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    You are a renowned prophet, what does your God say?



    By Otim Nape

    Four time presidential candidate Abed Bwanika, who is a prominent minister of the word, has challenged fellow Pastor Robert Kayanja to state where he stands on the life presidency debate that has divided the country.  Bwanika says Kayanja is a leading Born Again Pastor who is at the level of the Cardinal or Archbishop or Mufti for other faiths. ‘In theology you can’t be neutral between right and wrong.

    In this debate we have two sides the one which is right and the other which is evil. The evil side is the one pushing Museveni to rule until he becomes senile and as a leader, Kayanja has a duty to tell us where
    he stands. Is he with them or with the people of God who are the Ugandans now telling Museveni you have done your part?’ While speaking in Mengo after debating on CBS radio, Bwanika said that, being the most enlightened of all the Born Again pastors, Kayanja has a duty to lead the way in guiding God’s flock. ‘He is into prophetic Ministry and His God must be manifesting His will to him regarding this very important issue. Let him tell us what God is telling the Church through him since he is a prophet of undisputed credentials. I’m demanding he tells us what God is speaking to him about this very divisive subject of leaders who want to rule for life, which even the Bible doesn’t encourage.’ Bwanika gave examples of men in the Bible through whom God spoke including Prophet Samuel through whom God rejected King Saul and anointed David as new King. ‘When King Ahab became the problem, God spoke and resisted him through Prophet Elijah.

    When Museveni and his wife Janet went for prayers at Kayanja’s Church during-the 77 DOGS

    Let Kayanja tell us, if this country indeed belongs to the same God who is the God of Justice as we always preach in our churches, what his God is saying about people and MPs being tortured for defending
    what is just? Is God okay with all this? Kayanja has a duty to lead us in telling people what God says about President Museveni and what is happening.” Bwanika added that Kayanja and other Born Again Pastors
    risk becoming irrelevant if they don’t speak out on what is happening to Uganda’s politics today. ‘We risk becoming irrelevant because moral leadership in situations of moral dilemma like we face today as a
    country is the reason we church ministers exist.’ Bwanika thanked the Catholic clergy for speaking out on the side of the people. He added that throughout history, leaders like Kayanja who claim to be servants of God have often taken the firm stand and risked their own lives to condemn what is morally not right. ‘By speaking out, Kayanja isn’t helping or doing a favor to anybody but simply doing his moral duty as a leader’, Bwanika concluded adding that continued silence will force the public to take Kayanja to be among those benefiting from the regime’s injustices.

    Kayanja lines up comedians during his 77 DOGS at his church


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    Pastor Kayiwa Warns Politicians On Interfering In Church Affairs…



    Pastor Simeon Kayiwa (C) of Namirembe Christian Fellowship addressing the press

    Pastor Simeon Kayiwa of Namirembe Christian Fellowship in Mengo has urged politicians to stop interfering in church affairs as a stepping stone to building their political careers because this is weakening the church.

    While addressing the media at the Mengo based church about the upcoming Pastors fire conference which will be presided over by an American Philanthropist Dr. Michelle Caralan , Professor Simeon Kayiwa urged politicians to desist from mixing political issues in church matters because even in the Western world, there are people who don’t believe in homosexuality.

    Kayiwa said that the church is weakening especially on the African continent to the countries like Uganda because of such acts and it’s time to bring all people together near to God through prayers so that they never turn back to satanic acts of homosexuality.

    “We shall not welcome any one dealing in homosexuality, not even the pope if he tries to come back to Uganda, we welcome the Church of Uganda’s firm stand against this act and Ugandans too who believe in their norms and culture. Not every white person believes in homosexuality, that’s why Dr. Michelle is coming for a two days prayer conference in Uganda,” said Prof. Simeon Kayiwa.

    Dr. Michelle Carralan will be in Uganda for a two days Pastors Conference which will attract more than 100 pastors from around the global at Nsambya Sharing Hall Kampala from the 8th to 9th August 2023 .

    Dr. Michelle is the founder, pastor and president of Breath of the spirit Ministries International and she has been ministering for more than 45 years.


    By Grapevine Reporters


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    PICTURES:  Pastor Bujjingo Fills Up Kololo Grounds During Independence Night Prayers; Pr. Kayiwa Asks His Brother Kato Lubwama To Get Saved…



    Thousands of believers flocked Kololo Independence grounds to Pray, Praise and worship the Almighty God.

    This was during the Independence Night prayers organised by House of Prayer Ministries International pastor, Aloysious Bujjingo.

    Believers from different parts of the country and abroad withstood the rain to worship and pray from Friday 6:00am to Saturday 6:00am.

    Independence night prayers are organized every year every year towards independence.

    Pr. Bujjingo revealed that just like Uganda was able to get independence in 1962 from the British, he decided to organise these prayers to pray for believers so that they are liberated from whatever is distressing their lives.

    The theme for this year’s prayers was ‘Pursue, Overtake and Recover All’, from 1 Samuel 30:8 where King David inquired from God concerning launching an attack on Israel’s enemy, the Amalekites, “Shall I pursue after this troop? shall I overtake them? And He answered him, Pursue: for thou shalt surely overtake them, and without fail recover all.”

    Pr. Bujjingo told believers that through constant prayer, trust and faith in the Almighty God, He will give them victory in anything that they need and pray for including fighting their enemies both seen and unseen just like He did for David.

    He further told believers to always depend and rely fully on God for a good life here on earth and also for the inheritance of eternal life.

    Believers were seen in deep prayer with some rolling on the floor as they were delivered from demons.

    During prayers, Pr. Bujjingo invited his spiritual father, Pr. Simeon Kayiwa, the Vice Chancellor for Kayiwa University who appreciated him so much for saving his brother former Member of Parliament, Kato Lubwama.

    Through a song, Pr. Simeon noted that Lubwama loves Pr. Bujjingo so much that he (Lubwama) tried to understand how to pray.

    “I know most of you people were not aware that Kato Lubwama is my biological brother and that we share the same mother,” he said.

    He added, “I know he is not saved but I believe one day he will because he loves you (Bujjingo) so much. Thank you for loving him too.”

    Bujjingo prayed through the rain which started at 2:00pm and stopped at 5;00pm leaving many socked in water but that did not stop them from worshiping and praying to God.

    During the night prayers at 11:00pm, Bujjingo introduced his wife, Suzan Makula and the couple excited believers when they danced the “kinyarwanda dance”.

    Over 2000 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ.


    By Kalamira Hope


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    Seventh Day Adventist Church Uganda Receives New Archbishop….



    Pastor Dr. Ruguri Blasious (R), the president of the East and Central Africa Division and outgoing SDA Uganda Archbishop Daniel Matte (L)

    The Uganda Seventh-Day Adventist Church are celebrating getting a new Archbishop replacing Pastor Daniel Matte.

    Pastor Moses Ndimukika was voted by eleven presidents of the East and Central Africa Division which was held in Nairobi Kenya.

    Pastor Dr. Ruguri Blasious, the president of the East and Central Africa Division chaired the committee that elected Ndimukaka.

    Other countries sitting on the Association include DRC, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

    Ndimukika has been serving as the Executive Secretary of Uganda Union Mission.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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