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Court Gives Tortured Mityana Municipality MP Zaake Powers to Prosecute Top Police Officers…



Zaake (L) with one of his lawyers Basalirwa (R)

Mityana Chief Magistrates Court has given powers to tortured Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Francis Butebi Zaake to go ahead and privately prosecute top senior police officers who tortured him.

Zaake applied to court to privately prosecute SSP Bob Kagarura (the police commander Wamala Region), D/ASP Musa Walugembe (police officer in charge of special investigation unit Kireka –Kampala), D/SSP Elly Womanya (the commandant special investigation unit Kireka), Hamdan Twesigye (police officer working with Special Investigations Unit –Kireka) and SP Alex Mwine (Mityana district police commander).

In his affidavit, the people power movement diehard alleged that in April 2020, he was brutally arrested from his home in Mityana Municipality and taken to different police stations and security safe houses where he was brutally tortured.

According to the summons seen by this website, the trial is expected to kick off on 5th August 2020 at Mityana Chief Magistrate courts.

Zaake boasted that he has paraded a number of witnesses to pine the errant officers.

He narrated that he spends sleepless nights waiting for the day he will see his tormentors in the dock. He added that he is very sure that justice will be served.

Zaake was arrested by police on charges of violating the presidential directives to fight Covid19 pandemic after being arrested distributing food to his voters around Mityana Municipality allegations that Zaake strongly denies.

Zaake insisted that the errant officers picked him from his home and he was not distributing food.

President Museveni condemned the selective arrest by security agencies after his Minister and senior party members were found guilty of Zaake’s alleged crime but walked away scotch free.

Ugandan laws permit private prosecution even though the Director of Public Prosecution has powers to take over any criminal case at any particular stage before the judgment.


By Sengooba Alirabaki



Bobi Wine Must Not Commit The Very Sin He Blames M7, I Want To Contest Against Him For NUP Party President – Mwenda…



Outspoken journalist and political analyst, Andrew Mwenda today went the National Unity Platform (NUP) party headquarters to register as a member.

The founder and owner of The Independent, a current affairs news magazine said he was impressed with how excited the young members he met there embraced him.

“I went to the head office of NUP expecting to be lynched! I was prepared to die at the hands of what I thought was largely a collection of intolerant radical extremists. To my surprise, and except for a few noisy radicals, the young people I met there received me well and with overt excitement,” Mwenda narrated.

Mwenda picked NUP nomination forms and wants to stand as candidate for both party leadership and party presidential candidate. The controversial journalist commonly accused of spying for the ruling NRM’s Museveni officially declared his intentions to run against party founder and leader, Bobi Wine, for both positions amidst threats from some members of the newly formed party.

Mwenda bragged he will obviously be of value to NUP, promising to bring in a strategy, policy awareness, political depth, military knowledge and connections, regional and international experience, a large network of contacts across the country, region and globe, and the best fundraising skills the opposition in Uganda desperately need.

Mwenda ultimately stressed the need to advocate for democracy within NUP.

“The party has anointed a president, Bobi Wine, the very sin it claims to be fighting in NRM. There should be a delegates conference to elect a party leader and I will contest. Second, I noticed that many assume Bobi Wine is the sole presidential candidate by anointment. That also must be rejected,” Mwenda said.

Andrew Mwenda dared Bobi Wine to a political debate to assess the future of NUP and the strategy to defeat Museveni. He called upon all party members to rally behind his call for internal democracy in NUP.

“You cannot give what you don’t have,” Mwenda stated, referring to another opposition presidential aspirant, ANT’s Mugisha Muntu who said NUP cannot give democracy to Uganda if they cannot practice it internally.


By Baron Kironde


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Lukwago Will Make A Good President – Besigye…



As the 2021 general elections move closer, political camps are making prior preparations to the event, and most of them have either already fielded, or at least fronted a suitable candidate for that cause.

The key opposing party since 2015, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), has not yet made it clear on who will carry their Blue flag to the presidential race. The clock is ticking, and FDC is seemingly fast running out of time to find a replacement they consider suitable for the task.

Amidst all the speculation, Besigye hinted on Erias Lukwago making a good president for Uganda. He admitted he is impressed with the Lord Mayor’s consistency and clarity in his political pursuits, qualities he says matches their ambitious motives as the the opposition.

“Erias Lukwago is clear on what the struggle is and he commits unwaveringly to it, he has been in Kampala fighting for ordinary people, people being thrown out of markets and chased off the streets. We like those attributes in the leadership of the FDC,” Dr Kizza Besigye said.

On whether he will stand again in the coming elections or not, Besigye who has contested in each election since 2001 said it does not necessarily require an election to acquire freedom, he stressed that the fight is about every Ugandan and not just him, appealing that the strategy should therefore be to prepare to fight under all all circimstances, with or without an election. The aggressive politician vowed to fight for freedom that he stands for, until it comes, or he dies.

