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    Former Minister Mbayo Survives Arrest, Sneaks Into CID, Grilled Over Nepotism And Corruption…



    Minister Esther Mbayo

    Former Minister for Presidency Esther Mbayo has survived arrest after secretly presenting herself to Kibuli based police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to answer charges related to corruption and nepotism.

    Last month, police threatened to arrest the Luuka district woman Member of Parliament for refusing to respect the criminal summons issued against her through the office of the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah.

    Mbayo pleaded with the speaker for assistance claiming that the police detectives are being used by her political opponents to humiliate her and brand her a criminal.

    However, the speaker advised her to go to CID and record a statement since police have followed the necessary requirements to summon her as an MP.

    On Monday last week, Mbayo sneaked into CID together with her lawyers and she was grilled by detectives led by Julius Twinomujuni.

    Sources at the CID disclosed that Mbayo was grilled on allegations of influencing the Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation(UPPC) board to approve her sister Christine Mayengo as the Finance and Accounting manager yet she lacked the required qualifications.

    It is alleged that Mbayo used her influence as the former minister to put pressure on the chairperson Finance, Investment and marketing committee Dr. Patrick Ibembe and Managing Director Tom Wasswa to omit the capable  candidates for the job as advertised in mainstream media in favor of her sister.

    It is further alleged that Dr. Ibembe disclosed that they did not have to engage any external consultant for the said recruitment.

    Sources revealed that Mbayo was told that her sister emerged second in the interview but she was declared the best candidate.

    Sources state that as a token of appreciation to these officials, Mbayo increased their retainer fees from Shs2,500,000 to Shs3,500,000 and Shs2,000,000 to Shs3000,000 to Board chairperson and other members respectively.

    Mbayo was also grilled on allegations that she benefited from the Shs9bn cash which was paid to UPPC by the Electoral Commission to gazette the elected political leaders and polling stations in the recently concluded 2021 general elections.

    Investigators allege that Mbayo directed UPPC management to share the Shs9bn and she was given her share which was used in her 2021 political campaigns in Luuka district.

    Sources revealed that the former minister denied all the allegations and she was released on a police bond.

    The current minister for presidency Milly Babalanda suspended the UPPC board and the management on allegations of corruption, abuse of office and embezzlement.

    Police discover Shs600m in the course of investigation and it alleges that this was part of the Shs9bn paid by the Electoral Commission.

    The police are still investigating the matter.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    Family Of Alleged Kampala Twin Bombings Plotter Sheikh Kirevu Petitions UHRC’s Wangadya Over His Killing, Plead With Security To Release Widows…



    Sheikh Kirevu

    The family of the late Muhammad Abas Kirevu has petitioned Mariam Wangadya, the chairperson Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) over the killing of their relative.

    In his Saturday address to the nation, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni confirmed that security operatives gunned down Sheikh Kirevu who was Imam of Masjid Jamia Ggangu due to his connection to the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

    Museveni insisted that Sheikh Kirevu was aware of last week’s twin bombings at Kampala Central police station and along Parliamentary Avenue where seven people died.

    The president added that Sheikh Kirevu was working with Sheikh Sulaiman Nsubuga who is on run.

    The two were wanted for allegedly recruiting young children into terrorism activities under the ADF terrorist group.

    Mr. Museveni promised that his government is ready to reveal shocking evidence before the Courts of law when the trial kicks off.

    However, Sheikh Kirevu’s family led by Ibrahim Abas Ayub Kirevu, the brother to late sheikh Kirevu insists that their relative’s human rights were violated.

    They claim that he was not given an opportunity to defend himself on the alleged terrorism accusations by the state because he was killed on sight.

    “His right to life was violated and as a family we have to fight for his justice, he was arrested, handcuffed and then shot to death, we need justice for our brother,” Kirevu said after a meeting with Wangadya.

    He added that security forces also kidnapped other family members including a guest.

    He said that Amina Nabadda and Sofia Nakachwa, all windows to Kirevu, Mariam Najjuko, a sister-in-law to Kirevu are still in illegal detention.

    He pleaded to the human rights body to pressurise security agencies to release their people or take them to Court if they feel they have charges to answer.

    He further explained that they have checked a number of police stations in Kampala and some military barracks but failed to locate their loved ones.

    Wangadya promised that her commission is going to investigate the circumstances under which Kirevu was killed because he has a right to life.

    Police publicity Fred Enanga said that the said people are still in the hands of security for interrogation on a number of issues relating to last week’s twin bombings.


