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    CJ Katureebe’s Groomed Kadaga Into The Worst Speaker She Is Turning Out To Be – Lawyer Mabirizi: He Is Like A Husband Who Can’t Discipline A Maid Because He Had A Love Affair With Her….



    Maverick Lawyer Male Mabirizi has blamed the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe for grooming the Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga into a poisonous Mushroom to rule of law.

    “I blame Katureebe’s Judiciary for making Kadaga such a poisonous mushroom to Rule of law unlike the Wambuzi and Odoki-led Judiciary which never tolerated Kadaga’s legal incompetence,” Mabirizi notes.

    Mabirizi says that because the Katureebe led Judiciary has made Kadaga feel so immune from Court processes; she is now disregarding clear Court Orders

    “I know Katureebe cannot say a word because now, he is like a husband who can’t purport to discipline a maid after having a love affair with her, thereby equating her to his wife. Katureebe and the entire Judiciary have allowed Kadaga to use them and she now feels superior to them,” he says.

    Below is Mabirizi’s submission verbatim:


    1. On 3rd May 2019, I filed East African Court of Justice Reference No. 6 of 2019 where I stated that “the several actions, directives and/or decisions of all the three organs of Government and State of The Republic of Uganda; the Parliament, The Executive and The Judiciary in conceptualizing, processing, pursuing and upholding of The Uganda Constitution (Amendment) Act 2018 were/are unlawful and/or are infringements of the provisions of The Treaty for Establishment of The East African Community….. contravene and undermine the fundamental and operational principles of the community which include good governance including adherence to the principles of democracy, the rule of law,….” and on 6th April 2020, I filed Reference No. 8 of 2020 stating that “…the several actions, directives and/or decisions of The President, Prime Minister, Minister of Health, Uganda People’s Defence Forces, Uganda Police Force, Parliament, Chief Justice, Head of High Court Civil Division, The Permanent Secretary/Secretary to The Judiciary and Resident District Commissioners between 18th March 2020 until such time when the situation normalizes purportedly termed as measures undertaken to combat and prevent the pandemic of Covid-19(Corona Virus) and several appointments and approval of government officials within the same period were/are unlawful and/or are infringements of the provisions of The Treaty for Establishment of The East African Community…”
    2. Had Ugandans known what was written by DRAGOR HIBER: CORRUPTION IN THE JUDICIARY (SERBIA)-2004: CENTER FOR LIBERAL-DEMOCRATIC STUDIES that “…(Rule of Law is)…the most important public good the state can provide…. …without a sound and functioning judiciary, there is no rule of law. While things are not in order in the court house , the judiciary cannot effectively protect human rights nor can it perform effective supervision over executive and legislative power…A poor protection of human rights, life and property may lead to the appearance of alternative, private mechanisms of protection which usually bring more harm than benefit to the society. The simplest case is when a victimized individual takes justice in his own hands, because he cannot, or believes that he cannot get justice in court…”, they would all have contributed to the fundraising drive I launched via my mobile numbers 0701881231/0779869880 but because of ignorance, almost a year down the road, I have only managed to collect 2% of the required Ugx 394,000,000.
    3. I filed a case against this Corona Virus lock-down earlier because I knew that without any legal foundation, it would end up like a meeting of thieves which normally ends in fights and more thefts so when I saw Kadaga argue with her own invited Legal Advisor Attorney General Byarauhanga, indeed refusing the advise, I had a smile, felt exonerated and recalled what I posted on my facebook account ‘Mabirizi Male’ Kadaga hosted the 64th Common Wealth Parliamentary Conference that “KADAGA IS THE WORST SPEAKER IN THE ENTIRE COMMONWEALTH” where I among others wrote that “If in 1642 the Speaker of UK did not give away MPs, what a hell is Kadaga who gave away MPs to security hooligans then led by fugitive Kayihura in The Age limit Bill? Which kind of Speaker leaves her Chair to let the aggressors trounce, torture, main and degrade MPs and then comes back less than an hour later to chair a blood-stained House with MPs missing because they have been tortured, maimed, degraded and arrested? A day later, Kadaga entertained a motion by Isaac Musumba thanking her for the Job well done. Then she prevents about 75% of MPs from debating after which she breaks the clear Rules of closing the doors at voting and reasons that the space was small yet she takes The House to Serena when the Junta is delivering his ‘State of Dictatorship’ address Every time I read these things in the Hansard, I am meant to think about things which Kadaga does not want to hear. How could she dare do these things? It seems Kadaga’s parliament instead of being in Common Wealth is in ‘Common Violence/Illegalities’. Please do not forget our case in THE EAST AFRICAN COURT OF JUSTICE via 0701881231/0779869880 to set aside The law that came out of these transgressions.”
