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    CORONAVIRUS: Drama At Entebbe Quarantine Centre: Minister Tells German National To Shut Up, Warns: ‘If You Don’t Want To Be Quarantined, Go Back To Your Countries’, Quarantine Fee Cut From $100 To $50…



    Dr Jimmy Spire Ssentongo, one of many Ugandans being detained at Central Inn Entebbe has narrated the drama at the country’s quarantine centre for Coronavirus.

    Central Inn in Entebbe is a place where most Ugandans from abroad are quarantined for 14 days.

    During his address on Wednesday, President Museveni said that any person who comes into the country via Entebbe is suppossed to be quarantined at Central Inn and they are supposed to pay 100 dollars for the services. He warned that those who don’t want to be quarantined should  back to their countries.

    Below is Dr Jimmy Spire Ssentongo’s narration of what is happening:

    “The point in quarantining people is to control the spreading of disease. Thus far, many of us are in support of the measure. But I only support it to the extent that it can be effective.

    What we are subjected to here is hostage, not quarantine. No health officer has stepped here since yesterday to see what is happening. It is hotel staff in charge, and they barely have knowledge on how to safely conduct themselves in the circumstances. They are mixing with us, many without proper protection or precaution. They are handling money and other stuff from us with bare hands and minimal use of sanitizers. Of course, their work is to extract as much foreign currency from us as they can.

    They are walking in and out of the hotel gate. They all seem confused about what’s going on. One has confided in us that there was a group of Chinese here earlier that they did not know how to handle and were scared of. Talking to some of them the impression you get is that much of the knowledge they have about the disease is either at the surface or mythical. Literally, we are dumped here.

    This can easily become a breeding center from which the virus could spread to the outside through workers. And all of us here are at high risk of being infected. I understand that adherence to self-quarantine may be difficult. It requires high discipline. But I’m convinced I would be safer self-isolating in a room at home than at this potential mortuary. All we have here is a good example on how not to quarantine.

    At the smell of money, anything can become a commodity in this country! So we are basically here as food to some heartless vampire that saw a business opportunity in the disease. If hell has a kiln, the gluttons behind this should be the firewood.

    Some have advised me that if I keep talking about this I might stay here longer and put myself at other risks. I wish I cared about that more than the potential national disaster the conditions here posed. This is not only about me and those of us in here.

    An impression is given by some people that we in here are resisting being quarantined, and that all our concerns zero on that. I have read statements like: ‘if they don’t want to be quarantined, let them go back to their countries’; ‘they want to come out and infect us’… This is not true at all. I understand that in times of crises like this pandemic, there tends to be a crazy mixture of truths, untruths, and myths. There may be no time for scrutiny of what we hear.

    First, if I wanted to get out of here, I would be out on the first day and I have received suggestions for such help. Some people have left this place, that’s no secret now. Some used their connections at the airport, some could have bribed. Many of us raised it to the government officials that we met last evening that we are not here because we have failed to get out. We have medical doctors, professors, nurses, priests, lawyers, students, etc in here. It’s not that they couldn’t mobilise a $50 bribe, even if they may be financially constrained in the circumstances.

    Our major concern was with the gross mismanagement of the quarantine exercise, which partly justifies the escapes. When you mismanage such a measure and make people feel like they must escape to protect their own lives or run from an injustice, you put society at risk. We’ve heard of cases of people escaping from Ebola camps in DRC. Quarantine shouldn’t be made to feel like a punishment. And, if people can’t afford, they should be helped by the state in order to avoid worse case scenarios.

    If you can find huge funds to throw to political supporters and buy posh cars to lure musicians, how can you say you can’t help a small group of people that was trapped by a good policy that was passed while they were on their way! Even when abandoning them puts society at risk? If one can’t afford and you force them into quarantine, you are providing incentive to escape and thereby putting all to danger.

    Actually, even if they can afford, it is in the interest of the country to pay for them in order not to risk anything. While here, one is not working, and then you add another ABRUPT financial load on them! At least those who travelled after the president’s directive had information to help them prepare. Why does the state spend on the accommodation and meals of incarcerated criminals yet find no reason in intervening here!

    The minister and her PS came here with a visible bias, plus their own understandable stress of course. I think they had been heavily misinformed about the concerns of the ‘quarantined’ group. Their opening remarks emphasised in strong words that we must be here for 14 days whether we like it or not. This was none of our concerns! And, even if under normal circumstances one would understand their stress, the last thing you do is to scream at an already traumatized people. I advise, that on account of the heavy load on them currently, Dr Ruth Aceng and Dr Diana Atwine should get regular counseling. Not doing so is a risk to their own health and the entire health system.

