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    Defiant Besigye Welcomed With Teargas In Kitgum As He Spreads His Plan B Gospel…



    Dr. Kizza Besigye with mask and other FDC leaders were treated to teargas in Kitgum District

    Four-time opposition presidential candidate, Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye visited Kitgum District on Saturday, where he was invited by the Member of Parliament elect for Kitgum Municipality, Denis Oneka Lit Omere, only to be welcomed with teargas by the police.

    Crowds gathered in anticipation of having a glimpse of the iconic vocal Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leader  but were dispersed with teargas because the gathering was against the standing COVID-19 Standard Operation  Procedures (SOPs).

    Dr. Besigye was welcomed to Kitgum by Police firing teargas to stop people from gathering around him and his team because the incoming area MP had organised a thanksgiving ceremony at the Municipality playground.

    Besigye narrated however that the police soon realised that they were greatly outnumbered (about a dozen of them with one patrol vehicle) and they gave up their mischief.

    The thanksgiving Mass was led by Rev. Fr. John Mark Oryem, who represented the Most Rev. Archibishop John Baptist Odama. Also in participation were religious leaders from the Church of Uganda (COU), Pentecostal Churches and the Islamic faith.

    Besigye recalled that Fr. John Mark gave a great homily about leadership in the currently challenging Ugandan environment.

    According to Besigye, the hundreds of Kitgum people who attended the function have high optimism and commitment to have change in Uganda

    “I’ve come back from Kitgum confident that Uganda has been blessed with a young, determined and focused leader,” Besigye said Sunday.

    “I’ve also returned to Kampala assured that the struggle for change is alive and well,” he added.

    Also at the function was FDC party leader, Hon Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA), Acholi Parliamentary Group Chair and Chua MP, Hon. Okin PP Ojara, MP-elect for Kyoga Constituency, Okot p’Bitek Jr, Hon. Roland Kagyinda, MP Rukungiri Municipality and many other national and district leaders.


    By Baron Kironde



    Nakalema Probes Kyambogo Bosses For Hijacking Gov’t Key Digitization Project…



    From 2018, the government of Uganda began implementing a multi-billion digitization project aimed at automating all services delivery at all public Universities.

    The project, which the President’s Makerere Visitation Committee headed by Abel Rwendeire copied from Kyambogo’s e-campus, was and is still called Academic Information Management System (AIMS).

    The aim of the project was to block financial leakages and improve service delivery at the same time. It’s the system that all public Universities use to ensure students coming from S6 can electronically apply for courses they want online without having to physically travel to the campus. The system also makes it possible for students to be admitted electronically and a student can check his or her name on the admission list without travelling to campus. The same system makes it possible for the students to use their phones to pay tuition in the bank without travelling to line up as it was in the past. All the banks collecting fees are interfaced on the system and a student gets a text message indicating the University has received his or her tuition through the bank. This happens immediately after paying.

    The same system makes it possible for the students to register for exams online and to even know their marks and check their CGPA and general academic progress online. They can even check online to confirm if their transcript is ready or if they are on the graduation list. After marking students, a lecturer can electronically enter marks which the student can access to know how he or she performed in a given course unit.

    This system has ensured no rogue minded university officials can admit students or collect fees clandestine while cheating the University as it used to be. Before the system was introduced administrators at Universities like Kyambogo would connive with tellers in the banks to cheat the University whereby a student would pay Ugx10,000 and yet get a bank slip or receipt showing they paid Ugx1.5m as tuition. The crooked administrators working with shady bank tellers would share receive say Ugx1,000,000 from a student especially the poor ones who are about to miss exams, process for them a receipt indicating they have paid everything and yet the university would have only Ugx10,000 deposited on its bank account yet a student has a receipt shows he or she paid Ugx1.5m.

    The balance of Ugx990,000 would be shared by the thieving administrators and the bank officials. That is how an internal audit at Kyambogo where Katunguka had just become VC discovered that more than Ugx15bn had been stolen in this syndicate involving the banks officials and administrators at the University especially from the academic registrar and finance departments. This had been lost between 2006 and 2011. Many of the thieves were arrested and made to refund these billions which Katunguka used to develop infrastructure and fund research at Kyambogo.

    The Rwendeire report reflected on all these problems and recommended that the e-campus system of automating fees collection and other processes which Katunguka had introduced in Kyambogo to block financial leakages becomes the thing for all public universities. That is how the President directed the ICT Ministry and that of finance to use part of the innovation fund which has billions of cash to help expand and replicate this system to other public universities. That is how what used to be just e-campus for Kyambogo only was expanded to cover all public Universities and the cost in billions was met by the government of Uganda. The government continues to meet this cost through the ICT Ministry.