    4. I know Katureebe cannot say a word because now, he is like a husband who can’t purport to discipline a maid after having a love affair with her, thereby equating her to his wife. Katureebe and the entire Judiciary have allowed Kadaga to use them and she now feels superior to them. On 15th January 2019, I warned Katureebe and 6 of his fellows in age limit case that “It is my opinion that the Uganda Judiciary has been responsible for all Uganda’s political deaths & instability, economic collapse and erosion of our social fabric since 1966 because of its consistent failure to render fair judgments on political contests brought before it, which promoted bad politics which destroyed our economy and social fabric. My Lords, since your judicial power is derived from the people, you have a duty to protect yourselves, children, grandchildren, relatives, in-laws and the country as a whole from the , grave consequences of collapse of rule of law which are like a hail storm which indiscriminately ravages homesteads.”
    5. Because Katureebe had come in Court with a pre-determined mind, he went ahead to uphold the illegal age-limit removal law in whose initial episodes Kadaga had evaded Court scrutiny with the help of Katureebe and his lieutenants:
    6. In 2017, Kavuma, the Deputy Chief Justice, made an interim order restraining Parliament from investigating what was known as the Golden handshake. Kadaga called the order ‘Stupid’ and she went without even a caution from the Courts. The result was wastage of public funds only for the report to be quashed by the High Court with costs against us.
    7. In December 2017, Hon. Ssemuju Nganda, Karuhanga and other MPs sued Kadaga as the Administrative head of Parliament and Judge Oguli summoned her later in the day. Kadaga ordered for arrest of Hon. Ssegona who had gone to serve her the court summons. Later, she hired goons on the day she was supposed to appear in Court, and like what Kayihura had done at Makindye Court in 2016, Kadaga’s goons invaded Court making noise with placards that Kadaga will not appear in Court. Katureebe’s system gave Kadaga a safe landing by the Judge hiding in her Chambers and sending an Acting Assistant Registrar to tell the parties that she had sent the file, which was coming up for hearing, to the Constitutional Court. At a subsequent New Law year day, Kadaga told Katureebe that she cannot accept summons when she is presiding over Parliament.
    8. On 9th April 2018, I made an application at Mbale Constitutional Court to summon Kadaga for examination over her role in the illegal age limit removal and when the five Justices led by Owiny-Dollo adjourned for ruling, a lot happened which I can’t state here but the result was to refuse to summon her without any reason given both at ruling stage and in final Judgment.
    9. At Supreme Court, I filed Application No. 7 of 2018 seeking to adduce additional evidence by summoning Kadaga to which Katureebe refused to hear claiming that my affidavits were too long and without stating what happened outside open Court, Kadaga emerged an artificial victor.
    10. By doing the above, Katureebe- led Judiciary squarely fell in the words of MIAN SAQIB NISAR, former Pakistan Chief Justice in M/S MFMY INDUSTRIES LTD. & 2 Ors V. FEDERATION OF PAKISTAN THROUGH M/O COMMERCE etc. & 2 Ors Pakistan Supreme Court CIVIL APPEALS NO.1646 & 2000/2006 and Civil Petition No.782-K/2009, that “…judiciary which lacks courage to do justice without fear and favour, is biased, suffers from the vice of self-interest, is tardy, indolent and incompetent and has no urge, will, passion and ability to decide the cases/disputes before it expeditiously, it falls in the romance of aggrandizement and populism is a danger to the State and the society.”
    11. Therefore, with the above, the Katureebe led Judiciary has made Kadaga feel so immune from Court processes that she can now disregard a clear Court Orders yet in AMRIT GOYAL VS HARICHAND GOYAL AND 3 OTHERS Court of Appeal Civil Application No.109 of 2004,it was stated that  “A court order is a court order. It must be obeyed as ordered unless set aside or varied. It is not a mere technicality that can be ignored. If we allowed court orders to be ignored with impunity, this would destroy the authority of judicial orders which is the heart of all judicial systems.”
    12. I blame Katureebe’s Judiciary for making Kadaga such a poisonous mushroom to Rule of law unlike the Wambuzi and Odoki-led Judiciary which never tolerated Kadaga’s legal incompetence. In SSEMWOGERERE V. ATTORNEY GENERAL, Constitutional Court Petition No. 3 of 1999, BERKO, Justice of Constitutional Courts had no kind words to Kadaga when he held that “I agree with him that the petition should succeed. I wish, however, to comment on a few aspects of the petition. The first relates to the supplementary affidavit of Hon. Rebecca Kadaga sworn on 12/6/2000 and filed in this court on the same day. The relevant part of the affidavit reads:



    (4) That I can remember most of the members of Parliament who were present in the House on that day and particularly in the afternoon when the Referendum and other Provisions Act 1999 was passed.


    (6) That I have talked to the following and they have confirmed that they were present”

    This was followed by the names of some 102 members of Parliament including the name of Hon. Apollo Nsibambi, the Prime minister of the country. The affidavit continues:

    “(7) That it was clear that there was quorum in the House when the said Act was debated and passed on 1/7/1999….The law with regard to the contents of affidavits is contained in Order 17(3) of the Civil Procedure Rules…..

    It is clear from the above that except in purely interlocutory matters affidavits must be restricted to matters within the personal knowledge of the deponent. They must not be based on information or be expression to such facts as the deponent is able of his own knowledge to prove. Affidavits by persons having no personal knowledge of the facts and merely echoing the statement of claim cannot be used at the hearing…… A constitutional petition is not an interlocutory application. Therefore, an affidavit in support of it must be restricted to facts the deponent is able of his own knowledge to prove and not facts based on information and believe. The rule is so strict that even evidence on information and belief is not admissible…As the supplementary affidavit of Hon. Rebecca Kadaga was based on information given to her by some members of Parliament, it is hearsay and inadmissible to support the petition.”

    1. The reason why you see Byaruhanga struggle to put sense in Kadaga is because after making her illegalities, it is the Attorney General to tussle it out with our ever actively brilliant legal minds in Courts, now East African Court of Justice- not Uganda Courts where Kadaga can easily threaten Judges not to approve their promotions when they rule against her. On 20th December 2020, Mwesigwa Rukuntana the then Deputy Attorney General warned Kadaga on certain illegalities but she overruled him ordering him to sit down as she did to Byaruhanga only for Court to nullify 60% of the Act and I am now working on nullifying the remaining 40% by the East African Court of Justice.
    2. Therefore, I am steadfast that the East African Court of Justice will nullify all this Covid-19 illegalities and robbery be it by Museveni, Kadaga or Katureebe’s team.





    REFERENCE NO. 6 OF 2019 & 8 OF 2020.



    FEAR WOMEN! M7 Minister’s Marriage On Verge Of Collapse After Wife Was Recorded Discussing How He Bewitched Him Using Her Pubic and Nails To Curb His Sexual Apatite, Another NRM Top Boss Who Has 20 Women Put In Mix…



    Men in Kiruhura district and the entire Ankole Sub Region are panicking and pleading with their girls of the soil not to resort to witchcraft as medicine to tame their partners’ sexual appetite.

    The vice which can lead to sexually transmitted infections and diseases like cancer in men resulted from a phone audio recording where one of the girls of the soil who is married to a top junior minister in president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s government was discussing with her mother on how to execute the advice from the witch doctor to feed the minister with her pubic hair and nails.