    We had been herded at high infection risk and dumped here. No safety information or measures at all. No health officer came to follow up on us until we made online noise and officials came to apologize and make promises. No one was concerned that people were leaving! How would they know anyway since they never cared to follow up! It’s not on such a group of people that you try to show might by parading soldiers around and saying ‘shut up’ when interrupted.

    The conditions here did not meet the most basic standards of quarantine and were totally contrary to its goals. Neither the ‘quarantined’ nor the said protected wider society was safe. We laughed when, on the second day, an officer meeting us said we were seated too close to each other and should observe some distance.Maybe he didn’t know that we came in here packed in a coster seated shoulder to shoulder and that he was even the first to mention a safety tip to the group ever since we arrived at Entebbe.

    They still insist that the state won’t pay for the accommodation and meals, even after some people literally broke down in tears explaining the circumstances of their return to Uganda. Some people have insensitively asked why we chose to travel at this time! Well, one student explained to the minister that she was given hours to leave the country where she was before more borders were closed. No one wants to get trapped with a helpless foreigner when they are also unsure of their own safety. Many of these countries and host institutions have been so good to foreigners and tried to help them travel back to their countries as fast as they could. Some of these are struggling students on scholarship. We have a wrong impression that everyone who travels to Europe is well off and they do so by their own means. Hence the insensitive comments and expectation that, even if some of these people are returning abruptly, they must be having money on them!

    Some of the foreigners here started their journeys with the official information of self quarantining. They had made appropriate arrangements and booked places for that. But because the directive changed while they were on their way, they were brought here. There is no problem with Uganda passing new directives for the safety its citizens, but there should be understanding where this raises very difficult circumstances for innocent people. A British lady also broke down and cried explaining what she has gone through as a result of these changes and why she needed an ear. Not all these people are well off as we assume, neither are they adamant and disrespectful. Good enough their embassies are now coming in to help them.

    It is the case that in the circumstances everyone is thinking about their own safety and survival, but we can still be human while at that.

    The meeting with the two officials was cordial and considerate. Some concessions had been made where food was to be free and rent to be discussed further with their bosses. But agreement had been made that rooms were to be immediately provided to each of those that hadn’t checked in.

    Later on, the minister of Health, Ruth Aceng, and Permanent Secretary, Diana Atwine, show up and a meeting is quickly convened. They came along with over 10 soldiers that stood in front and in the sides. I couldn’t tell if this was their security detail or just the day’s accompaniment for a point. The minister and PS came with a rather condescending attitude, especially the minister. At some point she yelled at an old German man who interrupted her, telling him to ‘shut up’.

    It was my first time listening to her, but I had her being praised lately as the best minister. Of this I don’t know, but she came across as a hard working lady of good character. But on this occasion, she came across is rather arrogant and condescending. Well, they resolved that we shall have to pay $55 full board. How the price came from $100, to $60, (no lunch, no supper), to now $55 full board is interesting.

    The options given were two: One either books in at this hotel or can be checked into a school dormitory for full isolation! Arguments by some returning students that they had no money at all were met with a suggestion to quarantine them in a school dormitory!”

    We will keep you posted…



    Unmasking Derrick Noah Luggya, The Assassin Who Killed Buganda Kingdom Clan Head Bbosa: Locals Narrate How He Has Been Enjoying Beautiful Girls In City Bars, Snatching Married Women; Deceased’s Daughter Recounts How Killers Assassinated Her Father…



    Edward Ssenkumba, the Local Council Chairman of Bulange A Zone Lubaga Division, a Kampala City suburb has narrated how one of the assassins who killed Omutaka Eng. Daniel Bbosa Lwomwa the head of Buganda Kingdom’s Endiga (Sheep) clan has been enjoying life.

    Exclusively speaking to theGrapevine, Ssenkumba revealed that one of the assassins, who is currently fighting for his life in Mulago hospital, is a resident of his Zone.

    Senkumba narrated that last year, this assassin went to his office seeking for his help to process some documents which he wanted to take to the Office of the Administrator General.

    He wanted to use the documents to seek for permission to start managing his mother’s estate.

    “I asked him a number of questions concerning his mother and the estate he wanted to manage. From his response, I realized that he wanted to illegally secure Powers of Attorney and sell his mother’s properties without thinking about his mother’s other children. I told him to go back and bring his siblings as a condition if he is to get my recommendation. Surprisingly, he never came back to my office over the matter,” Ssenkumba said.

