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    FEAR WOMEN! M7 Minister’s Marriage On Verge Of Collapse After Wife Was Recorded Discussing How He Bewitched Him Using Her Pubic and Nails To Curb His Sexual Apatite, Another NRM Top Boss Who Has 20 Women Put In Mix…



    Men in Kiruhura district and the entire Ankole Sub Region are panicking and pleading with their girls of the soil not to resort to witchcraft as medicine to tame their partners’ sexual appetite.

    The vice which can lead to sexually transmitted infections and diseases like cancer in men resulted from a phone audio recording where one of the girls of the soil who is married to a top junior minister in president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s government was discussing with her mother on how to execute the advice from the witch doctor to feed the minister with her pubic hair and nails.

    In the recording, the soft spoken young lady was heard briefing her mother in Runyankole language on her recent travel to Iganga in Busoga where she went to see the witch doctor who gave her medicine to work on his man who she branded as a womanizer.

    In the phone call, the woman revealed that her journey to Iganga kicked off early in the morning and she was driven in a posh car by a close relative who picked her at Lugongo, a long Kampala-Jinja road.

    “Mummy the journey was tiresome but it seems that man works because immediately when I entered his shrine, he explained to me all my personal details from my childhood and why I was before him,” the minister’s wife narrated as mother assured her of how powerful the witchdoctor is.

    She further revealed to mother how she paniced when the witch doctor directed her to remove all her clothes. She narrated that thought that he was going to rape her because they were only two in the shrine, but she accepted because she needed his services.

    The minister’s wife further narrated that dressed in backcloths, the witch doctor started checking in his old polythene bags.

    He removed some voodoo things and tied them in small clothes after mixing them with his saliva. He picked a razor blade and he started making small cutting on her body while smearing the voodoo mixer on the wounds ritualistically.

    Surprisingly, her private parts were not also spared.

    “I feel a lot of itching when the herbs mixed with the blood inside my body and he told me to be strong because we had just started the rituals. He also told me that the war is not easy because the man has also gagged himself spiritually,” she said.

    She further explained that he performed other rituals on her and gave her some herbs to swallow. After, she told her to give him Shs500 shillings so that he can buy a new razor blade.

    She narrated that because she did not have any money on her, she moved out of the shrine and picked the money from her relative who was seated in the car.

    Upon returning to the shrine, the witch doctor insisted that the money should be hers because the rituals he was performing were for her.

    She remained in the shrine naked, until the witch doctor come back, gave her a razor blade and directed her to cut her pubic hair and nails and after give them to him.

    As she was performing the rite (of cutting the pubs and nails), the witchdoctor moved out and came back to the shrine with burning charcoal. He asked her for the pubic hair and nails and started burning them together.

    After, he collected the ashes, put them in a cloth and directed her to put on her clothes. He them gave the ashes to her and directed her to make sure that she mixes them in the minister’s food and drinks before going to work and do the same thing when he comes back in the evening.

    “He is done, I’m telling you mummy,” she boasted on the phone.

    In 2021 the minister was introduced to his wife’s parents in Kiruhura but they later had a misunderstanding after she got information that he had other women with children including two who dragged him to police and court for neglecting them.

    He used his influence in government to strangle the cases but he learnt his lesson and he is now taking care of them.

    The Minister’s wife feels his marriage is threatened because of the many mistresses he has and he always travels with one of them whenever he travels abroad.

    The official wife and her mother were badly condemned on different WhatsApp groups for resorting to witchcraft yet their family is a known religious family in the area.

    The mother always prayed to God to help her daughter so that the rituals work which kept people were wondering why she didn’t advise her daughter to pray to God instead of going into witchcraft.

    However, the wife’s friend who is also a wife to a top officer in the ministry of defense, blasted them and praised the old woman for helping her daughter fight to save her marriage.

