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    EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Bujjingo/Makula Kukyala, Here Are Some Of The Never Before Seen Shots You Missed…



    It was joy unspeakable on 26th, November, 2021 when Pastor Aloysius Bujjingo of House of Prayer Ministries International was introduced by his new lover Suzan Makula, who co-presents ‘The Junction’ on Salt TV.

    Before the function, Bujjingo reached out to his friends in the security who deployed heavily to avoid chaos at his function.

    The security included heavily armed officers from Special Forces Command (SFC) and police Counter Terrorism.

    Pr. Bujjingo was introduced to the home of late George William Kibuuka Sserunjogi and Mrs. Imelda Kisembo Sserunjogi who happen to be parents to Suzan Makula in Kyebando Central, Kawempe Division.

    Bujjingo’s was accompanied by his two sister Basemera Grace and Jane Bujjingo plus a few of his friends he personally handpicked.

    He thanked Makula’s family for giving him their daughter and gifted them with a young calf.

    Makula’s family asked for dowry of six cows in exchange of their daughter which Bujjingo agreed and pledged pay during the official introduction.

    Bujjingo was given a stick (nkoni) from Makula’s family as a sign that he has become part of the family and that he is now in charge of protecting their daughter and the family they will have together as a couple.

    Bujjingo and the few family members and friends that escorted him were later taken to the house where Makula grew up for a meal.

    Even though traditionally ‘Kukyala’ is a low-key function with a small budget, this one was out of the ordinary.

    Some of the relatives and friends that accompanied Pr. Bujjingo


    The function had a generator which was used the whole day to avoid loadshedding thus consuming around five million shillings for the whole day.

    Fenon company was in charge of public address and the music, they also took around five million shillings.

    Dynamic photography covered the photography and videography at a cost of six million shillings.

    The tents that housed the event were from Photogenix company and consumed three million shillings while decoration took 15 million shillings.

    Sources revealed that Makula spent around 1.5 million on makeup because the makeup artist had to spend the whole day at the venue.

    Her Gomesi was worth 14million shillings while Bujjingo’s full wear was in the region of 12million shillings.

    Below are some of the never before seen pictures from the Kukyala.

    Bujjingo’s sisters giving a gift to Makula’s mother

    Some of Suzan Makula’s relatives who attended the Kukyala

    Bujjingo and one of his sisters enjoying food at Makula’s home

    Suzan Makula’s mum Imelda Kisembo

    Suzan Makula’s sisters great the guests

    By Hope Kalamira and

    Photos by Sengooba Alirabaki



    High Court Issues Habeas Corpus Order To Security Forces To Release Novelist Kakwenza…



    High Court Civil Division in Kampala has today ordered for the unconditional release of Novelist Kakwenza Rukirabashaija.

    High Court civil division judge Musa Ssekaana ordered the respondents to produce Kakwenza dead or alive.

    “It is hereby ordered that a writ of habeas corpus ad subjiciendum directed to Brig. Gen. Peter Candia (Commander SFC), Grace Akullo (Director Criminal Investigations), Martin Okoth Ochola (IGP) and Attorney General Of Uganda to have the body of Kakwenza Rukira-Bashaija produced before the High Court at Kampala on the 12th day of January, 2022 at 10.00 O’clock,” Ssekaana said.

    This follows the continued detention of novelist despite having sought for unconditional release by Makindye Magistrate’s court last week.

    Kakwenza’s wife Eva Basiima dragged SFC Commander Brigadier General Peter Candia, the Director of Criminal Investigations Directorate Grace Akullo, the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola and the Attorney General to court.

    Eva Basiima also told court that when her husband was brought home for a search, he looked tortured, weak and was limping wearing a blood-stained vest and underwear.

    Having been frustrated about her husband’s condition, Basiima noted that her husband has not been freely granted chance to interact with his lawyers and personal doctors amidst his worrying condition.


    By Hope Kalamira


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    Besigye’s Wife Byanyima Defends Their Son’s girly Lifestyle…



    The Executive Director UNAIDS, Winnie Byanyima has defended her son Anslem Besigye’s lifestyle.

    Byanyima, who is the wife to four time presidential candidate, Dr. Kiiza Besigye lashed out at those who feel bothered with her son’s lifestyle.

    In a tweet, Byanyima defended her son claiming that as a mother, she finds her son’s lifestyle ‘gorgeous’.

    “Some Ugandans don’t like Anslem Besigye’s long dreadlocks and hate his clothes. I think he is gorgeous! I am his mum,” she said.

    Byanyima’s tweet however raised a number of mixed reactions from social media with some Ugandans slamming her that what Anslem is doing is culturally inappropriate.

    A one Kikonyogo Patrick reminded Byanyima that she assembles with men not because she dresses in men’s trousers, puts on their shirts or even tries to be masculine, but because of her intellect, leadership and female dignity.

    “Her son is doing otherwise trying to be woman in appearance, looks, dressings, so sad,” he said.

    Byanyima replied, “I wear trousers and shirts, keep my hair short, enjoy a pint in a pub, bike, get angry and express it, look men in the eyes and tell them my truth, how does that sound? masculine? Feminine, masculine, and everything else we are human beings and that’s what gives us dignity.”

    Muhirwa David tweeted,” I know deep in your heart you don’t like them but the fact (you are) his mother you have nothing to do,”

    Some people however loved Byanyima’s brevity.


    By Hope Kalamira


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    City Socialite Fabiola Calls Dad A Dog, An Idiot And Coward, Dad Vows; “You Will Look For Me Even When I’m Dead”….



    Mathias Mugisha, the father to socialite and model Anita Kyalimpa alias Fabiola has warned his unruly daughter.

    In an audio currently circulating on Social Media to her father, Fabiola is heard cursing and calling him names.

    “You dog, you stupid coward. You are so stupid,” Fabiola said.

    Fabiola, who recently married a one Frank Mubiru, blasted her father for beating up his own child to ICU.

    “You have beaten your child who is now in ICU. What’s wrong with you? You are so stupid,” she added.

    “I wish I could vomit you. How did you even give birth to me you dog? You are like trash.”

    As if calling her dad, a dog was not enough, she further described him as a stupid idiot and a coward.

    Grapevine has learnt that the relationship between Fabiola and her dad has for long been tense compared to the love she has for her mother.

    However, Mugisha insisted through his social media posts that his children will come back even if he is dead.

    “They will come back even if I am dead,” posted, adding that he can’t keep sleeping on rubbish all his life.

    Mugisha born 1969 happens to be a Ugandan photojournalist who held his first camera at the age of six.

    He was recognized for his exemplary photojournalism by the Foreign Correspondents Association of Uganda and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.


    By Hope Kalamira


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