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    Byabakama Is Museveni’s Walking Stick, He Should Be In Prison – Besigye At War With EC Boss, Rallies Opposition…



    EC boss Simon Byabakama (R) and PFT's Kizza Besigye (L)

    Four-time candidate, Dr. Kizza Besigye has said that Electoral Commission, Chairman Simon Byabakama should be in prison.

    Dr. Kizza revealed that the Front for Transition is moving well with a few challenges that were expected.

    Besigye divulged that they have made the country aware of the need to recover from those who have captured it and caused a huge crisis.

    He added, “Accidents we know will continue happening. This political mismanagement is not a matter of talk show but for every citizen to know they are sitting on a time bomb.

    “We have a lot of media misrepresentation. Frankly, you people in the media need to style up and give your audience factual information. We made a joint statement on the state of elections and our country. We didn’t sign any agreement.”

    Besigye further revealed that since 2011, he has come to the conclusion that all state institutions were completely captured by Mr. Museveni and his family.

    “Once you have such a level of state capture, you can’t talk about elections.”

    He maintained, “We have been saying from that time that Electoral Commission (EC) is not there but Mr.Museveni is the one sitting in that seat.

    “We are dealing with the same Byabakama who prosecuted me for rape and treason. He persecuted me politically. The rape case I was charged with was created in State House. Byabakama should be in prison, but he is the walking stick  of Museveni.”

    Besigye questioned who runs this country since they have spent nearly a year without a Governor of Bank of Uganda.

    “This is such a central position. This country is just run by Mr. Museveni and his family.”

    He added that the people of Uganda have never removed a leader and that is evidence that the people of Uganda have no influence on how they are led.

    Hinting at the opposition meeting which was held on Monday, Besigye asserted that the importance of it is that now, the main actors in Parliament that are not from the ruling party have agreed that there’s no credibility in the elections.

    He contended, “We shouldn’t participate in the elections with a view of taking us out of this state of captivity.

    “The people who will end the state capture are not those who lead formations.

    “The people who will end this capture are those who are captured. For the most part, the leaders of formations are the problem. What is important are the people.”

    He propounded that the reason they call this a struggle is that those who captured them are working overtime to make sure they stay in captivity.

    “We have to be conscious, there will be detractors, people who make it hard for us to work together.”

    He added, “Without a doubt, Uganda will eventually have a good election. People must identify people who try to undermine the unity of our people. That person is against the struggle.”

    Besigye urged Ugandans to follow people and leaders’ actions because in that way they will be able to tell who is with them and who isn’t.

    “Follow actions and not party colours. We must act. It’s not enough to sign that we don’t agree with elections.”


    By Kalamira Hope



    NRM Boss On Suicide Watch After URA Threatens To Auction His School Over Shs.400m Tax Debt… 



    King Fahad Islamic primary school in Busega

    National Resistance Movement (NRM) Lubaga Division top mobilizer and also the proprietor of the Busega based King Fahad Islamic primary school is on suicide watch after Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) threatened to auction his school over tax evasion.

    Multiple credible sources at King Fahad Islamic primary school revealed to theGrapevine that their boss Sheikh Swaib Ssentomero is a frustrated man and he has intimated to friends that he is tired of his life.

    “We are keeping our eyes on his movements, he is very frustrated since URA slapped him with a huge tax pay receipt last month,” a source close to Swaib said.

    Sources said that URA told Ssentomero that the government is demanding him taxes worth Shs.400m which he protested but was not helped.

    Sources revealed that since then, Ssentomero has been looking for President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s young brother Gen. Salim Saleh, senior presidential advisor on security Lt. Gen. Proscovia Nalweyiso and other top NRM party bosses for rescue him in vain.

    “Yes, I was told about his financial troubles, I will try to see how to help him because he has been our mobilizer,” Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi, the NRM National Vice chairperson Buganda revealed.

    However, sources in URA told theGrapevine that the reason why many tycoons are in trouble over tax is because they have not been paying taxes and whenever URA demands for taxes from them, they petition their Godfathers to save them.