    She blasted one of the woman who is alleged to be a mistress to a top official at the NRM Secretariat who hired IT experts to hack and tap the minister’s wife’s phone and she is the one who is circulating the controversial audio conversation on different WhatsApp groups.

    “That mistress will pay for it I’m telling you. She was a mistress to the minister, he left her and moved in with another woman because she was playing him with that NRM top boss. She still wanted to play the minister with other UPDF Generals and wanted to fail my friend’s marriage. You people, everyone here has privacy and people are doing more deadly and dangerous things to protect their marriages so stop attacking her,” she said.

    She further revealed that the said mistresses also hacked into the phone of another top boss in NRM. She rallied her colleagues to gang up and deal seriously with her to save other people’s marriages.

    She also disclosed that the NRM top boss has over 27 girlfriends and 10 of them have kids yet the official wife resides in Makindye Division a Kampala suburb.

    theGrapevine has established that since the audio went viral, the minister is very confused and his relatives who objected to his marriage to the bewitching woman because she is not his tribes mate are advising him to divorce her.

    Others are comforting him that such things always happen in marriage and he should deal with it like a real man.

    The youthful minister according to sources is under pressure to take a strong decision which is likely to affect his political career because he married the Munyankole woman to be connected to members of the deep state from Ankole Sub Region.

    “I do not think he will leave the woman, she is very connected and he always uses her to score political goals including getting connections and deals from members of the first family,” a friend to a minister told theGrapevine.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    Queen Nagginda On Spot As Top M7 Adviser Questions Her Behaviour At A Time When Her Husband Kabaka Mutebi Needs Her Most…



    Queen Sylvia Nagginda Luswata with Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi

    Queen Sylvia Nagginda Luswata is on the spot after President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s Senior Presidential Advisor on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi questioned her relationship with Ronald Muwenda Mutebi the Kabaka of Buganda.

    Mirundi accuses Nagginda of abandoning Kabaka Mutebi at the time he needs her most.

    “Every married man knows that when he gets sick, he wants his wife to be close to him. But since Kabaka Mutebi got sick, I have never seen a photo of him with his wife comforting him. I’m sure her distance from the king is sending a message to Baganda,” Mirundi said.

    He added that if Nagginda as the official wife was performing her duty to take care of her husband as she vowed when they were officially getting married in church, Baganda would not be raising questions over his whereabouts because they would know that she is in the right hands.

    Mirundi explained that Baganda would have believed any message communicated from Nagginda than any other person including Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga.

    “Baganda are not stupid people. They know that their king is a human being who can get sick but they got annoyed when Mayiga told them that their king was suffering from Allergy.

    But what I can assure Mayiga and Nagginda is that if anything bad happens to Kabaka, they will be blamed first because his life is in their hands. I know what Kabaka means to Baganda,” Mirundi warned.

    He wondered how Nagginda organized a colourful ceremony to launch her book without the blessings of her husband, and even though most members of the Royal family shunned he launch, she remained unapologetic.

    She did not stop at that, she is on a fundraising drive to get money to help the mentally sick get proper medical treatment without the blessing of the King.

    However, Buganda Kingdom historian, Mubiru Njuuki rubbished Mirundi’s allegations explaining that in Kiganda culture, Nagginda as the official wife to the king is not responsible for comforting the King when get sick.

    He explains that people like Omuttaka Kasujju the clan head of Engeye, omuttaka Mugema the clan head of Ekima, Kasujju Lubinga and Nadduli Kibale are the ones answerable.

    He added that it is not the first time Baganda are putting the King’s wife on spot when he is troubled. He gave the example of Damalie Kisosonkole the official widow to Sir Edward Walugembe Mutesa, father to King Mutebi who was blasted for putting on sunglasses when she was accompanying the body of her husband from United Kingdom where he died from.

    “You know our people love their king so much, they wanted her to start crying on top of her voice as soon as she came out of the plane. You know because Damalie was a modern wife, and when she put on sunglass, people accused her that she was not hurt by the King’s death that is why she was only enjoying her fashion style,” Njuuki said.

