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    EXCLUSIVE: Who Owns ‘Omalako Jajja Tova Ku Main’ Slogan? Gashumba In Fight With M7’s ONC Office Over Copyright Ownership Of Slogan…



    ONC's Hajjat Uzeiye Namyalo (top R) and businessman Frank Gashumba (bottom R)

    Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s MK Movement Vice Chairperson in charge of Buganda Frank Gashumba is in a bitter fight with President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s Special Presidential Assistant in charge of the Office of the NRM National Chairperson Hajjat Hadijah Uzeiye Namyalo over Copyright ownership of ‘Omalako  Jajja Tova Ku Main Sigala ku Ballot’ political slogan.

    Gen Muhoozi, the senior presidential advisor in charge of special operations and also the first son, appointed Gashumba to be part of the leadership of his MK movement, a political pressure group which is mobilizing for political support for him to replace his father as the next president of Uganda.

    On the other hand, Namyalo is also mobilizing support for president Museveni to stand for presidency in 2026 and beyond through their political slogan ‘Omalako Jajja Tova Ku Main’.

    In her application through her lawyers of K&K Advocates, Namyalo objected to an application filed by Gashumba to Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB) seeking to secure copyright for ‘Omalako Jajja Tova Ku Main’ slogan.

    She claims that she is the rightful originator and creator of the said slogan which she launched on 19th October 2022 at her office at Kyambogo a Kampala suburb.

    She refutes Gashumba’s application which stated that the contested work was birthed on 5th November, 2022 and she boasts that she has evidence of widespread use and public exposure of the slogan through various media outlets including social media.

    She accuses Gashumba of trying to infringe on her intellectual property rights that were created in the course of her work as the head of the Office of the National Chairperson (ONC) of the NRM party.

    Namyalo further explains that she developed the contested slogan together with other NRM youths based on their own creativity and ingenuity and they hold the exclusive rights of the slogan.

    She explains that allowing Gashumba’s application is going to cause confusion among the public regarding the true originator of the slogan and Gashumba cannot register the name and images of president Museveni without his consent.

    She adds that it is unfair for Gashumba to register a slogan in which she invested a lot of her time, efforts and resources.

    She says that the applicant is filing the application in bad faith with the intentions of unfairly exploiting and infringe her rights.

    “Based on the aforementioned grounds, I request that this office rejects the registration of Application No; UG/C/2023/89 for the Copyright of the work titled “Omalako Jajja Tova Ku Main Sigala ku Ballot; Jajja We Command You To Stand Again in 2026 and Beyond; Bazzukulu ba Museveni”. I am prepared to provide additional evidence, such as dated materials, media coverage, witnesses statements, or any other supporting documentations to further substantiate my claim of originality and prior use,” she argues.

    “I trust that your Office will thoroughly examine the evidence and arguments presented and make a fair and just decision in accordance with the applicable copyright laws and regulations,” her objection letter to URSB reads in part.

    When contacted, Gashumba told theGrapevine that he is the rightful owner of all the art materials including t-shirts, cups, branding materials, bill boards used by the Office of the NRM National Chairperson because he created them himself.

    He explains that when Namyalo was appointed to head ONC, she called him seeking an appointment which he accepted and they met at Speke Hotel Kampala.

    During their meeting, she asked him to compose for her a slogan which will attract youth to support Museveni’s move to stand for presidency in 2026.

    Gashumba narrates that the contested slogan was created by himself and his brother and the move to ask Museveni to stand for 2026 was not initiated by Namyalo but Ibrahim Kitatta, the Lwengo district chairperson.

    “I came in as a brand specialist because they were ignorant about branding and how to choose attractive words. The day they launched the campaign, I was there at Namyalo’s office and I was in charge of branding and media,” Gasumba says.

    He adds that his problem with Namyalo started when she decided to give away his business of branding to other people.

    When he asked her why she is sidelining him, she told him that the president ordered her to share the said business with other NRM supporters.

    Namyalo later even went a step further to fire him.

    Gashumba recounts that he reported her to Al-Haji Moses Kigongo, the NRM National Vice Chairperson and Capt. Mike Mukula, the NRM chairperson in charge of Eastern Uganda seeking for mediation but they all told him that Namyalo was so arrogant.

    They further told him that she told them that the only person she can listen to when it comes to her office is the appointing authority the president.

    That is when he also decided to run to URSB to register the copyright.

    Gashumba claims that Namyalo took business away from him because he decided to support Gen. Muhoozi thinking that he is competing with his father which is not true.

    He further boasts that he is also the owner of the Standby Generator and he is ready to fight to the last drop of his blood to restore his business because he is also a Ugandan.

    “The President gave her Shs400m to purchase 40,000 t-shirts and out of that number she gave me only 3000. I have a number of witnesses who are ready to testify on my side because I have spent over Shs1bn on that project,” he says.

