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Bryan White Dares MP Ssekikubo: Bring Evidence That Museveni Gives me money



Bonny Socialite Brian Kirumira alias Bryan white has dared Lwemiyaga County MP Theodore Ssekikubo to adduce evidence that he gets money from State House.

In a post on his Bryan White foundation Instagram page today, Bryan White cautioned Ssekikubo to stop tarnishing his name with malicious claims of being funded by the president.

Below is Bryan’s rant verbatim: On my own behalf and that of Bryan White Foundation I would like to make some clarifications about some malicious accusations about the above brands that have been staged to damage and/or blackmail me. I today come to break silence about the fast spreading falsehood about my Foundation.

First and foremost, I had taken a rest from work within Kampala because I was preparing for my return to Arua where I will head later this month. A section of Ugandans have over time spread falsehood that I use government money to fund my activities. I strongly refute that. I have since initiating my foundation used my own money to fund and facilitate the foundation activities. I have shared my own money with Ugandans. The decision was purely out of willingness to stand and help the young people of this country.

Therefore, it is disheartening to downplay my efforts to stand with the youth in this country. I have deliberately paid a deaf ear to such hearsay and I pledge to further my efforts.
I also would like to express my disappointment in Lwemiyaga MP Hon. Theadore Ssekikuubo who has made deliberate efforts to tarnish my name with false stories of me picking money from State House. I challenge Hon Ssekikubo to produce evidence of me receiving money from the President.
I therefore urge all politicians and people who work with the President to get back on course and serve without selfish interests. I have been sabotaged by some of the ruling party ministers and personnel for my programs with the youth. My programs do not in any ways require funding from the President unless he does it out of goodwill in future and therefore it is paramount we all work together towards common goals, goals that benefit all Ugandans.

My intentions for this country are but not limited to see the youths live better. I want to leave a legacy. The only reason I meet the President is to push for change in the lives of the youths. Change will surely come but it should find us prepared for it and not at war. As I conclude, I want to assure Ugandans that my Foundation will further its charity activities and I will be in Arua again soon.
For God and My Country


By Monica Atwiine



MOWZEY RADIO TRIAL: I Saw Radio Pour Booze On The Bar Owner, He Ordered His Bouncer To Throw Him Out – Four Witnesses Testify As Fallen Musician’s Trial Begins…



Mr. David Ebanget (37), a Music Producer and resident of Kulambiro has told the High Court that sat in Entebbe today that while at De Bar hangout, Godfrey Wamala alias Troy, the man accused of killing musician Mozey Radio,  grabbed the deceased from a one Pamela Musimire, threw him down and took off.

Mr. Ebangat who says he had known Mozey Radio for 10 years told presiding Judge Jane Francis Abodo that on the fateful date, “Radio poured booze on some people before a one Ms. Pamela Musimire and another person only identified as Mr Ategeka intervened and took him out of the bar.”

Troy in court today

He added that when Radio was taken out of the bar, Wamala grabbed him, pushed him down and took off into hiding in Kyengera- Wakiso District, until 4th/February/ 2018 when he handed himself into police hands upon hearing that Radio was dead.

The second witness was Musimire Pamela (37), a resident of Abaita Ababiri told High court that on 22/January/2019, the deceased (Mowzey Radio) called her and directed her to find him  at Debar. On reaching there, she found Troy, the bar owner, a one Hassan  Muwonge and other people she could not identify.

“Mowzey asked the bar owner to buy for him booze, but the bar owner told him that he had no money. He however ordered the waitress to bring a bottle of whisky, on bringing it, Mowzey didn’t drink it but instead poured it in glasses of other people, and poured the remaining booze on the owner of bar which angered him,” Pamela testified in court.

Pamela told Justice Abodo that the owner of the bar then asked her to take Mowzey out which she did, and it’s at that moment that Troy followed them and pulled Mowzey from Pamela and pushed him down and he took off.

The third witness was Mowzey’s mother Ms. Jane Kasubo who implored court to exercise justice in this case. The fourth witness was a friend to the late Musician, Mr. Hassan Muwonge 28, a resident of Entebbe Church road.

Washington testifying before court today

Mr. Muwonge told court that on that fateful day, Mowzey came with Producer Washington to De bar, Muwonge said that he saw Mowzey pouring booze on the bar owner which angered him. The bar owner told Pamela to take Mowzey out, while Hassan took the bar owner to the washrooms.

However, Hassan said that he didn’t see who beat up his friend.

However, when Troy’s Lawyer Mr. Leonard Kasibante cross-examined the witnesses, he tasked them to explain to court how they got to know Troy;  Washington told court that he knew Troy through Pamela, while Pamela testified that she had seen Troy at Debar although she didn’t know him until she was called to record a  statement at police.

The fourth witness Hassan Muwonge said he is the one who introduced Troy to Pamela while at Debar, a hangout in Entebbe.

