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    CAF CHAMPION’S LEAGUE: Here Is KCCA FC’s Biggest Challenge Against CNaPS Sport?



    KCCA coach Mike Mutebi

    CNaPS Sport Vs KCCA FC

    Total CAF Champions’ League at 14:30pm Ugandan time

     KCCA FC head into the unknown when they face CNaPS Sport at the Stade Municipal de Toamasina, Miarinarivo in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

    KCCA FC head coach Mike Mutebi travelled with Goalkeepers: Charles Lukwago and Jamil Maliyamungu Defenders: Denis Okot Oola (Captain), Filbert Obenchan, Mustapha Kizza, Hassan Musana, Timothy Awanyi, Habibu Kavuma and Peter Magambo Midfielders: Lawrence Bukenya, Isaac Kirabira, Ibrahim Sadam Juma, Julius Poloto, Allan Okello, and Paul Mucureezi Forwards: Derrick Nsibambi, Shaban Muhammed and Patrick Kaddu

    Grapevine Sports’ Ben Mwesigwa (@mwesben) previews the match.

    Who are CNaPS Sports?

    Current Malagasy TBH league champions, they have won the league on six occasions. Despite winning the Malagasy league on all those occasions, they have only made two CAF champions league appearances in 2011 and 2014.

    How are the playing conditions?

    Stade Municipal de Toamasina has a natural grass surface. The average temperature in Antananarivo, Madagascar for this week has been 19 degrees Celsius but humidity conditions peaked at 90% on Friday 9th February 2018. KCCA FC will have got a feel of those conditions while feeling the pitch during the mandatory pre match training session but 45 minutes is not enough to acclimatize. Not easy conditions to play in.

    How does KCCA FC approach the match? Mike Mutebi stressed that he expects his players to understand how to read the game, he wants them to defend well while hunting for a goal. CNaPS Sports will be unknown to KCCA FC in all aspects. It’s hard to tell if a scouting job was done on them. Expect KCCA FC to be very cautious in their approach.

    Derrick Nsibambi?

    First choice striker, KCCA FC’s shirt 9 returned from CHAN 2018 to go AWOL after a botched transfer. Trust Mike Mutebi to know exactly if Nsibambi is in the right state of mind to start ahead of Shaban Muhammed.

    What is KCCA FC’s biggest challenge? Undermining CNaPS Sport would lead to complacency. When the champions’ league draw was made all KCCA FC fans must have seen this as the easiest route to the group stages. They will be quick to be reminded that shocks happen in football.

    The travelling squad?

    Mike Mutebi has done very well with the travelling squad. It has a blend of internationals (Sadam Juma, Timothy Awany, Paul Mucureezi, Derrick Nsibambi and Shaban Muhammed), experienced players (Isaac Kirabira, Denis Okot and Habib Kavuma) with young players (Alan Okello, Mustafa Kiiza, Julius Poloto and Lawrence Bukenya).

    Does KCCA FC have any advantage?

    Yes, starting away from home might not be a guarantee for progressing but with the return leg being played on artificial turf at Lugogo, Kampala Uganda. KCCA FC should fancy their chances of progressing. The second leg is scheduled to be played on Wednesday 21st February 2018.


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    She Cranes Star Nuba Reveals Why She Decided To Play For Uganda Not South Sudan; Why She Regrets Giving Birth Early…



    She Cranes player Mary Nuba

    Born in South Sudan but grew in Uganda, that’s the story of the She Cranes goal shooter Mary Nuba Cholhok who was voted as the best shooter in the just concluded Fast5 Series tournament which was held in New Zealand.

    Uganda emerged in fifth position in the tournament. theGrapevine had a chance to talk to Nuba before she went back to England for her professional career.

    Grapevine: Why did you decide to play for Uganda and not for your native country South Sudan?

    Nuba: South Sudan is still lagging behind in Netball and I’m getting old, that’s why I decided to play for Uganda’s She Cranes.

    Grapevine: What challenges have you faced so far in your career?