    “You have all the cows, why then do you want to fight me and take away my rabbit.  I just hope that one day while she is sleeping in her bed she rethinks her decision and ponders why she took away my business yet I did not commit any crime,” a furious Gashumba says.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    State House Exclusive: What M7 Told Buganda Kingdom Clan Heads Concerning Kabaka Mutebi’s Sickness…



    Buganda King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi

    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Saturday met a section of Buganda Kingdom clan heads and discussed a number of issues with them including Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s sickness.

    Exclusively speaking to theGrapevine, Omutaka Woyo the clan head of Amazzi g’ekisasi confirmed that in the meeting, the President guided them on how to approach the issues which they discussed.

    Owekitiibwa Joyce Nabbosa Ssebugwawo led the delegation and one of the clan heads said that Kabaka’s sickness was on top of the agenda and it took a big part of the discussion after the clan heads asked Museveni whether he knew the whereabouts of Kabaka Mutebi.

    “Your excellency, being the head of the country and Commander in Chief of the armed forces, we know very well that you know exactly where your young brother Kabaka Mutebi is. We were told that Kabaka is in Namibia resting but now we are getting information that Kabaka is receiving medication in one of his palaces inside the country,” one of the clan heads told Museveni.

    In response, Museveni informed the delegation that recently, one of his people told him that people on social media were demanding to see Kabaka and that’s when he got to know that Kabaka was sick.

    He added that because the issue at hand was not threatening his government or sabotaging the country’s economy, he left it to people at the Mengo administration and since then, he has not been following it.

    Sources said that clan heads told the president that they passed a resolution in their council to travel to Namibia and physically meet the Kabaka so that they come back with firsthand information and brief their grandchildren.

    He added that clan heads pleaded with the president to help them with transport and accommodation in Namibia which the big man accepted. He assigned one of his assistants to follow up with their issue of traveling to Namibia.

    However, theGrapevine has established that the Kingdom cabinet chaired by Premier Charles Peter Mayiga has not yet discussed whether to allow them to go or not.

    Omutaka Augustine Kizito Mutumba the Kkobe clan head and also speaker of the Kingdom clan heads council confirmed that they passed a resolution to send three clan heads to Namibia including himself to check on Kabaka Mutebi.

    He added that the process of mobilizing funds had started and every clan was directed to mobilize one million shillings to facilitate their grandfather’s travel to Namibia to see the King.

    Buganda Kingdom has 52 clans and in one month, clan heads need Shs52m from each clan but the Royal clan has protested the move insisting that Mengo administration should facilitate the travel because they are collecting billions of shillings from Kingdom properties especially from land.

    Even though the clan heads are determined to travel to Namibia, there are ongoing social media reports that the process of transferring Kabaka to another African country has started and it is being done to protect his privacy.

    If stopped from traveling abroad to see the King, the Clan heads will join professor Badru Kateregga a representative in the Kingdom parliament whose prayers to allow those with money to go and see Kabaka in the hospital were rejected by Mayiga.

    While seeking for permission, Kateregga explained that if the King sees his people from Buganda, especially those he always stays with, would help him to recover very first.

    He also added that they can even give him the known local medicine collected from Buganda bushes to be added on the medication he is receiving.

    While pouring cold water on his prayers, Mayiga told Kateregga that they will see the King at the right time once they get proper authorisation from his medical doctors for him to appear in public.

    Former Buganda Kingdom premier Joseph Ssemogerere reported to Baganda that their King was recovering.

    He further revealed that he talked to him via zoom and he assured him that he was following whatever was going on in his kingdom. He even promised to comment on everything at the right time.

    Since 2019, Kabaka has been in and out of the hospital locally and internationally and initially Mayiga told Baganda that their Kabaka was suffering from an allergy.

    Sources further said that Museveni and clan heads also discussed the issue of land eviction in Buganda. They told the President that his government officials are fueling the land grabbing and bibanja owners are the most affected persons.

    They also discusses how they are going to develop the piece of land he bought for them and he promised to help them construct a commercial building like they had planned.

    Sources said that the President also promise to put Shs200m in their SACCO which will help them to fight poverty and advised them to encourage their grandchildren to utilize the government projects like Parish Development Model and Emyooga to fight poverty.

    When contacted, Owekitiibwa Israel Kitooke Kazibwe the Kingdom spokesperson and also the minister in charge of mobilization confirmed that the Kingdom is not aware of the meeting because clan heads were expected on Saturday to be at Wankulukuku stadium attending the Buganda Kingdom clans football tournament finals not in State House.

    “May be I will give the elaborate statement after receiving their side of the story but what I can assure you, the Kingdom is not aware of the said meeting,” Kitooke said.

    Mutumba the speaker of the clan heads council also told theGrapevine that he was not aware of the meeting and he didn’t attend it.

    He however explained that the Kingdom clan council has no problem with their members meeting the President.