    Kyambogo already had experts and the teams which had developed e-campus. Those very same experts were brought on board to participate in the designing, development and installation of AIMS which was the expanded version of e-campus. Some of the Kyambogo experts acted quickly and incorporated a company called Zeenode Ltd which was contracted by government to serve as the process partner in the rolling out of AIMS. Their job was to design, develop and install the AIMS system for all public Universities. They would also offer some technical support services and general mantainance of the system besides training the local staff at each of the Universities.

    Zeenode Ltd has guys like Philemon Wenganga, Samson Zziwa, Joseph Katongole and Hedson Kisitu as some of its founders, directors and incorporators. They had been students of telecom engineering at Kyambogo University and had served as research assistants to the Principal Investigator when the e-campus system, which expanded into AIMS, was being developed years prior. They had graduated in 2010. And here is why they are now all of a sudden in very big trouble; whistle blower has reported to Col Edith Nakalema that the four very ambitious young men have illegally since registered the system as their own copyright with URSB.

    This is being disputed as illegal because the system belongs to the government of Uganda which paid them to develop it and not vice versa. The whistle blower informs Nakalema that doing such a thing is fraud aimed art cheating the government of Uganda for which the four very wealthy young engineers, officed at Lukwiya Road in Kiwatule, are supposed to be criminally prosecuted. If anything is to be registered at all regarding this AIMS system that has to be the government of Uganda because of the billions it paid to them through the ICT Ministry from the innovation fund. That the same was developed by the four engineers in the course of their employment as staff of Kyambogo University where they earn a very good salary just to specialize at developing systems for their employer which is a government University.

    The whistle blower also calls on Nakalema to become keenly interested in the parallel investigations CID is already conducting to establish the circumstances under which the four engineers came to be in multiple government employment contrary to clearly well-known government standing orders. Mbu some of the four engineers, whose riches we shall be exposing in our next story, work as full time employees at Kyambogo yet they are equally employed to work with civil aviation authority Entebbe which is a government agency. Some of them are also full time employees of MTN Uganda which makes it hard for them to work properly for Kyambogo University.

    CID has already questioned and taken documents from Kyambogo Director HR Richard Manana about this anomaly and the four engineers might end up being arraigned in courts of law to answer for criminal charges. At Kyambogo because they are very rich, people in top management have been knowing about this multiple employment but they fear to touch them for fear of being accused of just being envious because of their riches. The four young engineers are actually the richest at Kyambogo; they live in palatial houses and drive in opulent cars yet none of them has a bank loan anywhere. Their problems escalated recently and intelligence picked interest in them when they switched off the entire AIMS system for a full week something which paralyzed processes at Makerere and other public universities.

    Makerere bosses protested by writing a confidential letter to the President who became interested in understanding the invisible hand behind Zeenode Ltd whose actions almost caused a students’ strike. We have seen a written explanation in which the Zeenode bosses defended the switch as inevitable because the government’s licensing agreement had expired and the switch off happened automatically.

    This has been rejected by people in government’s intelligence services who have maintained that the switch off was an act of malice aimed at inciting students into a strike in order to embarrass the government of President Museveni to the benefit of Bobi Wine and his NUP party since this was towards election time. The first lady who is also minister of Education Janet Museveni is very sensitive to such things because she knows Makerere is naturally very chaotic and anyone switching off automation services for such a long time must be an enemy of government and a saboteur whose actions deserve to be inquired into.



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    Panic As Chief Justice Dollo’s Supreme Court Agree To Petition Law Council Over Conduct And Insults From Bobi Wine’s Lawyers Towards Top Justices….



    National  Unity Platform (NUP) Principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu

    There is panic among lawyers representing National  Unity Platform (NUP) former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

    This is after they received information that a decision was taken by the Supreme Court Justices led by Chief Justice Alfonse Chigamoy Owiny-Dollo to drag them to the Law Council over their frequent insults and verbal attacks on judges.

    Multiple credible sources at the Supreme Court disclosed that the nine Justices of the Supreme Court who are handling Bobi Wine’s petition have agreed to petition the disciplinary body to take action against Bobi Wine’s lawyers.

    “The decision was taken even though the Law Council has not yet received the petition. It was unprofessional for a senior lawyer to go to CBS radio and insult a senior Justice that he is incompetent and that he left a lot of dirty work at his former stations, it was embarrassing” a judiciary source said.

    He added that before the decision was taken, one of the Justices told friends that he listened to one of Kyagulanyi’s Advocates live on CBS radio attacking him during a political talk show.

    The judge added that this lawyer thought that he does not understand Luganda language since he is not a Muganda. After the show, the judge rang him and asked him why he was attacking him.

    The source said that the Advocate apologised to the Justice who insisted and was supported by his colleagues that the law council should be petitioned.

    The source added that the Justices also cited a number of insults from NUP lawyers especially via social media and in main media stream towards them.

    It should be remembered that Chief Justice Dollo was unhappy with the lies made by Bobi Wine’s lawyer Anthony Wameli on oath in his affidavit that he was blocked from filling the additional evidence against Museveni on the particular day given to them by Court.

