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    Cracks In East Africa Community: Experts Warn Of Possible Coups After Kenya’s Ruto Meets Top CIA Boss As NAM Sits In Kampala…



    Dr. William Rutom (L) with CIA Director William J. Burns (R). Inset is President Museveni

    The consultative meeting held in Nairobi the Capital City of Kenya between President Dr. William Ruto and the America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director William J. Burns has sent other partner States into panic.

    The meeting took place on the very day the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) kicked off in Kampala Uganda.

    Highly placed sources in Uganda’s intelligence circles told theGrapevine that they have picked interest in the matter to understand what the meeting discussed and what effect it will have on Uganda’s political, social and economic future.

    Few hours after the meeting, Henry Okello Oryem, the State Minister in charge of international relations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to theGrapevine that president Ruto is going to hold a bilateral talks with President Museveni during his visit to Uganda when he chairs the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) meeting in Kampala which is expected to take place this week.

    President Ruto is also expected to attend the heads of State NAM Summit at Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort.

    Both Museveni and Ruto will discuss how to resolve the ongoing economic fights between the two countries.

    Kenya’s East African Community and Regional Development Cabinet Secretary  Peninah Malonza also confirmed Museveni/Ruto meeting.

    The meeting comes days after Uganda dragged Kenya to the East Africa Court seeking a Court Order directing Kenya to allow Uganda National Oil Corporation (UNOC) to use their oil pipeline.

    Ruto is also in a fight with Tanzania’s Samia Suluhu which resulted in Tanzania banning Kenya Airways operations in their country airspace.

    Regional experts allege President Suluhu was revenging on Kenya’s recent rejection of Tanzania’s request to allow its airline, Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL), to operate cargo flights between Nairobi and third countries.

    However, it was lifted after phone talks between the foreign affairs ministers from both countries.

    Ruto is not the only East African president who is at war with other region counterparts, Burundi’s Evariste Ndayishimiye closed his border with Rwanda claiming that President Paul Kagame is supporting the rebel movement which wants to overthrow his government in Bujumbura.

    President Felix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is also accusing President Kagame of supporting the M23 rebels who want to overthrow his government.

    Dr. Peter Mathuki, the Secretary General of the East African Community last week issued a statement encouraging partner states to focus on peaceful resolution of any disputes while strictly adhering to the spirit of the treaty, particularly on peaceful co-existence and good neighborliness.

    However Diplomatic and International experts have warned that with the invisible hand of the super powers fighting for influence and control of the world, they will use all the available means to create fights amongst small countries which they claim support their enemies to spread their influence.

    Al-Hajji Sadam Gayira the president of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) told theGrapevine that he will not be surprised when coups start occurring in the East African Region as it has been happening in West African countries.

    He explained that America will not allow a president who support Russia or China to be in power; “they will use all means to overthrow him.”

    He revealed that the world is going through a Cold War and super power countries are positioning themselves in every continent as America and its allies are fighting tooth and nail to make sure that they control the Middle East.

    He added that America is also fighting to control Asia through Japan, South Korea and Taiwan because they know very well that Russia has India, China and in the Middle East they know that Russia has the United Arab Emirates, Iran and Iraq.

    Gayira revealed that just like America wants to use Saudi Arabia, Qatar in the Middle East, in East Africa, they are very scared of Museveni being used by Russia and China to deliver East Africa and Africa at large to their side.

    “Currently, America is looking for allies in East Africa and the biggest ally is Ruto of Kenya because his country has the biggest economy in the region,” Gayira said.

    He added that America is using the United Kingdom (UK) to control Rwanda’s Kagame because the US fears to associate with Kagame given his poor record on democracy and they are very sure that with Kagame and Ruto they can defeat Russia and China in East Africa.

    He revealed that America is very sure that Ruto and Kagame can be used to defeat Museveni in Uganda including through coups.

    He said that DRC and South Sudan are going to be used as a home for rebel movements who are going to disturb East African governments.

    He predicted that the American’s plans will lead to the collapse of the East African Community.

    “Time is going to come when presidents of East African countries refuse to attend their summits because of their enemies also attending,” Gayira said.

    Gayira was supported by controversial political, social and economic expert Charles Rwomushana who claims that Museveni is in big trouble because the Americans now want to talk with Al-Shabab, a known terrorism group operating in Somalia and use it to stifle Museveni’s plans.

