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DPP Abodo Defends Her Appointment In EA Court, Public Service Commission Admits They Acted On M7’s Instructions To Give Her The Job…



Justice Abodo

Officials from the Public Service Commission, the government organ which is responsible for recruiting public employees have told court that they acted on the instructions of President Yoweri Museveni to invite High Court Criminal Division judge Jane Frances Abodo to take over the position of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).

In his affidavit,  in support of Abodo’s appointment, Frank Musingwiire, an officer at the Public Service Commission revealed that when they received a notification from the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs that there was a vacancy in the DDP’s office that needed to be occupied, he decisively took immediately actions.

He saidd that because of the sensitivity of the DPP’s office, they decided to first consult the appointing authority who is also the President on which person he thought was right to take over the office.

“That I know that due to the sensitivity and importance of the position of the DPP, the Public Service Commission prompted HE the President to provide an opinion regarding filling the position of the DPP which he did,” Musingwiire said.

He added that the president recommended Lady Justice Abodo and the Public Service Commission went ahead and assessed the suitability of her being in that office.

He admitted that it’s true the vacancy at the office of the DPP was not advertised because of the sensitivity of the office and the fact that there were concerns from stakeholders regarding case backlog in the office of the DPP which required urgent attention whereupon advertising the post would have lengthened the process.

He revealed that the procedure for filling a vacancy in public service of Uganda is covered under Regulation No 17 (3) of the Public Service Commission regulations 2019 which also provides that the Public Service Commission can use other methods rather than advertisement to fill up a vacant position.

He said that justice Abodo went through all the normal recruitment and selection processes including taking an oral interview at the Public Service Commission on 12th March 2020.

He insisted in his affidavit that after careful consideration, members sitting on the Public Service Commission committee found her suitable for the appointment and resolved to recommend to the appointing authority that Abodo be given the job something the president also accepted.

He insisted that Public Service Commission acted legally and neither infringed the laws of the country nor the provisions of the establishment of the East African treaty. In his defense, Abodo also swore an affidavit admitting that before being appointed to the office of the DPP, she was serving as the justice of the High Court criminal division where she exercised all her functions and duties.

She said that the President has powers to appoint any person suitable for the office of the DPP acting on the advice of the Public Service Commission and approved by Parliament.

She insisted that there is no provision in the constitution which blocks the president from appointing a judicial officer in the office of the DPP.

She added that she was invited by the Public Service Commission for the post of the DPP, interviewed, later nominated by the president and vetted by Parliament.

She revealed that upon taking over the duties of the DPP, she was granted a special leave of absence from duty from the Judicial Service Commission by the Public Service Commission.

She said that immediately after being granted special leave, she ceased performing the duties of a judicial officer. She said that her appointment never undermined or interfered with the independence of the judiciary.

She added that being appointed the DPP did not mean that she had become a member of the Executive branch of government as alleged by the petitioner.

She insisted that since she was appointed, she has exercised her duties independently without following any directives from any person including the president as the petitioner claims.

On the issue of why she didn’t resign from the judiciary before occupying the office of the DPP, she noted that it was because there is no legal requirement for a judge of the high court to resign when appointed in the office of the DPP.

She insisted that her appointment was legal and didn’t violate any laws of the establishment of the East African treaty.

Lawyers ran to the East African courts of Justice challenging the appointment of Abodo to the office of the DPP.

They challenged the manner in which Parliament vetted and approved her in camera.

They also insisted that it was illegal for parliamentary committee on appointments to approve Abodo without tabling her appointment on the floor during plenary.

They concluded that whatever done was illegal and should be overturned by the regional court with costs.


By Sengooba Alirabaki



M7 Demonstrates He Is Still Fit To Run Uganda, Increases Push-ups From 30 To 40….



President Yoweri Museveni has released another video exhibiting his physical abilities in a 40 push up challenge.

Leading by example, Museveni initiated the challenge as a means to facilitate the ‘Stay home, Stay safe’ campaign which encourages Ugandans to observe the Standard Operating Procedures as a way of combating the COVID19.

“Just like I have always advised, even at your own home, you can stay safe, and remain fit and healthy,” Museveni stated.

From releasing a hip hop rap song, to trotting all the way to the podium at his addresses, Museveni is so peculiar with pulling off humorously controversial stunts. This is the second video of that sort, having released another of the same kind earlier on this year in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Similar to the first, in the video, the head of state is caught on camera running around his office barefoot in a sleeveless shirt and trainer pants. The only difference is this time round, the pushups were a bit proper than the in the first attempt.

The incumbent president capitalised the moment to remind Ugandans how fit he is to run in the next election.

“After work last night, I challenged my Bazukulu (grandchildren) to an indoor work-out. We did Forty Push-ups,” Museveni said on his official social media platforms.

After work last night, I challenged my Bazukulu to an indoor work-out. We did Forty Push-ups.

Just like I have always advised, even at your own home, you can stay safe, and remain fit and healthy.

Posted by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

By Baron Kironde


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Former MP Kipoi Losses Constitution Petition In Treason Case After His Lawyer Failed To Renew Practicing License…



Embattled former Bubulo West Member of Parliament (MP) Tonny Kipoi has lost his constitution petition in the constitutional court after his lawyer failed to renew his practicing license.

Kipoi through his lawyer Rtd. Maj. Ronald Iduli challenged section 119 of the UPDF Act which allows the court martial to charge any civilian found in possession of firearms.