    He added that when Drussila Namaganda the widow to Sir Daudi Chwa remarried after the death of her husband because she was still younger, and her son King Muteesa allowed her to get marriage to another person, Baganda turned guns on her and her new husband and they were badly hated in Buganda.

    Njuki accused Premier Mayiga of mismanaging Kabaka’s sickness thinking that it will make him more powerful.

    He says that little did Mayiga know that he was creating troubles for himself because if anything bad happens to Kabaka, he will be on spot and the most hated man in Buganda.

    However recently, photos of Kabaka leaked on social media with his brother Joseph Ndawula and the Kingdom minister Kitooke revealed that he is in Namibia resting after being released by doctors in Europe.

    But highly placed sources in the palace insist that Kabaka Mutebi returned back into the country a few weeks back and the said photos were taken in Uganda.

    Sources insist that prince Ndawula who is a brother to King Mutebi has been in the country enjoying life with his longtime friend Godfrey Kirumira the Namibian consular in Uganda.

    Since 2019, Kabaka Mutebi has been receiving medication.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    INSIDE STORY: How Partnership Between Speaker Anita Among And Top UK Garments And Jewelry Shop Shocked British Operatives And Fueled Her Sanctions…



    Speaker Among in some of her designer dresses

    George Musisi a human rights lawyer has revealed that before any country confirms sanctions against any individual, it first carries out enough investigation by collecting satisfying evidence against the target individual to avoid mistakes that can create diplomatic questions.

    He added that during their investigation, they have to further establish that the person is untouchable and is above the laws of his/her home country where she is involved in acts of violating human rights, corruption and abuse of office.

    If ail the allegations are in the affirmative, they proceed with sanctioning them because they know that by all means, the sanctions will have to affect them.

    He narrated that it is because of this long investigation process, which leads to collection of overwhelming evidence against the suspect, it is difficult for a target to challenge the sanctions.

    Musisi was responding to allegations made by Parliament’s Director for Communication and Corporate Affairs Chris Obore who claimed that sanctions slapped on his boss Annet Anita Among the speaker of parliament by the United Kingdom government were based on Social Media propaganda and her stance during the passing of the controversial Homosexuality law.

    Musisi advised Obore to accept the truth that his boss is involved in corruption practices.

    He added that the recent social media parliament corruption exhibition further exposed Speaker Among as someone who abuses her public office.

    Musisi warned Obore to be very careful when reacting to sanctions against his boss because he may find himself also a suspect.

    To drive his argument that Speaker Among was sanctioned because of corruption, Musisi enlightened that it is the reason why Bugiri Municipality legislator Asuman Basalirwa who led the process of passing the Homosexuality law was not sanctioned.

    He asked Among to stop involving poor Ugandans in her troubles and crying that she is carrying the cross for all Ugandans because they didn’t benefit from her action of abusing public office.

    Musisi was supported by celebrated Human Rights Law Giant Nicholas Opio who revealed that United Kingdom operatives were shocked by Speaker Among’s lavish lifestyle which sparked off their investigations to establish the source of the huge amounts of money she spent both locally and internationally.

    Opio revealed that in the course of their investigations, operatives establish that Speaker Among bought her garments and jewelry from one of the top fashion design shops in London.

    The shop suppliles garments and jewelry to members of the British Royal Family, celebrities and few loaded British citizens like Barristers, Solicitors, Lords, Sirs who have the financial muscle and can afford to buy garments from these shops.

    “When Speaker Among met Pope Francis in Rome recently, many people in Britain dealing in fashion designing were shocked and wondered who Anita Among was because her clothes and other garments were from the same shop that supplies garments and jewelry to the Royal Family. The shop through its social media platforms even praised Among as one of their loyal customers and thanked her for believing in them by always putting on their dresses and jewelries,” Opio said.

    theGrapevine further established that the United Kingdom government under the leadership of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak briefed first President Museveni before the decision to sanction Anita Among was put into effect.