    Justice Dollo insisted that he was present on that particular date (14th/02/2021) and in the evening, he saw Wameli jumping on the boda boda running away from court without any Court official stopping him.

    The Judge asked the Attorney General William Byaruhanga to look for an avenue where such lawyers who lie under oath like Wameli are punished by the Law Council to avoid putting the legal profession in the Country into disrepute.

    Recently, the Law Society through their president Phiona Wall Nabasa threatened to take action against Bobi Wine’s lawyers who are insulting and putting the judiciary in bad light.

    Last week, a concerned Ugandan Job Richard Mutua petitioned the Law Council over the unprofessional behaviour of Bobi Wine’s lawyers.

    City Lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi also advised Bobi Wine to drag his lawyers to the law council for being incompetent and failing to prosecute their case.

    The accusations against Bobi Wine’s lawyers comes at a time when their practicing licenses have not yet been renewed by the law council and other concerned bodies.

    Because Bobi Wine’s petition is of public interest, Chief Justice Dollo directed the Chief Registrar to give Bobi Wine’s lawyers led by Busiro East member of parliament Medard Lubega Ssegona a temporary practicing license that will expire on the 18th of March 2021, the day allocated by Court to deliver its decision on the matter.

    Bobi Wine applied to withdraw his petition on several grounds.


    However, when reached for comment on the matter, Wameli told theGrapevine that he never put the judiciary in bad. He said that whatever they said was in good faith not in bad faith as many are trying to portray it. He asserted that he is ready to defend himself when summoned by the law council.


    The Judiciary Senior Communications Officer Solomon Muyita revealed that no decision has been made to drag Bobi Wine’s lawyers to law council.

    He explained that there was just one concerned Ugandan who petitioned the law council.


    Meanwhile, Lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi is still staged at the office of the Supreme Court Registrar seeking for a date to hear his application where he wants the Supreme Court to stay the hearing of the application filed by Bobi Wine to withdrawal his presidential petition until the  East African Court makes a decision in his suit.

    Mabirizi is challenging Justice Dollo’s refusal to recuse himself from Bobi Wine’s petition.

    Mabirizi told theGrapevine that it’s clear in the East African Community regulations that established the East African Court that if a petition is filed in Court concerning a certain matter in a local Court, it has to stay until the decision of the regional Court is made.

    He added that if Bobi Wine’s application for withdrawal is heard before his application, the matter will turn academic.

    However, through a letter, Supreme Court Deputy Registrar Harriet Ssali Nalukwago informed Mabirizi that they have received his application and Court will consider it at the appropriate date which will be communicated to him.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Update: Internal Affairs Min. Jeje Odong Presents Questionable List Of Abducted Ugandans To Parliament…



    Internal Affairs Minister Gen. Jeje Odong

    The Internal Affairs Minister Gen. Jeje Odong has left parliamentarians asking many unanswered questions today after he presented a list of 177 persons he said are in detention, although he did not read out a single name from the list.

    Gen.  Odong appeared before parliament  that was presided over by Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, to present a list of Ugandans who were abducted by security forces, as was directed by the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga last week.

    However,  what shocked many legislators who were in the august House was that much as the Minister said he had gone to present a list of  the said abducted Ugandans, he did not read out any name or share the list with the MPs, although he confirmed that at least 177 people are in custody.

    “Today I’m presenting to you a list of 177 people who were arrested. The list indicates the name of the person who was arrested, where they were arrested from, why they were arrested, the date they were arrested and the case management history, indicating where the person is now,” Minister Odong told parliament.

    He added that; “Right Honourable Speaker therefore, I have the honour to lay on table the said list. Some of them were arrested for engaging in riots and others for holding meetings with an aim of staging protests.”

    He thereafter walked away from the floor of Parliament, leaving several MPs wondering what kind of list that was, that he did not share with them.

    Kiira Municipality MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda tasked the Minister to read out the names but he refused.

    “Honourable Jeje should read for us those names one by one such that we know the reason of arrest and where they are,” Nganda said.

    He added that; “I’m afraid Parliament is being used as  clearing agent. Let him read one by one as I compare with the list I have.”

    However, Minister Odong was not in position to fulfil Nganda’s request since he had already walked away from the floor of Parliament.

    It should be noted that during his national address last month, President Yoweri Museveni tasked all security agencies that had abducted Ugandans to release a list of people they have in detention.

    Following the presidential directive, the army and police played ping-pong when it came to releasing the list of abducted Ugandans, whereby both security organs claimed they did not have the list and blamed each other for delaying to release it.

    However, although the Minister said security forces have 177 people in custody, according to National Unity Platform (NUP) principal Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, over 243 of their supporters have since been abducted and their whereabouts are unknown.

    But here below is a PDF of the list that the Minister tabled before parliament;


    However, it should be noted that although the minister released a list of 177 people, adding up the figures he gave in his statement indicates that the people in detention are 2016.

    By Grapevine Reporter


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