    In the recording, the soft spoken young lady was heard briefing her mother in Runyankole language on her recent travel to Iganga in Busoga where she went to see the witch doctor who gave her medicine to work on his man who she branded as a womanizer.

    In the phone call, the woman revealed that her journey to Iganga kicked off early in the morning and she was driven in a posh car by a close relative who picked her at Lugongo, a long Kampala-Jinja road.

    “Mummy the journey was tiresome but it seems that man works because immediately when I entered his shrine, he explained to me all my personal details from my childhood and why I was before him,” the minister’s wife narrated as mother assured her of how powerful the witchdoctor is.

    She further revealed to mother how she paniced when the witch doctor directed her to remove all her clothes. She narrated that thought that he was going to rape her because they were only two in the shrine, but she accepted because she needed his services.

    The minister’s wife further narrated that dressed in backcloths, the witch doctor started checking in his old polythene bags.

    He removed some voodoo things and tied them in small clothes after mixing them with his saliva. He picked a razor blade and he started making small cutting on her body while smearing the voodoo mixer on the wounds ritualistically.

    Surprisingly, her private parts were not also spared.

    “I feel a lot of itching when the herbs mixed with the blood inside my body and he told me to be strong because we had just started the rituals. He also told me that the war is not easy because the man has also gagged himself spiritually,” she said.

    She further explained that he performed other rituals on her and gave her some herbs to swallow. After, she told her to give him Shs500 shillings so that he can buy a new razor blade.

    She narrated that because she did not have any money on her, she moved out of the shrine and picked the money from her relative who was seated in the car.

    Upon returning to the shrine, the witch doctor insisted that the money should be hers because the rituals he was performing were for her.

    She remained in the shrine naked, until the witch doctor come back, gave her a razor blade and directed her to cut her pubic hair and nails and after give them to him.

    As she was performing the rite (of cutting the pubs and nails), the witchdoctor moved out and came back to the shrine with burning charcoal. He asked her for the pubic hair and nails and started burning them together.

    After, he collected the ashes, put them in a cloth and directed her to put on her clothes. He them gave the ashes to her and directed her to make sure that she mixes them in the minister’s food and drinks before going to work and do the same thing when he comes back in the evening.

    “He is done, I’m telling you mummy,” she boasted on the phone.

    In 2021 the minister was introduced to his wife’s parents in Kiruhura but they later had a misunderstanding after she got information that he had other women with children including two who dragged him to police and court for neglecting them.

    He used his influence in government to strangle the cases but he learnt his lesson and he is now taking care of them.

    The Minister’s wife feels his marriage is threatened because of the many mistresses he has and he always travels with one of them whenever he travels abroad.

    The official wife and her mother were badly condemned on different WhatsApp groups for resorting to witchcraft yet their family is a known religious family in the area.

    The mother always prayed to God to help her daughter so that the rituals work which kept people were wondering why she didn’t advise her daughter to pray to God instead of going into witchcraft.

    However, the wife’s friend who is also a wife to a top officer in the ministry of defense, blasted them and praised the old woman for helping her daughter fight to save her marriage.

    She blasted one of the woman who is alleged to be a mistress to a top official at the NRM Secretariat who hired IT experts to hack and tap the minister’s wife’s phone and she is the one who is circulating the controversial audio conversation on different WhatsApp groups.

    “That mistress will pay for it I’m telling you. She was a mistress to the minister, he left her and moved in with another woman because she was playing him with that NRM top boss. She still wanted to play the minister with other UPDF Generals and wanted to fail my friend’s marriage. You people, everyone here has privacy and people are doing more deadly and dangerous things to protect their marriages so stop attacking her,” she said.

    She further revealed that the said mistresses also hacked into the phone of another top boss in NRM. She rallied her colleagues to gang up and deal seriously with her to save other people’s marriages.

    She also disclosed that the NRM top boss has over 27 girlfriends and 10 of them have kids yet the official wife resides in Makindye Division a Kampala suburb.

    theGrapevine has established that since the audio went viral, the minister is very confused and his relatives who objected to his marriage to the bewitching woman because she is not his tribes mate are advising him to divorce her.

    Others are comforting him that such things always happen in marriage and he should deal with it like a real man.