    By Swaib Kalule


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    TERROR IN CITY: 3 Ugandans Dead, 3 Suicide Attackers Killed, 33 Victims Injured, 5 Critical, From Two Deadly Suicide Attacks – Police…



    The bomb blast at Parliamentary Avenue near the IPS building

    Six (6) people have been confirmed dead from todays deadly bomb attacks that rocked the city centre in suspected terror attacks.

    One of the explosions went off along Parliamentary Avenue near the IPS building, a stone throw away from Uganda’s parliamentary building while the other was at around Kooki tower building next to Central Police Station (CPS) Kampala.

    “We wish to inform the public that we have registered two separate deadly suicide attacks, within, Kampala City, on the 16.11 2021 at 10.03am and 10.06am respectively,”  a statement released by police spokesperson CP Fred Enanga.

    He added, “The first attack occurred near the check point to the Central Police Station, in Kampala at around 10.03am. The fresh footages on CCTV clearly indicate how a male adult, putting on a black jacket, and carrying a back pack, detonated himself. He died instantly and the spillover effect, caused additional injuries to police officers and other civilians who were within a radius of 30 metres. Two other people have been confirmed dead, while several others sustained very critical injuries. Those injured were within the section covering the point of impact and the front desk area at the Central Police Station.”

    “Another bomb blast occurred within three minutes at Raja Chambers and Jubilee Insurance Building along the Parliament Avenue. Two suicide bombers were clearly captured, on motorcycles, disguising as bodaboda riders. They detonated the bombs they were carrying on themselves, that killed them instantly. The spill over effects damaged several motor vehicles and buildings at both scenes of attack.

    Both scenes have been cordoned off by our Joint Counter-terror task teams.

    So far 33 injured victims, 5 critically, have been rushed to Mulago National Referral Hospital, for further treatment.”

    Enanga added that these attacks come 22 days after the last suicide bomb attack on a Swift Safaris Bus.

    “It clearly shows that the ADF linked radicalized groups, still have a desire to carry out lethal attacks, on soft targets, using suicide attackers and improvised explosive devices.” Enanga said.

    “These kinds of threats remain significant because IEDs and suicide bomb jackets, can easily be built from common household, items found in local markets, retail shops and supermarkets.

    We encourage all business persons and the public, to voluntarily report suspicious activities, such as persons buying large amounts or chemicals and materials that can be used to build bombs,” he disclosed.

    He added, “Although, three suicide bombers, died in the double bomb attacks, our CT response teams managed to pursue a fourth suicide bomb attacker, identified as Moze and cornered him at Bwaise. They shot and injured him, and immediately after, recovered an unexploded improvised explosive device on him. A second IED was recovered from his home, at Katooke – Nansana village, which the bomb squad, have neutralized. We are now pursuing other members of the terror groups.”

    “Although, our Joint Counter Terror teams, have mitigated bomb threats and attacks for the last 22 days, today’s breakthrough attacks, show that we still need to do more, to pre-empt, penetrate and prevent deadly attacks by domestic extremists, in the days to come,” he said.


    By Hope Kalamira


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    Sickly Ssegirinya, MP Ssewanyana To Be Produced In Court In December – Malende…



    Incarcerated National Unity Platform (NUP) legislators  Hon. Muhammad Ssegirinya and Hon. Allan Ssewanyana are set to appear in court on 2nd December.

    According to the Woman Member of Parliament for Kampala District Shamim Malende, who represented the accused, Hon.Ssegirinya was willing and ready to attend court yesterday via zoom despite his frail condition but was stopped by court.

    “Today we came here (Buganda road court) for the mention and bail application for Hon. Ssegirinya Muhammad for the case of insightment to violence. We expected the prison authorities to produce Hon. Ssegirinya in his condition because we got an order of court to that effect that time,” she said.

    Malende added that to their disappointment, the prison authorities have not produced Ssegirinya so the court could not proceed with the bail application.

    “Our request to court was to have an adjournment of atleast twenty minutes so that Hon. Ssegirinya Muhammad can be driven from Mulago hospital to this place at Buganda road court so that he can participate in the proceedings,” she noted.

    “But that prayer was declined by court who argued that since he is still sick, it is better that prison authorities are given a benefit of doubt and so the case was adjourned again to 2nd December,2021 for the mention of the bail application.” Malende said.

    Court has however directed that on that date, Hon.Ssegirinya must be produced by the prison authorities via zoom.

    Malende revealed that as much as Hon.Ssegirinya is sick, he was ready to attend court since he is in his right mind now and can now understand the court proceedings.


    By Hope Kalamira


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