    President Museveni also dispatched his confidential operatives to investigate allegation made by the British government and the results were positive.

    Opio said that it was not by accident that President Museveni told the gathering in Bukedea recently when he was invited by Among to officiate the opening of her hospital that he asked Among to tell him the source of money she used to build her multibillion empire and she told him that she got the money from her school in Bukedea district a remote district in Uganda.

    Museveni said that Among told him that he is the one who gave him the money to start the school and now she is harvesting from her investments. Opio contested the explanation insisting that Among has been abusing public office to accumulate huge wealth which she owns.

    Opio said that when it was announced that Speaker Among was going to visit the United Kingdom in March 2024, to attend the 75th anniversary Commonwealth celebrations, fashion designers competed to meet the powerful woman from Uganda to seal commercial deals.

    However, Ugandans in the United Kingdom and those from the United States of America and other European countries were mobilized to come in huge numbers to the United Kingdom to demonstrate as they did to former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi when was there for medication.

    Local intelligence picked the information and advised Among not to go because she was going to be humiliated since the demonstrators had plans to start their protest at the airport as soon as Anita Among touches UK soil.

    From there, they had plans to follow her to the hotel where she was going to sleep and to all places she planned to visit.

    Other sources disclosed that the British were shocked by the huge corruption in Uganda yet nothing was being done.

    In his congratulatory message to CDF Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the British Chief of Defense Forces Sir Tony Radakin ask him to fight corruption in Uganda.

    theGrapevine established that Opio was among the few Ugandans together with Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) who had a hand in Among’s fate and before the sanctions were announced, President Museveni was briefed officially even though Speaker Among claims that she learnt about it through a media statement from the British Foreign Affairs ministry.

    “In the meeting, one of the officials from the United Kingdom  Foreign Affairs Office asked whether Among is a granddaughter to Buganda Kingdom King Mutesa I because Mutesa I, was the Buganda King who signed the agreement with the British when they first come to Uganda. They thought that all members of his lineage are very rich and own the entire Uganda. We told them that she is just a politician from Bukedea, a remote district in Uganda,”’ a source who attended the meeting that sealed Among’s fate in London said.

    Human Rights Activities and also veteran journalist Agather Atuhaire insists that apart from the multibillion empire Among owns in Uganda, she is also owns other properties in United Kingdom.

    Agatha recently boasted that she has tangible evidence in form of photos of her properties and very soon she is going to release them on social media even though Speaker Among told the country that she owns nothing in United Kingdom.

    Opio said that the United Kingdom confirmed that Among owns properties in their country after making an investigation.

    He asked the Speaker to stop telling Ugandans lies because she will be exposed through a detailed report authored by United Kingdom intelligence showing how she has been accumulating all the wealth she owns locally and abroad.

    State House sources told theGrapevine that when Among was given the NRM flag for speakership position after the death of Jacob Oulanyah, Museveni warned her to be very careful because he knows that there is a lot of corruption in parliament.

    Musisi said that it is going to be very difficult for Among to be scraped off the list of the sanctioned people.

    Highly placed sources told theGrapevine that when former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura was sanctioned by the USA, he tried his best by engaging his personal contacts in the US government through his lawyers of Kampala Associated Advocates (KAA) led by Edson Karuhanga and Jet Tumwebaze to fight so that the sanction are lifted but failed because the process is also very expensive.

    Sources added that  Kayihura’s lawyers have now started the process of getting permission from the United States of America government to be allowed to access Kayihura’s frozen bank accounts so that he can get his money and use it as legal fees to restart the process of fighting the war to lift the sanctions placed on him.

    Speaker Among revealed recently that she was briefed on what the sanction placed on her mean.

    Opio said that the sanctions placed on Among also mean that her children can no longer be allowed to study in the United Kingdom and their movements are going to be restricted.