    The youthful minister according to sources is under pressure to take a strong decision which is likely to affect his political career because he married the Munyankole woman to be connected to members of the deep state from Ankole Sub Region.

    “I do not think he will leave the woman, she is very connected and he always uses her to score political goals including getting connections and deals from members of the first family,” a friend to a minister told theGrapevine.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    OPINION: Security Of Tenure Is Crucial For Uganda’s Economic Development – Minister…



    Absence of title is at the root of tenure insecurity and was responsible for the near grinding to a halt of the colonial economy when the bibanja holders refused to grow cash crops until the security of tenure on the land they occupied was guaranteed.

    The colonial administration in a report to the secretary of state for colonies stated that the boycott by the bibanja holders had engineered rural unrest and discontent which undermined the production of export crops and diminished the colonial state’s revenue.

    Succumbing to the boycott pressure, the colonial administration put in place the Busulu and Envujo Law enacted in 1928. The law assured bibanja holders security in the occupation of their plots and freed them from the fear of arbitrary eviction.

    In a study published in 1953 Mukwaya showed that in over 400 land cases he examined, there was no case of illegal evictions. All the cases involved, inter alia, minor boundary disputes and succession related issues. He posited that: “it is rare for courts to grant orders of eviction against tenants who fail to pay busulu or envujo. Any dues in arrears are legally considered civil debts, which are recoverable in the usual manner”.

    This security of tenure which continued into the 1960s and early 1970s created an enabling atmosphere leading to a production boom and eventually an economic boom which secured Uganda a placing among the World’s top 10 producers of quality coffee, cotton and other produce.  The Coffee Marketing Board, Lint Marketing Board and Produce Marketing Board were put in place to handle the marketing of the boom production.

    Unfortunately the 1975 Land Reform Decree abolished the security of tenure of bibanja holders rendering them mere tenants at sufferance back to the pre-1928 tenure insecurity status.

    This was the position of law when the 1995 constitution was enacted. Unfortunately the constitution only provided for security of occupancy in Article 237 (8) for bibanja holders and left the issue of titling to the Parliament which under Article 237 (9) was to do this within 2years of its first sitting.

    Unfortunately the legislation to be enacted by Parliament within 2years after its first sitting as envisaged under Article 237 (9) was never actualized. The 1998 Land Act was not the legislation that the constitution envisaged.

    The background to the envisaged law is Article 237 (1) which provides that land belongs to the citizens of Uganda and vests in them in accordance with the land tenure systems provided for in the constitution.

    Article 237 (3) provides four tenure systems namely; customary, freehold, mailo, and leasehold. When Article 237 (4) and (5) is analyzed, they all end up as freehold.

    Tenures freehold and mailo are already freehold. These tenures are the registrable interest in land. Under section 237 (9) (b) Parliament was to make law providing for the acquisition of registrable interest as title by bibanja holders. This registrable interest would be freehold title since all the four tenures in Article 237 (3) end up as freehold.

    Failure to enact this law leaves bibanja holders without any land vesting into them as per Article 237 (1) of the constitution thus constitutionally discriminated against other Ugandans who are titled.

    There was no reason for Parliament not to have enacted a law providing bibanja holders with titles. There was already a precedent for this when the 1967 constitution transferred public land from federal and District Boards as previously prescribed in the 1962 constitution to the Uganda Land Commission. In that case the 1969 Public Lands Act operationalizing the 1967 Constitutional granted customary occupants (bibanja) a right to a leasehold title over the land they occupied.

    Consequently Parliament would have found guidance in the 1969 Public Lands Act and provided for the kibanja occupants to be granted a legal title to their plots. The kibanja holder would have his kibanja converted to a freehold title.

    It cannot be over emphasized that the 1969 Public Land Act provided a good starting point where an occupancy holding was converted directly from customary tenure to leasehold title. Therefore the mandate of Parliament under Article 237 (9) to enact a law providing for the acquisition of registrable interest to the bibanja they occupied was clearly practical and not without precedent. Moreover Article 237 (5) and section 28 of the Land Act 1998 allows for the customary leases converted and granted to a citizen of Uganda out of public land to be turned into freehold.

