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    Car Dealers, Taxi Drivers In Panic As Investigations Into Shs.5bn Penalty Tickets Money Deepens…



    Brig. Gen. Christopher Ddamulira Sserunjogi’s Crime Intelligence directorate has deepened investigations into the Shs5bn penalty tickets scandal to old car dealers.

    Assistant Superintendent of Police Faridah Nampiima, who has been the spokesperson of traffic police directorate and head of the Express Penalty Scheme (EPS), which was established to help in arresting motorcars and motorcycles drivers who commit simple traffic offences and those who try to dodge payment of traffic fines; together with Superintendent of police Claire Asansire from the police’s Directorate of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) were sent to the force’s Human Resource Administration for further investigation on allegations of abuse of office and indiscipline.

    Acting police’s Director for Traffic and Road Safety Senior Commissioner of police Lawrence Nuwabine confirmed the development and explained that the investigations are still ongoing and the culprits will be prosecuted.

    Sources close to investigations have revealed that detectives have established that the suspects under investigation were conniving with old car dealers to interfere with the receipts issued by the police’s EPS machine.

    “The police officers were conniving with the old car dealers who bought old cars with issues of EPS, they bribed them and deleted all records of the tickets so that the new buyers found the cars without any ticket problems because many don’t want to take on other people’s problems once they buy these used cars,” a source said.

    Sources added that investigators are also looking for tax drivers who paid the suspects money to delete their unpaid records and they want to use them as witnesses against the suspects.

    Sources added that the investigators are also set to record statements from Uganda Revenue Authority, telecom companies and banks to establish whether they also participated in the fraud which cost government over Shs.5bn.

    The scandal has led to transfer of officers in traffic police and ICT departments while others are set to face the police’s Professional Standard Unit.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    INSIDE STORY: How Top Legislators Shared $5m Vitol Oil Deal Bribe; Intelligence Warns M7 On How Corrupt Officials Can Cause Downfall Of His Gov’t…



    Yusuf Mutembuli (Bunyole East), Paul Akamba (Busiki county) and Cissy Namujju (Lwengo Woman MP) who were charged with corruption

    During the State of Nation Address, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni revealed that he is very careful when dealing with corrupt government officials.

    Museveni however explained that if he fires or imprisons all of them, who will he work with in his government.

    Highly placed sources in one of the highly feared intelligence agency told theGrapevine that Museveni made the said statement after reading a well detailed dossier on how government officials especially those from the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development connive with senior Members of Parliament and heads of government agencies to fuel corruption in the country.

    Through the said report, Museveni established that his government officials and MPs own multibillion properties locally and internationally and most of them are registered in shudder companies and names of their relatives.

    Details in the report authored by the said intelligence agency matched with the details in the private report authored by Museveni’s trusted seasoned diplomat who revealed the particulars of the properties and companies owned by government officials abroad.

    Museveni instructed his trusted diplomat to author for him the said report after the United Kingdom sanctioned the Speaker of Parliament Annet Anita Among maintaining that he owns fat bank accounts, owns a house abroad and is a big spender.

    It was also revealed that Among has children who are studying from good schools in their country insisting that investigations made by United Kingdom intelligence established that all the money Among used to purchase, buy and educate her children is as a result of corruption.

    However, in his letter to speaker Among, Museveni asked the speaker to confirm to him whether the house in the United Kingdom is owned by her or she is just renting it.

    Among publicly disowned the said house and properties insisting that Rishi Sunak’s government was giving forged documents to President Museveni to cement their allegations that she owns properties in their country.

    She maintained that she doesn’t even own a pussycat in their country.

    Because of the sanctions against the speaker, Museveni directed further investigation in alleged corruption in parliament and more rot was discovered which included $5m Vitol Oil Company bribe.

    Highly placed sources claim that when the Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka started the process of legalizing the monopoly of selling oil in Uganda and all the powers be given to Uganda National Oil Company (UNOC), Swiss based Vitol Oil Company also kicked off the process of taking the deal.

    Sources claim that a number of senior legislators especially lawyers and those sitting on the parliamentary legal committee were approached and they accepted the deal of fighting for the interest of their company to be chosen as the only oil company to sell fuel to UNOC.

    “When the president was in Kenya recently, President Ruto complained that Kenyan companies lost the deal to supply fuel to UNOC because of corruption. The President was preaching the cooperation of the East Africa countries and was shocked because Ruto had all the evidence implicating top government officials and legislators. What the President is doing is to punish those greedy people who placed him in bad light,” a source said.