    The United States of America was the first country to slap a travel ban on Speaker Among, and Grapevine established that a number of European countries have also done the same.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    EXCLUSIVE: Did Kabaka Mutebi Secretly Jet Into The Country! Mayiga Still Claims King He Is Out Of The Country…



    Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II (L) and Charles Peter Mayiga (R)

    Kampala University proprietor Al-Hajji Badru Ddungu Kateregga who is also a member of the greater Buganda parliament has asked Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga whether there is a possibility that some people allowed to see Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi and comfort him during the trying moment he is going through in his life.

    In one of the most boring sessions of the Kingdom parliament since the appointment of Mayiga as a Prime Minister, Kateregga submitted that allowing people to see Kabaka, it will give them an opportunity to see which local herb they can give him as alternative medicine to cure his sickness.

    In his response, Mayiga assured Kateregga that his prayer cannot be allowed. He explained that doctors advised Kabaka not to go to places where there are a lot of people and it is the reason why he is no longer attending official Kingdom functions.

    He added that allowing a section of people to see Kabaka is going to attract huge numbers of people which will lead to violation of doctors’ advice. He pleaded with him to wait until his health situation normalises.

    Mayiga also assured members of Buganda Kingdom’s parliament that they will not be allowed to meet the Kabaka every month as they had asked to.

    Clan heads who have spent ten years without meeting Kabaka who is the chairperson of Buganda Kingdom clan heads council have been pleading with Mayiga to allow them meet Kabaka.

    Mayiga admitted that Kabaka’s public absence has put him and other Kingdom leaders on tension but they have nothing to do apart from proceeding with their assignments.

    He however confirmed that Kabaka Mutebi is still abroad.

    However, highly placed palace sources have told the mighty Grapevine that Kabaka Mutebi secretly jetted back into the country from the United Kingdom where he had traveled for medical attention.

    Highly placed palace sources told Grapevine that when Kabaka returned from a broad, he was driven in the tight security to his Mengo palace where is resting from.

    The Kabaka is currently sleeping in one of the houses in Mengo palace called Twekobe but during the day, he spends his time in a tent which was put near the Twekobe.

    Early this year, theGrapevine reported that Kabaka Mutebi had abandoned his Banda palace to Mengo and was staying in Lubiri palace before travelling to Britain in early March 2024.

    Sources said that Banda palace is under renovation and Kabaka no longer wants to stay at Kireka palace, the official matrimonial home for Buganda Queen Slyivia Nagginda Luswata.

    Since Kabaka started staying at his Mengo palace, security has been beefed up and people are currently restricted from accessing Twekobe house.

    According to Mubiru Njuuki, a Buganda Kingdom historian, Twekobe house was built by King Mwanga when he established Mengo palace and it was his official residence until it was burnt during his wars with British Colonialists.

    Kabaka Mutebi’s grandfather King Sir Daudi Chwa also stayed in that palace when it was rebuilt and modernised until he shifted to Munyonyo.

    Njuki added that even Sir Edward Walugembe Mutesa II, the father to King Mutebi also stayed in the same palace and he was there when Dr. Milton Obote ordered the army to attack him because he was threatening his power. He ran into exile where he died.

    Njuuki explains that the reason why Baganda are not aware of what is going on concerning their Kabaka is because Mayiga took over all control concerning him.

    “Kabaka no longer has a spokesperson or a palace spokesperson like other Kingdoms, Dick Kasolo who was his spokesperson was frustrated by Mayiga until he put him under his control as a commissioner in the KIngdom ministry of Information and Mobilization. Now instead of informing us about what is going on Kabaka, Kasolo was in Buganda parliament transporting a microphone from one member of the parliament to another,” Njuuki said.

    Since 2019, Kabaka has been facing health troubles and he has been diagnosed in different hospitals in Uganda, Kenya, German, India and the United Kingdom.

    Mayiga told Baganda that their Kabaka was suffering from an allergy but sources within the palace told theGrapevine that the Kabaka is suffering from cancer.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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