    Delay to enact a law giving bibanja holders titles is at the root of the systematic risk associated with tenure insecurity in the Uganda land market. Ugandans who are owners of untitled bibanja in the same location cannot sell for the same amount like their fellow Ugandans who are in the same location but titled. This creates a state of disequilibrium among Ugandans.

    Failure to get rid of the untitled bibanja insecurity is a trap on the road to Uganda’s development. The answer is a single freehold titled tenure security for all Ugandans in perpetuity.


    Dr. Sam Mayanja


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    CRY TAXPAYER CRY: More Questions As Kasaija’s Finance Ministry Awards Chief Justice Dollo, Deputy Butera, And Principal Judge Dr. Zeija Billions Of Money: Unmasking How Top Gov’t Officials Are Set To Share Shs162bn In Cash Donations…



    Finance Minister Matia Kasaija. Inset is Nambooze (L) and Hon. Ssemujju (R)

    Maverick Mukono Municipality legislator who also doubles as the opposition Internal Affairs Shadow minister Betty Nambooze Bakireke and controversial senior presidential advisor on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi have placed Matia Kasaija the senior minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and his experts who include the Secretary to Treasury Ramathan Ggobi on spot to explain why they have allocated Shs1.8bn in the coming financial year 2024-25 to Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo, Shs.1.4bn to his Deputy Richard Butera and Shs1.2bn to the Principal Judge Dr. Flavian Zeija as donations.

    Both celebrated veteran journalists revealed that Ugandans are spending a lot of money on Chief Justice Dollo and other Judicial Officers to the extent that even in retirement they are going to look after them by paying them the full salary equal to that of those still serving in their respective offices, pay for their medical bills and other juicy allowances; and as if that is not enough, they are now adding another burden of giving them billions of shillings as donations.

    “Will Dollo and those Judicial Officers donate the billions of money allocated to him by Kasaija to clerks in the judiciary or his security team? Ugandans are tired of this luxurious spending. Now traders in Kampala city, the heart of the economy, are on strike because of the high taxes but government officials are still squeezing them,” Nambooze said.

    She further disclosed that Shs2.4bn was allocated to the Parliamentary Commission and predicted that other parliamentary commissioners are going to also receive Service Awards similar to that of former Leader of Opposition in Parliament Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba who was given Shs500m.

    When Lwemiyaga county legislator Theodore Ssekikubo tried to table the matter on the floor of parliament this week, Speaker Among blasted him for speaking nonsense.

    However, Speaker Among was defended by Mirundi who noted that she should not be harassed because most government officials are given billions of money to be spend as donations.

    In his alternative budget 2024-25, shadow minister for Finance, Planning and Economic Development who also doubles as Kira Municipality legislator Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda said that the government has budgeted for Shs162bn as donations in the 2024/25 budget.

    He explained that more than half of the said money is under the residence of the President who will spend Shs77bn on community outreach programmes under the vote of item (description) donation.

    His residence will donate another Shs59bn in what is termed as presidential initiatives bringing the total donations at his residence to Shs138bn.

    Ssemujju said Museveni will spend Shs.4.2bn under his office on donations.

    Ssemujju’s alternative budget also revealed that Chris Obore, parliament’s Director for Public Relations, will spend Shs 4.9bn in donations.

    Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja’s office will spend Shs 3.7bn as donation.

    The Office of the Speaker of Parliament will spend Shs2.4bn and her deputy Thomas Tayebwa will spend Shs 1.8bn in donations.

    The government chief whip Obua Denis’s office will spend Shs1.8bn.

    Presidential Office for Mobilization and Security Services which is responsible for supervision and monitoring of field offices allocated with Shs4.2bn, Parliamentary Commission Office of the Speaker Administrative and support services Shs2.4bn, National Council of Sports Sports/Technical Talent Identification and Development was allocated with Shs2.2bn for donation.

