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Drunk Chameleon Beats Up Journalist Seguya At Kusasira Introduction: No More Divorce – Kusasira Swears



Catherine Kusasira with hubby Seruga

Bummy singer Catherine kusasira has introduced her childhood sweetheart and fellow musician Fred Seruga today at Lwogi in Kikyusa in Kasana Luwero District.

The event took place at the home of late Karapyo Kakumba Wilberforce, which is Catherine Kusasira’s parent’s court yard.

The event was graced by Musicians, Comedians and politicians. Among them included Ronald Mayinja, minister of state for works Gen. Katumba Wamala, Rema, Hon Bobi Wine, Minister Ronald Kibuule, Haruna Mubiru, Jose Chameleon among others.

During her speech, Kusasira promised never to divorce Seruga, who had helped groom her music career in Eagles production. It should be remembered that in 2013, Kusasira left Seruga and played away matches with tycoon Rodgers Ssemwogerere.



Like the Baganda say that ‘ku mbaga tekubulako musiwuufu wa mpisa’ (at every good event, there is always that ill-mannered person in attendance), Musician Jose Chameleone (who looked drunk) decided to settle his score with Bukedde journalist Josephat Seguya at Kusasira’s wedding. Chameleon attacked Seguya for writing bad stories about his kids.

Chameleone first grabbed the microphone from musician Haruna Mubiru and after started acting funny and singing.

After, he held Seguya by the neck quizzing him on why he wrote bad stories about his kids driving his car yet they were under age.

Chaos erupted and security had to come in and save Seguya from Chameleone’s punches. Chameleon threw notes of money into the rowdy crowd and took off.

Kusasira with musician Rema and Bukedde’s Flavia Namulindwa

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine with musician Hilderman

Kamapala Central woman MP Nabilah Naggayi (in blue gomesi)

Minister of state for works Gen. Katumba Wamala




Drama As Divorced Wife To Traffic Police Boss Musinga Storms Church To Stop His Wedding To Wife No. 2…



Musinga with his new wife Ankunda

On Saturday, there was drama at All Saints’ Cathedral, Kampala when the divorced wife to the commander of Kampala Metropolitan traffic police SSP Norman Musinga stormed church to stop his wedding to wife number two.

It was about 8am when Esther Kyinkuhaire, wife number one to Musinga, accompanied by her sisters, drove their posh land cruiser vehicles to church and straight away moved to Bishop James Abola’s office to stop Musinga’s wedding.

“They entered into Bishop’s office claiming that they had a letter from their lawyers of Ojok and Company Advocates caveating Musinga from getting wedded or receiving wedding blessings from church claiming that he is still legally married to Kyinkuhaire,” one of the eye witness told theGrapevine.

The ladies were welcomed in the Bishop’s office and immediately Musinga was called in the office since he was already at the church.

Sources who attended the meeting revealed that when Musinga entered the office, he started exchanging words with Kyinkuhaire, they each abused each other for over ten minutes in front of the man of God and other top religious leaders who were invited by Musinga.

In his defense, Musinga told the Bishop that his marriage to Kyinkuhaire was dissolved in 2019 and she didn’t appeal against the decision of the magistrate’s Court.

He gave the Bishop a letter from his lawyers of Kampala Associated Advocates (KAA) and accused Kyinkuhaire of wasting his time.

Musinga insisted that the reason why he went to church was to receive blessings from church not to be weeded because he was already officially wedded by the registrar of marriages, to his new wife Ankunda.

Sources who attended the meeting told us that when Musinga mentioned Akunda’s name during the meeting, Kyinkuhaire shouted out on top of her voice which forced Musinga to call security from Central Kampala Station (CPS) to restore peace.

When police arrived, Kyinkuhaire was immediately arrested together with her sisters and taken to CPS where they were detained for hours until prayers were done.

They were rescued by their lawyers led by Rtd. Major Ronald Iduli and suspects were not charged.

Upon her release Kyinkuhaire claimed that while having an argument with Musinga in the Bishop’s office, he seriously kicked her in a dangourous spot, she threatened to institute charges against him.

Musinga divorced Kyinkuhaire after accusing her of practicing witchcraft.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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Pastor Yiga’s Girlfriend Kayima, Sister Grilled Over Shs.5bn Scum As Fresh Criminal Summons Are Issued Against Singer Kusasira…



L-R: Benna Namisinga, Maggie Kayima and Catherine Kusasira

Maggie Kayima, the former girlfriend to fallen Kawala Revival Church senior pastor late Augustine Yiga commonly known as Abizaayo and her sister Bennah Namisinga have been grilled over Shs.5bn scum.

The two sisters were grilled by detectives attached to State House Anti Corruption Unit commanded by Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema on their involvement in the Shs.5bn scum where top government officials, State House staff, city pastors and singers were implicated.

According to Mariam Natasha, the spokesperson of State House Anti Corruption Unity, the two sisters were arrested in the same vehicle at Mutukula Uganda-Tanzania border with controversial Bombo Revival Church senior pastor Siraje Ssemanda who is the main suspect in the scum, trying to escape out of the country.