    He added that American intelligence organisations are in communications with officials in the Iranian government to help them get in touch with Al-Shabab terrorists.

    Rwomushana explains that Museveni knows everything that is going on that’s why he recently warned that no one will be allowed to undermine Africans especially the Basita on African land and he will not allow sharia law in Uganda.

    He added that Museveni knows very well that American and its allies are helping rebel movements hiding in DRC forests and using Uganda’s neighbours to weaken the economy.

    He confirmed that Americans are the ones behind facilitating the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to be deployed in DRC to control Uganda insisting that between Museveni and Kagame, one has to go. Rwomushana explain that the only factor that can save Kagame is because of his friendship with United Kingdom and fear of another Genocide as it was in 1994.

    “The only option Museveni has to survive is through negotiation because even his economy is now very weak and I am telling you his government cannot stand once Kampala is closed for a month,” Rwomushana said.

    However, veteran journalist, who is also the Nyendo-Mukungwe Deputy Resident City Commissioner (RCC) Ahmed Katerega Musaazi downplayed Rwomushana and Gayira’s submissions that his boss president is going to be overthrown through a coup explaining that in all Regional Cooperations, there is always such misunderstandings.

    Katerega says he is very sure that the meeting between Museveni and Ruto is going to resolve the misunderstanding between the two countries.

    He pleaded with the regional presidents to change the manner in which countries representatives in the regional assembly vote and let all people vote them instead of Members of the Parliament only.

    He further asked the Ministry of ICT to use the media platforms to sensitize the public on the importance of NAM as it was done in 2007 during the CHOGM Summit instead of using political commentators who are looking for personal benefits.

    Retired diplomat and also former Buganda Kingdom minister Israel Mayengo said that it is normal for countries to spy on each other.

    He warned Ugandans to be very careful when dealing with foreigners because many are on a mission to spy on Uganda.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    Why Judges Protested Justice Kabito’s JSC Tough Orders On Support Staff …



    The new Court of Appeal building. Inset is Justice Benjamin Kabito

    Justices of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Judges of the High Court and other lower judicial officers are protesting the tough orders issued by Justice Benjamin Kabito the Chairperson of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) concerning their support staff.

    The mighty Grapevine has exclusively learnt that Justice Kabito wrote to all support staff who include; Cleaners, secretaries and clerks that before the end of this month, they should decide on whether to remain under the Public Service Commission or apply to join JSC.

    One of the affected staff told theGrapevine that Kabito told them that JSC is the mandated government organisation when it comes to recruitment, supervision and the discipline of all staff under the jurisdiction of the judiciary of Uganda.

    The development has divided judicial staff with some supporting the move while others are protesting against it and have sought advice from their respective bosses who advised them not to join JSC.

    They claim that the powers of JSC end with judicial officers and the Act that establishes the JSC as Amended in 2015 has not yet amended it to give them such powers.

    Maverick city lawyer Kassim Mabirizi Male has written to justice Kabito claiming that what he is trying to do is against the laws governing the institution.

    “This is therefore to require you to desist from such illegality until such a time when an Act specifies which support staff you will be responsible for because in reality, casual workers, secretaries and clerks who earn peanuts may not, in commonsense, be regulated by the same body which controls judicial officers who earn a minimum of Shs5m tax exempt,” Mabirizi stated in his letter.

    However, sources close to Justice Kabito insist that JSC has the right to take control of support staff because they are the vehicle used to promote corruption in the judiciary.

    JSC claims that many lawyers and litigants are channeling money to bribe judicial officers through the support staff and in most cases when they receive evidence against them, they don’t have powers to discipline them because they are under the control of the Public Service Commission.

    He narrated a situation when detectives from State House Anti-Corruption Unit, then commanded by Col. Edith Nakalema stormed Towed Towers which housed the Civil Division of the High Court to arrest a judge who had just received a bribe from a city businessman.

    The businessman was the one who petitioned Nakalema’s office.

    “They first photocopied the notes which they were taking to the judge to be used as evidence. The money was put in the envelope and given to the cleaner who was sent by the judge, they saw the cleaner entering the judge’s chamber and moving out without the envelope and they stormed the office,” the source said.

    He added that when they entered the judge’s office, they introduced themselves to the judge with their identification cards.

    He however just laughed at them and allowed them to search his office insisting that he has no money.