“The so called independent electoral commission was seeking money from Mr. Museveni, the ruling NRM’s sole candidate, and if the same mere candidate in the race can dismiss senior staff of the electoral commission amidst an already ongoing electoral process, do you think that the elections will be fair,? Besigye asked, adding that freedom of the oppressed opposition and all Ugandans will not be dependant on what he referred to as the Byabakama-Museveni roadmap, but rather called on his counterparts to establish a self navigated roadmap to freedom.

“We do not have the option of giving up this fight to liberate our country,” the retired army general said, noting that freedom never really comes freely.

Besigye emphasised that if the cause is just, it can only be delayed but not phased out.

Besigye believes people are being misdirected to believe that they will be participating in choosing the leader of their country which he said is an already captured state.

Besigye exclaimed how Uganda’s leadership is not even about a certain tribe like it widely is perceived, but rather about a single family which owns this country like King Leopold owned the Congo.

“They have used guns and controlled the mind through the media, that is why he calls us bazzukulu (grandchildren). I am not your muzzukulu. Your job is to serve me. You are my servant,” the four time presidential aspirant ranted, accusing Museveni of running the country like his own family.

“I don’t believe 80 percent of Ugandans like NRM, and it is another lie to say that those who have captured us are letting us have a multiparty dispensation,” Besigye stated, disregarding opinion poll results recently released by Reasearch World International.

By Baron Kironde


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Why M7 Cannot Win Presidential Race In First Round Of Voting Because Of Bobi Wine And Besigye….



Had elections been held in March this year, neither Museveni, Bobi Wine, nor Besigye would have been president.

According to a new opinion poll findings contained in the Uganda Governance Pulse, incumbent President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni came top of all his main political rivals in presidential opinion poll released by World Research International (WRI).

Results showed that 47 per cent of respondents said they would have voted for President Museveni had elections been held early in March, significantly dropping from the 60.8 per cent that the incumbent received in the 2016 elections, according to official figures from the Electoral Commission.

Another 22 per cent said they would have voted for musician-turned-politician Robert ‘Bobi Wine’ Kyagulanyi, the Kyadondo East lawmaker.

Dr Kizza Besigye, who has contested against the incumbent in the last four elections, would have come third with 17 per cent of the vote, a degrade from 35.4 per cent he scored from the last attempt.

With Museveni leading the poll, he was still below the “50 per cent plus one” threshold required to win re-election in the first round, an implication for a re run.

The survey indicated that Kyadondo east MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine leads as the best person to replace President Museveni when he retires. Kizza Besigye comes second and Muhoozi Kainerugaba third-best.

Results of the poll which was conducted in early March before Covid-19 hit the country were released on Wednesday, to be highly disapproved by various aspirants, mostly those who were positionally placed poorly.

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda dismissed the survey saying that it is only aimed at popularizing the incumbent.

Newly formed NUP’s Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, another presidential aspirant who declared his ambitions as early as mid last year quickly took to his social media platforms to refute all the outcomes of the opinion poll saying they are irrelevant, fake and uncalled for.

“Whenever we approach elections, he (Museveni) sponsors fake organisations to release fake opinion polls giving him an upper hand so as to pave way for his rigging machine,” Bobi said, cautioning his supporters to be alert.

Dr. Patrick Wakida, the Executive Director, WRI justified the results of the survey, noting however that opinions change with time.

“A doctor never really takes all your blood to asses your body sickness, but a mere droplet of it,” Wakida exclaimed, justifying how authentic the opinion polls could be based on sampling.

According to the poll, Mr Museveni’s support is highest in Bukedi, Lango and Tooro with 65 per cent, and lowest in Buganda at 27 per cent. Support for Mr Kyagulanyi was highest in Bugisu (39 per cent) followed by Sebei (36 per cent) and Busoga (30 per cent). It was lowest in Rwenzori and Kigezi at just two and three per cent respectively.

Dr Besigye’s support was highest in Rwenzori (35 per cent) and lowest in Lango at just seven per cent. Dr Besigye’s Opposition Forum for Democratic Change party made political gains in Rwenzori in the last election riding on unrest between local leaders and the central government, but appears to be losing its grip on Lango, which until 2006 was an Opposition stronghold.

While both Mr Museveni and Dr Besigye have more support in rural areas and across demographic profiles, Mr Kyagulanyi is more popular in urban areas and among male younger voters aged 18-34, the poll shows.

The World Research International (WRI), is a fully registered company established in 2007 with legal rights to operate in Uganda and within the great lakes region. The WRI which has been operating as an outlet research agency and conducts over 80 (Eighty) studies a year.


By Baron Kironde


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