Today, State Attorney Ms. Joan Keko and Mr. Joseph Kyomuhendo finished leading the four witness. Further Hearing of this case was adjourned to tomorrow 6th/September/2019

Mozey Radio met his death on 1st/February/2018 following a brawl at Debar, a popular hangout in Entebbe on 22 January.

By Jesicca Namaganda


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MISS UGANDA, THE PICTURES YOU MISSED: From A Mother Of 4 Being Bitter Over Being Called Mama To Crowning The Wrong Miss Pulse..



OK, we all know Miss Uganda 2019 took Place on Friday evening at the Serena Hotel.

We also know that the chief judge was Zari Hassan Tlale and the Master of Ceremony (MC) was Anita Fabiola.

We know that Zari was handed an envelope that had the names of the winner but she shoved the envelope on Anita Fabiola’s waist area, almost tearing her Tina Brad dress and telling her how she does not do admin work.

Zari, a mother of five was angered by Fabiola calling her Mama (mother).

We also know that the Miss Pulse/Miss Popularity prize was given to the wrong person after mistakes were made during the tabulation of results. By The way, how sure are we that we have the right Miss Uganda and that there was no mistake in tabulation?

Anyway, what do we know, we won’t go into those battles, we will focus on the beauty pageant.

Eehh… before we forget, Oliver Nakakande was crowned as winner of Miss Uganda 2019/2020.

Here are some of the pictures you missed…

By Doreen Menezer


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How Greedy Men Are Failing Kabaka Radio And TV: We Are Paid Peanuts And It Comes Late, The Bosses Are Running Away With Sacks – Zambali Departure From BBS TV To Nbs Exposes Rot At Bulange



L-R: Joe Kigozi, Joyce Bagala, Kin Kariisa, Zambali and Ismail Sembatya

Buganda Kingdom owned television BBS TV board of Directors are receiving frequent and constant phone calls from Buganda chiefs asking them why their favorite news anchor Zambali Bulasio Mukasa left. 

Sources at the Masengere house-based BBS TV have told The Grapevine that clan heads in Buganda, county chiefs and Buganda kingdom ministers were not happy with Zambali’s departure from the kingdom’s TV to Kin Kariisa’s NBS TV because he was a very big brand who inspired young Baganda to work for their king.

“I was surprised to see the way people were concerned over Zambali’s departure, even the kingdom ministers wanted an explanation from the board,” our credible source revealed.

When asked why the so called Zambali supporters don’t put to task the Chief Executive officer of the television to explain, because he is responsible for the day to day running of the television instead of running to the board, the source said that most of the top Buganda ministers feel the CEO has no powers, and the board members are the real people running the show.

 A senior reporter at BBS TV revealed to this website that when NBS TV approached Zambali, he first talked to his senior friends at CBS radio and BBS for advice.

“I advised my man to go and look for greener pastures, you know here we enjoy prestige that we are working for the king and always see him whenever he comes to office but we are poorly paid. People out there think that we are highly paid which is wrong, we sometimes even spend three months without pay even though they pay after some time,” a very senior journalist at BBS TV told the Grapevine.

He further told us that many workers at BBS TV are frustrated because while they are receiving peanuts, which come late sometimes, their bosses are walking away with bags of money.

The senior journalist gave Zambali as an example saying CBS radio is dying from the inside because of mismanagement from some top bosses.

“All Zambali’s friends told him that if he refuses the NBS offer, he will die poor and miserable like sports presenter and musician Mark Augustine Makumbi and Mukiibi  Serunjogi died, or suffer humiliation like CBS sports commentator Yusuf Baliruno. Baliruno recently suffered humiliation during his illness at Kiruddu hospital when his employers first failed to offer him any medical assistance until his matter became the talk of town,” the source added.

Zambali after being unveiled at NBS TV

When Ono Bwino newspaper, a Luganda weekly paper ran Baliruno’s story and confession showing how CBS and Mengo establishment neglected him at the time when he needed them most, he was bitterly blasted by his bosses asking him why he ran to the media that he was not helped.

Sources told the Grapevine that it’s against such background and advice from friends that Zambali decided to tender in his resignation letter to his bosses at Masengere.

Our sources further told us that the BBS management tried to convince Zambali in vain. “It was a very hard time for Zambali because he was promised a salary increment, they even promised to pay him on time and a promotion but the man had already made up his mind after meeting with Joel Kigonzi, NBS TV’s chief strategist,” the source added.

At NBS TV, Zambali faces an uphill task of out competing NTV’s new recruit Sandra Nakiwala (from UBC TV).  According to viewership data from Ipsos and other sources, NTV’s Akawungezi news bulletin at 7:00pm beats NBS’s Amasengejje (also at the same time) and Kaliisa has been scratching his head for someone who can favorably compete with NTV’s winning team of Faridah Nakazibwe, Solomon Kaweesa and Walusimbi Frank.

We now wait to see if NTV team that has been boosted with the addition of Sandra Nakiwala will beat NBS TV’s Zambali, Joyce Bagala and Ismail Sembatya.

By Jamil Lutakome


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