    He asked them why they didn’t arrest the cleaner if they saw him taking a bribe to him.

    The detectives turned everything in the judge’s chamber upside down but they didn’t see any money. In the end, they apologised to him after he threatened to sue them.

    Detectives suspected that on the way, the cleaner might have given the money to the judge’s body guard after knowing that there might be people following him and that’s how the judge survived humiliation.

    It’s because of such incidents that JSC wants all support staff to register with them.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    HE IS NOT MAD: Buganda Kingdom Clan Head Assassin Has No Brain Damage, CT-Scan Proves; Grandchildren Protest Process Used To Fish Bbosa’s Successor….



    Noah Derrick Luggya one of the suspected assassins who killed Omutaka Bbosa (R) in hospital

    The mighty Grapevine has exclusively learnt that medical doctors at Mulago hospital X-Ray department and those from different security agencies subjected Noah Derrick Luggya one of the suspected assassins who gunned down Ndiga (Sheep) clan head Eng. Daniel Bbosa Lwomwa to CT-Scan.

    On Sunday evening, Luggya survived being killed by an angry mob at Bulange in Lubaga Division, a Kampala city suburb accusing him of killing Bbosa.

    His colleague Emmanual Sserunkuma was killed on the spot by the mob.

    Luggya was taken to Mulago hospital and sources told theGrapevine that he is positively responding to medication and on Wednesday evening, he was taken for a CT-Scan to examine whether his brain has no damage.

    “His brain has no damage and I can confirm that he is mentally fine. At first we thought that maybe the mob damaged his brain, you know his head was badly beaten,” one of the doctors at Mulago X-Ray department said.

    He added that Luggya first pretended to be mentally unstable and was only looking at doctors without responding to anything they asked him.

    This forced the doctors to carry out a CT-Scan on him to establish whether he was fine.

    Doctor said that Luggya still has difficulty in talking because he lost some of his teeth after his mouth was shattered by the mob.

    Luggya was also taken to an X-Ray machine and his entire body was examined.

    Results showed that none of his bones was damaged and doctors are very sure that by the end of this week, he will be able to talk to the investigators from Maj. Dr. Tom Magambo the police’s Director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and those from Brig. Gen. Christopher Ddamulira’s Crime Intelligence Directorate.

    Sources held that detectives tried to talk to Luggya but he was not ready to talk even though he showed that he understood whatever was going on. On Friday, they are going to test him again.

    On the other hand, members of the Endiga clan have started protesting the process their leaders and officials from Buganda Kingdom used to get Bbosa’s successor.

    On Wednesday, Omutaka Ssalongo Augustine Kizito Mutumba the head of Buganda Kingdom clan heads council (Olukiiko lwabajjajja abataka) announced that the council had appointed Edward Lwanga and Kato Lutwama both premiers of Kasimba and Nyonyi Nyange clans to guide Endiga concerned leaders during the process of choosing Bbosa’s successor.

    However this evening, information started circulating that the assigned committee has already chosen Eria Buzaabo Lwasi, the son to late Luggya Lwasi who is a celebrated journalist and teacher.

    Those protesting the process told theGrapevine that a clan head cannot be chosen without first choosing the ‘Ssemusota’ who is supposed to preside over the process of getting Bbosa’s successor.

    “We know the people behind Buzaabo, but we can confirm to Buganda Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga and his people that bringing his people will not help solve the ongoing fights in our clan,” one Endiga clan member said.

    By the time of Bbosa’s death, Buganda Kingdom cultural court (Kkooti ya Kisekwa) had declared that he was illegally occupying the office of Endiga clan and a one Tabula Bbosa was enthroned as the clan head.

    Bbosa challenged the Kkooti ya Kisekwa judgment before Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi who is the Supreme Court on cultural matters.

    Sources claim that Buzaabu is expected to be introduced to Mayiga who will introduce him to Kabaka Mutebi to confirm or reject him and if the program moves as planned Bbosa will be buried on Sunday this week.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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    INSIDE STORY: How Bobi Wine Threatened To Demote Defiant Elder Brother Nyanzi As Fight To Money, Power Deepens In NUP…



    Bobi Wine (R) with his elder brother Fred Nyanzi (L)

    Tempers flared as Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) the Principal of the National Unity Platform (NUP) threatened to demote his elder brother and also the party Chief Mobilizer Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu (Chairman Nyanzi) as fight for money and power deepened.