In his petition, Kipoi claimed that the said article undermined the independence of judiciary especially the criminal system.

However, when the matter came up for hearing, Jeffrey Atwiine, the principle state Attorney who was representing the state first applied for extension of time to file his defense which Iduli accepted.

Iduli also applied for an adjournment to respond to the defense of state which the panel of five justices of the constitutional court led by Justice Kenneth Kakuru objected to.

Immediately, Kakuru insisted that counsel Iduli was operating illegally since he did not have instructions to represent Kipoi.

In defense, the soft spoken lawyer from Busoga, insisted that he had instructions to represent his client and that he frequently talked to him.

Justice Kakuru seemed not to be convinced with Iduli’s explanation; he told him that his client was released from prison after agreeing with the state to be given amnesty.

Iduli asserted that even though his client was given amnesty, the charges against him are still pending in the Court Martial and he was is still on bail.

Justice Steven Musota raised another matter of Iduli’s practicing license and tasked him to produce it. Iduli laboured to convince the justices that the law council had not yet renewed their practicing licenses because of the COVID19 pandemic, he even showed court evidence that he had applied for the renewal of his practicing license.

Justice Musota tasked Iduli to tell court how long he has been in practice to which he replied eight years.

It should be remembered that Iduli was a defense counsel in the military court martial before being forcefully retired from the force.

The justices adjourned the matter for twenty minutes and when they come back, they dismissed it on grounds that the lawyer who represented the petitioner didn’t have a practicing license.

A bitter Iduli insisted that he is going to appeal at the Supreme Court because it was an error for justices to dismiss his client’s matter without giving him an opportunity to look for another advocate who has a practicing license to represent him as indicated in section 15(a) of the Advocates Act.

It should be remembered that Kipoi was arrested from Botswana and he was extradited to Uganda on charges of treason after being found in possession of firearms.

State alleges that while in Botswana, Kipoi tried to solicit for funds and firearms to wage a war on President Yoweri Museveni with a mission of overthrowing him.

He was charged in the military court martial but later released on bail.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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SHOCKING: How Power Struggles At Coffee Dev’t Authority Are Spelling Doom For Millions Of Coffee Farmers And Exporters In Uganda…



UCDA officials Perez Bukumunhe (L), Emmanuel Iyamulemye (R), Edmund Kananura (top middle) and Andrew Lajul Kilama (bottom middle)

As the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) board prepares to reinstate Kilama, information has emerged showing that his removal is just a tip of the iceberg of the intrigue at the Authority which spells bad news for millions of coffee farmers and exporters in Uganda.

During their board meeting sometime back, the directors of UCDA voted to renew the contract of director quality assurance Kyerere Kananura Edmund because his performance was very good.

The same meeting chaired by board chairman Perez Bukumunhe blocked the contract for board secretary and director corporate services by the names of Andrew Lajul Kilama. This happened because the UCDA MD Dr. Emmanuel Iyamulemye Niyibigira had recommended termination for Kilama and renewal for Kyerere Kananura for another five years.

UCDA board minutes signed by John Nuwagaba show that Kilama’s contract couldn’t be renewed because a private HR consultant called Coach Peter Kimbowa had assessed his performance and advised it was not good. In the end, Kilama was chased from UCDA forcing him to go to court to challenge his removal from the job. His case number was 270 of 2019 and at the end of it all, Judge Moses Sekana decided the case in favor of Kilama and directed UCDA to give him back his job and pay him costs for the time he lost.


As the UCDA board prepares to reinstate Kilama, information has emerged to show that his removal is just a tip of the iceberg because there is a lot of intrigue at UCDA which is very bad news for millions of coffee farmers and exporters in Uganda.

The MD Iyamulemye is accused of fighting Kilama for all these years because they both competed for the MD job which went to Iyamulemye. In one of his petitions to the board, Kilama pointed out that Iyamulemye has always been fighting him and that he even caused UCDA’s organizational job structure to be changed for his post to change from director finance and administration to something less powerful.

He says the MD made him Director corporate services and the power to control procurement was taken away from him. He adds that when time came for staff performance appraisal forms to be filled to prepare for new contracts, the MD subjected him to a different appraisal method different from other employees and the aim was to fail him.

He says Iyamulemye doesn’t want him in the organization because he fears he will once again compete for the MD post like he did last time. Kilama had many times presented his performance appraisal forms for assessment but the MD would allegedly sit on them and make sure time runs out and he fails to save his job of board secretary and director corporate affairs. Iyamulemye later accused Kilama of refusing to sign his part on the performance appraisal forms yet in actual sense it’s the MD who kept absenting himself saying he is very busy with other office work.


As such there are lots of political fights inside UCDA because staff are split into two camps one supporting Iyamulemye and another for Kilama who court says must get back his job because there was wrongful dismissal. But the fight hasn’t been very easy for Kilama because Iyamulemye is very connected to powerful offices. Some days ago, media reports showed that many UCDA bosses had left the company because they don’t like to work with Iyamulemye who is a very tough boss.

The senior staff members who have left UCDA because of the bad working environment have been many e.g. Admin manager Micheal Mugenyi, Strategy & Business development director Norman Mutekanga, Bradford Ochieng who is these days the deputy ED for Uganda Tourism Board.

Samson Omwa was director business strategy but he also quit when things became too hot. Samson Akankiza who is now the Deputy MD for Diary devt authority was also working with UCDA as project manager but he left because he realized Iyamulemye wasn’t comfortable with him in the company.


By Grapevine Reporters



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