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    Bobi Wine Speaks Out On Using Guns To Oust M7, Clarifies On His Relationship With Former ADF Boss Jamil Mukulu….



    NUP boss Bobi Wine (L) and former ADF boss Jamil Mukulu (R)

    National Unity Platform (NUP) principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has spoken out on the strategy of using guns to oust President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni from power.

    Speaking to NUP Diaspora leadership in Waltham Massachusetts, in the United States of America, Bobi Wine revealed that as NUP top leadership, if they wanted guns, they would not find any problem getting them to oust Museveni but they don’t want to use that alternative.

    “We want the entire world to know that we are the most moral people, we would have got guns to fight Museveni even though he has spent over 36 years in power and has been spending our tax payers money buying guns,” Bobi Wine said.

    He explained that president Museveni for a long time has been provoking them into violence so that he can finish them but what they have in their hands (the power of the people) is more powerful than guns and it can be used to defeat him completely.

    Bobi Wine asked Ugandans in the diaspora not to give up on protesting against President Museveni’s government because if it is done effectively, it will have a bigger negative effect on president Museveni’s government which is far better than using guns.

    Bobi Wine boasted that because of their protests, it is the reason why the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) suspended funding to IPOD.

    He further claimed that because of their protests, the European Union parliament passed a resolution against the construction of the oil pipeline from Uganda to Tanzania citing environmental and human rights violations.

    Bobi Wine also used his trip to United States of America to clarify on the statements he made in support of former ADF Commander Jamil Kyagulanyi Alirabaki the suspected terrorist.

    He explained that he does not support terrorists, even though President Museveni’s supporters wanted people to believe that he does.

    He explained that what he wanted was justice for Jamil Mukulu like any other Ugandans.

    “His lawyer Anthony Wameli told me that Jamil Mukulu told him that he is not a terrorist and he is in prison for political reasons. It is the courts of law to prove it or himself not us, that’s why we are praying for his speedy trial,” Bobi Wine told listeners while appearing at radio Uganda based in Boston.

    Bobi Wine and Jamil Mukulu are both Baganda from Buffalo clan and towards 2021 presidential elections, Mukulu rallied for support for Bobi Wine.

    Brig. Gen. Felix Kulayigye the UPDF spokesperson condemned Bobi Wine for supporting people like Jamil Mukulu, a terrorist.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    Security On High Alert After Sunday ADF-Linked Bomb Blast Near Uganda, DR Congo Border



    Uganda security agencies have been put on high alert after a bomb linked to the Allied Democratic Forces – ADF went off yesterday near Uganda, Congo border.

    The incident in the Eastern DRC happened at Pentecostal Church in Lhubirira, an immediate town located 4kms after Mpondwe border point. At least 10 people died on the spot and 47 others suffered injuries.

    “The terror attack shows that terrorism can occur any time and anywhere, and further reminds us all of the terrorist threats that we face as a country. Because of the existing threat environment, our Joint Counter terror task teams from CMI, Crime Intelligence, Counter terrorism, CID in coordination with territorial units, continue to operate with a heightened state of readiness. It is approximately, 425days, since the double terror task at CPS and Kampala Avenue that have led to several investigations, multiple arrests and recovery of an assortment of dangerous weapons. So far, 18 guns have been recovered, 1 PK gun and 116 PK rounds, 1 pistol, 7 IEDs, 21 electronic detoriators, 52 explogel explosives, 2 Axel blades, 2 emulsion explosives, an assortment of bomb making materials, walkie talkies, mobile phones, 185 other types of ammunition, and motorcycles etc. In addition, a total of 57 suspects (terrorists and rebels) have been arrested,” Police Spokesperson who doubles as the Joint Security Spokesman told the media in Kampala on Monday.

    And while those disruptive operations present a positive step in securing the safety of Ugandans, Enanga says that “there is still work to identify ADF cells of agents, collaborators, operatives and sponsors within the country.”

    “Several measures have also been put in place, to avert any hostile infiltrations and attacks at Mpondwe border and all other crossing points. For instance, we have stopped the movement of cargo and passenger boats across Lake Albert, intensified patrols in Bugoma forest and across the borderlines, bolstered security at major installations, markets and parking yards, and intensified intelligence on several targets among others,” he said.

    Enanga, however, asked the public not to be alarmed “by these steps because it is meant for their safety.”

    “We would like to further remind the public that the threats of terrorism are real, especially on soft targets, which are many and sometimes difficult to defend, especially restaurants, markets, shopping centres, public transportation hubs like taxi and bus parks, places of worship and other crowded places etc. as a result, we call upon the public to be extra alert and vigilant, as they go about their activities. Remember, the best defence against any terrorist threats is our collective community effort. Once again, please be alert but not alarmed. And report any suspicious behaviour or activity to the nearest police unit or security agency.”


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    City Babe Who Offered Room For Cousin & Her Boyfriend Arrested For Double Murder



    The police are investigating circumstances under which two young adults died in a fire at Jinja-Nabweru on Thursday evening.

    The deceased have been identified as Patricia, 24, and Kajumba, 27.

    Findings show that the lovers visited Suzan Keitesi, 24; a cousin of Patricia on Thursday morning. Keitesi is a resident in an apartment at Jinja Kawempe Zone A, Jinja Kawempe Ward in Nabweru Division.

    However, the pair were found dead on Thursday evening in a suspicious manner, while Keitesi was rushed to a nearby clinic and later Kawempe hospital for first aid. She was later discharged that day.

    Suspecting foul play, detectives attached to Kawempe Police Station interacted with Keitesi on her hospital bed. Her statement looked uncoordinated. She has been detained as further investigations continue.

    Deputy Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire says Patricia and her boyfriend are suspected to have been murdered.

    “We have reserved the scene for further examination by officials from National Building Review Board, UMEME, and other stakeholders, to ascertain the exact cause of the fire. 

    Whereas the tenant had a gas cooker, it was in a store and it remained intact,” Owoyesigyire said. “We have however arrested Kaitesi Suzan on allegations of Murder as investigations continue.”



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    Aponye MD Harold Byamugisha Still Missing – Security



    Police are searching for the Managing Director of Aponye Uganda Limited who went missing on Sunday night.

    Harold Byamugisha is said to have left home on Sunday dressed casually, promising his wife that he was to return.

    “The wife says he left home in a yellow shirt and white shorts. She said he called her around 11pm and informed her that he could return home in 20 minutes. He didn’t return,” Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire told the media yesterday.

    Byamugisha’s family has also put up an announcement, promising a Shs5m reward to anyone who can help them find him.

    “He was last seen in Ntinda on Sunday…driving his motor vehicle, a Range Rover, white in colour number UBF 017D. This is to inform the general public that whoever has any idea of his whereabouts, please call us on 0775363017, 07770611435 or report to the nearest police station. A reward of Shs5m is available,” the notice reads in part.

    But while reports emerged Friday morning that he had been found, security sources say Byamugisha is yet to be found.

    “He called us yesterday and said he is okay. But the wife who reported the case hasn’t physically seen him,” a security source said.

    Owoyesigyire says Byamugisha is still missing.

    “To us, he is still missing,” he said. “So, we are still looking for him and he is not safe and sound like he said.”


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