    The office of the Prime Minister Executive Governance Government Chief Whip Shs1.8bn, Parliamentary Commission Office of the Deputy Speaker Administrative and Support Services Shs1.8bn, Justice Kasule Lumumba’s Office of the Prime Minister Executive Governance General Duties was given Shs9.5bn for donation.

    Vice president Jessica Alupo’s Office was given Shs7.1bn, Uganda Blood Transfusion Service Blood Donation Blood Collection was given Shs535,186,000.00, Parliamentary Commission Parliamentary Commission Secretariat Leadership and Management Shs4.8bn, Gen. Moses Ali’s Office of the Prime Minister Executive Governance 2nd Deputy Prime Minister  was given Shs200,000,000, Judiciary Chambers of the Chief Justice Dollo’s Leadership and Management was given Shs1.8bn,  Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga’s Office of the Prime Minister Executive Governance 1st Deputy Prime Minister Shs1.5bn.

    Rukia Nakadama’s Office of the Prime Minister Executive Governance 3rd Deputy Prime Minister Shs1.5bn.

    Justice Butera’s Judiciary Chambers of the Deputy Chief Justice Leadership and Management given Shs1.4bn.

    Dr. Dorothy Kisaka’s Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Administration and Human Resource Administrative and Support Services allocated Shs1.2bn.

    Principal Judge Dr Zeija ‘s Judiciary Chambers of the Principal Judge Leadership and Management given Shs1.2bn.

    The newly reappointed Prisons Commissioner General Dr. Johnson Byabashaija’s Uganda Prisons Service Finance and Administration Leadership and Management was given Shs95,000,000, Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Tourism Research Shs.63,000,000, National Population Council Family Health Reproductive and Infant Health Services Shs58,000,000, National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board Research and Planning Research and Advocacy Shs50,000,000.

    Again Kadaga’s Ministry of East African Community Affairs Finance and Administration Administrative and Support Services given Shs40,000,000, Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Kastgazi Tumusiime’s police Force Command and Control Strategic Command and Policy Guidance Shs35,709,195, Uganda Management Corporate Office Administrative and Shs30,043,000.

    Again Kisaka’s Institute Support Services Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive support Administrative and Support Services was given Shs.25,000,000.00m, Inspectorate of Government (IG) Finance and Administration Support services Shs.20,800,000, Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) Finance and Administration Communication and Public Relations Shs.19,000,000, National Forestry Authority (NFA) Natural Forests Management Central Forest Reserves Management Shs.18,000,000, National Forestry Authority (NFA) Finance Administration Administrative and Support Services Shs12,000,000.

    Kampala Central mayor Salim Uhuru’s Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Central Division Urban Council Policies, Regulations and Standards Shs.11,610,833. National Unity Platform’s Emmanuel Sserunjogi’s Kawempe Division Urban Council Policies, Regulations and Standards Shs 11,610,833.

    Mberaze’s Lubaga Division Urban Council Policies, Regulations and Standards Shs11,610,833.

    NUP’s Ali Kasirye Mulyanyama’s Makindye Division Urban Council Policies, Regulations and Standards Shs11,610,833 and NUP’s Paul Mugambe’s Nakawa Division Urban Council Policies, Regulations and Standards Shs11,610,833.

    Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Central Division Urban Council Planning and Budgeting services Shs10,000,000. Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Kawempe Division Urban Council Planning and Budgeting services was given Shs.1,000,000.

    Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Lubaga Division Urban Council Planning and Budgeting services Shs.10,000,000, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Makindye Division Urban Council Planning and Budgeting services Shs.10,000,000.

    Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Nakawa Division Urban Council Planning and Budgeting services Shs.10, 000,000, Mountains of the Moon University Vice Chancellors Office Leadership and Management Shs 10,000,000, Makerere University Central Administration Administrative and Support Services Shs9,999,992 among others.

    According to Ssemujju, President Museveni’s government is set to spend a total of Shs.162,682,961,045 only on donations.

    However, when contacted, Kasaija rubbished Ssemujju’s budget explaining that he lacks capability to plan for Uganda.

    He advised him to only help him and President Museveni by exposing government officials who are involved in corruption and are eating taxpayers’ money allocated to their offices for service delivery to the common person deep in the village.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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