for that I’m assuring him,” Mayanja boasted.

    However, Micheal Kabaziguruka the FDC Katonga camp Electoral Commission chairperson noted that they will lose nothing if NUP declines to work with them because they have built a strong grassroots support base that is better than that of NUP.

    He asked their supporters to wait for their big official announcement before the end of this year.

    Katonga sources have told theGrapevine that because of the frustration, Besigye proposed to his people that they should not to join NUP but use the FDC grassroots support to survive politically and kick Nathan Nandala Mafabi and Patrick Amuriat Oboi out of Najjanankumbi their party headquarters.

    However, Omulongo Wasswa Birigwa the FDC Katonga faction National chairperson insists that they should form a new political party.

    He even proposed that it should be named Front for Democratic Change (FDC) arguing that it will comfort them for the loss of the original FDC.

    Birigwa was advised that it will be difficult for Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama the chairperson of the country’s electoral commission to accept the name he was proposing because it resembles that of FDC.

    Other sources told theGrapevine that some members are proposing the name of the National Revolutionary Party (NRP).

    However, Besigye does not support the idea of formation of another political party noting that what happened to the original FDC will also happen in this new party.

    Sources recounted that in one of the meetings, Kira Municipality legislator Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda openly told members that he is in talks with NUP leadership and he is likely to contest on their party ticket come 2026.

    Bobi Wine appointed Ssemujju as the Shadow Finance, Planning and Economic Development minister in the recent reshuffle, a gesture that shows that once he joins them, he will not be lonely since all his comrades like; Mathias Mpuuga, who is a fellow old boy at Masaka Secondary School, Medard Lubega Ssegona and others are in NUP.

    However, NUP foot soldiers especially those from Kira are contesting Ssemujju’s plan to join NUP claiming that once he joins their party, their man Jimmy Lukwago will not be given a party ticket come 2026 parliamentary elections.

    “For us we are waiting for Bobi Wine to make the mistake of choosing Ssemujju and leaving out Lukwago who has been there for the party. Every year he buys a cow which is slaughtered and the meat is shared among the family members of our comrades who are in prison battling political cases and those who lost their people in the political struggle,” one of Lukwago’s supporters told theGrapevine.

    Sources said that Ssemujju fears that without FDC ticket, the pressure from President Museveni’s NRM may be too much for him and compel Mafabi and Amuriat to mobilize their tribe mates from Bugisu and Teso to register in huge numbers in Kira Municipality and vote him out. That is why he badly needs Bobi Wine’s factor to survive.

    Ssemujju is alleged to have told his friends that he is planning to retire from elective politics in 2036 and this has been his plan since 2011 when he joined elective politics.

    He is building the financial muscle which will help him to remain independent once he retires from politics.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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