    When we asked him to tell us the assassin’s name, Ssenkumba said that he only remembers him as Derrick and his mother was called Auntie Lilian and she had rentals in the same area. She died in 2021.

    Police spokesperson, Commissioner of Police Fred Enanga confirmed the assassin’s name as Derick Noah  Luggya. He is currently admitted at Mulago National hospital receiving medical treatment.

    theGrapevine has exclusively established that over 20 commandos have been deployed at Mulago hospital Casualty ward to keep their eyes on Luggya so that no one helps him to escape.

    The chairperson revealed that Luggya is a bodaboda cyclist at Salaam boda stage and he has been commanding a deadly criminal gang which uses guns to terrorise people in the areas of Mengo, Kisenyi and Lungujja.

    When asked why he did not report the allegations to security so that they follow up the matter, he defended himself that his local council convened and discussed the matter but they failed have enough evidence to pin the suspect.

    He narrated that among the crowd that came to see the bodaboda cyclists and other people beating Derrick after he pulled the trigger and killed Bbosa were three women who tried to calm the charged crowd that the person they were beating was a resident of the area.

    “I told those women to keep quiet because I was very sure that the angry mob were going to turn on them. I even advised them to leave the place which they did,” Ssenkumba said.

    When we asked him about Luggya’s lifestyle, Ssenkumba disclosed that he was told that even his boda boda colleagues on Salaam stage always wondered where he got all the money he used on clubbing with different young girls in bars.

    He also narrated that Luggya was in the habit of sleeping with married women after promising them money, “those people at New Best Hotel in Busega know him very well given that he has been a regular customer there,” the chairperson said.

    However he distanced himself from knowing the other assassin who was killed at the scene of crime by the irate mob who saw them assassinating Bbosa who was driving from Mukono district to preside over a clan ceremony.

    Enanga named the killed assassin as Enock Serunkuuma. The third person assassin is still at large after escaping the mob.

    Ssenkumba revealed that Bbosa has been a longtime friend to him and by the time of his death, he has been constructing a factory in Bulange.

    The deceased recently told him that his life was in danger after unknown people started trailing him.

    Ssenkumba divulged that the late narrated to him how he found people trying to access his gate on three occasions but they took off when they saw his car.

    He informed his other friends including members who sit on the clan leadership committee.

    A Buganda Kingdom clan head who has been a close friend to the deceased told theGrapeine that in 2023, he intimated to him how he survived being poisoned.

    The deceased had just recently lost a case in Buganda cultural Court (Kkooti ya kisekwa) which declared that he illegally occupied the Endiga clan head office.

    He appealed to King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi and by the time of his death, the King who in such cases Is the supreme court had not yet delivered his judgment over the appeal.

    Sources in Buganda Kingdom clan heads council told theGrapevine that Bbosa’s opponents lost hope of winning the appeal because the deceased was a close friend to Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga and has been the treasurer to Buganda Kingdom clan heads council.

    As the council executive, they were expecting to meet Mayiga even though there is a section of clan heads who are protesting the meeting insisting that instead of wasting their time on meeting Mayiga, they should meet the King himself because they have a lot of issues they need to discuss with him as a person and the corporation sole cultural leader of Buganda Kingdom.

    There is a section of Endiga clan members who have been accusing Bbosa of illegally selling their clan land and sharing the money with members who sit on his executive.

    Peace Nambaale the daughter to the deceased


    Peace Nambaale who was seated in the co-driver’s seat when Bbosa was attacked has told theGrapevine he fathre’s last five minutes after the attack.

    She confirmed that she is a granddaughter to the deceased and she was the one instructed to travel with him together with other family members whenever he is going on long distance journeys given that she is the one who understood him very well.

    Nambaale narrated that her role was to open for the deceased water whenever he felt thirty, advising him on when to take his medicine, pick his phone calls and talk to people who wanted to talk to him while he was driving.

    She disclosed that they were three occupants in the vehicle Toyota Land Cruiser registration number UAH 637X and they were driving from Mukono district where the deceased had just presided over a clan cultural ceremony.

    She told this website that she was the first to see the assassins

    “I told him that I was scared after seeing some suspicious people driving behind us,” Nambaale said.

    She added that within two to three minutes, they heard a bullet from behind the car and the deceased reduced the speed of the car.

    The assassins then parked their bodaboda in front of their car and one of them jumped off and shot at him randomly. The bullets hit the deceased’s check, mouth and the eye.

    Nambaale narrated that the wife to the deceased who was seated behind started screaming and calling Jesus’ name.

    The assailants then jumped on their bodaboda and took off.