    Nuba: Thinking about my five-year baby who stays in Uganda yet I’m in England playing for my professional club.

    Grapevine: Then what about your husband [the baby’s father] ?

    Nuba: I’m not married, though I gave birth.

    Mary Nuba was awarded Fans player of the Fast5 Series tournament

    Grapevine: How did you manage giving birth and playing Netball?

    Nuba: I realized that later that I made a mistake of getting pregnant. But I stood on my feet, forgot all the past and decided to move on with my child and my career.

    Grapevine: How do you manage those good performances?

    Nuba: I work very hard ever day in order to achieve my goals.

    Grapevine: Where do you see She Cranes in four years to come?

    Nuba: I see She Cranes winning the Netball World cup because we have good players who are still young.

    Grapevine: Tell us about the best game in your career?

    Nuba: When we defeated South Africa in the Common Wealth games in Birmingham.

    Grapevine: Who’s your role model in the game of Netball?

    Nuba: Peace Proscovia because of the way she managed to lift her life from a poor background. She is now superstar in the game.



    By Juma Ali


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    MIRACLE: All She Cranes Players Return After Incidents Of Players Disappearing While On Duty Abroad…



    She Cranes players and one of the start player Goal Shooter Mary Cholhok Nuba

    It was a miracle this time around after all the She Cranes players returned from New Zealand.

    It has been a habit for some Netball players to escape when the team travels for international tournaments.

    Just last month, two She Cranes players; Nakanyike Shakira, who was a Police Player and Rose Namutebi, who was a KCCA Player, disappeared in UK, during She Cranes international friendlies.

    The disappearance of these two players followed the disappearance of centre Player, Halimah Nakachwa, who disappeared in UK, in 2017 during another international friendly in UK.

    However, this time around, all the nine players who went for the first five series tournament in New Zealand, where She Cranes emerged fifth, after wining three games and losing three games, all returned with the team.

    National players disappearing while on duty abroad is also a habit in other sports disciplines like; boxing, table tennis, Rugby among others.


    By Juma Ali


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    It’s Time For Golola To Rest: I’m Going To Punch Him Into Retirement – General Fungu Vows…



    Moses Golola (L) and General Fungu (R)

    General Hamza Fungu has vowed to fight Moses Golola and send him into retirement come 26th December. 2022.

    Fungu said this during the launch at Akamwesi gardens today.

    Uganda’s middle weight kick boxing champion, Golola Moses is set to face his former trainer, General Hamza Fungu on bixing day at Akamwesi shopping mail gardens.

    Golola, who is known for his many words said that he has beaten many fighters who were better than Fungu, “now look at this piglet, I’m going to show him why I’m called Golola Moses ‘of Uganda ‘  and I call upon Ugandans to come and be witnesses on that day.”

    Though Golola said that he signed a contract which allows both fighters to fight until one gets tired, officials in charge of organizing the show said they will fight K-1 style for five rounds.

    Grapevine had a chance to sit down with Golola’s challenger General Fungu and and this is what he had to say;

    theGrapevine: How are you prepared for this fight?

    Fungu: I’m well prepared but they have also given us enough time. So, I’m going to prepare more.

    theGrapevine: Why, among fighters did you choose Golola?

    Fungu: I have been asking to fight Golola for the last five years but he has been dodging me. He one time asked for 20,000 dollars to fight me.

    theGrapevine: Why do you think he accepted this time around?

    Fungu: I think this time, he has been given a lot of money.

    theGrapevine: Which tactics are you going to use to defeat Golola?

    Fungu : Golola has words but I have the tactics which will defeat Golola.

    theGrapevine: Many people have come out to challenge Golola but he finally wins?

    Fungu : He has been favoured many times.

    theGrapevine: Is it true that the contract you signed for the fight allows you to fight until one of you gets tired?

    Fungu : The contract is a disadvantage to Golola not me because I was born a fighter.

    theGrapevine: What next after this fight?

    Fungu : After this fight, I will fight three more three bouts and retire.


    By Juma Ali


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