    The source further explained that this is the reason why their taxes have accumulated to exorbitant amounts which they think are too huge for them to pay.

    Efforts to speak to Sheikh Ssentomero were fruitless since his known phone numbers were off.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Tabliq Muslim Community Petition Gen. Saleh Over Mufti Mubajje’s Closure Of William Street Mosque …



    William Street Mosque

    The Muslim Tabliq sect have petitioned President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s young brother Gen. Salim Saleh over Mufti Sheikh Shaban Ramathan Mubajje’s closure of William Street Mosque in Kampala.

    Led by sheikh Fahad Kalungi, the tabliq community accuses Sheikh Mubajje of using state organs like police and army to threaten them and stop them from accessing the mosque for over 3 years.

    Sheikh Kalungi confirmed to theGrapevine that they met Gen. Saleh who promised to intervene in their matter.

    Saleh also promised that the policemen who were deployed at the mosque will be removed.

    Sheikh Yunus Muhammad Kamoga, the leader of the Tabliq community in Uganda told theGrapevine that the mosque was closed when he was in prison battling terrorism and murder charges which were dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

    He said that when he was released, he tried to talk to Sheikh Mubajje to get an explanation from him on why the mosque was closed and how it could be opened.

    The mosque leadership now is currently under the leadership of Mufti Mubajje and sources allege that he is the one collecting money from shops renting on the mosque land.

    In 2016, President Museveni rescued William Street Mosque land title from city tycoon Drake Lubega who had bought it from Mubajje’s leadership by compensating him with a lot of money.

    The Tabliq community protested the transaction and denied tycoon Lubega possession of the mosque claiming that the transaction was illegally executed.

    Efforts to talk to Sheikh Mubajje were futile because he was not picking our phone calls.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    NUP Regrets Submitting Candidate For Busongora South By-election; Dissatisfied With Results…



    NRM's Thembo Gideon Mujungu the winner of Busongora South Constituency by-election

    National Unity Platform (NUP) has regretted submitting a candidate for the Busongora South Constituency by-election following allegations of high level of vote rigging in Kasese district.

    According to NUP General Secretary Lewis Rubongoya, everywhere they went, the people of Kasese told them that they had never seen what happened yesterday during the by-election.

    Busongora South by-election took place yesterday in Kasese and NRM’s Thembo Gideon Mujungu, was the winner with 12088 votes, Mulindwa David (Independent) garnered 2093 votes, National Unity Platform’s (NUP) Mbaju Jackson garnered 6866 votes, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC)’s Kighem Alozious garnered 5564 votes, Izagiira Doreen (Independent) garnered 32 votes and Democratic Party (DP)’s Businge Benadet garnered 84 votes.

    Following the release of the results, Rubongoya revealed that each of the ten sub-counties was under the command of a Resident District Commissioner (RDC) and District Police Chief (DPC).

    “The role of the RDC was to rig, and the role of the DPC was to arrest anyone who dared complain about the rigging,” he said.

    He added, “After the blatant thuggery in Soroti, we even wondered whether it made sense to participate in Kasese and other local government by-elections. However, we had already identified and declared candidates. It became difficult to convince them this is how their elections would go.”

    Rubongoya divulged that during the by-election, military took positions around polling stations and their role was not only to intimidate but to also directly participate in multiple voting and ballot stuffing.

    “We found out that the register had been tampered with, to include so many people who do not ordinarily vote from the area.”

    Rubongoya contended that the by-elections have been costly in terms of time, resources, but most importantly some of the lives they have lost and those who have sustained injuries.

    He propounded, “However, I am glad that all parts of the country have been able to clearly see the reality in our country during these by-elections.

    “It started in Buganda (Kayunga), then North (Omoro), then East (Soroti) and now the West (Kasese). Pallisa and Kisoro weren’t any better. When the people of Uganda resort to other means to reclaim their democratic rights, no one will be in doubt about the justification.”


    By Kalamira Hope


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