Natasha revealed that after over five hours of grilling, the suspects were released on bond.

She further disclosed that their detectives have issued fresh criminal summons against celebrated singer Catherine Kusasira who skipped her bond.

“She did not give us reasons for nonappearance but our investigators have issued fresh criminal summons against her,” Natasha said.

In the same development, Lt. Col. Nakalema rubbished claims that city pastor Flankline Mugisha Mondo, one of the suspects in the scum, is being witch haunted because he prayed for National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine at the burial of pastor Yiga.

Lt. Col. Nakalema said that no suspect is being witch hunted, her team is investigating fraud with instructions from president Museveni.

Detectives told this website that Mondo is expected to appear before them today for further interrogation over his involvement in the fraud.

Others under investigation include president Museveni’s senior advisor Hillary Musoke commonly known as Kisanja.

They were accused of fraudulently obtaining Shs.5bn from different religious leaders promising them jobs, scholarships and travels to Israel and South Africa respectively.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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M7 Chief Campaigners Fight Over Bread – Balaam, Bebe Cool, And Ashburg Katto have Formed Rival Cliques Within The NRM…



L-R: Ashburg Kato, Balaam Barugahara and Bebe Cool

As the 2021 general elections draw closer, pressure is visibly mounting amongst the various parties, mostly for the presidential position.

Within the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), there’s a silent but very intense battle raging on.

Museveni’s chief ground campaigners have initiated petty infighting over non clear issues, but highly attributed to uneven distribution of monetary resources, and craving for attention from the chief general himself.

Singers, Bebe Cool, Big Eye and Catherine Kusasira have their own clique, these have taken to the upcountry regions to convince people on why they should vote Tibuhaburwa as the president. theGrapevine clearly understands that Bebe Cool’s camp was initially installed to counter National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine’s huge crowds, to prove that Museveni’s NRM can also attract huge crowds.

However, due to public outcry after Bobi Wine’s arrest, the strategy was disbanded. They are now famously doing their boss’ job by moving house to house distributing yellow masks and T-shirts, as they ask the voters to vote for the incumbent president.

Museveni’s social media warmonger, Ashburg Katto also seems to be commanding his own troop comprising of motormouthed Wisdom Kaye, talkative Kafeero Innocent alias Dr. T Amale, and blogger Isma Olaxess. Ashburg Katto has initiated a program where he has printed Yellow-shirts and inscribed messages of Peace and reconciliation. This group is clearly a strategy to counter Bobi Wine’s huge presence on social media. Ashburg however, has gone as far as provocatively stating that his Museveni T-shirts are more expensive than Bebe Cool’s. This clearly looks like a desperate move to prove more allegiance to their boss.

There is also a camp for events promoter and self styled NRM fisherman, Balaam Barugahara who has taken upon himself the responsibility of recruiting new supporters into the party, alongside top executive officials like the Presidential Press Secretary, Don Wanyama and SG Kasule Lumumba among other top officials in the NRM party.

It’s not clear to ascertain which side Full Figure falls. The motormouthed singer cum presidential advisor, real names Jennifer Nakanguubi is all over the place most of the times, attacking any and everyone there’s to attack. She has however gone quite silent since she was bounced by security from attending Museveni’s manifesto launch shortly after his nomination earlier on this month citing no invitation to the occassion.

Unlike all the others, only Balaam has been so physically seen close to the president since the campaigns officially kicked off.

In a related development, Don Wanyama and Balaam have also lately rebutted claims that the events promoter was together with Parliamentary backbench commissioner, who is also Bukooli Central MP Solomon Silwany thrown out of the State Lodge in Soroti by President Museveni’s Special Forces Command (SFC) guards earlier in the week.

Mr. Barugahara, in a Facebook post described the reported events of him being barred from seeing the President as untrue, saying that he understood the procedure of meeting the No.1 citizen and cannot simply show up without clearance of the Principal Private Secretary.

“Its not true at all. I spent my day in Kumi mobilising for President Museveni. I even attended the last meeting of our Party Chairman,” Mr. Barugahara wrote.

The position was also confirmed by Presidential Press Secretary Don Wanyama, who said Mr. Barugahara was never bounced as earlier reported.

“Claims that Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi was kicked out of Soroti State lodge are false. Treat them as such. The immunised mutabani is busy in Eastern Uganda combing every nook and crevice for votes for Mzee wa Kazi YK Museveni,” Don Wanyama tweeted.

State lodges are used by the President as residential places whenever he visits the countryside and they are manned by SFC, an elite unit responsible for the security of the President of Uganda and other special operations.

Both State House and Balaam have disputed the reports, after reports had earlier on indicated that MP Silwany was moving in his official Parliamentary car Reg No. UG 0344H along Balaam who is the Managing Director of Balaam Marketing and Promotions Agency in Uganda.


By Baron Kironde


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