    Museveni struggled to convince President William Ruto to accept the issuing of the operation license to UNOC because Kenyans were very bitter with the way they lost the multibillion oil deal in Uganda.

    Museveni government and that of Ruto also signed other deals in agriculture and trade and with immediate effect Museveni direct Kiryowa Kiwanuka to withdraw the case Uganda had filed in the East African Court of Justice against the government of Kenya.

    Sources claim that $5m bribe was paid to legislators in installments and legislators especially those on parliamentary committees received their share in installments.

    It should be noted that among the legislators who are currently in detention include; Yusuf Mutembuli, the Bunyole East Member of Parliament and also the vice chairperson of the parliamentary legal committee; Cissy Namujju Donozio the Lwengo district woman legislator and Paul Akamba the Busiki County legislator.

    The trio were yesterday charged have with corruption and they pleaded not guilty. Court records indicate they solicited a percentage share of the Uganda Human Rights Commission’s 2024/25 budget, promising to influence its increase.

    However, just like legislators, top government officials are also panicking over the ongoing investigation against them plus Museveni himself.

    Sources disclosed that because of the scare, it is the reason why Museveni has summoned the National Resistance Movement (NRM) top party organ the Central Executive Committee (CEC) for an emergency meeting on Friday.

    Emmauael Lumala Ddombo the NRM Director for Communication and Information confirmed the said meeting noting that there was a serious decision which was not taken during the Monday meeting which was chaired by Al-Hajji Moses Kigongo the National Vice chairperson.

    Ddombo declined to reveal the decision which was not taken and why they need the guidance of their chairperson.

    Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi the NRM vice chairperson in charge of Buganda told theGrapevine that the president has started biting the corrupt and they will all support him in this struggle.

    He added Museveni has to act on corruption very seriously because it is going to be a strong factor in the coming elections.

    Sources allege that Museveni is going to use the said meeting to share evidence he has received on the huge corruption in parliament with CEC members and a decision will be taken on how to handle the situation.

    Sources said that the decision which is going to be taken is likely going to affect Speaker Among and Adolf Mwesigye the Clark to parliament since they have slept on the job as legislators used their positions to place the country in bad light.

    Museveni is also expected to brief CEC concerning the advice he received from intelligence who warned him that if he doesn’t properly handle the issue of corruption, it can cause the downfall of his government since these government officials can facilitate and sponsor candidates against NRM in the 2026 general elections, sponsor rioters and demonstrators hence creating insecurity in the country.

    But other sources said that CEC members cannot advise Museveni on corruption related issues, because they are also under probe.

    However, seasoned political commentator and also senior presidential advisor on media, Joseph Tamale Mirundi insists that there is no government official who can threaten Museveni because he is the one who made them and has the alternative to weaken them.

    He gave the example of how he weakened John Patrick Amama Mbabazi the former Prime minister and NRM Secretary General who was once branded as the engine that runs Museveni’s government.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Criminal Gang Commander Sent To 15 Years Imprisonment For Tormenting Buganda Road Court Magistrate Kamasanyu…



    Buganda Road Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu

    Justice Margaret Mutonyi of the High Court Criminal Division has sentenced Biral Mulinzi, a city criminal gang commander to 15 years imprisonment for tormenting controversial Buganda Road Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu.

    Mulinzi amended his plea and admitted guilt on charges of aggravated robbery after seeing Kamasanyu preparing herself in the courtroom to stand in the dock and testify against him and other accused persons on the same file.

    Prosecution told court that on 17th July 2021, Mulinzi commanded his gang members who were moving on a motorcycle to attack Kamasanyu who was standing at the gate of Green Hill Academy in Namuwongo a Kampala city suburb.

    The gang who were already high, insulted Kamasanyu by slapping, kicking and showering her with blows until they overpowered her and took off with her handbag.

    In her statement, Kamasanyu said that she was standing at the school gate waiting for the security guard to bring for her the primary leaving examination results of her son which were just released by Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB).

    She explained that the guards stopped her from entering the school because they were the rules put in place to fight the spread of Covid-19.

    She said that the gang took off with her money, Bank ATM card, her iPhone Promax phone, Apple Ear pods, keys to her office and home and her cosmetics.

    Mulinzi was arrested by police after being captured by roadside cameras.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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    Northern Uganda Sitting On Time Bomb; M7 Advisor Warns On Looming Bloodshed Over Land Conflict, IGP Byakagaba Asked To Deploy Neutral Force…



    Tamale Mirundi (inset L), Nancy Oryema and Gen. Otema (Inset R)

    Senior presidential advisor in charge of media and also the spokesperson of the Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU) in Buganda Joseph Tamale Mirundi has warned of bloodshed in Northern Uganda resulting from impunity on land management.

