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Bring Them Or I Order For Your Arrest: Prisons Boss Survives Judge’s Wrath For Hiding Tycoon Kazinda’s Court Documents….



Tycoon Geoffrey Kazinda (L)

Uganda Prisons boss has survived being sent to jail for hiding court documents of embattled city tycoon Geoffrey Kazinda.

High Court Anti-Corruption Division Judge Margaret Tebulya had threatened to send Assistant Commissioner of prisons Apollo Baker Asinja to jail after he failed to explain why he didn’t pass over court documents served to him by attorneys from the Inspector General of Government (IGG) office.

This was after Kazinda denied before the judge ever receiving the final submission from the IGG in the case where he is charged with amassing huge wealth and failing to explain its source.

Senior State Attorney Sarah Birungi first told court that they had served the accused with the final submissions but he didn’t reply.

Kazinda insisted that he never received the said submissions even though court records indicated that he received the said submissions through Asinja.

The nonsense Tebulya tasked Birungi to prove to court that they served the accused by producing the said prisons officer who received the court documents.

Panicky Birungi took over one hour making frequent telephone calls to prison bosses, she was even heard threatening one of the people she was talking to that the judge was going to issue a court directive to have her arrested.

In thirty minutes, Asanja arrived at court panting. The judge asked him what his intentions were not to pass over court documents to the accused.

Asanja told court that he received the document but he doesn’t remember where he put them because they were given to him at a time when he was too busy in the field making sure that the directives to stop the spread of COVID19 are implemented.

Asanja’s statements made Tebulya lose her temper, he denied the IGG’s application to be added more time to look for the said submission and decided to go with that of Kazinda which was on court records.

The judge set Friday of this week for the court assessors to advise her on how to make her final decision on the matter.

State alleges that between 2010 and 2012, the accused, while still working in the Prime Minister’s office as the Principal Accounting Officer maintained a standard of living of income and assets whose sum for the duration of 2009 to 2012 was questionable.

The assets included: Rented and occupied suit 105 at Golden Leaves now Constellation suits Nakasero, apartments at Sheraton hotel Kampala for a period of ten months at a total of UGx 210,364,401, land in Bukoto and Mmengo worth 3,657,747,500, a fleet of cars worth UGX 769,473,835 among others.

It should be noted that the illicit enrichment case is the only criminal case that Kazinda is battling with after the Constitutional court declared that he was illegally charged and detained.


By Sengooba Alirabaki



Always Involve Police In Your Programmes – IGP Ochola Tells Religious Leaders, Apologises To Emeritus JB Kaggwa, The Catholic Church….



Bishop Kaggwa (L) with Kasingye (R)

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martin Okoth Ochola has apologised to Rtd Emeritus John Baptist Kagwa after his men teargassed him and other traditional leaders while attending the Mbogo (Buffalo) clan meeting.

In a message delivered by the police Chief Political Commissar, AIGP Asan Kasingye, Ochola applauded  the Bishop for his resilient and steadfast leadership during the disruptive incident by the territorial Police.

“Today, I  led a delegation of senior officers on behalf of the Inspector General of Police, to purposely meet the Rtd Emeritus John Baptist Kagwa at his home in Masaka and delivered  apologies to him, his family and the catholic church fraternity, over the disruptions caused during the thanksgiving ceremony of the Mbogo clqan at the clan headquarters in Mugulu village, in Singo,” Kasingye said.

He added, “The IGP carried out a thorough review and evaluation of the incident, and acknowledges the operational lapse which led to the use of teargas that spread and impacted on the congregation and the public.

He extended further apologies in addition to the earlier ones made, regarding this regrettable incident.”

“He applauded the Bishop for his resilient and steadfast leadership during this disruptive incident by the territorial Police.  He further requested that all leaders (including religious leaders) should always involve the Police in programmes such as these for better coordination during this Covid19 pandemic in order to mitigate the risks of Covid-19 transmission among the entire public,” he said.


By Sandra Mukisa


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I HAVE GIVEN YOU 14-DAYS: Buchaman Gives All Ghetto Presidents Ultimatum To Surrender Army Uniforms To Security After Submitting His…



Buchaman and some of the military wear he handed over to police

Musician Mark Bugembe alias Buchaman has submitted a number of military attire that he has been possessing illegally.

The Self-proclaimed presidential advisor on ghetto affairs handed over the attire to the Kampala South Police Commander, James Ruhweza in Makindye, a Kampala suburb today in the company of his wife, kids and other ghetto members.

“I have been on a mission to collect all military attires from my ghetto people. I want to send my voice and appeal to all ghetto members throughout the country that we have only one army, called the UPDF,” Buchaman said.

Buchaman also issued a 14-day ultimatum to anyone with military and any security attires to follow the directive to hand over all the military attires or face the wrath of the law.

“Take all military attires you have any nearby police station. Even those calling themselves ghetto presidents, you need to heed to this directive,” he warned.

The Kampala Metropolitan South Police commander, James Ruhweza applauded Buchaman and his ghetto group for leading by example.

Recently, police spokesperson Fred Enanga warned that security forces will continue with operations on illegal use of armed forces uniforms.

He cautioned that the operations will be targeting illegal manufacture, supply and distribution and selling of the armed uniforms across the country including berets, pips, ranger boots and heavy jackets.

Last week, a combined team of security forces raided National Unity Platform offices in Kamwokya and other parts of the city where several people were arrested and other military attires confiscated.

Shortly after the raid on NUP offices, army spokesperson Brig. Flavia Byekwaso said that a joint operation is ongoing to recover military and police stores and other military/police patented designs from the public.


By Sandra Mukisa


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Kasangati Police Boss In Trouble For  Breaking  Businessman’s Leg Over Curfew Directive…



Bedridden Daniel Muweke and Andrew Angume (inset)

Kasangati Police Division boss in trouble for breaking a civilian’s leg.

Daniel Muweke (31), a businessman in Kasangati accuses Andrew Angume, the commandant of operations at Kasangati police for ordering his officers to beat him and break his leg.

“It was Saturday evening when Angume with his men stormed my working place and started beating me saying that I was violating curfew directives. During the beating, I fell down and Angume rode his police motorcycle on my legs and broke them,” Muweke stated.

He added that when he started screaming, Angume ordered his men to put him on handcuffs and they continued beating him until other people came to his rescue him.

He narrated that when people threatened to fight police, Angume ordered his men to remove handcuffs from his hands and they took off.

Muhammad Saaku father to Muweke

Muweke told us that on Monday morning, he was carried by his relatives to go and open a police file at Kasangati police Station but he was stopped by Angume.

“He gave me Shs200,000 and pleaded with me not to open a police file against him. I took the money but after I was advised to return the money to Angume, I gave it to our area chairperson to return it to him,” Muweke said.

He explained that what he wants is justice, not money. Efforts to speak to Angume were futile since he was not picking our calls.


By Robert Semirimo


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