    Enanga said that the bodaboda used to carry out the crime had a forged number UEX 754E


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Inside LOP Ssenyonyi Talks With Court Martial Boss Brig. Gen. Mugabe To Rescue Bobi Wine Political Prisoners…



    Court martial boss Brig. Gen. Robert Freeman Mugabe (R) and LOP Joel Ssenyonyi (L)

    The mighty Grapevine has exclusively landed on information detailing how on Monday morning Brig. Gen. Robert Freeman Mugabe the chairperson of the Makindye based Court Martial held a secret meeting with the Leader of Opposition in Parliament Joel Ssenyonyi.

    Highly placed sources both in the Office of the Leader of Opposition in Parliament and at the Court martial revealed that the meeting was held immediately after the court sitting.

    Ssenyonyi was accompanied by a team of legislators who were directed to escort their boss to Court to stand surety for the 28 supporters of Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu’s National Unity Platform(NUP) who were charged before the court martial.

    When we contacted Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro the party deputy spokesperson on Tuesday to confirm whether Bobi Wine and the party secretariat had any knowledge about the development, Mufumbiro distanced himself from the said meeting explaining that he was not at court.

    He advised us to contact Ssenyonyi or the legislators who were at Court on Monday.

    theGrapevine made several phone calls to Ssenyonyi but he did not pick our calls.

    When this reporter contacted two of the legislators who accompanied the NUP mouthpiece for a comment on the matter, they told us to look for Ssenyonyi adding that they are not in position to comment on that matter.

    Both legislators from Buganda region did neither confirmed nor denied the meeting, but only asked us to look for Ssenyonyi.

    On Monday, an order was issued not to allow members of the public inside court martial premises including journalists.

    It was only Ssenyonyi, the legislators, Makindye Division mayor Ali Kasirye Mulyanyama and lawyers George Musisi and Benjamin Katana who is also the NUP treasury general who were allowed inside.

    Immediately after the in-camera case hearing, Ssenyonyi briefed journalists confirming that the bail application for the accused persons was entertained.

    Unfortunately, the State asked for more time to respond to the grounds and submissions made by the accused lawyers but informed court that they were going to object to the bail application.

    The accused persons are; Olivia Lutaaya, Rashid Seguya, Yasin Sekitoleko, Robert Rugumayo, Muhydin Kakooza, Patrick Mwase, Simon Kijjambo, Abdul Matovu, Ronald Kijambo, Sharif Kalanzi, Joseph Muwonge, Mesach Kiwanuka, Abdallah Kintu, Umar Kato, Musa Kavuma, Ibrahim Wandera, Asbert Nagwere, Steven Masakulu, Jimmy Galukande, Paul Muwanguzi, Sharif Matovu, Devis Matabi, Abdallah Gibusiwa, Livinston Katushabe, Swaib Katabi, Siraje Mudebo, Joseph Muganza and Steven Lwanga.

    All the accused persons denied the charges related to being in possession of military store and terrorism.

    Recently, Brig Gen Felix Kulayigye was quoted saying that they reason why UPDF didn’t take action against Lilian Aber the Kitgum district woman legislator for slaying in military uniform was because she apologied for putting it on when she is not a military personel.

    Kulayugye added that NUP supporters before military court refused to apologise because if they had apologised, the army was willing to forgive them.

    Highly placed sources close to Ssenyonyi told theGrapevine that one of maiden plans is to make sure that political prisoners before court martial are released.

    “I was surprised when he told me that he had to work with Anita, she was working with Mathias Mpuuga. I told him that he was brought in that office to change the narrative but he just ignored me and asked me to meet him on another day because he was having other assignments awaits him,” a staunch Senyonyi supporter who frequently publically attacked Mpuuga when he was still a Leader of Opposition in Parliament told theGrapevine.

    On Tuesday, Speaker Among made a surprise visit to Ssenyonyi’s office and sources disclosed that a number of issues including the release of NUP supporters were discussed.

    Sources added that Speaker Among was very instrumental in helping Mpuuga secure court bail for Kawempe North legislator Muhammad Ssegirinya and his Makindye West comrade Allan Ssewanyana who were in detention on murder, attempted murder and terrorism charges.

    Bobi Wine put Mpuuga’s name in the book of traitors and since then.

    He even distanced himself from Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana accusing them of negotiating with president Museveni’s people to be released.

    Ssewanyana denied involving himself in any negotiations and challenged his accusers.

    Sources in parliament told theGrapevine that by the time Ssenyonyi was appointed LOP, Among had drawn up a plan on how to handle him after realizing that legally she cannot stop Mpuuga’s removal.