    On Wednesday morning, a furious Bobi Wine abruptly summoned a high level meeting at his office at the party headquarters in Makerere Kavule.

    The meeting was attended by Joel Ssenyonyi the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Chairman Nyanzi, David Lewis Rubongoya the party Secretary General and other NUP select officials.

    Immediately when Bobi Wine entered the party headquarters, security was beefed up commanded by the foot soldiers who were joined by Habib Buwembo a celebrated political activist who recently crossed from Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) to NUP.

    Sources disclosed that Bobi Wine summoned the meeting after being briefed that Nyanzi had summoned a meeting of all NUP councilors in Kampala at all levels including those who lost in the 2021 local council elections in Kampala city.

    According to sources, the meeting was supposed to take place at the party headquarters and the main agenda was to strategise on how to win Kampala Lord Mayor Seat come 2026.

    Like we reported few days back, Nyanzi has started meeting city tycoons asking them to financially support his coming Lord Mayor bid.

    Bobi Wine was also given the entire report attached with evidence of tycoons his brother was meeting some of who are known NRM supporters and have been in Lukwago’s bad book.

    “What I can assure you is that the meeting took almost 5 hours and it seems Chairman Nyanzi stormed out of it after disagreeing with some of the decisions,” a highly placed source inside Bobi Wine’s office told theGrapevine.

    Sources claim that Bobi Wine directed Nyanzi with immediate effect to stop his clandestine mobilization for Lord Mayor slot explaining that his actions are putting the party in bad light and some party members have started early campaigns.

    Nyanzi first denied the accusations that he is campaigning. He argued that he is streamlining KUNGA and other party grassroots mobilization drives.

    He told his brother that he’s not ready to stop because their competitors like President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s NRM are already in the field.

    “I heard the Principal telling him that they can even remove him from that office of the Chief Mobilizer. Then after a few minutes, I saw Nyanzi storming out of the meeting,” a source said.

    While talking to his people, Nyanzi assured them that even if NUP denied him the Lord Mayor ticket, he will contest on an independent and win the slot because he has enough experience.

    He boasted that he is the one who nurtured and modeled Bobi Wine the politician.

    However Nyanzi is very sure that with his contacts in the NRM where he was once a member before 2021, will give him an upper hand to defeat Lukwago.

    Even though Nyanzi stormed out of the meeting, Bobi Wine, Rubongoya, Ssenyonyi remained in the meeting and they came out very late in the evening.

    When the meeting ended, they drove to Lungujja to comfort the family members of the late Daniel Bbosa Lwamwo, the Endiga clan head who was assassinated on Sunday.

    Sources said that after the meeting, Nyanzi briefed some of his people about what took place but assured them that come what may, he is going to be on the ballot for Kampala Lord Mayor come 2026.

    NUP insiders disclosed that Bobi Wine is under pressure from a section of the party leaders especially those from DP Block including the former Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga who are provoking him by making statements that he has turned their party into a family affair and his close family members are the ones making critical decisions for the party.

    “They are provoking Bobi Wine to order for disciplinary action against them by making public attacks on his personality. Unfortunately Nyanzi is only after money and power without understanding the situation his brother is going through,” a NUP source said.

    Bobi Wine was also briefed that early this week, Nyanzi held a private meeting with Florence Namayanja Mukasa the city mayor of Masaka city who is fighting to make sure that Mpuuga is defeated come 2026.

    Bobi Wine was told that Nyanzi and Namayanja are the ones behind Alice Nannungi who is already in the field de-campaigning Mpuuga.

    Sources divulged that because of the Namayanja/ Nyanzi meeting that took place at Kyebando a Kampala suburb, Mpuuga’s henchman Abed Bwanika was forced to come out publicly accusing Bobi Wine of building family rule in NUP like President Museveni is doing in NRM and in government.

    Mpuuga’s camp is very sure that the ongoing Uganda Parliament Exhibition on social media is targeting him as a person and his people in parliament and it is clandestinely facilitated by Bobi Wine himself and Ssenyonyi his henchman.

    In the same development, NUP announced that because of corruption in parliament, Mpuuga was dismissed from the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner after accepting that he pocketed over Shs500m which was given to him by the parliamentary leadership.

    The money was given to Mpuuga thanking him for being a good Leader of Opposition but Bobi Wine insists that the money was a bribe.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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