    “You know we don’t have offices, when our friends met the President and he accepted to build offices for us, we were very appreciative of the president and we shall support him in all his program to fight poverty in Buganda,” Mutumba said.

    In 2023, Mayiga was very bitter with clan heads for meeting Museveni without his permission or that of Kabaka and a resolution was passed by the Kingdom parliament condemning the meeting. The clan heads were even asked to apologise.

    Mayiga claimed that the meeting was aimed at dividing Buganda.

    The clan heads declined to apologise and a committee chaired by owekitiibwa David Mpanga the Kingdom Lands minister and also a celebrated commercial lawyer was established to mediate both parties.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Mayor Mulyanyama Takes His Fight Against Bobi Wine’s Brother Nyanzi For NUP Ticket To CBS Radio…



    Makindye Division Mayor Ali Kasirye Mulyanyama

    Fight within National Unity Platform (NUP) for Kampala City Lord Mayor ticket has deepened as maverick Makindye Division Mayor Ali Kasirye Mulyanyama declared war on Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu, the elder brother to Principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine).

    Both Nyanzi and Mulyanyama have declared interest to contest against the current Lord Mayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago and they are clandestinely mobilizing for internal party support.

    theGrapevine haa established that Mulyanyama has entered a deal with Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s CBS radio to popularise his political ambitions for Lord Mayor seat and he has already started using the platform to fight Nyanzi.

    Last week, he accused Nyanzi of using reckless statements which placed their boss Bobi Wine and their party in bad light.

    Mulyanyama was responding to the statement made by Nyanzi on the misunderstanding between NUP leadership and Masaka region journalists who accused Bobi Wine security of insulting them.

    Nyanzi told CBS radio that the said journalists are making these malicious allegations because they are working for Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba’s group to fight Bobi Wine .

    Nyanzi and other NUP leaders particularly accuse CBS radio’s Masaka city news reporter Tomusange Kayinja of masterminding the drive of attacking and giving false news against Bobi Wine which Mulyanyama rubbished.

    Mulyanyama asserted that CBS is a radio with professional journalists and presenters and they should not be dragged in petty internal party fights.

    He disclosed that he cannot look on as Nyanzi and other people use their positions in the party to fight Kabaka’s radio which has always given many opposition politicians the platform that has helped them win elections against President Museveni’s NRM party.

    It should be noted that there is ongoing bad blood between the Mengo administration led by Premier Charles Peter Mayiga and NUP leadership.

    The bitter verbal exchanges have come from both sides.

    However, insiders at CBS radio told theGrapevine that Mulyanyama wanted to use CBS as his political mobilization weapon to weaken Lukwago.

    Sources said that he is desperate, frustrated and confused after learning that there are ongoing talks spearheaded by Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakireke for Lukwago to join NUP and one of the conditions involves giving him the Lord Mayor ticket come 2026.

    Recently, Bobi Wine stopped Nyanzi from campaigning for the office of the Lord Mayor and even threatened to take disciplinary action against him.

    Nyanzi accused NUP Secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya of compromising Bobi Wine to humiliate him because he is also interested in the position.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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    Minister Kabanda Panics As Traders Plan To Front Ssekitto To Battle Her For Kampala Central MP Seat…



    KACITA'S Issa Ssekitto and Minister Minsa Kabanda

    Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA) spokesperson Issa Ssekitto has confirmed that come 2026, he is pondering contesting for the position of Kampala Central Division Member of Parliament as an independent.

    Ssekitto revealed that his decision was based on the number of requests he has received from desperate traders who think that the only way to fight bad policies and laws made against them is to have their own in the parliament to argue their case.

    It should be noted that when traders met President Museveni in May 2024 at Kololo independence ground, they warned legislators in parliament who have been passing laws against them that they are going to sponsor their own candidates against them come 2026.

    They claimed that the legislators and other leaders who they showered with votes in the previous elections have betrayed them and it is high time they take over the country’s leadership.

    Sources inside KACITA told theGrapevine that Nagenda Musoke their chairperson also plans to stand for a Member of Parliament in one of the constituents in Mukono district.

    John Kabanda also plans to stand as councilor representing Kampala Central Division on the Lord Mayor’s Council.

    The traders insist that Kampala city and Metropolitan senior minister Hajjat Minsa Kabanda has not helped them as a minister and accuse her of sidelining with their tormentors, especially the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

    Since 2023, Minister Kabanda has been conducting clandestine political mobilization to replace Muhammad Nsereko who declared that he is not going to contest in 2026.

    Because of Kabanda’s declaration, Bobi Wine’s elder brother Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu shifted his interest from contesting for Kampala Central MP Seat to Lord Mayor fearing that chances are high that Kabanda will defeat him.

    Traders want parliament to remove EFRIS and reduce taxes on commodities especially imported items.

    However, President Museveni assured them that his government will not accept their prayers because they are against the country’s development.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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