    “She asked her personal legal assistant to guide him on whether there was any loophole which she can exploit to have Mpuuga stay as LOP for five years. She was advised that it was not possible,” a source said.

    Sources added that when Mpuuga was removed from the Office of the LOP and appointed a commissioner of parliament, Among directed that he should be given a big office.

    It is alleged Mpuuga told her that he has many people who come to parliament from greater Masaka, Buganda and Catholic church to see him.

    A former staff at parliament told theGrapevine that Ssenyonyi is using the same script Mpuuga used when was fighting for Ssegirinya, Ssewanyana’s release, to have NUP supporters released.

    Last week, Ssenyonyi and the legislators who were taken to court to stand surety for the accused persons were with him at Kitalya and Luzira prison where most supporters are kept.

    However, a senior military officer told theGrapevine that the release of NUP supporters is not going to be as easy as it was for Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana because Museveni was given reports detailing how the accused persons were organizing a deadly plan to put Kampala on fire a few days to the 2021 general election.

    “They were given code names, the only thing that saved Kyagulanyi was he was not personally involved at the final stage. The boys through their commander asked him for Shs20m and his people only released Shs1m,” a senior military officer claims.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Kabaka Mutebi Family, Premier Mayiga Serial Critic Forced To Resign As Leader In Buganda Kingdom Grandchildren Council…



    Kabaka Mutebi (L) with his Premier Peter Mayiga (C) and Mubiru Njuki (R)

    Tempers flared as the top leadership of the Bazzukulu ba Buganda International (Buganda Kingdom Grandchildren Council) an umbrella body that brings together all grandchildren of Buganda were forcing Mubiru Njuuki their Secretary General to resign.

    Mubiru confirmed the development and explained that he was not forced to resign but he took a personal decision to step aside upon realising that his fellow leaders were not happy with the way he usually commented on issues concerning Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi and his family.

    “It is true, I resigned from the position of Secretary General of the Bazzukulu ba Buganda International but I’m still a member and I will make sure that I still fight for my Kingdom because Buganda does not belong to one person but it’s for all of us plus millions of grandchildren who are not yet born. We have to fight for this kingdom even if it means leaving positions which are taking us to prison” Njuuki said.

    Ddungu Musisi the chairperson of the council told Njuuki in a virtual meeting on Tuesday that he has been receiving a lot of complaints from different people concerning some the comments he makes in the media about the person of Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, the Kabaka of Buganda and his family.

    Ddungu then mentioned the complaints which included supporting a section of Buganda Kingdom clan heads who met President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

    “You reached the extent of declaring yourself the spokesperson of those indisciplined people thus putting our council in bad light,” Ddungu said.

    He added that Njuuki made several social media comments asking the people of Buganda to come together and dissolve Buganda Kingdom claiming that it lost the reason why Baganda fought for its return given that individuals are using it to enrich themselves.

    Njuuki was further accused of attacking the Buganda Kingdom Crown Prince Richard Ssemakokkiro and advising him to concentrate on his studies in the United Kingdom instead of thinking of coming back to Uganda to become the Kabaka of Buganda.

    Njuuki was also accused of supporting Tiktoker Ibrahim Musana alias Pressure 24/7 who was arrested by Brig. Gen. Christopher Sserunjogi Ddamulira the police Director for Crime Intelligence on allegation of insulting the person of Kabaka Mutebi and his family and the person of Charles Peter Mayiga the Katikkiro of Buganda.

    According to evidence tabled before the council, Njuuki was quoted supporting Musana claiming that police should first arrest Mayiga and other Buganda Kingdom officials who allowed Kabaka Mutebi to appear in public dressed casually which was an embarrassment toBuganda Kingdom.

    Njuki also alleged that Mayiga hired musician Cindy Sanyu to entertain Kabaka Mutebi skimpily dressed which was an insult to the Kabaka and Buganda Kingdom.

    When Njuuki was given the opportunity to defend himself, he told the meeting that whatever he said was in good faith and for his love of Buganda Kingdom.

    Njuki said that he feels bad seeing his Kabaka being used by individuals at Bulange to enrich themselves through grabbing of the Kingdom land.

    “For the good of this council, I’m stepping down but I’m not going to apologize,” Njuuki said as he left the virtual conference.

    The council was very strong in the early 1990s and Kabaka Mutebi and other Kingdom officials used to meet them for consultation before they took any decisions including appointing Katikkiro but it has been weakened slowly.

    By the time of his resignation, Njuuki has been pushing for a meeting with Kabaka Mutebi and during the virtual meeting, Ddungu informed him that the Kabaka cannot meet them because of his behaviour.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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