    He explained that there are powerful government officials and mafias who want to control huge chunks of land in the country.

    He disclosed that these officials started with Buganda, but now they have turned their guns on Northern Uganda.

    Mirundi claims that the said land grabbers are conniving with officials from the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development to secure land titles on already titled land.

    He submitted that Joseph Kony’s Lord Resistance Army (LRA) war fueled land grabbing in the area when poor people were taken to camps to protect them from being killed by rebels.

    The mafias used that opportunity to survey the land in their absence.

    He pleaded with his boss President Museveni to intervene and save the situation noting that land grabbers are now using the judiciary to legalize their fraudulent secured land titles.

    “Land is a very important factor in development, so, in President Museveni’s government, there are individuals who think that they should be the ones to control all the land countrywide. They have planted their people in the Ministry of Lands to mastermind the formation of fraudulent land titles and they are fighting to make sure that they undermine the junior Minister of Lands Dr. Sam Mayanja who tried to fight them,” Mirundi said.

    He however warned that mafias should know that there is a difference between Baganda who just look on as their land is being grabbed and kotow to intimidation but he is not sure whether the people of Northern Uganda will do the same.

    Recently, the Chief Justice Owiny Dollo warned that the people of Northern Uganda will not accept and look on as their land is being grabbed by top government officials.

    Dollo was badly attacked by government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo who said that it was wrong for the CJ to make such a statement against the Balalo who were accused of grabbing land in Northern Uganda.

    Both Mirundi and Dollo warned of a bloodshed at a time when the family of the late first black Inspector General of Police (IGP) Lt. Col. Wilson Erinayo Oryem is battling with land grabbers who want to steal their grandfather’s Estate in Nwoya district.

    The land in question is on LRV 778, Folio 23 land at Purongo, Kilak County.

    The family led by Nancy Oryema the grand daughter to IGP Oryema accused Lt. Gen. Charles Otema Owany, his brother Alex Owany and Thomas Lapyem of violating the court process and abusing of the laws of the land to speed up the grabbing of their grand father’s estate.

    The mighty Grapevine has seen a letter dated 5th June, 2024, written by the family of the late IGP Oryema, addressed to newly appointed IGP Abas Byakagaba pleading with him to intervene and stop the imminent bloodshed.

    The family wants Byakagaba to deploy a neutral police force from other parts of the country to protect them and ensure that the status quo is maintained as they pursue the court process of appeal.

    The family accused the Nwoya district security committee of having conflict of interest in the matter and showing biasness against them.

    They cited that the several times the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Christopher Omara has intervened, he has instead sided with their tormentors.

    Others accused in the letter are; Aswa Region police commander and Nwoya district Commander Richard Amanya.

    The IGP was told that on Wednesday 06th June 2024, a meeting was held on the contested land and all the members of the security committee attended in person, together with members from Lt. Gen. Otema’s family.

    Nancy Oryema claims that the meeting was used to intimidate them and assert that Otema’s family are the rightful owners of the land since they won the case before Justice Phillip Odoki of the High Court Gulu.

    She informed the IGP that they have informed members of the security committee that they have already filed in court a notice of appeal against Justice Odoki’s judgment and they are only waiting for the certified copies of the judgment to file their full appeal.

    She added that as a party in the matter, they haven’t received any exact court order signed by a judicial officer Okaying their eviction.

    Nancy disclosed that whatever the district security committee is doing is against the law and on top of that they are abusing the presidential directive on land.

    “They are concealing the truth and misrepresenting the facts to the public. The Ukrainian individual along with armed private guards invaded the land on May 06th 2024, in clear violation of the law. They have done so much damage but the DPC and the Regional police have refused to follow up in fact the other parties are openly claiming that police are aware of what they are doing,” the letter reads in parts.

    She further wants the president’s office to intervene claiming that the district security committee has violated the presidential directive by allowing a private armed company in the name of PSG to terrorize her family members.

    President Museveni directed that there should be no execution of a court order issued to evict people from land without the consent of the district security committee and approval from the Minister of Lands.

    When contacted for a comment, RDC Omara denied all the allegations placed on his district security committee insisting that he never intervened into the said land fight because he knows very well the process to follow when handling land issues based on the presidential directive on land.

    He added that he decided to hold a meeting on the contested land so as to help the people using it understand what the court has directed and all parties were invited.

    Unfortunately, Oryema’s family came late and the person they sent only showed them the notice of appeal.

    He insisted that there was no eviction that affected the family of the former IGP and advised the family to utilize the government offices to solve their internal family misunderstandings.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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